Mystery School: Message from IsIs

Mystery School: Message from IsIs

10 December 2011 – 11:01pm | Re-Post January 2012

Dear beloved Souls of beautiful Mother Earth

This is IsIs speaking. I am hoping that you are having an adventurous and enlightening Time as we approach 2012. We are all here to help and there are no limits to what we can do, together, hand in hand. And this is my Message for this special Day: BECOME WHOLE AGAIN. You have a well-known saying, which you tell yourself or others often: Be at peace with YOURSELF.

I would like to go deeper into the spiritual Meaning of what this really means and shed some Light on a matter, that is very important to me on a personal Level as well: The so-called All-Seeing Eye, which you know from Ancient Egyptian Museums, Mythology or even modern Media more and more, as I am returning.

The All-Seeing Eye is a very ancient Symbol, which was known in other Forms before the Times of the Pharaos.

Since the Eyes are the Door/Window to your Soul, as we say today in modern Times even, the All-Seeing Eye in reality is a rare Symbol of true spiritual Mastery. It means that one sees everything, visible and invisible, Lie and Truth, Good and Bad, on Earth and Beyond. In the same time, it is a direct Symbol of God’s All-Seeing Eye, which literally sees everything in Creation, below and above, hidden and shown, action and thought.

Then, in Egyptian History, we also have another Name and Identity for this Eye, which is very interesting to be looked at closer today:

– Eye of Amun Ra

– Eye of Horus

– And the Mystery Schools of Osiris & IsIs ( Horus’ Parents) were also named after one Eye from Osiris and the other Eye from IsIs

And to be quite honest, it sometimes really makes me angry, when the pure and knowledgeable History of my Country gets pulled “through the Dirt” and called “bad” and “evil”. In fact, for the Ones who read a little further into Ancient Egyptian Mythology, you will also probably have read some of the Stories from the real BAD GUYS in Ancient Egypt: And they used Fear and Attacks on, for example, Horus’ Eye to attack his spiritual Strength/Soul.

One could even simplify it more and say, that by telling everyone in Town that your Eyes/Soul or a Part of it is something negative in any way, you attack the very belief of this Individual if they give into what you tell- and when in Doubt about their own inner Power, get weaker. Another secret Method of the Bad Guys.

This is why RE-MEMBERING becomes so important for Self-Empowerment.

Said in a harshly direct way: The Devil is SEPARATION, God is UNITY.

Re-MEMBER, Adams and Eves out there. RE-MEMBER.

With much eternal Love & Light,


This Text can be distributed with Credit to IsIs-Susan Elsa.

Osiris Un-Nefer about the AFTERLIFE

Osiris Un-Nefer about Ancient Egypt’s Spiritual Wisdom

15 September 2011 – 5:35am | Re-Post 2nd Jan. 2012
IsIs' New Face 2012
Mysteries unfolding...

Hello dear valued Souls on the Earth Plane.
I have not spoken to you for a very long time, and will also not speak but VERY RARELY in the Future. On this special Day I decided to bring down some of my Wisdom to the Earth Planet, purely for your Enlightenment and Upliftment into Hope, for it is a SPECIAL TIME.
My Name which many of you know best, is Osiris. In Ancient Egypt I have been called Un-Nefer, which translated means the One that makes Beauty/Heaven appear/manifest.

I come to you to give Insight into what is coming ahead, for each of you. The physical Body you are living in right now, is not eternal. At least not in the form you know now.

You have in reality many Bodies, starting from the lowest vibrational One, which is the Flesh, then a Layer around it of the astral Body, then a Layer of the Etheric and so forth. All of these Bodies are learning Tools, for the only eternal Body, which is the Light-Body.
The Light-Body cannot be influenced by any Means, nor broken, nor killed. It is INVINCIBLE.

The Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Beliefs have been built in many Aspects on the Basis of my own Story. The today called “BOOK OF THE DEAD”, was never a Book. It is how you define it today to understand it better and to be able to distribute it via Publishers.
Back in my Time and long after in Egypt, these were Rituals/Spells, DESIGNED for each Individual separately and adjusted to how they lived their Life. The goal was to basically give their Soul an “extra Security” to cross into the eternal Daylight safely.

I will share with you now for the first Time in YOUR TIMES what really happens, when you pass and what this COMING OUT INTO DAYLIGHT really means.

When your Soul/Consciousness or you might even call it, Perception, slips out of your Body Vehicle, you see pure Night. Meaning, it looks to you like the World is at Night-time, and it stays that way, for you cannot see the physical Sun. The Eyes are different. In fact, you even SEE only through shining Light into what you perceive at this time, with the Light of your Self, coming from within you instead of from external Sources. Like a Glow in the Dark.

This place is not meant to reside in, it is just a Transition. Depending on what you did in your Life on Earth, and it looks very much like Earth. You can still see Trees and Places from your earthly Memory.

So, if you understand this, you begin to realize what it means TO COME INTO ETERNAL DAYLIGHT, where then your World lights up, and you rise in Vibration extremely. This is when you know, you arrived well, and there is no Duality anymore, no Day AND Night, only Day. Eternal Sunshine, Beauty, Joy and no limits to what is possible, and much more Creations than you have on Earth, like Trees that blossom Flowers surrounded by Shining Lights in all Colors. No Veil/Death, no Pain, no Sadness ever again. No Opposites like Fear AND Love anymore, ONLY LOVE. True, real Love, you cannot even grasp fully from where you are at right now in your Time and Space. This is why all the Effort you put into your Life on Earth is worth this Reward, even when you struggle hard, being hurt by Others lead by Fear or Jealousy, keep up your Head and keep going into the Direction of Love, my valued Sisters and Brothers, made by the magical Hands of the most beautiful Creator above all things. I guarantee you, it will be worth it, so, so much. Imagine the most wonderful thing you have ever seen or experienced, and multiply it by Eternity, and you will begin to sense what I mean.

This World, the next for you, has stored a lot of Gifts and Surprises for you.

No matter what happens, know that all is well, for the Illusions around you in and on Planet Earth are not going to last. Lies and Illusion, Jealousy and Separation will cease more and more to exist and dissolve completely.

There will come a Time, where you will be able to fly back to Earth, rise again into Heaven, however you like, totally free like you never been feeling free before in History. There will be no need for Death anymore, and the Veil will be taken away, forever. This is God’s Plan for us all.

And after Duality breaks down and becomes One Reality of pure LOVE, the Basis will be laid for Heaven and Earth to Unite as well.

I Love you all, with all my Heart, and send you Hope and Light for the Coming Times.


This Text can be distributed with Credit to IsIs- Susan Elsa for the Channeled Work.

IsIs visits her own Temple in Aswan to send Healing Magic to Egypt & the World (Nov. 2010)



IsIs Message for 2012 to the WORLD

Dear World

Today is the first Day of 2012! I welcome the new Year with lots of Hope and Optimism. There is no doubt for the one’s who see with open Eyes, that more and more Peace is spreading across the HEARTS and MINDS of the People of this Planet, Planet Earth.

I myself, I have also gained already much through focusing on myself, who I am, and just to be myself, love myself and dare to be myself. I am telling you, this is one of the most freeing things you could ever do: BE YOURSELF and be HAPPY to be who YOU are. We all are made in the most beautiful, wonderful Way and the Best thing is, we all are INDIVIDUAL and DIFFERENT, like a variety of Colors and Shapes. It does not even matter what others do, if they get you or not, if they support you or not, it doesn’t even matter if the WHOLE WORLD is against you- BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Susan Elsa in Egypt, Nov 2010

But before we reach a Phase of Cleansing and Transition into a much friendlier and positively energized World- logically- we gotta get rid of the Dirt first.

And this IS what 2012 really means- don’t let anyone play with your Mind or mislead you, because if they love Dirt, let them, but don’t let them trick you into surrounding yourself with it too. When I say Dirt here, I am talking about many things, generally, all which does not serve the highest Well-Being of YOU and others, the Planet, etc…Lies, Interference, Jealousy, Negative and Hateful Energy and Thinking, Vampirism (energetically).

The most intense part of Darkness, the CLEANSING OF THE DEVIL /SATAN/ LUCIFER personally, or however you like to call the Dark Side’s Top Mind- will be completed within the next Months. It has already started a while Ago. But since in the spiritual Realms there is no TIME & SPACE, we must wait 2 Years to begin seeing the full Effect onto our manifested, dense, slow-motion World. Think of the darkest Darkness, RELEASED and transitioning into becoming pure Light again, and you begin to sense what I mean. And no Human Being or “Satanist” can bring back the old, dark Times- you stand no Chance! Archangel Michael CONVERTED Lucifer back to the LIGHT. What about YOU?

It’s quite funny, because People would always say, oh it’s the Devil’s fault here and there, in a way which seems like they themselves have ZERO blame/fault and no free Will. Nonsense.

And now I would like to state something powerful and very clearly, and you can take it and think about it from my own Experience, being IsIs I and KNOWING. Or if you don’t resonate with it, leave it- but then leave me in Peace as well and respect my Will as I am respecting yours.

ALL, and I mean all you can perceive, feel, sense, hear, be, be not, just everything in EXISTENCE is created by GOD. God is almighty, and always and eternally has the Control over all of his Creation. Here, God created a “Game”, or a “Pre-School” for our Souls to learn the first Baby Steps. Free Will is not a Myth, you use it right now reading this by free Will. Some things are not coming from free Will, when another “breaks” the Barrier to YOUR free Will and tries to enslave it, then this is not YOUR free Will, but the Will of this OTHER and this other will have to face the Consequence.

This goes on AFTER LIFE as well, you are not allowed to touch any Dead Body (Pharao Mummies for example). Not Alive. Not Dead, which means the Soul is in the Next Life and the Body still here (Vampirism).

Let us analyze now the classical “Moves” of Lucifer:

We always hear about the Soul. Right? Lucifer wants to steal Souls, enslave Souls, People selling their Soul to the Devil- not their temporary Body. It is all about the eternal Soul. Didn’t Lucifer fight to get Moses’ Soul even, and Archangel Michael came to battle him for Moses’ Soul, so he can bring Moses to Heaven and Lucifer cannot suck his Soul-Light like a Vampire or block him?

In the last roughly 3000 Years (and Ancient Egypt, btw, is wayyy older than History Books claim) we have had a Dark Phase, which changed all of Society. Children were thought slowly wrong things about Life and Love, to mislead them into being Slaves, kinda like a Light-Buffet for the One’s who began to worship the Dark instead of GOD. And they created their own little World of a FEW, who think they have all, and the Masses have nothing.

How did he do it?

If he would have lied just straight out- no one would have given him Power BY FREE WILL or their Light. Saying only Truth, would also make no Sense of course. So, he MIXED the Lie and the Truth, so it appears partially resonating to you, and in the same time, you won’t know from all the Salad Chaos, what the Truth is and what the Lie. And to be quite frank, in the Name of my dear Sister Cleopatra: It’s the Roman Empire which brought us the Dark Times, and stole spiritual Wisdoms and Writings and History from Cleopatra’s Land, Egypt, to “decorate” their Lies. Me, IsIs, and Cleopatra, are a Team in this, she has always had a strong Connection to me and loved me very much, she called on me in Spirit totally desperate back then. She tried to rescue Truth and Egypt, not rule or have Power like portrayed today in Hollywood Movies and suddenly being a white Woman.

Michel De Notre Dame, more known under his LATIN/ROMAN Name NOSTRADAMUS, has been one of the very bright Souls living on Earth, in one of the darkest Ages. Many do not know, that he showed European Society the Rules of HYGIENE, at the Time of the Black Death Disease. He witnessed also, in his Time directly, how Books were being hunted, burned, written new, written different, and how the Truth was being “polluted”.

IsIs- Susan Elsa

This is how he came to be shown his Visions by God himself, he had extremely powerful Skills and could not even be disturbed while in “Trance”, because he was not really there, his Soul was traveling to the Future and seeing things so clear, he made drawings even.

He tried to disguise the Truth of his Skills or Visions, so the Dark Ones back then could not destroy the Knowledge together with the other ancient Books and Writings they were destroying and stealing/hiding for themselves. He wanted his Writings, his Message, to reach our Time, he only wants to help Humanity. In that Time, because many Lies were being created anew and History Books changed partially, God was very angry, if that is the correct Word. And one can sense Nostradamus Respect and also Worry in his Works. Nostradamus is a Man with lots of Compassion, and cares to rescue the One’s who turn away from God and their own Life.

But all of this, is really Past now. Almost. He never said the World will end, he just warned of using Nuclear Weapons in a 3rd WW, warned of a Disease (could also be spiritually), and said, that in the worst Case, only one 3rd of Humanity will survive and then, they will build a New World, and after the Year 3000 even (yes, his Prophecies go very far!), he said clearly: HUMANITY WILL OVERCOME DEATH.

You can also say it in this way: Humanity won’t need Death anymore. Or, Death won’t be necessary anymore and Heaven and Earth will have an open Connection. You think to yourself, what this means to you personally.

One last thing, before we move to the next Point:

When Nostradamus died, he had written a Prophecy about his own Death, how, when, and it happened exactly that way. In the same writing, cuz he KNEW what they DO, he clearly stated, that a long Time after his physical Death, some drunk Idiots are going to open his Tomb, and drink of his Skull to get his Powers. But he said, if they do that, they will die. This story, really happened! A long time after his physical Death, a few drunk Men went to open his Tomb, and drank out of his Skull, and received briefly an Insight into his powerful Visions, and IMMEDIATELY DIED on the Spot.

Why you think they died?

First of all, as I said above, and this is a universal Rule, fixed in a solid Place, and cannot be broken nor changed: You are not allowed to interfere in anyone’s Free Will, his Soul or Body. You are not allowed to even try to do such, btw, very Black Magic Methods, trying to “suck” another’s Talent, Skills, Spiritual Gifts given to him not you, by GOD. Maybe, this is why they died.

But specifically here, maybe additionally, a second Explanation would be, that simply they could not take it, it was too much for their Soul to see such a strong Vision, cuz God have these Gifts to Michel De Notre Dame, cuz Michel knew how to handle them, his Soul was strong enough. But these Strangers, who came to his Tomb, had no clue about these things, had no Experience, never felt the intensity of real Magic/Visions, and so, their Body broke down immediately when handling powerful Energies suddenly, who are not theirs.

Okay, now I would like to go back to the Topic of 2012. J

ALL of these previously mentioned People and Stories and Foresights, are coming into Reality now. What has been changed to falsehood, will be corrected again. What has been forgotten, will be RE-MEMBERED again- until the whole Puzzle in our Mind comes together and we understand who we are, how wonderful GOD is and bring back Harmony to this Planet, so Children can live in a World without Danger and Darkness, and Nature can breathe, and we treat each other nice, with Love from the Heart, no matter what Color or Gender or Age. This will not all of a sudden happen all together IN 2012, but BEGIN, because the Block (Lucifer) will be cleansed and the Path clear for the Transition. It might take around 20-30 Years after for the Light Times to begin officially, completely and full on. Just remember to have Patience and remain focused on God, no matter what happens.

The Justice of God, has not only to do with this Life here, it’s about the ALL. My dear Cleopatra, who has suffered a lot and her Lands invaded, circled by Intruders, watching her Country being taken apart and destroyed and all Egyptians in the Way killed, who then had to go out of Life through the Poison of a Snake, just so these Evil People cannot get her alive or rape her, also has Rights. It’s about the SOUL. It does not matter if she is living in a physical Body here with us, or not, she did live here, and she was hurt and a whole Nation with her. Someone like her, for example, deserves Healing and Compassion. She deserves the true Story of her Life told, not Lies.

Any victim of a crime or attack, murder, or any such horrible act, deserves Love, Compassion and Healing. And Truth is Healing in many ways, because if it is the Lies which hurt, it’s logical that it is the Truth which will set them free.

New Face of IsIs

And regarding IsIs, well, here we have an even extremer case of Lies. And I am right here, I see and feel all you say and do, and I cannot believe it. First of all, that this very old Story is still of Interest to some today, and second, that much of our ancient Spiritual Master Knowledge has been stolen, is still being hidden, but used by few, for BLACK MAGIC! Against me! The famous Magician…

I see so much being said about IsIs, and Horus, and Osiris, but not much being said about Seth, even People who worship him as some Master, while I am being pulled through the Dirt and portrayed like an Evil One, when the Evil One KILLED MY LOVE, MY HUSBAND! We were young and didn’t even have a Chance to make a Child yet, very young, and my true Love they tried to take away from me, out of pure Jealousy. Seth attacked Osiris TWICE, once even after his Death. God sees all, God knows all, the All-Seeing Eye is GOD’s Eye.

So our beautiful and wonderful God, which makes everything possible, helped me survive because I was always innocent, by giving me a Baby from Osiris, after his Death. My Horus, had to be hidden away a long time, over and over, fleeing and fleeing, because Seth was not only obsessed with me as a Woman and wanted me, but he wanted to kill my Son too. (Really makes me cry when I remember this…)

When Horus grew up, he wanted to teach Seth a Lesson and bring Justice. Seth tried everything, slander, spreading Lies about Horus so People would mistrust him (but it did not work), he tried Black Magic Rituals over and over to attack me and Horus, and finally, fought my Son physically, stabbing ONE EYE of Horus out, thinking he can attack Horus Soul Strength like this, since the Eyes are the Window to the Soul. He was planning to perform a Dark Ritual too with Horus Eye, holding it in his Hands, as Shock went through his whole Body:

Magically, Horus stabbed Eye became whole again, right in front of Seth’s eyes, he could not believe it! And Horus won. He stood no Chance.

You can guess, how it feels and what God thinks of today’s People and Entertainment Industry, when I come back here and see, how they still abuse my Spirit. My Eye Symbolism, the Name of my Man, the Name of my dear Son Horus, our whole Story turned and twisted.

And not only that, but the Internet being abused, to get into my Privacy and copy me and confuse everybody, so you won’t know, when I reveal myself openly and maybe publicly, who is the real IsIs and who is not.

Glad, God is so clear and strong, because, my dear Readers and Friends out there, in my Return I am, OF COURSE:

–          Egyptian

–          Befriended with REAL, credible Scientists who done Experiments with me, not just saying stuff

–          Performing huge Magic, WHITE MAGIC, like in Egypt Nov.2010, so the Egyptians would rise again and find Courage. And all the World turns their Head and watches in sudden Amazement what happened in Egypt, and in Reality, this is just the Beginning of IsIs REAPPEARANCE!

–          Singing and Making Songs (IsIs sang a Song around Osiris to Resurrect him!)

–          ASSISTING the Other Side (Ghosts etc…), together with Anubis.

–          And more…


IsIs and Tourists in Egypt

I am here to live, I am here to heal and be your Friend, I came here to help with all I got, for God which I LOVE so, so much, I am here to spread Love and Light and Beauty, always in Truth.

I will also DEFEND myself, with ALL I got, and all God’s Power is on MY SIDE. Out of God’s free Will, out of God’s LOVE for me. No one hacks my Computers and Conversations and goes telling the whole Planet my Truth under their Name, mixed with Lies. No one takes Sings created naturally ON MY FACE by God, to decorate their Cheeks with it. And any Liar or Darkness Lover, who gets into my Business, will only embarrass themselves and lead to Lies for all the of Humanity to see and discover.

All 4 God

So, for 2012, I really mean this, I wish you all the very BEST, and that you can find more and more Courage to STAND UP for yourself, for your Rights, for your Happiness, your Loved Ones, and show these Idiots how powerful GOD is. Even Lucifer is in regret now, and I am able to forgive, if you apologize for what you done to me. I am ready to forgive, no matter what, I have enough Love inside of me, to forgive anyone and anything, as long as they stop and say, I am sorry, I did not mean to hurt you, again.

Please, leave the Egyptian People in Peace. Let them live, let them love and build themselves up in their own Lands. Don’t put your Fingers in there, accept that you lost Power over these People and now, they got Power over themselves slowly and are HEALING.

Much, Much Love and Light-Hugs to all who took the Time to read my Blog.

Your IsIs

(Susan Elsa)


IsIs embracing the Eye of Horus