Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa- Thank You Message to all MJ Fan Family on Planet Earth ©

Susan Elsa Message to all the Michael Jackson Fan Family:
I want to thank all the MJ Fans who have been supporting me and Michael Jackson for years and years, from the bottom of my soul and heart. It means the World literally to me, your love and your support is what gets us through these challenges and gives us the motivation to keep going in this effort to heal the Souls on Planet Earth and Mother Earth. There were times I really did not know how to keep going, but you are a great force of light in this World and the hope for a real Change. I will always remember how you stayed loyal to Michael in his battles before, how you rallied and help up signs for him, how you keep making a whole array of tributes to Mike and never forget him and his struggles seeking justice without getting tired or giving up the hope. Michael sees and knows each one of you now, because in Spirit he can see much broader than we can on Earth. He wants me to share this message from him in his words directly to you:

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