Michael Jackson & Twin Soul: New False Agents Online and Psychological-Spiritual Warfare Tactics / Twin Flame Interferences Exposed (Evidence Screen Shots)

Michael Jackson's Human Rights

Provided by Susan Elsa for public Evidence:

Psychological warfare tactics and spiritual twin flame interference tactics on particular dates each year, especially the “25th June” date in relation to her Twin Soul Michael Jackson. Remember how Michael´s health suffered from years of tabloid psychological warfare via defamation, libel slander and lies aiming to harass him?

Michael Jackson did NOT have “tons of plastic surgery” and did NOT die of “addictions”- the people that did wrong to him for years and falsely accused an innocent Man, racist Discriminations and personal Stalking, sexual harassment and spying into his Privacy constantly will not be forgotten and get away. The MJ Fans you can´t fool with this shit, everyone knows now you are a Fake Agent working for Michael´s enemies and their agenda. Go back to your “Setian Temple” and worship your Devil, Michael and Me are NOT available for such stinking crap to…

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