Michael Jackson about the Archangel Energy Work for Planet Earth © Rare Detailed Information

About Michael Jacksons Spiritual Side: Personal Angelic Soul Visions in Private Art Works and Paintings NEVERLAND © Special Twin Flame Soul Message

Dear World

This is a short but important Article.

Most people do not know how the effect, in details, is of the Aura of Archangel Michael, when present and when he expands it. The same obviously is the situation with his Twin Flame Soul incarnated- as Twin Souls are One Being, one and the same Soul.

Michael´s Aura triggers the truth within the subconsciousness of a person to “come out”. It is a form of exorcism, but more than anything you ever seen on Movies. But it is similar. Continue reading

Michael Jackson’s Halloween: Redefining the Holiday as Archangel Michael’s Judgement Night ©

Dear World

Today is a special Day, as we have had a special Information Series of Articles this Months on Michael Jackson´s works to redefine Halloween for him and his Legacy. And when I say Legacy, I don´t mean the earthly type stuff only. I mean the spiritual message and legacy, just like his Soul is the Core behind all his achievements and great Music, Videos, Short Films and Performances. Continue reading

Michael Jacksons SCREAM Song: The Meaning Behind *PART 2 Special Soul Information* ©

Dear Readers

This is, as promised, PART 2 of the documentation for educational Purpose and educative film video stills analysis of Michael and Janet Jackson´s Scream Song. This Song is not a joke, and Michael meant it very, very serious. He is portraying his anger over the FALSE CHILD MOLESTATION ALLEGATIONS in it, mainly.

After he made the best selling album of all time, Thriller, in 1982, things changed overnight. Michael had to endure many years of tabloid lies and public harassment in that way, which is generally for any human being with feelings not easy to handle. Michael Jackson has a very, very strong soul. Continue reading