Twin Flame Soul Mate PRE-EXPERIENCES to BECOME READY for Reuniting with Other Half © Spiritual Information

Dear Readers

Usually, me and Michael do not prefer to talk about such personal details from our lives, publicly, but he has asked me to do one article on this one now- because he cares to help and guide others to find their true other half. He does not like when his name is being abused to spread misinformation and false on fantasy and intellectual “research” based false spiritual teachings about twin flames and soul mates, soul family, and generally the soul.

This is the only reason why we are writing this now, and we hope it will benefit you and inspire you to see maybe correlating parallels in your lives, your journeys with love matters, to understand your situation and how far you are with approaching reunion with your true other half- your twin soul/twin flame (same thing just other human words).

Let us begin. Continue reading

Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa: COMPLETION OF HEALING © A-Z

Dear Readers

I have some very, very interesting and miraculous things to update you on. I am so happy as I am writing this.

As you seen, I haven´t been able to post much recently, because we are working on several Productions at once and in the same time, have always to constantly protect the Data so it does not get hacked.

We are dealing with Cyber Espionage by the Industry itself, based on my personal Connection with Michael. But it will only expose in public, how also in Michael´s case he was spied on and his Productions while he would work on them, and the Public will soon see why Michael would, for example, deliver his finished Dangerous Album under strict Security measurement, such as personal Bodyguards for the CD and a Private Jet, just to ship the finished Production to the CD Pressing for Publication, so nobody can LOOK INTO IT PRIOR TO PUBLISHING. Michael told me about some heavy things, heavy and big ideas that were stolen from him. His FILM CAREER was blocked over and over for many years and it is important to bring Justice to the matter. (Any misinformation campaign about this or wrong moves will be looked into by our lawyer and investigators, such a fake “twin soul” blogs appearing long after we are in Cyberwar and imitating personally aimed Data to harass People at our Label on a personal basis, not only work…) Continue reading