Heavenly Edu-tainment: Michael brings Elvis to Susan (Spiritual Work)

Mystery Garden’s MGP Publishing presents the first Mystery Book, independent and honest.

The Spiritual Side of Rock & Roll – Elvis’ Message from Heaven, is a new type of E-Book, fully channeled with the direct help of “the King” himself in May 2010, after Michael connected his Twin Soul Susan with Elvis in Spirit.

The bridging chapter called “All Ways lead to Memphis” will be a special chapter of channeled drawings, made by Susan personally drafting Elvis’ spiritual appearances the way she experienced it.

The Book is availabe now everywhere on Amazon and the Apple iBook Stores.

Translations into many languages following. More details will follow in a second promotional Video and the German Version will be available by December 2013!

Please feel free to let us know, which Language you as an Elvis or Michael Fan would like to have the Book available in and we will add it to our List of planned Translations.

Copyright 2010-2012

Susan Elsa
Mystery Garden Productions/ MGP Publishing
Darrin Memmer


ONE LOVE (Spiritual Pop Debut 777) – Instrumental Version
Published on: 14th April 2010

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Elvis' Twin Soul in Heaven
Elvis’ Twin Soul in Heaven

A very central theme in the twin soul missions:

The two of you have a strong urge to serve humanity in a deep and meaningful way.


Elvis applying spiritual style to his performance
Elvis applying spiritual style to his performance, channels IsIs in late 1970’s

THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL- Elvis’ Message from Heaven (Book)

is now available    @ Amazon and the iBook Stores  (English Version yet)