Michael Jackson: Physical Twin Soul Evidence © Official Case (PHOTOS)

Michael Jackson: A Twin Soul´s Story © Official Case (PHOTO OF BEARD STUBBLES)

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True PHYSICAL Twin Soul Flame Signs of the Merging.


Possible Explanation being researched (see References also in Book Jean Cline & George Reeves Twin Souls Merging):

Sharing of Spiritual & Sexual Energies with Michael Jackson

If you did not yet see it, look at the CHIN. (Feminine Girl suddenly with beard stubbles exactly like Michael´s?

Phenomenal Science Case ©

Summer 2011: Normal Prior Chin no Stubbles all Life before! © Photo Documentation Analysis of Merging Process
Summer 2011: Normal Prior Chin no Stubbles all Life before! © Photo Documentation Analysis of Merging Process
Signs Physical of my Twin Soul merging with my Soul & Body since he is in SPIRIT now © August 25th 2013 www.michaeljacksontwinsoul.com
Signs Physical of my Twin Soul merging with my Soul & Body since he is in SPIRIT now © August 25th 2013 NO REPLICATION ALLOWED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT!
Michael Jackson 1988 © Photo for Educational & research Purpose only: Will Susan Elsa look increasingly like this, or, does she already? www.mystery-garden.com
Michael Jackson 1988 © Photo for Educational & research Purpose only: Will Susan Elsa look increasingly like this? We don´t know but will keep you updated on our Research and Documentation to be published some Day (incl. Dr. Peter Brugger Science Files on Susan Elsa 2005- ©)

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Bridging Heaven & Earth

A virtual Draft of Heaven begins…

A man´s walk tells a lot of his Personality…


What is the Difference between Twin Flames and Twin Souls?

Susan Eyes/Soul Up Close

The human language can be very limiting when it comes to describing details of God’s creations. In books as well as the internet, many people now are becoming aware of the existence of a twin soul/twin flame. Sadly, it has been long forgotten and actually, censored and so, society forgot the real Adam & Eve.

So, let us give  simple description for a better understanding of the matter. This, we hope, can be helpful for people who are new to this topic as well as well/read readers out there in the spiritual realms.

What is a Twin Soul?

A twin soul, as the word says already, is the SOUL, which is today a very summarized description. The human being has several bodies or body layers, most of them spiritual and not visible to the naked eye. IN that there is our flesh body, our auric body, our double or shadow, our earthly memory of all earthly experiences and emotions even. The Soul is the part of our universal being, which we “send down to” Earth to direct the human body.

A twin SOUL, is therefore our other half in feminine or masculine counterparts mirroring each other.

More is understood, when we look at the difference between twin souls and twin flames.

Is there a difference?


What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is the same thing, our other half, but here we talk about the higher self or selves of the two. The OVER-soul, made out of a fully conscious white fire body, therefore “flame”. Also in a feminine and masculine flame, mirroring each other even stronger. If we integrate our higher self into our earthly self consciousness, we can make miracles manifest. The twin flame higher self can help any twin soul couple in need of advice or guidance.

Simple and clear, Hope we could help you or inspire you to find out more about your twin soul/twin flame!


Susan Elsa August 2011: Her shadow looks like Michael Jackson’s,

since the twin souls/twin flames are one being really.

Photo from the MAKING OF “Women of the World” Project 2011

Published: 29th August 2011

TWIN SOUL SIGNS- The Brother & Sister Look

Michael Jackson singing 4 Susan

TWIN SOUL SIGNS- The Brother & Sister Look Alikes

You look alike

You are likely to look alike, not necessarily similar enough to be twins, but certainly related like a brother and sister.

Michael Jackson Eyes/Soul
Michael Jackson Eyes/Soul
Susan Elsa Eyes/Soul
Susan Elsa Eyes/Soul
Michael Jackson Twin Soul Face
Michael Jackson Twin Soul Face

Strong sexual attraction (combined with telepathic understanding of what the other likes)

You can literally turn each other on by simply thinking about sex with each other – and not by your thoughts turning you on, but your thoughts turning them on! The sexual connection is out of this world – anything you’ve ever wanted, only more amazing.

Chakra pull – vibration

You may feel a vibration or a pull in one or more of your chakras – usually the heart chakra when you are together or conversing telepathically (or feeling each other).

Breathing each other’s soul

When aligned, you may feel like you were breathing in each other’s souls. (Hard to explain.)

Shared dreams or reoccurring dreams of “a mystery man” or “a mystery woman”

You may have had dreams about a mystery man or a mystery woman, or you may have shared the same dream… You also may have seen the places your Twin Soul has visited or lived in in a dream or a vision.

Note: Check out the parallels between this and what Michael Jackson told Susan Elsa in L.A., more information can be found in Susan’s Second Book with Title  “ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S WEDDING”

Posted October 2010


Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (CD 2010)
Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (CD 2010)

Reoccurring numbers

You may be ‘haunted’ by certain numbers, they could be anything that mean something to you, but usually a repeated pair of numbers, most often 11:11 but may not be that. Usually they appear on a clock, but can appear anywhere. There may also be number triplets, in this case most often 111. Also pay attention to repeated dates.

“Knowing” you are meant to be together

Feeling of belonging together, feeling of being two halves or a part of the same being

Age difference

plays little role in this, what ever cooks your crumpet will work for a Twin Soul, some always have a big age difference, some have practically none, and others anything in between – your age difference will be exactly as much as is perfect for your relationship.

For more Info please visit Original TWIN SOULS REVELATIONS Website. Thank you!

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