Michael Jackson´s Spiritual Message about Hollywood: The Powers of Day-Light and Night-Shadow & Ancient Egypt © ArchangelMichael777 / MJ TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson´s Spiritual Message about Hollywood: The Powers of Day-Light and Night-Shadow & Ancient Egypt © ArchangelMichael777 / MJ TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson´s Spiritual Message about Hollywood: The Powers of Day-Light and Night-Shadow & Ancient Egypt © ArchangelMichael777 / MJ TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jacksons GHOSTS Message and his Other Half- TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Today, as this Weekend has been so perfect, empowering and healing, I open my heart and just share honestly a few SPIRITUAL INSIGHTS, from purely my heart & soul perceptions on the soul-dimensions.

You may read, take it in, let it be, agree or not, all that is your freedom of opinion, just like I have my freedom of opinion and expression on spiritual topics and public teachings.

The time has come to reveal more ancient Egyptian Mystery teachings, as a preparation still for the public before then our Mystery Schools are resurrected and ready to be joined formally and learned at.

This Blog as well, was opened back in 2011 for the purpose of introducing “Mind-Body-Soul” Exercises in Nature, channeled Messages, and ancient Egyptian Spiritual Teachings including Twin Flame Knowledge Ausar/Auset.

“I REMEMBER” was produced in Autumn 2010 and released the same year. It is all about ancient Egypt, and true Love conquering fear and interferences.

In that time, we were experiencing strange hacking attacks, virus attacks on specific files such as song sound files (ideas being worked on in demos) or images related to projects.

In the meantime we have found more clues which are very shockingly revealing, in spiritual ways most definitely.

Let us begin with one specific Song, Research started with Michael in LA back in Winter 2007/2008, and then continued in 2010 when I traveled for the Past Life Project to Egypt to channel the Songs, with Michael in Spirit guiding me through the Twin Flame Connection.

Official Susan Elsa Debut Album Cover "I REMEMBER" 2010
Official Susan Elsa Debut Album Cover “I REMEMBER” 2010



In an old channeled Message, that was shared many times online back then and turned by someone into a Video as well, I have given insight with Michael into the “Osiris Akashic Memories” and Knowledge regarding what this actually means, to “come forth by day”.

Many modern sources claim a similar symbolic description, when saying “the light at the end of the tunnel”.

So summarised again, when someone passes and the body stops functioning, the physical sunlight cannot be perceived with the spiritual eyes at first, here in this dimension after waking up beside the former body.

It looks like night-time, always night.

Then the soul has to reach the light, meaning, safely get out of this transitional state in this shadowy zone, and when the soul reaches “heaven”, meaning ascends, is in the higher spiritual and peaceful dimensions beyond duality, well then it literally “walks out of this dark transition space seeming like eternal night” and steps into DAY LIGHT, meaning here as well eternal day light and warmth and love.

Here is an important, old post I wrote long before discovering the Temple of Set and hearing about this Aquino Guy (2014):



Here you see clearly how I am trying to inform of the original Teachings saying that it was me personally which layed down the foundation of this very old ancient Egyptian Knowledge, BECAUSE Osiris was in Spirit and we held communication because we are Twin Flames.

These are the core things my Soul learned from this challenge and injustice back then done to us by Set. It is my Soul´s Copyright and me and Osiris are the original Authors, if you want to express it correctly in modern time. And, it was never “a Book” back then, but individual “booklets with individually adjusted spells to protect the soul so it can arrive safely IN THE ZONE OF THE DAY LIGHT”- where Osiris resides.

By the way, have you noticed? They claim Osiris, translated in modern language, was “in the dark under world” somehow, but you cannot see how this is incorrect, false and on purpose deceptive descriptions and terms used, when at the same time it is written the whole time in these found texts about this “Coming Forth (exiting to) DAY LIGHT to where Osiris resides in the beautiful Lands of Nefer (Beauty Land)”?

Here is a Video made by someone else from one of my channeled published Messages, here with specific insight into Osiris memories and akashic Knowledge.

Osiris Un-Nefer about Ancient Egypt’s Spiritual Wisdom

Now, in a very typical Set style, the Guy who founded a Temple for him in Santa Barbara wrote, of course, a “Setian Version of the Book”, where they try to twist things and take away the whole basic meaning. It is also personal because it is a direct interference by Set the way that reminds me of back then and gets me really angry.


I know that anyone has the right to write whatever their minds obviously come up with or whenever the mood strikes, and sure it does make sense to name it that way if you are a Set-worshipper and mind-slave like Aquino.

But historically, and spiritually, this is a huge disrespect and plain evil, twisted and misleading Souls, for Set, in purpose.

I mean, sure, there is free will, and duality in these dimensions we are in right now, as you read this. So you may decide, of course, freely, if you want to curse your own Soul and ban it into “eternal darkness and night” after your death, or if you prefer the light, and love, and reunion with our twin flame.

I can guarantee you, twin flames do not reunite freely in that “dark dimension”.

So, this is the point, again:



The “day and night” symbolic expression corresponds with the conditions of the soul after passing- either feeling like day = happy, energised, clear sight, or feeling like night = tired, depressed, blind.

I have NOT read Aquino´s book, but I will try to do so because it is interfering with our Mission of Teaching the Original Teachings, just like typical Set. They make openly a Temple for Set, fine, then accept public debate on these topics and everyone has the right to have this knowledge now.

That´s how it works.

I don´t care what these people think obviously, nor what they publish or claim. They are wrong, completely and utterly wrong and deceived and used like tools by Set for his own agenda, without any consideration. That is what is sad.

People like Aquino or LaVey think that the Devil actually, what, “cares” about them? “Loves” them? Or even “protects” them or what? Wake up! Once you are no longer of any use, Set completely sh*** on you, that is how he is.


There are some very obvious signs pointing at the Temple of Set with their Setian Experts and Channelers, regarding public and clear Set-style Twin Flame Interferences that took place.

Not only re-using our concepts from published Albums, but personal Information as well and body and facial marks, to impersonate and mislead- 100% totally Set-style. I kept wondering, who might be behind this, and who helped this Person to prepare such Setian attacks on our original Publications, Story and Message, and to me on a spiritual level, it is clear.

On the “Born This Way” Album, Lady Gaga sang “Marry the Night”- and this was a public “binding of a dark black magic spell” done prior as a type of initiation ritual. Setian competing tones and mannerism, after we published things on Osiris and Isis being us, in a past life, me and Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was attacked from Santa Barbara, where this Temple of Set happens to be also located. Aquino, the guy that founded it claiming Set told him to do so himself, was accused multiple times of horrible child molestation accusations.

I found a blog recently, where the allegations against Aquino are listed with dates, at least years, and there is one little part I found shockingly obvious, like a slap in the face.

Supposedly, Aquino was also already in the mid 1990s applying online “psychological warfare methods” on critiques and people that investigated him and allegations against him, cyber-stalking was something mentioned in these discussions back then and even him and allies “making fake online accounts in the opponents name posting crazy rants online to make the person appear crazy to the general public audience”- you understand that? Using Media as well, Journalists and Celebs to gang-bully and attack people it seems to me.

That is so suspicious, and nobody was talking on big dimensions about this in the media at all, about Aquino and so forth I mean, but focus with FALSE accusations against Michael Jackson, which was protecting Children?

That is not a situation one can just overlook and ignore. It is too obvious…


When you see, publicly by now (a great live study & learning opportunity!) all these clowns coming out to impersonate, insult, yell at you things obviously to “manipulate your mind”- you know you are dealing with so-called “mind war”.

The guy, Aquino, wrote a more recent Book now, named “Mindwar” and he really enjoys worshipping Set and his methods, fully openly publicly. They seriously think, that the public is “now more willing and open for accepting Setian thoughts” and seem to try and move forward, with promo support from certain Hollywood folks such as Lady Gaga, which did work with Marilyn Manson in 2009 (bad year) and Manson is a Member of the Church of Satan, where Aquino began his Satanism-Setianism.

Strange Aquino Paper Mindwar Media Tactics Worldwide 2003 and Excalibur Sword cited (Screen Shot for Educational Purpose and Documentary)
Strange Aquino Paper Mindwar Media Tactics Worldwide 2003 and Excalibur Sword cited (Screen Shot for Educational Purpose and Documentary)

Original Source: http://www.markdice.com/documents/MindWar_co_authored_by_Michael%20Aquino.pdf

The above excerpt is all that counts for me and Michael Jackson in this situation, as Excalibur was a Symbol Michael Jackson loved dearly, and the electronic media, TV, radio stations tactics are described here exactly like it is applied on “competitors in Hollywood” as well. This was after the incident described on this Blog we shared a link to, regarding Aquino supposedly doing online tactics and impersonations against critics.

It is very simple: SET = EVIL TRICKSTER

Aquino should, if he even can, try to rescue his own Soul from Set before it is too late and his karma swallows his soul. And who in the World would hire such a dude for important positions in sensitive areas of security and society protection and such huh? A guy openly and publicly worshipping the Devil, with precise ancient Egyptian Identity and Name, not “a formless Satan”. A guy claiming to directly speak to Set, and you know what, he really does, because this is the main initial issue I got with him anyways to begin with: He worships Set! He worships him, this evil jealous, nasty Demon that hurt our Soul and is the worst enemy of Archangel Michael ever in all of history, this dude Aquino WORSHIPS Set and his evil stories and actions. He strives to “be like Set” and “channel his Persona and Mind” in obvious ways, at least to me.

But you know what, I know Set better than these people ever will, including Aquino. Set never shows his weakness to his followers, of course, and his true motivations toward them and what role he demands they play for him and his agenda. He probably promises them over and over that they will “not suffer and its all just lies and there is no punishment, do as you want, and have fun and play with black magic”. He promises them power and evolution, I mean, the stuff I overviewed quickly one time on this temple website of theirs, was unbelievably delusional and illogical spiritually.

Set trying now to sell Osiris and Isis Spiritual Knowledge off as his own and twist and adjust it to his Agenda, placing himself in a “glorified role”. Seriously?

Sammy Davis Jr. was even a Member there as well once, which to me is super disappointing, and there is a picture of him with LaVey and Aquino, and he was even supposed originally to become the new Chief at the Church of Satan!

If anyone claims, oh, it´s just all coincidence, thousands of coincidences, and WORSHIPPING THE DEVIL DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING BAD OR NEGATIVE, then you know on which side they are spiritually, instantly.


Michael Jackson once told me, that he began recording his famous, epic Album “Thriller” on the Day I was born, 14th April 1982. I was surprised and happy about hearing that fact. Then he informed me that this day, they began with “THE GIRL IS MINE”- and so this became a central personal bonding moment for us.

Another, more fast bonding moment, a very spiritual unique one, was the second time I met Michael and he pointed giggly at my right cheek, and as I looked up on his cheeks I noticed that he has a cheek mole on the left cheek, identical to mine.

We stood face to face, and the mole seemed to mirror between our both sides of the cheeks that way. I will always remember that.

These things played a big and personal role in my “coming out as an Artist” with all this, my Music from my Soul, my Life Story and Knowledge.

After Michael passed, he returned early 2010 and helped me channel these Songs, this is the Concept of my Twin Soul Pop, initially Named coded “Spiritual Pop Debut 777” when I released it like “A Birth” for the baby steps symbolically on my Birthday, 14th April 2010.

The Concept is “no pen no paper rhyme, channeling directly from Michael´s mind into the Mic” so within 5-10 Minutes I would “write Songs” like that.

“BORN THIS WAY” 2011 – Lady Gaga claims to have Spiritual Channeling Skills and puts an Album together of previous Releases and Personal Data of Other Artists

Lady Gaga suddenly used all our Concepts, slogans, concepts, facial marks, spiritual stories, exactly a year later, completely disregarding our copyrights and personal rights “selling everything off as her own super duper innovations and ideas” and claiming “Michael Jackson wanted to work with her”.

Instead of our original Story in published Copyrights, it became a twisted version of supposed “Song channeling with Ghosts” replacing Michael´s name with that of Alexander McQueen. As she did that, she focused clearly on very dark and SETIAN vibes, visually and sound-wise, and especially in the Message as well. Anything else claimed for PR is just that, a PR stunt.

But the spiritual aspect behind it, the motivation spiritually, is what I am talking about and also care about most, because spirituality should NEVER be abused for PR and public attention, and then if you do not know what you are talking about, then don´t, because many people hear the nonsense wannabe spiritual posing claims and might believe it and that creates huge karma, mass consciousness responsibility.

Set is not worth all that, and as you see, in his typical mannerism and fashion, Set too is not original and not strong, but weak and full of deception and lies. If you saw Set in his full truth, you would laugh and not be afraid- the Devil just tricked you all into believing he is “powerful and fearless”.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 777-  A unique Mission ©

See, Michael was here, as a Human being, and he was working with Hollywood, and living there in the area where all Hollywood folks are concentrated population-wise. He was not treated fairly, and was not accepted the way he is- his charity work, his support for abused and sick children, for hungry children and people, for animals and the very Planet, were recognised as far as necessary, but not really celebrated by the general public and Hollywood especially, not at all.

Michael´s Film Visions he had since his Childhood to be precise, were kicked with feet over and over by Hollywood, trying to block him from starting a real Movie Career like he wanted, especially the Film Directing passion, but also in acting since earlier on.

One of the role models dancing-wise which Michael Jackson cited, was Sammy Davis Jr., as he had witnessed the Man since Childhood on as a “Afro-American Star and Rare Dancing Talent”- and Sammy Davis Jr as well began his Career as a little Boy in Hollywood.

Here is Insight into his earliest works which Michael saw and heard of since he could remember:


As you can see here, this is what Michael Jackson loved so much about sammy Davis Jr and his story. He reminded Michael of himself, as a Child Star and as a Black Man. Later on, in the 1970s if I remember correctly, Sammy Davis Jr was “seduced by Hollywood Satanism” and it is no secret. He recorded a whole Album, for the Devil, made a Movie named “Poor Devil” with lots of Satanist Propaganda in Hollywood fashion, and became a literal Member of the “Church of Satan” joining Satanic Sex Orgies and more.

Then, he got out of all this again, and became Jewish.

The point is, he was supposed to take over the Chief Position at the Church of Satan, after LaVey, but luckily Sammy Davis Jr. changed his mind again and got out of this all.

There is a Song, a live Performance, which Michael Jackson sings in Tribute to Sammy Davis Jr. live in front of him, and it has much deeper meaning on a soul-level than what you think and see.

This is Archangel Michael, pulling Sammy Davis Jr.´s Soul back to the Light and Love- check it out:

Did you hear it?

“You beat them down, you WON THE DAY” (as in Day-Light)


Full Lyrics

You were there, before we came.

You took the hurt, you took the shame.

They built the walls to block your way.

You beat them down.

You won the day.

It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair.

You taught them all.

You made them care.

Yes, you were there, and thanks to you

There’s now a door we all walk through.

And we are here, for all to see —

To be the best that we can be.

Yes, I am here….

Because you were there.

Read more: Michael Jackson – You Were There Lyrics | MetroLyrics

In Sammy Davis Jr.´s Story it becomes clear how “the Devil is hunting down pure talented Souls” in Hollywood circles, and he was in between these people and managed to get out again.

What you are seeing here in this above shared Video is a Moment of pure, deep Spiritual Healing, and giving Love back to a once almost lost Soul. Michael Jackson always focused on the good core within every Person, and especially he prayed for his Role Model, Sammy Davis Jr.

If you look at the Child-Star Video posted above from Sammy, you see that he was born a pure, innocent Soul, before Hollywood Satanists tried to interfere with his Soul, and “enslave him for their Satanic agendas”.

But he was actually only superficially into it, and as he said himself publicly mainly interested in “the sex orgies” and not really Set (Satan)- but still, I personally find all these details Michael is sharing now shocking.

“I REMEMBER”- The “Living” Project © …. introducing Channeled Film

HERstory-Part I: Reconstructing Past Life Memories on Film 


Important Previous Articles for further in depths spiritual Information, Osiris & Isis Style- all these chosen Links are RELATED TO THE TOPIC(!):


Michael Jackson Susan Elsa exposing Black Magic Hollywood Katy Perry Dark Horse Abusive Copyright and Film Rights Infringement
Michael Jackson Susan Elsa exposing Black Magic Hollywood Katy Perry Dark Horse Abusive Copyright and Film Rights Infringement

Insight into Most Public Twin Flame Interference and Soul Attacks in Modern Entertainment © Michael Jackson/Susan Elsa VS Hollywood



The Black Consciousness: HIStory of Osiris- the Black King © Ancient Egypt







Fake Agents infiltrating MJ Fan Community: Please share to educate the Michael Jackson Fans about “modern Tabloid tactics” ONLINE!




After reading this above Article, check this Blog, this is serious and disgustingly obvious, and we will sue and report these stalking Devils if they don´t cease to abuse our copyrighted material and personal Infos making fake Stories of my hacked Data and such! Look online, and you will see, especially MJ Fans, look well, because these SAME TACTICS were used against Michael Jackson with nasty, false Child Molestation accusations and here we have a Guy accused of such much earlier and much more serious allegations, worshipping openly Set (Satan) and going on Oprah Winfrey´s Show to talk about it.

He even commented himself on this little Blog right there, which is not the behaviour of “an innocent victim” at all, if you have to express so much over and over “how you are some victim and anyone criticising the devil a lunatic” then you definitely got something to hide.

The ‘Conspiracy’ Against Michael Aquino – Satanic Pedophile


Important Excerpt:

“1995 – Diana Napolis was a Child Protection Services investigator in San Diego who was alarmed by the increasing number of children who were reporting satanic ritual abuse, starting as far back as the mid-1980s. Napolis went undercover online in 1995 and approached Aquino and several others who were associated with him, while also posting information and evidence relating to these crimes and these people’s involvement in them. In response, Aquino and his associates (several of them from the False Memory Syndrome Foundation) cyber-stalked Napolis for five years and finally tracked her down in 2000, thereby discovering her real identity. At this point, Napolis’ efforts to expose these people were defeated, with Aquino and associates using their power and influence to pose themselves as the victims and accusing her of cyber-stalking, as well as engaging in assassinating her character both online and through the media. Napolis was also targeted with directed-energy weapons (V2K) and set up to appear mentally unstable, with claims that she was stalking various celebrities. This resulted in her spending a year in jail and several more months in a mental facility, and eventually being forced to quit her job. The character assassination continued against her, with someone claiming to be Napolis posting insane ravings on the internet in order to make her appear crazy.
A reporter at the San Diego Union Tribune was working for Aquino and his cronies by painting Napolis in a bad light in news reports, accusing her of cyber-stalking, making threats, and acting crazy. Aquino was publicly complaining that she was causing serious problems for him and his fellow pedophiles. Nonetheless, the article at the first link below clearly reveals the one-sided reporting on this story by the San Diego Union Tribune and the fact that if anyone was being cyber-stalked, it was Napolis. The second link below is Napolis’ far more professional and believable response to the article:



The point of going after Napolis so publicly served several agendas. First, it was a public warning to anyone else who might attempt to expose the increasing satanic ritual abuse that was going on and the people behind it. Second, it acted to deflate the satanic ritual abuse scare that was mounting, making it appear to be nothing more than the ravings of delusional people. Third, it assured that stealing other people’s children using child protection services could continue. Fourth, (with the help of the FMSF) it made out children’s claims of molestation and satanic ritual abuse to be nothing more than false memories.”
*End of Excerpt*
Okay, there is no such thing as “direct energy weapons” in these people´s hands, it is called BLACK MAGIC ATTEMPTS and amateurs can get very out of control from such soul attacks, that is all. They try to “present themselves more powerful than they really are” which is typical Set, just like he poses fakely but got no powers comparable to Osiris/Ausar. Got that?
It´s just horrible and I do really dislike having such people aim at Michael Jackson and his innocent Osiris Art expressions, and now obviously our Projects because its real Twin Flame Powers in action and about Set´s enemies- Ausar and Auset.
It is not acceptable nor lawful, to aim at innocent strangers that way and their property, copy and abuse publicly for such purpose, it is a very deep spiritual harassment and I had enough of this and will tell my Lawyers about all that nonsense.
I am also sure, these “Temple of Set” people are the ones circulating online FAKE ILLUMINATI stories dissing Osiris, Isis and Horus, and NEVER mentioning the evil One in the whole story, the murderer, jealous Set.
What is so shocking is that I found this all out, after Katy Perry attacked my ancient Egypt Film Project and I looked up Names for my Lawyers, of the Director that copied our Film Work for her “Dark Horse Video” and all this, and suddenly saw that she “conceived the vision for it in Santa Barbara”- seriously, I am not accepting this criminal behaviour and it is clear, the Temple of Set is somehow involved, because Katy Perry is not an Egyptologist and does not know “precisely Set´s mind and how he would insult and interfere in our work” exactly in his style and manner!
That was dumb, you revealed yourself, idiots.



SET/SETH (Ancient Egyptian) – THE ILLUMINATI – Osiris (Michael Jackson) VS Set (Devil/Satan) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul OFFICIAL





EGYPTIAN REINCARNATION: My Original Copyrighted PAST LIFE POP Projects and How Lady Gaga AND Debbie Stefaniak Impersonate my Life Story and Work © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official




“FALSE TWIN FLAMES” – Do Not Exist: Either You ARE or you ARE NOT © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official



Michael Jackson about D.S.: Direct Message about False Twin Soul Claims Online © Spiritual Information



Archangel Michael explains “Incubus & Succubus” and Hollywood – About Truth and Lies © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official



About Madonna´s Rebel Heart Grammys and Album: The All-Seeing Eye Truth © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official



PART 4 of 7 TWIN FLAME SIGNS OVERVIEW (Videos) – Twin Flame Interferences – Censoring – Information Battles © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


That´s it for today, more on this topic soon, and until then, let your intuition guide you and keep your Soul focused on LIGHT & LOVE!

We´re sending out a Major Blue Twin Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

“And no one else could ever take my place…”

I AM IsIs and I returned

“And no one else could ever take my place. I don’t care what you claim nor put fakely on your face. In this race, I AM the Grace, I AM the only real IsIs, healed from all heart’s crisis. I got the magic, now let me pray-hee.”

-OTHER PART OF HIM (Channeled Twin Soul Song 11-11-11) by Susan Elsa-


After Egypt’s Revolution got stuck in negative interferences during 2011, Susan Elsa received a big song message, prepared for her by Michael Jackson in Heaven.

The secret behind all her work is now revealed: Michael Jackson/Archangel Michael is her Twin Soul! (In his own words from beyond dictating to her the term TWIN SOUL)

It is no surprise, this message would be fought hard. But then again, who’s bad? Who is really the famous Archangel Michael? Surely a Warrior of the Light and Love. Dedicated passionately to God’s truth.

Several complex film productions have taken place as part of this heavenly inspired Film Production all of 2012, yet to be revealed. Susan Elsa is a perfectionist, and this message is so central in her life, work and soul, that she is currently giving her very best to finish a huge Entertainment Project for you to enjoy.

Assisted by Michael Jackson in Spirit.


Susan helps Michael as an educated Film Director herself, to channel in detail all his Film Visions he planned to do before passing. First production of this incredible cooperation will be a never before seen ELVIS PRESLEY Animation Movie, about his Arrival in Heaven and his Reunion with his Twin Soul Wife in Heaven.

Stay tuned!

OTHER PART OF HIM: Full Song Lyrics Official

Channeled and Composed by Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson


I’m handing you

The Book of Truth

The Book of Light

The Book of Life


Verse 1

Look into my face

Like a map of time

His HIStory is written there

Revealing the magic of my life

I didn’t want to come here

But we agreed that he would help me

I didn’t want to face and heal my fears

Surprisingly he died

And still lives on with me


I am the Part of HIM

He is Me


We come to re-arrange your mind (2x)

Verse 2

God made everything superclear

I am singing

Can you hear?

Same mark

On my cheek, on my face

Changing your perspective

We come to win the race

It’s not like he didn’t show you

In melodies and lyrics

Our History rises

Hidden between the Lines

We bring you the final word

With the Return of IsIs


I am the Other Part of HIM

He is Me


Heavenly, eternally man and wife

I dare your Eyes

Bring you Adam and Eve

I am Him

He is Me

I’m the other part of HIM (2x)

(C’mon, woohoo)

Intro Bridge:

We come to re-arrange your mind


And no one else

Could ever take my Place

I don’t care what you claim nor put fakely on your face (Cha Cha!)

In this Race

I AM the Grace

I AM the only real IsIs

Healed from all heart’s crisis (Ha! Ha!)


I got the magic

Now lemme pray-hee!


(Intro Gimmick)

Come on, Cha Cha

You know I’m tellin’ you the truth right here

Look at me!



Heavenly, Eternally His Wife

I dare your Eyes

Bring you ADAM and EVE


I’m the other Part of HIM

I AM the other Part of H-I-M

I am the other part of Him

Copyrights property of MGP Publishing Switzerland