Michael Jackson DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE Album: About Napoleon Bonaparte and More © Official TwinFlame Soul Information

Dangerous Album Cover Art Information and Michaels History Research Article

Dear Readers

“I took my Baby on a Saturday bang. Boy, is that Girl with you? Yes, we’re One and the Same! And if you think about my Baby, it don’t matter if you’re Black or White…”- Michael Jackson Black or White Lyrics-

Today comes a very special Article as a continuation of our HIStoric “Dangerous Knowledge Series” – a Documentary on Michael Jackson’s Album from a personal Perspective, which Michael has been talking about since more than two days. “Tell them this, tell them that”, so I will give you insight now into this long conversation and soul reflections with my Twin Soul, Michael Jackson (Archangel Michael/Osiris). I am so thankful and happy, Michael just continues teaching me the things he could not yet in 2007/2008, that we begun for Film Project Visions together in LA. Continue reading