I AM LOVE & LIGHT © Art Statement by IsIs- Susan Elsa


I AM LOVE & LIGHT © Art Statement by IsIs- Susan Elsa

IsIs is back! 777



Bonus : Meditation Video “11 Minutes of Love” with Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael © March 2011

A new Form of Entertainment, for the SOUL. Archangel Michael and Susan Elsa present you the 11 MINUTE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL MEDITATION.

In form of a Video, Text, Music and Chanting, Mystery Garden presents to you the first of the Meditation Series and Material.

Please enjoy and feel free to share with anyone, anywhere, anytime, any place, as long as Credit is given to Archangel Michael and Susan Elsa for the CHANNELED WORK.

In Best Wishes of LOVE & LIGHT

Mystery Garden Productions



I A.M.

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Susan channels complete song out of her lips in 5 Minutes

Channeled live in anger due to hacking in 2010, then they took away when I uploaded this, my youtube channel, just passwords changed overnight. So we made a new channel next day and uploaded all videos again. 🙂

Btw, I could not freestyle in English at all before Michael started doing this with me in some mysterious way…

It’s weird to hear this after few years again. I remember having read some stupid news and was angry at how they keep talking crap about Michael and then I did some private music session like a ritual, to relax, and this came through me without my own thinking, look at the words….so weird…

Like a message through me and in the same breath for me and all of Michael’s Fans…

Astral Travel with Michael Jackson’s Spirit 777


I do have something very strange to share! 🙂

Yesterday, I was very angry and hurt, because these powerful Criminals is the right word, are blocking any move I do with my Art, then hack and steal and give my beloved art, ideas, and personal stories to people I don’t know nor approve of in America, to illegally help the American Music Market make Money with good, stolen ideas.

I have vented a bit and asked for help from some MJ Fans here, who understand a lot how also Michael was treated in his career by the same satanists. I then went to rest, watch a film and sleep.

Of course, as usual, Michael was there. And he somehow put me to sleep with his calming energy and then, he took me inside the very vivid dream to all kinds of places, showed me things which happened in past and now. First, I sat in a taxi going somewhere with Alex Jones, even though I cannot stand him since he insulted Michael ON HIS FUNERAL DAY LIVE ON YOUTUBE and such. In the dream, Alex was calm, talking with me, then we both arrived at the location. It was like a building, with many stairs and going up endlessly somehow. Alex stayed DOWN and started talking with a group of people. I left, for we were not going there together, I felt Michael’s presence the whole time, guiding me. Then, before I left, I saw couple dogs with this group of people, barking at me.

I was never scared of dogs or any of that, but there, I felt uncomfortable and then I walked up a stairway, looked up and said loud so Alex and all the group heard it, to MICHAEL:

“MICHAEL, STOP MAKING ME AFRAID OF DOGS!”- it was more like a joke, because I feel what he feels and he what I feel 🙂 IT was his feeling, you know, he does not like Dogs.

Then I went up, jumped around, climbing somehow, until I reached the appartment of my friend, in the background was a FULL FILM DVD GOING, I saw a scene of Michael dressed like in Thriller on TV behind her, as me and her talked through her open window I was on some kind of fire stairway escape thing outside the window. Michael was dead, laying in a woman’s arm, my arms symbolically, and he said:

I MADE A FULL CELESTIAL THRILLER MOVIE- you can channel it if you like, and tell my Fans, when they come here, they will all be able to go and watch my Celestial Thriller Motion Picture! 🙂


It was so weird and vivid like real. And I texted the next morning my friend, which I met inside the dream. She said still not knowing what I dreamed:

I dreamed of you, you were guiding me and accompanying me somehow the whole time, but invisible, I knew you were around me Susan, but I could not see you. And she told me how she was then inside the dream with her soul mate, a guy she never met, he is kind of famous and makes rap music, and they never met face to face yet. Like I lead them together.

WEIRD. Michael is super strong….you will not believe the stories in my coming book, it’s amazing what Michael is able to do for the People he loves…

Big Hug to all of you, I hope you sense some of Michael’s beautiful love and energy for the whole planet reading this dream 🙂

Note: This is a spontaneous insight from my personal Dream Diary, sharing it because Michael told me to. He sends all his love to all his Fans, Family and loved Ones. Michael never left us alone, he can literally SEE AND HEAR what we do “down here”. Much Love to all of you reading this!