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Dear Readers

This is a very special, scientific, spiritual, technological and magical article, because we can explain things from ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE that seems to be much needed in these fields of science, in modern times.

Michael Jackson in Spirit announces LARGE ASTEROID to his Twin Soul - 8th October 2015 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson in Spirit announces LARGE ASTEROID to his Twin Soul – 8th October 2015 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

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I will now post the first Note I drafted down since yesterday as a first thought for you Guys, and then move in depth into the Topics of this Article.

Personal Note Intro: Yesterday I watched a very interesting Documentary. Actually, it began with one about the Birth of Planet Earth, and then one strange following hour about “Target Earth, possible Attacks from Space” or Invasion Fantasies and such. So, I could not believe what I saw, and found it very strange how every second Person speaking in there was named “Seth”, and then, to add on it, one Guy was called “Seth, working for the SETI Institute”. They seemed very lost to me, talking things such as “Oh Aliens could try and steer our Planet or our Weather, or Meteorites on purpose against us Humans”. I would say, PERFECT TIMING to write on that note something for a next Article, for the STARLIGHT SERIES © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Documentary link I found, by googling the exact title, was of course in German language as this is how it was aired here on TV. So, I tried to find the actual Name or a link with the obviously English Original, but didn´t find it yet. If you have such a link, please let us know in the comments section or via Facebook, so other Readers can understand it too.

I will though now list my personal thoughts, visions, and things Michael explained and said as we were watching this yesterday before sleeping, all lazy on the Couch and totally focused. It is a very interesting topic indeed.

So here we go, before moving into some spiritual Aspects and Psychic Visions generally on this subject.


So, first they had a documentary on named in German something like “The Birth of Earth” or so, and this is why I began watching in the first place. Michael had previously told me to relax this Weekend, not think about work, after he dropped 2 Days ago 2 Songs at once to me, meaning we “wrote” (channeled) 2 Songs within 5 Minutes. No joke.

Then, they reported all this stellar insights on how the Planet came about, and kept talking about that somehow when Meteorites and Space Stones collide with each other, it can either destroy, or grow a Planet.

I kept thinking about how this sounds so fitting to ancient Egyptian Creation Myths Details and Twin Flame Merging. Michael kept smiling around, as I was watching like a little Girl totally focused and surprised, taking it all in what was being shown and said on the TV Screen.

This one visual, an animation I guess, made of how the whole network of galaxies and milky ways would look like, like light-veins within a structure of a CENTRAL HEART, that is how it looked to me. Like, the Universe´s Heart, and we are in the middle.

2. THE TWO MOONS PLANET EARTH ONCE HAD © Spiritual Matter Theory

Then, they told of the time when Planet Earth, hundreds of Million years ago, had originally TWO MOONS. Can you imagine, looking up the sky and seeing two Moons shining instead of just one? How weird would that be!

And then they said: “Our Earth would not be the way it is today, and Life would not have grown this way, if it wasn´t for the Moon”. So, what was essential here is that BOTH MOONS AT ONE POINT MERGED INTO ONE BIG MOON- THE MOON AS WE KNOW IT TODAY!

Again, Cosmic Merging Theories from Spiritual Science adding up with modern earthly Science and Technology.

Always remember, that ancient Egyptian Isis/Auset, Osiris wife, also carried the Title “Queen of the Moon” and “Queen of Moon Magic”.

The Moonwalker and the Sunwalker (Sun & Moon Angel Twin Flame Soul Art) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Moonwalker and the Sunwalker (Sun & Moon Angel Twin Flame Soul Art) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson Protected by Wings of Twin Flames Love - Osiris and Isis Ancient Egyptology Facts © ArchangelMichael777- A modern & heavenly Blog since 11-11-11
Michael Jackson Protected by Wings of Twin Flames Love – Osiris and Isis Ancient Egyptology Facts © ArchangelMichael777- A modern & heavenly Blog since 11-11-11

Okay, so let us continue.

After this Documentary, they transitioned into a very strange Documentary, also on the same Space subjects but here with focus on some “serious Setian Planet Invasion Fantasies” and it was titled something like “Target Earth: Attack from Space”, in German.

Let me list for you what they are talking about here:

  7. and much more crazy ideas

So, I kept watching and thinking: Why is every second Dude speaking on this Documentary named “Seth” and why is this Institute mentioned where this “Seth Shostak” works also named clearly SETI Insititue, such as in ancient Egypt the Father of RAMSES II, named SETI, meaning “Man of Set” (Worshipper of Evil Set)?

Talk about “DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE” and “dangerous thoughts and ideas” that can destroy the Planet, if they landed it the wrong hands, and this seems to keep getting out of bounds. Humanity gotta remember the BALANCE and the other side too (God, the Angels, and so forth- DON´T CALL THEM “ALIENS”!)

Let me explain what they said in this Documentary and what me and Michael discussed on these points:


They said clearly, that the US Military has already developed a Method, seemingly, to “re-direct and steer Meteorites to particular destinations or away from them”. I can see the logic behind, if someone is totally thinking paranoid the whole time, you might want to make sure that “in case aliens invade or space stones fly toward you, you can defend yourself and survive”.

But then they also mentioned over and over in details, clearly, the thought that “what if the current situation and meteorites are already a preparing scenario by unknown space forces, that are maybe from another world?”. What is that supposed to mean? Are they calling “God and his Angels” now “Unknown Forces from Another World attacking from Space, maybe” and put all this Money and efforts into such things like DEVELOPING SOME SPACE TOOL TO CATCH AND RE-DIRECT METEORITES, to avoid and interfere with God´s will, in case they do not like it?

Or, is it to be used on cities and countries, to erase them clearly from the Map very absolute with such methods? To be used in war?

Crazy…I would say more dangerous than some meteorite naturally hitting Earth, for whatever reason, is if human beings, and evil ones too, know how to use meteorites like “balls in a game to shoot around”.


Then, they said they can create artificial Hurricanes, by “heating up the Ocean surface” at that spot they want to cause it at, and on the other hand, methods to protect cities and people from such real hurricanes by COOLING THE SURFACE OF THE OCEAN, to “repress a Hurricane built up”.

Wow, in what World do we live? I mean, it makes sense to avoid one, and even that is not sure to be okay with Nature and its arrangement and rhythm, it might have a chain effect not wished for. But to research, obviously, for years, and focus on finding on how to CREATE A HURRICANE AND STEER IT IN PARTICULAR LOCATIONS, is just plain evil and crazy, Dr. Evil style…


They also then described that unknown Forces from Space, that could see Humanity as “a burden in the way, or competition for resources” if they want the Planet for themselves, might in such an invasion aim at Volcano´s to trigger them on Purpose on Human Cities, by throwing a Meteorite into them or something else, a small “push by a rocket or similar”- especially active ones. They also mentioned here Earth quakes, that can be also triggered if one knows where the plates collide and can make them “move” and cause therefore an Earth quake.

I kept seeing how dangerous this is, how some of humanity thinks and researches by now. Don´t do it, man.


I was like “excuse me, what?”…

They think, really, this is possible? Or they think, to try such or experiment with such or what?

How would such a thing, you think, even be possible in common physics laws?

I do not think this is possible by any manipulative means, but only through natural Forces, maybe unknown or forgotten by Humanity, but still present, such as God and his Angels. God has created the Archangels and Angels to do exactly such precise work, keeping the natural order up and protected, the original arrangement of things and enforcing God´s will, meaning if God wanted to somehow extinct humanity from this Planet, it would happen no matter what we little Humans would try around here.

So, better to work on the root of the issues of imbalances, fix things, live in harmony with Nature and the Planet, and that is the Golden Way to really avoid such things! That is the spiritual causes behind such manifestations, like meteorites colliding with Planet Earth.

Michael Jackson Neverland Private ARCHANGEL MICHAEL PAINTING © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
Michael Jackson Neverland Private ARCHANGEL MICHAEL PAINTING © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777

“What you think, you attract, counts here just the same as individually on a spiritual level. And in spirit things begin, and then the thought blossoms and manifests.” – Quote Michael Jackson in Spirit/Archangel Michael- ©


Oh my God, I mean, how in the World would anyone come up with such ideas? Changing the water molecules details in our drinking water, which would have devastating consequences as every living thing on Earth needs water to survive? This is exactly what they also said, as one of the possible theories in this Documentary.

They also mentioned that in this case, we would have other options for getting drinking water from more deep sources so the changes might have not reached there and such. I find all this way of thinking very destructive and negative in spiritual nature.


Here is an interesting Interview from this Dr. Seth Shostak, its a good read:

Alien signal likely discovered within our lifetimes – Dr Seth Shostak

Now, this is interesting and as I said often, the approach just misses the SPIRITUAL ELEMENT, which is how the ancient Egyptians approached things, Physical & Spiritual, Divine & Human, Energetic & Material, not just one-sided thinking. If you really want to get to a new Quantum Leap in Science, Evolution and all Humanity´s Consciousness, think SPIRITUAL LOGIC and combine the VISIBLE & INVISIBLE, in the basic approach.

Since Human beings are so much fixated by now on the physical, and I mean now the physical sound vibrations only too, they do not know anything of the Insights and Experimental Attempts really made by ancient Egyptians and many more afterwards, on the POWER OF SOUND. Here, meaning SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY, and Sound from other Dimensions, the type of Sound used by the Archangels and Angels. You might think it must be something invisible, mysterious, weak and hidden as it is not “dense and raw” as the to Human beings known type of sounds and energy waves- but they are despite being so invisible and intangible way more powerful than anything Human dimensions know.

They are so powerful, they can move things without human effort or carrying.  The same thing by the way is a part of the famous Sword of Archangel Michael, made out of Light and Energy Matter of other Dimensions, and SOUND WAVES, which are not really coming from the Light Sword, but from Michael himself during Battle and totally “paralyse the Mind of the Opponents”, and “summon the whole Array of his Angels” into the Battle.

Hehe, this is a funny Video, thanks for making that! It is a good summarised Insight into some Earthly Insight Michael Jackson gave you, on this. And watch how he adds multiple Voices into ONE SCREAM, Archangel Michael Battle Scream Style…

TWIN FLAME SPACE SCIENCE: The Spiritual & Multi-dimensional Perspective from Beyond and Above ©

I wonder, why all this and not putting so extremely much money into developing rather constructive, life improving technology and focusing Science on evolving Humanity, helping to heal on all levels, helping equality and balance. Why focus on war, war, war the whole time and “invasion and resources and plundering” roman style…roman Setian style thinking, why?

I want to ask you now, something to really reflect on:


I would really recommend, that we all focus resources and efforts, money and time on constructive things, to help children, elderly, the hungry. Try to make a technology to eliminate all world hunger! That would be possible, I am absolutely sure, if you can make such technology and spend so much more money on that, you can also spend less but important time and efforts and money on helping the poor and hungry in the World, so Humanity is strong.

In case of any such theoretic situation, such as in Hollywood movies seen often, like if Aliens would invade Earth, I can guarantee you Humanity would have already lost based on ONE REASON ONLY:

No union, no strong unit, humanity fighting amongst each other and therefore weak, the aliens would step on us easily, while laughing about our dumbness fighting each other instead of enjoying life and blossoming!

Superman Christopher Reeves and Michael Jacksons EARTH SONG: We Come Into Array- Planetary Healing Magic © Resurrection Ancient Egyptian Style IsIs Bird Kite Flight Circle Magic
Superman Christopher Reeves and Michael Jacksons EARTH SONG: We Come Into Array- Planetary Healing Magic © Resurrection Ancient Egyptian Style IsIs Bird Kite Flight Circle Magic

Our Next Article following by tomorrow will be about the Movie SUPERMAN and the famous “Phantom Zone” in not just one, but a few Superman Movies.

We´re sending out a Major Blue Ray of Love,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ( Archangel Michael/ Osiris) ©

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL SPIRITUAL EVALUATION OF HOLLYWOOD: Who channels LIGHT & Who channels Setian Energy *Special Supernatural Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

THRILLER NIGHT- ITS CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT (Special Article) © Archangel Michael Thriller Halloween Soul Judgement Night - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog
THRILLER HALLOWEEN 2015- Judging the Soul of Hollywood *Special Spiritual Article by Michael Jackson and Twin Flame Soul* © ArchangelMichael777
THRILLER HALLOWEEN 2015- Judging the Soul of Hollywood *Special Spiritual Article by Michael Jackson and Twin Flame Soul* © ArchangelMichael777

Dear Readers

We are getting into the hot phase of the Thriller-Halloween Month and Michael is totally warmed up by now. So, as we symbolically enter “The last Door to Osiris Soul Judgement Hall” for this special, new Thriller-Archangel Michael-Halloween, obviously we will speak of all the individuals and souls which are involved in the overall spiritual situation, and spiritual battle between Archangel Michael, and the Devil.

Until now, we have not yet much gotten into Hollywood, as we are not just making this the “Archangel Michael Soul Judgement Night” but generally, re-defining “Halloween” and the basic claim that this is THE NIGHT where the veil between Worlds is thinnest, as God’s, Archangel Michael’s and all the loved Ones residing in Heaven watching over their loved Ones on Earth.

Think for one second: So, these people circulate and think, that when generally the Worlds get closer “meaning also heaven to earth dimension” it is all controlled and bullied basically by the Devil? The Devil has no powers, he is a liar and fake! Wake up, this very thinking if you think this way, shows that YOU believe more in the Devil than in God, so check your Faith inside.

Now, let us begin with this more in depth introduction Article with spiritual Summary on each Celebrity we chose, in Hollywood, claiming psychic skills NOW and speaking and presenting themselves as some “Spiritual Person with Spiritual Messages for younger Generations”- alright then.


Please understand when this list will be smaller. There are not many such really chosen, special, light-filled Souls which God gives this energy to and talent and guides them to sing, make Music and Sound, Movies and Writings/Teachings. It is not that way because God generally gives rarely a special soul light for “tuning in others and guiding them, inspiring spark through this light inside of them”. But because HOLLYWOOD has waged war spiritually on such special souls, and jealousy rages all over the Entertainment Industry.

Now, who has this special, bright soul light we are talking about here? For this I will have to include ascended individuals as well.

  • Michael Joseph Jackson
  • Elvis Aaron Presley
  • Marvin Gaye
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Jonathan Brandis
  • Whitney Houston
  • Mariah Carey
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Diana Ross
  • Clark Gable
  • Christopher Reeves
  • George Reeves
  • Omar Sheriff

Some you might not think of at first:

  • Morgan Freeman
  • Keanu Reeves

The ones clearly into Setianism/Satanism energies:

  • Roman Polanski
  • Anton Szandor LaVey
  • Michael Aquino
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Madonna
  • KISS
  • Alice Cooper
  • Prodigy (Band)
  • Lady Gaga
  • Katy Perry
  • Rihanna
  • Beyonce & Jay Z
  • Marilyn Manson
  • Always new ones joining in, such as recently Taylor Swift

Basically, every single person that gets the “big promo approval from Hollywood and is overnight pushed/promoted globally to MAKE them a Star” have gone through this spiritual selection process prior and many do Black Magic Mass Initiation Rituals, and half of Hollywood seems to know about Set and how to “make a real pact with the Devil”.

It is not a joke. But here comes the dangerous part:

With many, many fake, exaggerated, mocking style toned claims and stories, they “cover up” the real stories and voices and twist the general public’s view into viewing any of such claims as “ridiculous and insane”. They slowly try to manipulate the situation as far as to openly laugh about, bully and mock anyone that DOES NOT LIKE THE DEVIL or REFUSES TO GO ALONG WITH IT AND APPLAUDE IT.

I think that is obvious and strange, and cannot understand how others do not take this more serious sometimes, and do not realize the effect on all society, kids and consciousness itself, when society becomes that way where “oh it is cool to watch movies, play games and hear songs about the devil and his jealousy”- instead of “it is cool to watch movies about good winning, playing games of archangel Michael making devils stumble, protecting the innocent, hear songs about eternal love, twin flames and healing”…right? Have you ever noticed and looked deeper into this? Do you see any balance in themes in what Hollywood lets out?

I see more and more increasing “darkness, shadow effects and negativity” in productions coming out of Hollywood recently, it is not improving, it keeps getting worse as they sink deeper into this Setianism.


This is going to be a Debut in this form, and you may feel whatever you want about, but stay aware that these people began interfering in other’s and in fact God’s plans, in full public, they mock Twin Souls, copy things in Setian, insulting, interfering ways, and get into Archangel Michael’s Business, mocking the Archangel Soul.

So here comes now, after years of giving them thousand chances to change and stop, our reply.


In my function spiritually, as Archeia Faith, the female Side of Archangel Michael, I do always speak full and absolute. So, I am telling you that every soul is born pure, and any karma is re-set initially. In the very beginning, I did not dislike Lady Gaga, she was just some random Disco Pop type Singer, a Newcomer, catchy tunes, and interesting look. Nothing though that I would call an “A-List Star Potential”.

Sadly, she is a person that is spiritually totally lost in her soul, since a while, and she did not decide to work on herself honestly and bringing out HER TRUTH from within, but bend for the Music Industry and sold out, more than the average sell out in this Business, crossing all limits in selling out her soul in fact.

For her, it seemed to not have been enough to just be herself, and evolve honestly and authentically, and she has had some bad experiences of feeling “not attractive to boys and lack of attention feels” and so, I know the Music Business can be hard and tries to corrupt everyone. I know that. I always ignored that and kept my path, honest and authentic.

After Michael Jackson’s passing, she totally moved her soul into shadow and darkness, sold it to Set and is totally channeling Setian, harassing, insulting, Twin Flame copying and attacking energy since then, thinking this is “how you get powerful and have others bow down to you”. Who wants that anyways, to be worshipped?

It is in its basics a devilish, wrong spiritual thought and motivation.

So, after Michael came back, and we started publishing this spiritually channeled Twin Soul Pop, a new genre and concept, working between Heaven and Earth, she began publicly interfering in this in detail, stalking, copying, twisting, distracting,misleading, and pretending even now to be “some Goddess and having magical skills”- insane, fake and totally and completely false!

Well, let me tell ya right here now, it was ME AND MICHAEL JACKSON IN SPIRIT THAT BROKE LADY GAGA’S HIP- and you do not know what is the truth and should not trust anything she says, and the same goes for the sudden weight gain overnight and much more. Michael is hitting her back hard and she keeps trying, while falling apart with bad karma in public.

And Gaga, it was also him, Michael, that “bound your shoes to Madonna’s so you two would bitch fight each other and be distracted from interfering in MY WORK”. In the same, both have been exposed big time by this move, a very typical MJ move. He kept announcing that, and kept saying before Madonna went public, that “Madonna is a real bitch one can rely on in her bitchiness, she will tear Gaga apart for trying to take her spot while she still thinks she is the shit, Madonna’s bitchy ego is absolutely reliable and will never change, trust me, you will see…”.

Michael was exactly right, as always. Michael also said 2 days prior to Amy Winehouse’s Death that “Lady Gaga will end up like Amy Winehouse”- 2 DAYS PRIOR. I was really shocked when it happened 2 days later, witnessing Michael in his Archangel function and job knowing it from God prior to go and do his work with the Archangel of Death.

She is continuing the Madonna Karma here, and the sad part is she has no idea about real spirituality, or anything psychic, nor did she ever really SEE a ghost or angel or loved passed Soul in body clearly, in spiritual bodies. She never heard the voice of any spiritual being in any “song channeling” and Alexander McQueen never had access to even speak to her after his suicide, as he was ISOLATED FOR SOUL EVALUATION AND FACING BIG PAIN, because guess what, suicide is a horrible thing and completely non-spiritual.

But that’s what happens, when a fake wants to pose and pretend copycat style, as if she “has real psychic knowledge too” attempting to impersonate another, real psychic and twin flame of Michael Jackson.

Remember, when Gaga supposedly wore the Michael Jackson Clothes, according to her, that she bought auctioned with fake Names, claiming “I wear his clothes in studio working on my new album artpop when I feel down, and then I feel better and it uplifts me, because his clothes carry the energies of THE NIGHT”?

Check this out, remember MARRY THE NIGHT and Michael Aquino’s Setian Book, COMING FORTH BY NIGHT, plagiarizing and twisting the original, ancient Egyptian COMING FORTH BY DAY.

Everything we published since years prior, goes to precise details in this about my Twin Soul, Michael Jackson, being the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL WITH A HUGE AURA LIGHT, BRIGHT, WHITE GLITTERY AND BLUE. He sings in most of his Songs when these messages rise up always about “THE LIGHT, SUN LIGHT, LIGHT BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN”- she spoke of Set, abusing Michael Jackson’s Name for it to interfere precisely in our Twin Flame Information.

And then comes along a Debbie S./Deborah Stefaniak, looking like Gaga, and interfering tactically in the Blog and Publishing process of our TWIN SOUL STORY BOOK, so these Hollywood Setianists can cover up Music, Books, Blogs and “spiritual information and teachings”, on purpose and very precisely according to Michael Aquino’s MINDWAR Media and Propaganda tactics. That Book this dude made, was just published in 2014, go check it for yourself if you do not believe it, and check his older nonsense, satanic Book “Coming Forth by Night”, and you know who the People are that consult for and help such like Gaga to “come up with Setian tactics in public against Michael Jackson’s Soul” and I published the whole MJ-Osiris messages before they even could copy my data much at all, back in 2010.

I wrote a whole book, in which I give detailed reports on hacking and cyber interference tactics against music files, photos and Skype talks content being used precisely the way I formulated ideas, by these people, and there SHE went this year (2015) , like ridiculous 3 years after the publishing of that Book, and takes in front of all of you, again, a chunk out of THIS VERY SAME BOOK with Swift for some Setian Plagiarism, pretending she “cast a love spell to bring love to Taylor Swift and is such a Magician/Sorceress”.

What an idiotic move…

Watch and see how this person will end up, sinking in her Setian karma she caused herself.


  • NUMBER 1: 2010 Original Releases of MICHAEL JACKSON TWIN SOUL POP, meaning “I channeled Songs with Michael Jackson’s Ghost”, and published this unique Concept and applied my PAST LIFE SKILLS AND MEMORY to it. 3 Releases over 2010.
  • LADY GAGA MOVE AFTER: In 2011 she began publishing repetitions of all we did in 2010, claiming “she channels Songs with the Ghost of McQueen” stealing though really old Songs from Madonna for this fraud claim- and she did so JUST TO IMPERSONATE ME, MICHAEL’S FEMALE COUNTERPART.
  • NUMBER 2: First “Channeled Film Directing” Debut with Michael Jackson, as usual, helping me with precise details and my own PAST LIFE MEMORY, reconstructed on Film (a concept never before seen in Mainstream for sure). The Cartoon was all about “Ancient Goddess Magic”, specifically presenting me as Isis, and Michael Jackson as Osiris, directed by me.
  • LADY GAGA PRETENDS TO “DIRECT VIDEOS” 2013 and adds rudely MJ’s Likeness 3 Months after HIS MOTHER was banned to do so: She took film script content made and emailed for THE JACKSON FAMILY FOUNDATION, efforts I as an educated Film Director and Cinematographer did, PLUS the fresh released Ancient Egypt Cartoon, and then made her “G.U.Y.” Video, using MY CINEMATOGRAPHY/FILM DIRECTING NOTES AND WORK I did not give her permission to use at all. She expanded her VIDEO CREDITS, 4 Minutes, to “make it look more the same length as my Original and add blab la” like “Directed By: Lady Gaga. In the “Resurrection Scene” she fakely did, she insults again, Michael Jackson, with close up’s of BLOODY NEEDLES showing during the COFFIN Scenes with 4 famous Names in them.
  • Sneaky THROUGH TAYLOR SWIFT in 2015, plagiarizing a “to the chronical stealing fitting” element of my PERSONAL SPIRITUAL MAGIC SPELL STORIES, with Witnesses and real and all, for LADY GAGA.


Gaga copies not only Spiritual Channeling Concept of Egyptian Artist but her PERSONAL CHEEK MOLE as well - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official-
Gaga copies not only Spiritual Channeling Concept of Egyptian Artist but her PERSONAL CHEEK MOLE as well – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official-


Official PR Image © MADE IN HEAVEN- The "Living" Project - Releases 2013 & 2014
Official PR Image © MADE IN HEAVEN- The “Living” Project – Releases 2013 & 2014
OFFICIAL DVD COVER © MADE IN HEAVEN CARTOON ABOUT Michael Jackson Past Life in Egypt Part I- I REMEMBER © 2010-2013 Productions and Releases
OFFICIAL DVD COVER © MADE IN HEAVEN CARTOON ABOUT Michael Jackson Past Life in Egypt Part I- I REMEMBER © 2010-2013 Productions and Releases
2012 Originals Goddess Isis Projects and Gaga 2014 Stalker Style Impersonations and Faking © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777 BLOG-
2012 Originals Goddess Isis Projects and Gaga 2014 Stalker Style Impersonations and Faking © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777 BLOG-


Lady Gaga Taylor Swift steal Story from Susan Elsa´s Book "Archangel Michael´s Wedding" about Psychic Love Spell Casting for a Girl to Bring Lover © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Lady Gaga Taylor Swift steal Story from Susan Elsa´s Book “Archangel Michael´s Wedding” about Psychic Love Spell Casting for a Girl to Bring Lover © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

This is a TINY 3 POINTS INSIGHTS, 3 points from different years since 2011 to 2015, showing THE MAIN FOCUS ON OUR TWIN SOUL SKILLS, ENERGY AND STORY AND ARTISTIC WORK I CHANNEL WITH MICHAEL, MY TWIN FLAME, that this Person is aiming at.

Nobody else is taking THAT MUCH AND THAT PERSONALLY AIMED AND DEEPLY SPIRITUALLY ATTACKING like what “Gaga” does, even my writing style from 2010, writing my past life Name for Music Releases with 2 big letters “IsIs”, this person copied, suddenly changing it back then from “Gaga” to “GaGa”.

No Woman is so Setian, besides Madonna, in this Business. Both are completely and utterly “spiritually evil and set-off to destructive energy”, feeding off of hurting others and getting something out of it, which is literally “spiritually sick” besides the whole nude moves too.

I don’t care if you, or her in fact surely reading this one at some point, believe me or not, respect me or not, respect my SOUL AND FEELINGS, MY ARTISTIC SENSITIVE EXPERESSION AND WORK, or not. All I care about is that God asked me, how I would judge your Souls after all this, and me and Michael have made our decision and Judgement spiritually, and nothing can reverse that ever again, in time and beyond time. So, when this person faces God someday, she will regret so much what she did, disrespecting Michael’s Soul after his passing and all this trauma and difficulty for his loved Ones in that phase, will be such a strong regret facing God directly, that God might not even actively “do anything” to her Soul, but her own Karma, when she sees it in that “Soul Mirror God holds up when judging Souls”- she will just crumble into endless pieces and destroy her “self”- no consciousness, no memories, no “past lives” nothing except basic soul matter will be left, and then re-cycled by God however God sees fit and knows is the best way for the highest well being of all Humanity and spiritual Dimensions.

Girl, with what you tried doing to me, you killed your own Soul. You did this to YOURSELF, and you have zero way of getting even near my Soul and Magic Energies. God gave them to me and protects me, directly. Me and Michael are just fine, and our merging has come to completion and I am enjoying our next phase of our Projects, our TWIN SOUL MAGIC PROJECTS, and nobody can beat Archangel Michael nor his foresight-seeing-mind.

Madonna in her early Career Days (For educational Purpose)
Madonna in her early Career Days (For educational Purpose)


You may check our Elvis Book and what he had to say in Spirit about Madonna and her “abuse of his twin flame’s persona and his name as well”, or check the Blog too. We had her mother come seek help from Michael, in his Archangel function, so I saw it too and then we began offering a hand, to this person which I dislike on a personal level so much. In this moment, I felt her mother’s love and care and really reached out my hand to try and “pull her soul out of this evil, jealous, Setian shadow”- and what was her reaction, publicly dated and open?

She made an Album singing all kinds of pretentious nonsense about “Illuminati, All-Seeing-Eye” and used information from my Blog for her main Video “Living for Love” in which she abuses Michael Jackson’s tip toe stand done by a black guy with RED HORNS ON, and the smooth criminal lean, and other ideas posted on the IN THE CLOSET article previous. So, her reply was, let me take MORE bitch, and show more disrespect, totally hitting off Archangel Michael’s hand, and her own Mother’s calling on her to change and find back to the light spiritually, from Heaven.

All this, imagine, after she has done all these spiritually posing, empty and vacant, cold releases, always taking bits and pieces from Michael Jackson’s style, fashion, music production style, ideas, visuals, and work overall finally. A true stalker, is what Michael called her. And he said, she sexually harassed him a few times, and could not accept that he was not interested in a sexual encounter with her. He disliked her for that, a lot, and had over time more aggression built up against her and was such a Gentleman, he tried to keep it locked inside and stay classy and friendly, even toward her.

A classy thinking someone like Madonna will never understand.

Susan Elsa channels Michael Jackson Tip Toe Stand for OTHER PART OF HIM (2012 Official Cover) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa channels Michael Jackson Tip Toe Stand for OTHER PART OF HIM (2012 Official Cover) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Madonna Harpers Bazaar Magazine Cover - Imitation of Sword Pose
Madonna Harpers Bazaar Magazine Cover – Imitation of Sword Pose

People of the kind like Madonna Ciccone, have done a lot of wrong in their life time. She used many people, left and right, and tried the same with Michael Jackson, and when he refused, she “tried to punish him and wage personal war” on him psychologically and such by going to tabloids and insulting him, his sexual integrity and function, to “get back at him revenge bitch style”.

She even refers to herself as “a total bitch” and seem even proud of it. And that, you think deserves a title such as “Queen” of Pop Music, a GENRE Michael Jackson defined over a long period of time and hard work for himself as the true KING OF POP?

Women like Madonna, are “celebrated and applauded” for behaving this way and seen as “role models” cultivating follow-ups like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus? And THESE Women dare to speak now suddenly too about “standing for and representing authenticity and women and girls rights”?

Just wow…no comment I can make any further on this obvious situation, spiritually, they are naked and exposed so all the World now sees their Soul’s truth and condition.

To me, I have always been sad as much as angry, when seeing people behave this way. Knowing what I know and being able to see what I see, on spiritual levels as well, I always see the person’s aura and energy, outside and I have a skill to “scan deeply into a soul” and check what happens there, pure, or possessed. This is an Archangel Michael skill.

I know and tell you all honestly here too, that many of these here talked about celebrities have gone through a lot, which I feel sad about for them, and I have a lot, a lot of compassion. This is why, in fact, me and Michael too, always would let others go on with wrong behavior and such things for too long really, where other people do not even take the time to think about someone that done something bad to them, their motivation and “what has to be healed within them for this to change and them to be nicer and happier”. We always think that way!

So, we really give over-friendly many chances and a lot of time to wrong-doers to wake up and change, before Archangel Michael is forced to “do the battle type work”. Then, we battle for the souls, to protect them and BRING THEM BACK TO GOD and away from the stupid Devil. But then, finally, when a Soul by full own free will wants to keep sinking into devilish consciousness and behavior, then Archangel Michael “bans them from entering any higher spiritual Worlds/Heaven” and “presses their Soul deep down and neutralizes their consciousness” with the famous “sword of light”- God’s extended will and “arm” of justice, truth and protection. Then, they can share Set’s doom (join devil as they wished and carry his unimaginable loads of karma).

Madonna Ciccone, Michael Jackson, which IS THE ARCHANGEL HIMSELF, will enjoy in fact doing this with you for personal reasons. You should have never dared to insult his soul after he passed with your fake pretentious lies, calculating as always, YOU WERE NEVER HIS FRIEND, YOU ARE NOT HIS FRIEND and, I AM NOT your Friend!



About Madonna´s Rebel Heart Grammys and Album: The All-Seeing Eye Truth © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
FEBRUARY 12, 2015 ~

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour 2015 (Again) - Photo for educational Purpose (Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Blog)
Madonna Rebel Heart Tour 2015 (Again) – Photo for educational Purpose (Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Blog)


That is what happens if you get into bullying and dissing real Twin Flames…and taunting their Soul in malicious evil ways. It backfires, with a strong, Archangel style karmic energy, like a Mirror God holds into their Faces, publicly.

Taylor Swift Fifth Element Imitation and Half Faces Effect with Black Man
Taylor Swift Fifth Element Imitation and Half Faces Effect with Black Man


She has been the country singer I never even heard one song of, and super lame and boring to me in all how she is, expression, vocals, not my thing honestly.

Suddenly, now in 2015, like every one of those in the same close Hollywood circle “get their turn”. Taylor Swift plagiarized rudely a SPIRITUAL PSYCHIC MAGIC SPELL story from my Archangel Michael Book, and did so TO HELP PROMOTE WITH THE STOLEN STORY LADY GAGA!

Lady Gaga Taylor Swift steal Story from Susan Elsa´s Book "Archangel Michael´s Wedding" about Psychic Love Spell Casting for a Girl to Bring Lover © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Lady Gaga Taylor Swift steal Story from Susan Elsa´s Book “Archangel Michael´s Wedding” about Psychic Love Spell Casting for a Girl to Bring Lover © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I mean, wow, and then her dude, Calvin Harris, gets all mad at stupid break up rumors in tabloids, but it is okay to abuse and plagiarize racist style content from a Book about abuses, healing, twin flames and mocking here specifically others in their feelings toward deceased loved Ones, like in this case, Michael Jackson huh?

I have no mercy with those two, they are both clowns obviously. They should not speak about spiritual claims, nor should Swift DURING HALLOWEEN MONTH place some nonsense wannabe rumors about “some Taylor Swift Curse at Games” in tabloids to make herself now, what, look “more and more spiritual too”?

How sad and pathetic is that? These are some seriously LOST SOULS…

Michael Jackson Susan Elsa exposing Black Magic Hollywood Katy Perry Dark Horse Abusive Copyright and Film Rights Infringement
Michael Jackson Susan Elsa exposing Black Magic Hollywood Katy Perry Dark Horse Abusive Copyright and Film Rights Infringement


Needless to say, she totally sold her soul to Set in 2014, early 2014. In February 2014, she released her Video “Dark Horse”, which was using all our 5 weeks previously published, TWIN SOUL ANCIENT EGYPT OSIRIS AND ISIS CARTOON, all elements, thumb DVD cover detail, blue and rose-Amun Ra Eye and light from the eyes and pink sand. Everything taken from our hacked production data, and PREVIOUS RELEASES, so it is not even a legal discussion, but a fact, this one.

Look here to know what we mean:

Before I saw any of this or was told actually by others initially then, I felt some of those “old Setian black magic attack energies” again, similar to when Gaga did that in later 2010 preparing for 2011 copy-releases in Setian Twin flame interference ways. This time, I dreamed of Osiris, back in ancient Egypt, his body just swimming in his wooden chest/coffin down the Nile, and him trying to breathe inside and the water rising. It was bad, bad energy, and that was the same night Katy Perry debut performed this Song when releasing the Video, and 2 days prior to the death anniversary of my Grandmother and little, disabled Sister, she uploaded her copy of our original work.

Since then, her karma has worsened and people also turned on several occasions in backlashing ways against her. Let’s see what she will do next, since Taylor Swift and such claim they have some beef together, while she plagiarizes a part from my SPIRITUAL STORIES FROM MY BOOK in the same breathe, so I really am curious to know what they mean, because ALL OF THEM seem to THROW CONSTANTLY “bad blood” at me and Michael.

Chris Brown for educational spiritual Purpose
Chris Brown for educational spiritual Purpose


Chris Brown isn’t even worth to be mentioned too much, he “got no soul”. This is a wonderful saying actually, which African Americans mostly use, since decades and in regards to Music and Singing as well, and Dance. And it has true spiritual roots too, as literally some people “got no soul energy” and it shows in their performance and aura and dance. Yeah, he WRIGGLES AROUND all shaky and all over the place, without much FINE TUNED COORDINATION, and then everyone goes like” Oh he wears some similar hat to MJ and glove, and makes bit his moves, nice! I LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON’S STYLE!”.

Chris Brown ruined his image, and since then tries to regain it by feeding off of Michael Jackson’s Legacy and Soul. Spiritually speaking, far far away from real evolution and inner power. So don’t you dare compare yourself to Archangel Michael Jackson…

Jay Z Carter- Watch the Throne (Photo for educational Purpose)
Jay Z Carter- Watch the Throne (Photo for educational Purpose)


Well, what can we say here? He definitely is one of the worst in Show Business, spiritually speaking. Since many years, he has been “on the shadow side” spiritually, in his behavior, in things he did back in the day in his life, criminal things, and everyone knows these facts from Jay Z’s Life.

Beyonce was totally different, before she hooked up with this Guy. The sad thing is, people like him could have never made it, if they didn’t sell out and get the “biased special promo for career and business” from these people that control the system. He in fact, with all he is and does, helps to sell out the Black African Soul, and that is unforgivable anyways spiritually.

Then, he adds on it, and moves openly into O.T.O. sects and Setianism Propaganda, openly and publicly since 2012. I remember seeing that, and everyone saw his “WATCH THE THRONE” (see image below) as well, with his Buddy Kanye, their demonic faces special effect on the cover, and the Set Worshippers Merchandising T-Shirts they wear and promote quoting Aleister Crowley “Do as thou wilt” –meaning, Do whatever you want.

Jay Z Carter and Kanye West- Watch the Throne (Photo for educational Purpose)
Jay Z Carter and Kanye West- Watch the Throne (Photo for educational Purpose)

No rules, no respect, no limits, no compassion for other soul’s boundries and privacy and spirituality, nor Angels or God. But Focus on Set, because they somehow think, “to be evil, gangsta and though, always threatening others with their aura nobody dares to mess with them” type mentality is cool, this Setian crap mind-set.

Jay Z also signed Rihanna, and therefore carries directly spiritual karma from what he did, knows about, and approved to be done as the Boss of Roc Nation, with other Label’s prior Releases, Samples, Concepts, and specific ancient  Egypt Focus in the Brand too, 2 years after the original Releases. (Remember when Rihanna did the ancient Egypt stuff and Isis with Wings Tattoo, then using 777 too etc…)

Good luck with handling Michael spiritually. You want to know what is “cool and though” spiritually?


You may say whatever you want, using free will naturally, but I know in your soul, you suck like Set. You made it that way, by giving into such things, instead of healing, changing, expanding the good in you, and helping other Black folks, too, not attack another, respectable and deceased Black Legends Twin Soul and our original work and label brands.

R Kelly- Black Panties Album Artwork (for educational Purpose) 2013
R Kelly- Black Panties Album Artwork (for educational Purpose) 2013


This is an interesting case, as the guy back in the 90s worked once with Michael Jackson for the Song “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”. You know, many human beings regularly after doing wrong to others, get repeated chances to change and heal. But free will makes it possible or impossible, as change, improvement and healing spiritually cannot be “forced onto a soul as God made the rule of Free Will”.

R. Kelly had his share of issues, as we all know. He too was being accused of pedophilia, with little Girls or so. I never paid much attention to these allegations as he simply wasn’t in my focus at all.

In 2013, after all karma he already had, he did that Album “Black Panties” I think it is called, and I am just re-telling here everything from my detailed memories. He suddenly teamed up with, guess 3 times- Lady Gaga, and did a song with “degrading abusive sexual message toward women” with Gaga called “Do what you want with my body”. I guess two similar thinking found each other, as this nonsense, superficial and very non-spiritual message fits to both.

They did some shows back then, as in the background HER CHILDHOOD PHOTOS were popping up and caused in the media and public people to rebel and get hurt and angry, and feel like Gaga is promoting Pedophilia.

THEN, the big mistake was done by R. Kelly, a bigger one than daring to work with this satanic Artist.

In parallel interviews, promoting HIS ALBUM, which is totally sexist, and singing such a song with Gaga going completely against how I THINK as a Woman, right (Check our MJ Quotes in Articles previous on THE WOMAN’S BODY IS A TEMPLE AND SHOULD BE TREATED WITH RESPECT” total opposite message, as usual- he did the following:

He used old situations, about this ONE SONG he worked on with Michael Jackson, and twisted things a bit to make himself look more important, claiming the story bit different than how it actually was:

“Michael Jackson asked me to write a song for him”

(Michael heard a raw demo he already did on his own and liked it and added his touch to it then when producing)


“I then tried to tune in to Michael and channel him to write this song for him, and as he had this FEMININE THING GOING ON, I was like acting feminine, tuning in for writing YOU ARE NOT ALONE”- directly stepping into MY FEMALE TWIN SOUL DIRECTION.

Plus another Note: The above seen ALBUM COVER ART WORK 2013, BY R KELLY, is using literal visualisation of lyrics from an earlier published Song of mine, and from my Book, about my and Michael Jackson´s insider joking together “You play me like your favourite Musical Instrument) © 2010-2012 MGP Publishing- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Property and Information

Michael did not like it, to say it in an extreme understatement.

So, he then just claimed basically, that HE TUNED IN TO AND CHANNELED MICHAEL’S FEMIINE THING (TWIN SOUL FEMININE COUNTERPART MICHAEL WAS EXPRESSING CONNECTION TO)- and Michael BAM- got him, quicker than average, he was so angry.

He said to me, clearly:”Yeah, it is a shame THIS GUY wrote that great song, just because I was falsely accused and innocent, doesn’t mean everyone that is accused of such things is also falsely accused and innocent…”- meaning he said, something is wrong with R. Kelly.

So fast I could not even hear on time these news and saw them later, some new evidence and such things came up and a wave of justice and karma at R. Kelly, and he was being called once again a proven Pedo and overnight basically censored again from the mainstream news streams. Besides Lady Gaga coming with that parallel in the same direction “under the bus” too in the media backlashes. And what do you actually think about this, I mean, Michael placed Black and Darker Types of Women only in all his Music Videos, and R. Kelly is advertising to Black Guys that they should “like Women such as Gaga”- these people have nothing in common with Michael Jackson and his unique, HONEST, true Art.

R Kelly and Gaga in Fall 2013 and Michael Jacksons Spiritual Anger and Karma Magic (Photo for educational Purpose)
R Kelly and Gaga in Fall 2013 and Michael Jacksons Spiritual Anger and Karma Magic (Photo for educational Purpose)

Michael shut his mouth up quick.

I really can tell, from this experience for example besides others, that it is not a good idea to play games with Michael Jackson and his Soul, he is Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael does not play, and is far more DANGEROUS than the Devil ever could be, and can thrill you more than any Ghost would ever dare try…

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (Photo for educational Purpose)
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (Photo for educational Purpose)


I think many of you, dear Readers, already see and know since a long time by his own comments that Kanye West is neither “humble” nor “nice and friendly”, in fact, he barely smiles. I personally do not remember one Picture in which he smiles, and that is not a good spiritual sign on his inside spiritually.

In fact, this is a central and important thing, a small daily detail, that spiritually and classically psychologically, reveals to you if a person “is a happy, joyful person internally” or “depressed, angry and jealous” as these different combinations of emotions or “negative/positive” emotions reflect on the facial expression.

Michael Jackson SMILED ALWAYS, and his Smile was emanating happiness and light and others would feel like smiling and happy inside too, when he smiles at them. He would recognize that way the soul of each person he meets.

Kanye West is the opposite, but they all think they can compare themselves to Michael and his true Archangel Michael-Osiris-Horus-Jesus Style Twin Soul Vibe!

So, from what I see literally, and can tell from reading within his aura and soul too, for this Thriller-Night, that’s right- Kanye West’s Soul is EMPTY AND SWITCHED OFF IN IT’S LIGHT. Setian Style.

You got yourself some huge burden on your soul, good luck with that. I remember when, also in Autumn 2013 just like Gaga and R. Kelly, Kanye West too lashed out in insane and weird ways “against Michael Jackson with a clear jealousy competition tone”. There were some headlines with something like “What Kanye West has that Michael Jackson doesn’t”- and then he said all kinds of selfish comments 90% of it on HIMSELF, of course, narcissistic style, and on the side, mentioned: Oh, yeah, what I have that Michael doesn’t is Kim Kardashian!

If YOU, dear readers, now switch on really your intuition and soul reading focus, reading between the lines, you see clearly the pattern now in front of you on how these people try to taunt and harass Michael Jackson’s SOUL, including and especially now also aiming at me, his female counterpart still here, and doing so on purpose as nobody would normally talk that way in a 2013 interview, about another, legendary Black Artist that passed in 2009! That can only keep happening in that way, and AEG and such people inviting psychics to court claiming they talk with Michael Jackson’s Ghost in 2013 also, because THEY ARE DOING WHAT I TELL YOU THE WHOLE TIME- they know he is well, he is here, he is Archangel Michael, and I AM his Twin Soul…

This conversation is not over yet, Kanye. And stop abusing symbols and imagery of Horus, my Son.

Roman Polanski- famous for Devil Movie (Photo for educational Purpose)
Roman Polanski- famous for Devil Movie (Photo for educational Purpose)


A film director here in this article as well, of course, and oh boy, what a director huh!

This guy, is a good starting point to show an important spiritual “popular thing that is IN” in Hollywood. He met with and worked with Anton Szandor LaVey, the Founder of the Church of Satan and Author of the “Satanic Bible”, for his Hollywood Movie “Rosemary’s Baby”.

As he just got his “push globally” with celebrating this movie success, his 8-months pregnant wife, beautiful Actress and Soul Sharon Tate was murdered in HIS house, in a satanic ritual.

Now check this all out:

  • Polanski has made back then (1966) and later again a second movie about Devil, presenting him in a “satanic propaganda promoting way”
  • Charles Manson was claimed to have been the war-mind behind this satanic ritual murder, having all kinds of obsessed, sick Satan worshippers around him they named “The Manson Family”
  • One of the stomach-turning, insane killers there was named “Susan Atkins”
  • Marilyn Manson named himself as a MUSIC ARTIST after a mix between the Names CHARLES MANSON & MARILYN MONROE (how abusive toward Monroe!)
  • He worked with Lady Gaga in 2009, and there rumors of them having some affair together romantically. Gaga liked to perform filed with stage-blood at that time.
  • Gaga then did “Born This Way” trying to “bury alive Little Susie’s Tune/Music”.
  • Gaga likes to pretend she is “like little Susie” and put DEVIL HORNS on her head in 2011
  • Sammy Davis Jr played a Devil Movie Hollywood produced, named “Poor Devil”, and LaVey and especially Michael Aquino totally loved the “Set/Satan Promotion in Hollywood”.
Roman Polanski´s murdered Wife Sharon Tate (Photo for educational Purpose)
Roman Polanski´s murdered Wife Sharon Tate (Photo for educational Purpose)
Roman Polanski´s murdered Wife Sharon Tate (Photo for educational Purpose)
Roman Polanski´s murdered Wife Sharon Tate (Photo for educational Purpose)

There are tons of dots to be connected. But for now, this is it, so you can reflect on this, make up your own opinion and evaluate the feeling these people transmit to you, if it is “happy energy” or “jealousy, competition, evil” type energy.

These topics have a lot to do and are tightly linked with what is happening in Hollywood, spiritually. When I say Hollywood, yes we mean American Music and Movie Industry, that “Brand”, but also global Entertainment Industries that are all linked mostly to the “Head of the Beast”- Hollywood.

Let us remind again here of an obvious example…

ABOUT ROMAN POLANSKI – Hollywood approved Film Director (1966/1968)

You might have heard before about French-Polish Film Director Roman Polanski. He is a European Filmmaker obviously, which has “made it in Hollywood”. Now I want to take a closer look with you at some strange elements of his “Breakthrough” back in the 1960s in Hollywood’s Film Industry, and other legal accusations made against the Man back in the 1970s.

Let me begin by summarizing in points:

  • Anton Szandor LaVey founded the “CHURCH OF SATAN” in 1966, in San Fransisco
  • 1966-1967, Roman Polanski began working on his Breakthrough Hollywood Film called “Rosemary’s Baby”- A Movie about the Devil, Rape, Trickery, “Making Pacts with the devil for a Career” Storylines,  and the Anti-Christ Baby in a “seeming happy ending”
  • The raping Satan in Roman Polanski’s Movie is played in a Guest Role by Anton LaVey (Satanist and Church of Satan Founder)
  • Roman Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered in a disgusting, satanic, ritual type murder IN POLANSKI’S HOUSE, basically right after his “Breakthrough Movie Celebration”, and she was 8 months pregnant! That is so Setian, I can’t even begin to find words for how evil this story is.
  • Roman Polanski himself then, drugged and raped a 13 year old girl, in Jack Nicholson’s House (Pool)- and he did so in all ways possible if you know what I mean to say here. After he fled the Country right before going to Prison sentence in America, and France covered his ass (really weird!). Some French CULTURE AMBASSADOR was defending him heavy for years, an example, and this Guy himself too wrote some Book about “his pedophilia travels to Thailand and having Sex with little Boys”- and that Dude was seriously the CULTURE MINISTER or so of France. (Check 2009 News)
  • Roman Polanski later in the 1990s did ANOTHER SATANIST PROPAGANDA MOVIE, this time with Johnny Depp.The Movie is called “THE 9TH GATE”.  Most of the Storyline takes place in France, and generally in Europe, as of course, Polanski also could not travel to the U.S., as he is being sought by law enforcement still for fleeing his sentence and like a coward, not wanting to face court.
  • In the “9th Gate” Movie, Polanski’s Wife is playing a very strange Woman that appears at a house Depp visits right after he finds a dead Man in the fountain or so there. She accompanies him then, gives hints, helps, and finally, she is seen in a scene having Sex with Johnny Depp, on top, and her Face changing into demonic, scary, satanic expressions (special effects) while Johnny realizes that “the devil is her and having sex with him”. She, the Blonde strange Woman, is portrayed as THE DEVIL in the Film Conclusion.
Michael Jackson VIBE Photoshooting Yellow Sweater (Photo for educational Purpose)
Michael Jackson VIBE Photoshooting Yellow Sweater (Photo for educational Purpose)

MJ Fans, listen to one of Michael Jackson’s Songs, not one of the angry ones though, just anyone like even Smooth Criminal, yes, and then play one of these others like “Dark Horse”, then go back to Michael’s and FEEL AND HEAR THE DIFFERENCE IN MUSICAL ENERGY TRANSMISSION YOURSELF!

There are some previous Articles that are very important here to be reviewed and read if not yet read, by all of you, dear readers, to understand the full scope of this mere insight on Hollywood’s spiritual condition overall.

Here are the most important related links to previous Articles:



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EGYPTIAN REINCARNATION: My Original Copyrighted PAST LIFE POP Projects and How Lady Gaga AND Debbie Stefaniak Impersonate my Life Story and Work © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Note: Apologies for the varying Title sizes, but they are live messing technically with the publishing of this Article, on Thriller Night, criminal hacker style and I decided to post now as we said NOW and not later, because some Satanists want to interfere.


SET/SETH (Ancient Egyptian) – THE ILLUMINATI – Osiris (Michael Jackson) VS Set (Devil/Satan) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul OFFICIAL



Insight into Most Public Twin Flame Interference and Soul Attacks in Modern Entertainment © Michael Jackson/Susan Elsa VS Hollywood



THE BIG ARCHANGEL MICHAEL INSIGHT: Thriller-Halloween Series 2015 Intro & Exorcising Hollywood´s GHOSTS © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Michael Jackson Neverland Private ARCHANGEL MICHAEL PAINTING © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
Michael Jackson Neverland Private ARCHANGEL MICHAEL PAINTING © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777


For the next phase of the Thriller-Halloween Series, we will definitely move closer into evaluation and judging the Soul of Set worshippers and Satanists who done lots of evil and wrong on this Planet, to Society and to the very Mind and Emotional State of other Peoples.

With many things, on Earth and in Heaven, it behaves that way that what you THINK BEGINS MANIFESTING AT SOME POINT.  So, on a global scale, this means, once overall humanity is too much in the battle between the Devil and Archangel Michael, meaning, tons and tons of “souls getting lost” or creating karma on the go, not caring, not waking up, not doing anything to help abuse victims screaming for help and all that spiritually negative human behavioral pattern- then at some point the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS will be judged, right here, which would basically mean “all the negative creations people have made here will come to haunt them and show”. This would be the not so smooth healing of the Planet, forcing the Change, not on individual souls with free will, but this is simply God’s will in action enforced then by his Archangels, which you might not see, but the effect of the work and feel it all. You can see it, with a spiritual eye, but not the physical, just like Michael Jackson is now, in his spiritual Body, but visible and tangible, touchable, for the right spiritual Master that can see so trained all these spiritual realms, easily. You cannot even imagine, what a clear connection, including physical, me and Michael Jackson still have, NOW.


And then the Ghosts will come out, under his command by a finger snipping or pointing, because: Michael Jackson was living in his past Life in ancient Egypt, as Osiris/Ausar, and in SPIRIT he is THE Archangel Michael, and I am like “his secret weapon” when he is attacked, his Twin Flame comes into the Battle against the Devil too.

When Michael put the Name for the Mystery Castle/Mansion in his GHOSTS Film, he chose:


So, wake up and understand that this, in common English means that he told you clearly this is SOMEWHERE ELSE, NOT IN AMERICA. The Background Style to the whole, long Scenes in the whole Movie is clearly EUROPEAN STYLE, a “European Location” is that Mystery Place “Someplace Else”.

Twin Flames Embodiment of Love on Earth Visual Truth Similarity Look Alike Mirror Image Counterpart Same Soul © Michael Jackson Susan Elsa
Twin Flames Embodiment of Love on Earth Visual Truth Similarity Look Alike Mirror Image Counterpart Same Soul © Michael Jackson Susan Elsa

If you do not care about other’s souls, it means in spiritual law, you DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR OWN SOUL. And, don’t you ever dare to try and point with your finger at me, because you do not know me and do not and will never know the horrors and challenges I been through and survived and grew from into true mastery of my mind and spirit. You do not know me or remember me, yet, anymore, but deep inside of all your Souls, you know me very well. I AM Archangel Michael, for God’s sake.

I AM THE OTHER PART OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, and he told you that “Another Part of Me” will reveal herself at some point, doing the ancient famous “planetary Magic” with her mind as “The Mind is the Magic”, and you will notice that her Song has been in his Music the whole time in front of your eyes, and sometime later in, you will see the Archangel Michael in the flesh and realize everything. At this point, your soul will have been purified and the “bright light switched back on strongly”. You will have come to understand a very historic and rare moment, and divine present to humanity: Archangel Michael personally coming here to help and live amongst you in Human Form for a while, so you can REMEMBER more easily.

This is it for today, stay tuned for the next very deep Article on how Osiris famous Soul Judgement Hall actually looks like, and the final Judgement that comes then ultimately from God. Osiris/Archangel Michael… is only the Beginning…

The Maestra & The Maestro © Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit/Archangel Michael/Osiris

Maestra Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Maestra Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson´s GHOSTS Meaning Spiritual: Maestro Michael Osiris GHOSTS-Unique HIStory behind MJ © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson´s GHOSTS Meaning Spiritual: Maestro Michael Osiris GHOSTS-Unique HIStory behind MJ © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Credit for the Channeled Spiritual Information: Archangel Michael Himself

Michael Jackson & Twin Soul Re-Defining HALLOWEEN as THRILLER NIGHT (Archangel Michael´s Soul Judgement Night) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

We are nearing the Weekend, and I and Mike have been doing lots of Magic Focus and Spiritual Energy Transmissions for Planet Earth the past few Days.

This Article is part of the THRILLER-HALLOWEEN SERIES ©, for all October 2015 again, culminating on the 31st October (Halloween/Samhain). As you know, we want to re-define Halloween Eve complete, and transform it into “Archangel Michael’s Soul Judgement Night”- similar to Christmas, where Santa Clause supposedly brings presents to the “good kids” and none or much less to the “bad kids”. Of course, what we are doing is FOUNDED IN SPIRITUAL REALITY- Archangel Michael IS the enforced and judge over Souls doing that job for God, and battles the Devil (see famous Archangel Michael slaying the Devil Poses in Statues and Sculptures!).

So, the new name for now I would like to hear feedback from you on as well, would be:


In fact, it is the perfect new name for this special Night, when the veil between Worlds, the “Human Living and the Ghostly and Angel Worlds” are closest. I on purpose do never say the word “dead or death” as it goes against the power of focus and the word, traditionally as we would communicate in ancient Egypt. Ghosts, Angels, they are not to be called “dead or in the world of the dead”- THEY HAVE ETERNAL IMMORTAL LIFE FORMS! It makes no sense to call them that way, except the evil demonic entities, they indeed DO NOT have the “Body of Light or Eternity” and therefore play constantly energy parasites to feed off the light of others to survive.

There is something I wanted to explain more in depth, according to what Michael Jackson said himself about the meaning of the Vincent Price Rap in the legendary Song:

Thriller Voice-Over Session byVincent Price (1982)

First Released Vincent Price Rap:

“The demons squeal in sheer delight, it’s YOU THEY SPY, so plump, so right. For THE GROOVE IS HARD TO BEAT, it’s still you stand with frozen feet, you try to run, you try to scream, but NO MORE SUN YOU WILL EVER SEE (Think about Set and Aquino, and Lady Gaga’s MARRY THE NIGHT), for evil reaches from the crypt, to crush you in its’ ICY GRIP (the wrongdoers own Karma)- Michael: I’M GONNA THRILL YOU TONIGHT”

Second Released Vincent Price Rap:

“Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand, creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorize your neighbourhood.

And who shall ever be found, WITHOUT THE SOUL for getting down (being cool/good);


Michael Jackson & Twin Soul Re-Defining HALLOWEEN as THRILLER NIGHT (Archangel Michael´s Soul Judgement Night) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson & Twin Soul Re-Defining HALLOWEEN as THRILLER NIGHT (Archangel Michael´s Soul Judgement Night) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Vincent: “ The foulest stench is in the air, the funk of 40’000 years, and greezly ghouls from every tomb (Ghosts Movie Hint), are closing in to SEAL YOUR DOOM, and though you fight to stay alive, your body starts to shiver. For no mere mortal can resist the evil of the Thriller (Karma). CAN YOU DIG IT?”

Michael Jackson´s GHOSTS- Skeleton Witchy Laugh (Video Still for educational Purpose) - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
Michael Jackson´s GHOSTS- Skeleton Witchy Laugh (Video Still for educational Purpose) – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777

Note: In the above video still, is the moment where Michael, the Maestro, stands as a Skeleton up on the front wall of the Main Hall in front of the Painting of a Brunette Woman, laughing “witchy thriller style”.

Karma is a Witch and her Name is Susan Elsa /Archangel Michael´s Wife © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Karma is a Witch and her Name is Susan Elsa /Archangel Michael´s Wife © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

You know how they say “Karma is a Witch?”- I AM KARMA IN ACTION. I am not “a Witch”, I am THE WITCH, if you know what I mean.

A few dots connecting:

  • “demons squeal in sheer delight, it’s YOU THEY SPY, so plump” – SERIOUS ONGOING LEGAL CASE WHICH MANIFESTED BY HOLWOOD AGAINST TWIN FLAMES (his baby)
  • ICY GRIP = Think about ELSA from FROZEN
  • THE GROOVE IS HARD TO BEAT, it’s here you stand with frozen feet = think again about ELSA FROM FROZEN AND HER MAGIC SKILLS (like Ausar and Auset) and read my book published prior to this Disney Movie (Dream about Demons attacking astrally with fire element, and me using ICE (frozen water element) to backfire their attack, Dream 2003).
  • The above sentence also hints at the GROOVE (Archangel Michael Twin Soul Pop they obsess with now and attempt interfering in Copyrights) – but they are under the MIND-CONTROL of the Maestro & Maestra and “like the demons in my dream now earth bound with their karma, frozen on the spot by their feet).
  • The term used by Vincent Price here “evil”, is having as all Michael Jackson Artistic works double meanings, because 1.) it points at the evil ones he sends a message to, and 2.) death, karma, soul punishments were always feared by humans and considered “evil”. Literally in ancient Egypt, you might replace the term “evil” with “death”– both very disliked, very negative vibration terms in the culture of ancient Egypt, only USED TO SEND DIMINISHING /DEATH ENERGY TO SOMETHING EVIL. It is also a term used often by Auset/Isis in many writings recorded in regards to “Set’s murdering of her Husband Osiris/Ausar”, or him sending a disgusting insect to bite my Son, Horus, and poison him, once.

Have you ever, MJ Fans here asked too, thought about what Michael actually meant when he kept singing “I AM GOING TO THRILL YOU TONIGHT, THRILLER BABY, THRILL YOU MORE THAN ANY GHOST WOULD EVER DARE TRY”?

And why do you think Michael produced later for lots of money from his own pocket the Movie “GHOSTS” continuing the same style of Messages? What about the Song “THREATENED”, the last recorded and approved BY MICHAEL PERSONALLY for release on Invincible?

The pillars of Michael Jackson’s Spiritual Messages are clear looking at the big Picture:

  • Confrontation between Good and Evil and strange Games played
  • Life and even more AFTERLIFE Themes
  • Spiritual Powers and Physical Metamorphosis
  • Merging of Male and Female Energies and Skills
  • Ancient Egyptian Symbolism for Decades
  • Efforts to bring true AFRICAN SPIRIT AND HISTORY back into Arts
  • Extreme Injustice for no apparent reason and false accusations after YEARS OF JEALOUSY TABLOIDS
  • Extreme and UNIQUE Achievements Worldwide despite racism, discrimination, defamation, plotting and stalking, plus physical pain from serious accidents Michael had
  • Constant BATTLE (Throughout his Life)
  • Extreme Humanitarian Charity Efforts trying to wake the World up to important causes (compare and see who gives ANYTHING REALLY from these other Hollywood posers)
  • Special Note: NEVERLAND, is based on “lands of nefer”, which is Osiris (Un Nefer) Heavenly Places. Right in the Neighborhood from which the false allegations attacks took place against innocent Jackson sits a so-called TEMPLE OF SET (no joke! Talk about spiritual omens and super historic clear synchronism)


On the same legendary Album, Michael Jackson has another Song called “Billie Jean”, and because of the Moonwalk backwards for the first time performed with this Song, it has become a very widely known and successful Hit Song (Evergreen I would say).

In ancient Egypt, there was once an incident, where Set’s wife tried to disguise herself (impersonate) Osiris Wife, Isis, in order to trick and seduce Osiris.

When Michael Jackson wrote Billie Jean, he DID NOT have any Women claiming that he fathered their Kid, he had not published THRILLER yet. It was purely a Message from PAST LIFE EMOTIONS, and after releasing the Song, yes THEN ONLY Women came out suddenly claiming “Oh I am Billie Jean and this and that is Michael Jackson’s child and I am suing!”


And regarding Michael’s precise, by God led intuitive, future foretelling elements and messages in all his Songs basically, it is interesting to note the closest example to this Double Name in Mike’s Life here:

  • Billie-JEAN (not a common name for women, at all!)
  • Debbie- JEAN

So, just like you publicly saw Michael Jackson’s Story unfold, the same pattern is happening to me, his Twin Soul. It is the CORE REASON why I spoke up and fight so hard on my Blog for Truth and Justice, in my Music I sing about the same topics of Twin Flame Love, Interferences and Injustice, Truth and Healing, since the start and long before any official Music Releases in 2010 as well.

I did not speak publicly (!!!) about all this for such nonsense reasons like:

  • Money
  • Fame
  • Attention
  • Career
  • Interference

My sole and documented, legally evident reasons for speaking up are:

  • The pain and extreme anger in my soul seeking Justice for my Twin Flame, Michael Jackson
  • Crushing any lies regarding false disgusting accusations and allegations as Michael was and is INNOCENT
  • My motherly/”his woman”- protection instinct, wanting to shield and protect Michael from how the public and his enemies treat him and never stop
  • The urge in my Soul to “scream the truth to the public”- because of the ongoing lies tactics
  • Racism & Discrimination in the Music and general Entertainment Industry GLOBALLY
  • Sudden Hacking of Data and Productions
  • Spiritual Attacks (Black Magic parallel to Hacking and Cyber Attacks)
  • God and the Beauty and Truth and Equality of Creation
ABOUT MY EXTRAORDINARY PSYCHIC SKILLS AS A CHILD & TEEN NOT AWARE YET I AM A "TWIN FLAME" (late 80s - early 90s) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
ABOUT MY EXTRAORDINARY PSYCHIC SKILLS AS A CHILD & TEEN NOT AWARE YET I AM A “TWIN FLAME” (late 80s – early 90s) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


When I was growing up, in my childhood and my youth days, I always had these strong psychic skills and experiences going on, and would keep it mostly completely to myself and handle it “parallel” in secrecy.

It was like, my inner sacred magical space, I would rarely reveal. But on many occasions then, as I grew into accepting it and myself the way God made me, I started to use it more often for helping others, doing readings, or even “energy corrections” to bring them a partner, a so-called “love spell” and such.

I am not able to see and sense energy, I can hear it as well. I can re-direct it and focus it, and create it.

Back then, I would have never imagined that someday I would be totally publicly being so open, and I was in many social contact very shy, extremely, I would not even look at people in the eye while talking. Teachers would tell me often, about this.

I felt like “hiding who I really was” the whole time, like I do not want people to “look too much into my soul”.

So, at some point, as I was evolving as a Musician, Artist and Songwriter especially, always seeking to:

“Strive to become like Michael in his work, but in my own way, which would be what he did”. (© Susan Elsa Biography Information)

Imitation is NOT BEING LIKE MICHAEL, and so I started reflecting, meditating, calling once even on Merddyn (Merlin), the famous Druid in Spirit, and all these spiritual Guardian Angels and all guiding me all at once to “put my soul into my music, my brand, my artistic expression”.

So, I remember discussing daily with my friend back then, the Elvis Presley “twin brother by looks” all that. All these people are around, and can also witness all I am saying anytime, anywhere.

Michael Jackson World Music Awards 2000- DOUBLE DRAGON Fashion parallel to his Twin Soul wearing Black & Double Dragon with Solver too! (© Copyrighted Twin Flame Information from Susan Elsa)
Michael Jackson World Music Awards 2000- DOUBLE DRAGON Fashion parallel to his Twin Soul wearing Black & Double Dragon with Solver too! (© Copyrighted Twin Flame Information from Susan Elsa)
Susan Elsa Age 19-21 Years Old © Michael Jackson Twin Flame Soul Mate Pre-Experiences Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Elvis Double
Susan Elsa Age 19-21 Years Old © Michael Jackson Twin Flame Soul Mate Pre-Experiences Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Elvis Double

At one point, after all the effort to “combine Arabic and Western Music and Rhythms into one new merged genre” in a way never before done (til now!)- which me and my friend also discussed often and daily back then around 2001, I then just went with my feeling and soul, thought about the “very thing that makes me unique” and integrated it into my artistic expression like a finger print:


That, which as a child bothered me most and made me just “want to be like everyone else” I took the courage to put publicly into my Music and Singing expressions from deep in my soul, and I knew and all the Music Industry and Labels I had to do with back then also knew and said, NOBODY EVER DONE THIS BEFORE. It sounds “very interesting and its good, but it’s a risk, rather go with imitating previous concepts that worked and made money”- and I would fight for my vision and wait and wait and say:”NO, I WILL NEVER FAKE MY ART IN ANY WAY, IT MUST BE ME, MY SOUL!”

Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official- Eyes Close Up © Susan Elsa 2013
Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official- Eyes Close Up © Susan Elsa 2013

And now, after all that has been done to my Michael, and his passing and me having to remain physically back here on this Planet in this society, after all this injustice and lies and jealousy, these folks in Hollywood want to PICK A PSYCHIC BATTLE IN FULL PUBLIC WITH ME, just to harass on my work and company and job I chose for my life since age 5, because of what exactly?

  • Because I am Michael Jackson’s Twin Soul?
  • Because I am Egyptian (Arab)?
  • Because I was raised a Muslim Girl?
  • Because I do not sell out and play “puppet bitch” for the Pop Industry and Film Business and such and do my own thing?
  • Because some “system controlled by lunatics thinks women have no rights for making careers like men”?

See, now, I have another unique, extraordinary opportunity in my life. I can try my best to prove eternal life and all I know as a true Spiritual Woman to everyone. I can use the attacks to give “truth more voice”, and this is exactly why I got this Blog in August 2011.

Now, we are in the middle of the second Thriller-Halloween Month, as we started this vibe back in October 2014 – and you all know who Archangel Michael came to get and judged the soul of right in the morning of the 1st November 2014!

This is not just our Story here, this is a revealing example of things all human beings go through finally, because you too are here on this Planet, must work, evolve, eat, sleep and live simply. All human beings are on this Planet, and all Souls are in many ways “caged in certain limitations put in place by other humans on them”, spiritually. And that is not acceptable to God, or someone like Archangel Michael, which enforces in such cases the truth to come out and evil to stop harming innocent souls. Right?

Wake up, your MINDS ARE ENSLAVED BY SOME HUMAN MATRIX SYSTEM- think for yourself, or don’t you remember how that works? This is Archangel Michael coming into “Hell on Earth” to battle the ones who cause and do it (devil) and transform it again and heal it to where it is once again “Heaven on Earth” as originally and naturally made by God.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE MIND IS FREED OF HUMAN BEINGS © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE MIND IS FREED OF HUMAN BEINGS © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog


Can you imagine, how you could use more of your brain, better, faster, and evolve brain cells faster, if you were not “artificially put down constantly” by attacks on your mind balance and focus by daily surrounding negative news, gossip, war reports, horrible images, crime TV series, murder TV series, Music about Rape and Violence, and all that?

Imagine, all you got in your focus, in your mind deep, are happiness, satisfaction, clear thinking, ideas flowing, joy, peaceful news, social gatherings in peaceful vibes, support in community and society, safe play grounds for kids and from childhood to youth to adult life all this positive “mind inputs”?


20 Effects of Stress on the Body


Important Excerpts:

  • Central Nervous and Endocrine Systems

    Your central nervous system (CNS) is in charge of your “fight or flight” response. The CNS instantly tells the rest of your body what to do, marshaling all resources to the cause. In the brain, the hypothalamus gets the ball rolling, telling your adrenal glands to release adrenaline and cortisol.

    When the perceived fear is gone, the CNS should tell all systems to go back to normal. It has done its job. If the CNS fails to return to normal, or if the stressor doesn’t go away, it takes a toll on your body.

    Symptoms of chronic stress include irritability, anxiety, and depression. You may suffer from headaches or insomnia. Chronic stress is a factor in some behaviors like overeating or not eating enough, alcohol or drug abuse, or social withdrawal.

    – See more at:

  • Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems

    Stress hormones affect your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. During the stress response, you breathe faster in an effort to distribute oxygen and blood quickly to your body core. If you have preexisting respiratory problems like asthma or emphysema, stress can make it harder to breathe.

    Your heart also pumps faster. Stress hormones cause your blood vessels to constrict and raise your blood pressure. All that helps get oxygen to your brain and heart so you’ll have more strength and energy to take action.

    Frequent or chronic stress makes your heart work too hard for too long, raising your risk of hypertension and problems with your blood vessels and heart. You’re at higher risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

    The female hormone estrogen offers pre-menopausal women some protection from stress-related heart disease.

    – See more at:

  • Muscular System

    Under stress, your muscles tense up to protect themselves from injury. You’ve probably felt your muscles tighten up and release again once you relax. If you’re constantly under stress, your muscles don’t get the chance to relax. Tight muscles cause headaches, back and shoulder pain, and body aches. Over time, you may stop exercising and turn to pain medication, setting off an unhealthy cycle.

    – See more at:

  • Immune System

    Stress stimulates the immune system. In the short term, that’s a bonus. It helps you stave off infection and heal wounds. Over time, cortisol compromises your immune system, inhibiting histamine secretion and inflammatory response to foreign invaders. People under chronic stress are more susceptible to viral illnesses like influenza and the common cold. It increases risk of other opportunistic diseases and infections. It can also increase the time it takes to recover from illness or injury.

    – See more at:


Famous Stanford Experiment



Check out the BOOK TITLE from this Guy, they know very well who they tune into and worship when behaving this way in life:

The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil


These above example are a further reading for a particular, spiritual and emotional, psychological aspect of many things in life, not specifically about the very experiment settings in the above case. The articles we posted before, about Temple of Set Founder Aquino´s Theories and Book (2014) named “MIND WAR”, the Setian-Satanic Mind-Set and how good, and how evil individuals think and feel, is our main Focus. I believe these are good reads for all these topics, including and mainly what was applied on Michael Jackson publicly, as a form of psychological warfare “to break down his self confidence and mind”, because Michael was too powerful in their views, especially as a Black Superstar unlike anyone else in the Music Industry.

Please view the following related important Articles:



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Michael Jackson About Hollywood: A Spiritual Message and Power Demonstration from Spirit © ArchangelMichael777



The Big Black Magic Article: About Shadow Magic/ Interference Magic/ Manipulation Magic and Jealousy Ghosts © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official



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THE BIG ARCHANGEL MICHAEL INSIGHT: Thriller-Halloween Series 2015 Intro & Exorcising Hollywood´s GHOSTS © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official



Do you know, what capacity and healing power your brain would have, if stress and pressure was just excluded from the equation?

And did you ever look up recent studies on what stress does to your brain, cells and over time your over-all health, mentally and physically?

Now remember when Michael Jackson sang “YOU MAKE ME WANT TO SCREAM, STOP FUCKING WITH ME(MY MIND)!”- a duet song message with his dear sister, Janet?

I will cite for you a few sources now, little but important excerpts connecting the dots in what really happened to Michael Jackson here, and how these Hollywood folks work tied to a huge System of Mind-Control and “Soul Control” on this Planet in many, many ways and other fields.

Now if you think in theory about the OPPOSITE EXPERIMENT, to encourage and not torture, the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL EFFECT, what comes to your mind? What do you see? How would that look like and be? Why aren’t such experiments made with people, but negative ones to try and find out more on how to “control and twist another’s mind” like some weapon instead and only?

Michael Jackson was falsely accused by no legal means to begin with, by slanderous, defamatory, on purpose psychological warfare plotting false allegations just suddenly in the tabloids and media being aired. That alone should show you that there was the main plan by those who lied on purpose there, to attack Michael’s PUBLIC IMAGE AND REPUTATION, it was not at all about any “normal, real investigations that aren’t permitted to be public at all especially without any investigation results or VERDICT”!

Before that, other forms of tabloid use as psychological warfare on Michael Jackson’s Psyche, increasing over years and years the stress and pressure, which again harmed his sleep, his health, his breathing and everything.

This is the basic truth, on how Michael felt, from his personal perspective in these situations under attack and public scrutiny.

This is how every human being would feel, in Michael Jackson’s shoes.

Michael tried to find ways to cope with the pressure and stress, and I think without the second false accusations and this show trial in 2003-2005, he would have overcame it and would be well now and still here as a Human Being.

The second pedophilia accusations, when they knew it is false in the very basic nature of the lies (Michael heterosexual, into Women and dating etc.)- were what really broke Michael’s Heart and Psyche irreversibly. From panic attacks, the constant feeling of malice plotting against him and wanting to “kill and finish him out of jealousy, racism and hate” all that kept increasing. The sleepless nights based on stress levels being so high, no other human being would have been able to even keep walking and breathing so long under such attacks. No privacy to rest, relax, recover, gain strength for this situation, constant pressure, spying, paparazzi, new tabloids, globally, not locally. Heart pounding fast, constantly for no reason, could not stop thinking and thinking about all the injustice, feeling like the injustice and the anger over it is crushing my soul. Mood swings from super aggressive to depressed and crying attacks.

I saw people talk non-informed theories, publishing them, interfering in this truth publicly, with opinions and everything not based on any facts, like it is now “popular to defend MJ”- when before these people were NOWHERE and knew nothing about his suffering, ignoring him like most of the public. Even many Fans let Michael down, that is the sad truth from back then. Michael in fact, felt like “everyone hates him now wherever he goes and the Fans don’t care anymore”. Good people around him kept telling him and trying to show him, how “the public still loves him” to encourage him, when he was very depressed at the end.

This really hurt our soul, and the pain is still healing, because it was too evil, too false, to malicious. Now, they keep talking this shit, and dared to claim as “AEG revenge moves on his elderly Mother and young Kids” these new accusations by Robson and Safechuck, accusing Michael Jackson even after he died over this abusive, criminal false accusations!

In Michael Jackson’s case, the extreme envy, racism and plotting, and jealousy took on SICK, OVERBOARD DIMENSIONS unlike it happens to any other human being, except for now his Twin Soul, me…little Susie…

You do not see me at my PC when I blog and type. You don’t know how much I hurt and suffer, emotionally, crying while typing, letting all my strength out into his justice battle for Michael, for truth and for justice ONCE, ONCE for the Ones who deserve it most.

I have always had similar experiences since my childhood, like Michael, with jealousy and strange, more than on anyone else at me aimed personal attacks. Defamations by some envious Girls at Schools, threats of Violence and ganging up and waiting in groups on me to “physically fight me” – for no apparent reason.

Me too, I have spend a lot of time with Friends, and Kids when I was older, helping them, listening, also being told stories of sexual abuse by uncles or other people these Girls experienced. I was always the motherly, bigger Sister Figure to them, trying to help them heal and being a true Friend, beyond age difference.

Michael Jackson was doing the exact same thing, with younger Boys. He tried to help, listen, heal, play innocently, bring them back to feeling good about themselves and for their future be strong, poor Kids, abused Kids, sick Children…

Michael went out of his way to help, financially, time-wise, and would listen even when he had no sleep and was almost breaking down himself. And this Man you dared to accuse of such horrible, false, disgusting and devilish things? This innocent Angel other Men could only learn from???

One of the worst things for Michael here was exactly that these once innocent, pure, little Kids he was Friends with, would change so much, and turn against him for money and fame, allowing bribes and deciding to disrespect and devalue everything they had, the good memories, the good times, the fun play in the yard at Neverland, after he done so much good for them.

Unfortunately, that too mirrored on me in my experience with the Kids around me I tried to help, when I was an older Teen and later as an Adult as well. I was stolen from money from, insulted, defamed in the neighbourhood and all such things, by some of those once small Girls I did so much for and was a true Friend to.

Most came back, or keep coming back from time to time, saying sorry, seeking “the old good friendship with Susan” because nobody else is so nice like me. They regret when they behave wrong, and I am sure the Boys who done this to Mike also regretted inside deeply what they did, knowing he never touched them wrong and is totally innocent.

Michael Jackson Neverland Private ARCHANGEL MICHAEL PAINTING © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
Michael Jackson Neverland Private ARCHANGEL MICHAEL PAINTING © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777

THE KARMA OF THRILLER-HALLOWEEN: Archangel Michael reveals himself to Humanity ©

Michael Jackson did everything with a purpose and unique spiritual energy and vibe behind it. This Thriller-Halloween Series and the New Concept we promote to re-define it for Michael, as Archangel Michael’s Soul Judgement Night, is a very real and tangible thing.

Just like when he was Osiris back in ancient Egypt, he experienced more interferences on personal matters, this unique exaggerated never stopping obsessive JEALOUSY and envy from others, and hateful witch hunts and attacks on his health and life.

It is identical in most ways.

This is the root reason, why Osiris, why Michael Jackson, in Spirit, once became the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. It is our Soul’s experience through many incarnation journeys, where we had to chose between being “broken or increase strength in battle”. Nobody has bled and been injured as much as Archangel Michael, this is what made him the biggest Warrior Archangel of all Times and all Worlds/Dimensions.

Michael dislikes strongly to go absolute ways in spiritual battle, and therefore battles for the purpose of trying to rescue a lost soul first, before having at some point to use the famous “Archangel Michael Sword of Light” and enforcement of Justice. Think about the famous Pose, where Archangel Michael presses down the Devil/Satan/Set. That is the second step only, the first is always that Michael tries to communicate, reason, talk, confront, resolve, rescue and heal. But he cannot break free will of another and “force healing and realization”- you cannot ever “force realization into another’s mind”. It must come from within as a natural, free, inner process.

And this is already it for this Article, as we will continue right there in the next, following today as well, about a big summary of all important, and widely debated ancient Egyptian symbolism and its meaning, and more on the whole “illuminati” Stories.

Wishing you all lots of Love, Light and Healing…

The Maestra & The Maestro (Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit/Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

Cover Article Michael Jackson Twin Soul Merging Body Consciousness © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Cover Article Michael Jackson Twin Soul Merging Body Consciousness © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


***IMPORTANT NEWS LINK HALLOWEEN 2013 BY DAMIEN SHIELDS*** – Twin Flame Shared Mind Confirmation-

(That´s the link my Partner found based on my ongoing Thriller-Halloween Series Idea and Concept and Talks in 2014, around the middle of October. It is cited in one of the October 2014 Articles as well!)

Michael Jackson’s 2009 Halloween TV special that never was, but still could be!