Michael Jackson: We Come Into Array (Spiritual Message) ©

Michael Jackson: We Come Into Array (Spiritual Message) ©
Channeled 6th April 2014, by Spiritual Secretary Susan Elsa

Archangel Michael Jackson ©
Archangel Michael 777 ©

*Dictated Text Start*

Time to make this Change!

Hello, this is Michael speaking. I decided to send a new Message today, because there is a lot of reasons to celebrate. On the spiritual, where I am now, things are already healed to a very high degree. And since a while, as many of you have felt, things have also started to improve on your Planet. The life form, that you know right now. Continue reading

Archangel Michael´s Entertainment Revolution ©

Archangel Michael´s Entertainment Revolution ©

Some times, it is best to express yourself via Art. It can be an expression of private thought, such as a Ballad to your Loved One or even, an artsy cake baked with love for someone.

It can be an injustice you experienced in life, or just some traumatic even, then you “digest it all by writing a book that frees your soul”.

It can be, a new fashion you create on your own, for yourself, or professionally, which symbolises your new found self confidence and faith in yourself.

And sometimes, it can be a full Movie, with all the Elements combined, expressing your WHOLE SOUL IN ALL IT´S TRUTH.

Wishing you all a wonderful NEW YEAR 2014 around the World, and see you again in the New Year with the Release of our secret “Living” Project!

Mystery Garden Web Team