Michael Jackson: “A Woman´s Body is a TEMPLE” © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear World

Over and over we see in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA OUTLETS, contradictory Messages displayed and looking even once at modern “American Pop Culture”, in regards to women, confirms even more that some People seem to have “an interest in displaying women as a tool, a playground, an object”. Michael completely dislikes that.

I myself have always loved Pop Music, being a life-long Singer and Musician, then Filmmaker later on in my Life. But the one, big barrier, that kept me from really being able to do my Business, fulfil my Artistic Vision, has always been this “Girls have to use the Body to make Pop Records” thing. I never liked it, never felt comfortable with it, and never saw the logic behind having to “show body or undress, to SING”- ?

I thought, you sing with your VOICE.

You sing with your SOUL & VOCAL CHORDS.

It has obviously NOTHING to do with your weight, looks, fashion you wear, or if you are half naked on stage or not.

I always had the vision to do my Music in a way, that the work speaks for itself and is sufficient to reach the People and make them happy, without me showing my belly and such. I would never do that, if a management asked me to, I would always reject and I left an agreement years ago, only because they insisted I change myself, my looks, my hair colour (blonde!), “loose weight and dress tighter”, and all these things. I did not like it. They even literally wanted me to “stop dancing like Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson, and do it like Britney”- is what they had said back then, these particular Managers. They kept saying, when I dance in my natural way, how I feel the rhythms of Music, that “this is TOO MUCH MICHAEL JACKSON”. Literally, this is what they said to me in my face rudely. And I thought:”Huh, what does that mean? Too much Michael Jackson? Who in the World would reject it if someone CAN do A LOT OF LIKE-MICHAEL-JACKSON and want instead “Britney”?” It made no sense to me, and I was right.

Sorry, can´t do. I love Michael´s Style and am strongly influenced by it all my Life, nobody has ever been a bigger Role Model to me than Michael regarding my artistic Visions and Training and Work. Nobody. He is part of me, and his rhythm flows through my blood.

Susan Elsa Face Close Up (2011)
Susan Elsa Face Close Up (2011)

Now, after he passed, EVERYBODY IS DOING IT. The whole Industry was against him basically, I lived it, I saw it and heard it, and after he passed, and his Music beat theirs, and his Records sell even now more than anyone who is alive here, they SUDDENLY want to profit off of his Legacy again, while before, they kept turning their backs toward him and his work, his style, his visions, his message. And the funniest is still, that they even directly hacked my Indie Label´s Pc´s, trying to get as many Data as they can of OUR CURRENT PRODUCTIONS, CONCEPTS, IMAGES, SOUND FILES etc., in order to FAKE PRODUCTS for themselves and try to “use Michael´s Spirit and my Spirit” to grab YOUR CASH, with our Ideas.

In the mainstream Media you won´t hear one word about this- but see after each thing we release and produce, or even just, announce- them showing reactions in public directly related to our original works and messages. This is a strategy, they try to make it as hard as possible for us to get heard or make any success internationally, so the money flows to them instead of us, plus, the attention so they can keep it away from Michael´s Truth and do with his Legacy whatever fits them. Sorry, but, you´re doing wrong and I will keep speaking up for my Michael, because he is the MASTER OF MUSIC and beat all of you, and now, I wanna see you TALK AND REPORT TRUTHFUL, AND NICE THINGS ON MICHAEL AFTER HE PASSED and STOP the BS. Until then, and I am stubborn, I won´t stop fighting for Michael Jackson and Respect for the Man.

Michael Jackson: Photo for Educational Purpose only
Michael Jackson: Photo for Educational Purpose only

Note: If you enlarge the Photos, mine and Michael´s, you will see with your own Eyes a light, round MARK IN HIS LEFT CHEEK, AND A MIRRORING COPY OF IT ON MY RIGHT CHEEK- THE OTHER PART OF HIM- ANOTHER PART OF ME.


Obviously, we have to state here clearly that we are talking about “western” Media, because there are other Cultures in the World who do not behave this way.

But, when you take a closer look, or even fast look, at “western” Media, Women are treated like “Objects”. “Sex sells”. You´ll even see TV Ads for JOGURT DRINKS, where a completely naked Woman is seen drinking the milky Drink while her Breasts and Belly are seen with a special Effects Swirl around the Belly to show the “healthy effects of the Drink”. Hmm, do you really have to put Women 100% naked out there, to advertise A DRINK? What does that have to do with being naked? It would make sense with “SHOWER GEL ADS”, for example, but a Jogurt Drink?

When it comes to POP MUSIC, there also they put in their fingers and twisted the PUBLIC IMAGE OF WOMEN.

I want to be very honest in this Article, and tell a few things Michael has explained to me from his Male Perspective on Women. By the way, a priceless insight for MJ Fans into how the Man really was thinking about Women, a 100% straight dude.

Michael NEVER liked the whole “public sex declarations in Pop Music”-thing. He never liked, when People made nonsense Lyrics in their Songs, simply singing about “having Sex”. It´s cheap and not classy. It is also not mysterious nor interesting. “Men like it mysterious”, he would always explain. “Men don´t like seeing everything immediately-there is nothing left to discover” he would also say when we talk about those things and the World in general. Some things he would say, were so honest and direct, that I would giggle and say “Michael! How can you say such things out loud!”, but it was fun and would make me giggle for Days sometimes. He definitely did not hold back anything from me and it showed me also, how much he trusts me, like I trust him. It´s funny, in public, he behaved so shy and appeared timid to people, and off camera he could show a side that was the complete opposite, out of the blue.

Don´t misunderstand me, things have to be clearly honestly admitted. Michael himself, DID do Songs like that, but in hidden, “coded ways”. Not direct displays, and he never had one french kiss on Camera, not one. Because such things, he considered “private and sacred”. He liked the atmosphere of it being something private only he owned, and NOT THE PUBLIC.

Michael Jackson. BLACK OR WHITE Video - Making Of (Photo for Educational Purpose only)
Michael Jackson- BLACK OR WHITE Video – Making Of (Photo for Educational Purpose only)

So, what Type of Woman did Michael Jackson like?

Definitely not bold women, who throw themselves at him. That would instantly turn him off. Because it was “too easy”. He was pretty old-fashioned when it comes to that. He appreciated the “feeling of mystery” and having to FIGHT FOR A WOMAN TO GIVE IN. See, all these Groupies, Fans, People around him the whole time, who all want something from him, made him become even more so in private, that he wanted the ONE GIRL THAT WOULD MAKE IT HARD FOR HIM. Michael preferred shy women, who were feminine in their very Nature, not just on the outside, but in the way they behaved with him. He liked complicated women also, he didn´t run away from that like many, many other Men usually do. He loved a challenge. And when he wanted a Woman, he did not only aim for Sex, but wanted her in all ways to be his, meaning- he would analyse her mind, and try to get to the depths of it as well. He wasn´t superficial, at all. He took real, deep interest in human beings in general and their very soul, what moved them, what they dreamed of.

He did not like women, that had any background experience such as pole dancing, any “street stuff”, and all that Groupie stuff. Women that seemed to him as if they “let any guy into a relationship with them”- he would literally run from.

That is the honest truth. And the honest truth is also, that sadly “western” Society has been so influenced by all this “lifestyle” we analyse here, of treated women as if they were mindless objects, that MANY WOMEN try throwing themselves at People like Michael, because they “use their body” to get Money, Fame, and all such, a nice House. Like, using sex as a form of BLACKMAIL OR POWER. Michael HATED that. Such women constantly tried to manipulate him or seduce him, being really obsessed about it. It caused him a lot of stress in his Life. That is why he wrote such Songs like “Dirty Diana”, “Billie Jean”, “Dangerous”, “Superfly Sister” and so forth. He REALLY thought a lot about it and it was part of the shadowy Side of Show Business he had to face.

Now, from a spiritual Perspective, it is even clearer. And when you think of TWIN SOULS, the concept of it, and try to understand it- you are him, he is you, or, she is you and you are her- then you will know that it is like “polluting your soul and your twin soul relationship” if you treat Love and your Body in a way that “disrespects the Temple”. Being FAITH-full is very basic and important, for you toward yourself.

Let´s say, a female Twin Soul of a Guy is incarnated, somewhere, I donno, in England. If she commits prostitution, she influences her whole Aura over and over with Stranger´s Energies she does not know anything about. That again, has a mirroring effect on her Twin Soul. Same as if a Guy is incarnated, his Twin Soul in Spirit let´s say, and he goes around and mindlessly sleeps with every Girl he get´s a chance with- it has an effect on his female Twin Soul. In that case, an effect of “less appreciation of the unique female half his soul really looks for”- replacing her with many, many others without thinking or feeling or consideration. This is taking THE SPIRIT OUT- AND THINKING FROM THE LOW PERSPECTIVE OF FLESH ONLY.

So you see, it is not something that really can be influenced or better, controlled consciously, you feel how you feel and you are how you are. But when it is like that in any case, then it means that things need to be worked out. Such a guy needs to work on understanding women, not using them, and therefore, understanding HIS feminine side and appreciating it, respecting Women. Same goes for the first example, such a woman needs to learn over again how to love herself and her body and not give it away cheaply.

From a society´s perspective, from spiritual Twin Soul perspectives, from multi-cultural perspectives we have on the Planet- IT IS WRONG TO ABUSE WOMEN´S SEXUALITY.

And that is what you do, if you display SINGERS, for example, in a “porn type of way”, half naked, like it´s a Peep Show not a MUSIC SHOW. Music is Art. Music is very spiritual. Music is sacred in many Places in the World, used in Ceremonies such as Funerals and Weddings.

Don´t mistreat Music or Women- or Men. Don´t mistreat your Soul or your Body.

In order to gain REAL LOVE, you have to discover your own, true Magic, hidden inside of your Soul.

Unique Science Phenomenon´s Project: Drafting Heaven (Virtual Concept) © MYSTERY GARDEN PRODUCTIONS
Unique Science Phenomenon´s Project: Drafting Heaven (Virtual Concept) © MYSTERY GARDEN PRODUCTIONS

1. Text partially written from Memory by Susan Elsa based on Encounters with Michael Jackson (Earth) ©

2. Text partially channeled in Cooperation with Michael Jackson (in Spirit) ©