Clearest Message by Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa: Twin Souls Osiris & IsIs are back! © PHOTO ANALYSIS

Clearest Message by Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa: Twin Souls Osiris & IsIs are back! © PHOTO ANALYSIS

Photo for Educational, Research and Documentary Purpose only: Twin Soul Mirror Expressions Feminine & Masculine Counterpart

Physical Phenomenon of a Real Metamorphose of Two People becoming ONE: Elsa´s Appearance has been changing since he returned as a Ghost to her in 2010 such as the nose, the lips, the eye size, the body shape, and now even beard stubbles. (See Pictures released prior)


“We were both always big Michael Jackson fans and have often packed our cassettes/belongings, equipped ourselves with Instrumental CD’s,

sat down for hours in an empty room on the floor and sang.

Sue is a beautiful, young woman with black curly hair and Egyptian heritage. Her nose and eyes reminded me already as a child so much of Michael Jackson,

that I often felt like I am on the road with him personally. Also her laugh, the articulation and posture seemed often almost identical.

Often she read the cards for me, which I didn’t like very much, since she always, based on the signs and interpretations, hit the core

and therefore I as a realist, would feel intimidated.

Based on my very own wish, we sat down in my own apartment one day facing each other. We held our hand palms facing each other and closed our eyes.

My idea was to look into her with deep focus, to find out, how her being/essence felt.

So when I let myself fall into my inner and absolute emptiness, I felt my hands facing Susan’s hand palms now starting to shake.

Her energy penetrated so deeply into my very core that I had to contain myself to stay focused and calm.

It felt as if a vibration flows through my body and I perceived how my closed eyes were trying to jump open.”

– Introduction to Susan Elsa by Real Life Contacts that spent time with her in Childhood –

Susan Elsa Quotes on Michael Jackson (Official) from Archangel Michael´s Wedding- The Twin Soul Book ©
Susan Elsa Quotes on Michael Jackson (Official) from Archangel Michael´s Wedding- The Twin Soul Book ©

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Love & Light to the Planet on August 29th 2013!

Michael Jackson´s Open Song about SEX

Dear World

Maybe some people have not really heard of this Song much, but it is definitely worth checking out. I always liked the Song.

Besides that, it is like one of the very rare Songs Michael EVER sang in directly and with details about Sex and his Opinions.

One lyrics part is not 100% correct: When he sings “keep doin´it, you´re dirty, etc.”, he says after: “you really DON´T want it”. He is talking about Women sleeping around, conditioned by society or to get the love like this of a man, without that THEY REALLY want to have sex or feel ready for such intimacy. THAT is what he is talking about. Very important point.

Michael always was disgusted by Madonna and such people, it didn´t even turn him on at all, and he told me than many times, because I was quite angry when he informed that all I had seen about him in the News from early 90´s regarding Singer Madonna is NOT TRUE. He found her disgusting. Especially after she sexually harassed him. That is the word he used to describe to me, how she behaved toward him and he was not interested in her the least bit. And after that, when he rejected her, she went to talk crap about him in the Press for revenge, because he did not want to have sex with her. Like a cheap bitch without class. Pretty sure they told her to “approach Michael Jackson” and their plan did not work. She also tried to throw herself at Singer Prince before, and he also was ice cold to her and not interested. After she also went and talked bad about, that he “stinks like Lavender” and such and was bitching, because Prince did not want to sleep with her also.

To Prince: RESPECT!

So, Michael does not and never did need to speak publicly in any Interview about his Privacy like that. And if you really want to know, how he thinks about Sex, then LISTEN TO HIS WORK. Everything he always wanted to say is contained in his Songs. The rest is private.

“Superfly Sister”
by Michael Jackson

Love ain’t what it used to be
That is what they’re tellin’ me
Push it in stick it out
That ain’t what it’s all aboutHe wanna do something freaky to you
He wanna wrap his arms all around you girl
He wanna shake it up shake it down
Doing it right
He wanna jump back half flap doing it rightHe wanna lay you down
Turn it up
Kicking it loose
He wanna fly high nigh high
Baby for you’seHe wanna motormouth
Float around
Baby the back
He wanna shake it up shake it down
Moving round ha haLove ain’t what it used to be
That is what they’re tellin’ me
Push it in stick it out
That ain’t what it’s all about
(Oh)Susie likes to agitate
Get the boy and make him wait
Mother’s preaching Abraham
Brothers they don’t give a damn
(Oh)He wanna do something keen to you
He wanna wrap his arms all around you girl
He wanna do it up keep it high
Deep in the night
He wanna eye ball
Get hard
Playing it rightHe wanna turn the key
Hurt the sheets
Move to the left
He wanna hot scrub
Hot love
Making it wet

He wanna give hot jump shot
Move to the left
He wanna time bar
Slam dunk ha ha ha

Keep it goin’
Party now

Love ain’t what it used to be
That is what they’re tellin’ me
Push it in stick it out
That ain’t what it’s all about

Sister say she loves him so
(She’s doin’ it, she’s doin’ it)
God is jammin’ on the run
Mother’s preaching Abraham
Brothers they don’t give a damn


Johnny’s begging pretty please
(Keep the brother on his knees)
Keep the brother on his knees
(Hee hee!)
Susie likes to agitate
(Keep doin’ it keep doin’ it)
Get the boy and make him wait

Sister’s married to a hood
Sayin’ that she got it good
Holy Mary Mercy me
I can’t believe the things I see

Thinkin’ that they got it made
They doin’ what they used to hate
Push it in stick it out
(Keep doin’ it)
(Keep doin’ it)
That ain’t what it’s all about
That ain’t what it’s all about

Holy Mary Mercy me
(She’s holy Mary moly Mary)
I can’t believe the things I see
(Goin’ on now)
(Hee Hee!)
Mother’s preaching Abraham
(She’s doin’ it she’s doin’ it)
Brothers they don’t give a damn
(Hoo Hoo!)
(Hoo! Hoo!)
(Holy Mary moly Mary)

She´s Holy Mary

Mole-y Mary
See that? I have explained, with regards to my and Mike´s privacy several times before, that Michael was ONLY INTO SEX WITH LOVE, never without. He did not even get hard for most women, because they bored him. He thought it is wrong, for a Woman to “sleep around”, and that it is a sad phenomenon of modern society, where many people have superficial sex and no real bond or relationship and true, respectful love. He also mentions a Girl with Name, that is different, like more to provoke with her femininity, but does not “give it to anyone”. That is his Girl.
That what you hear him sing here, is how he personally thinks about Sex and Women, how he handled his love life. He always respected women and was against the EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN IN MEDIA. That is why he disliked Madonna so much, and for sure he never did nor planned to work with Gaga and such naked, stripping Liars.
It´s funny, Michael has like so many typical words in this song, like black slang. Hehe. I remember when he explained to me those things, regarding Madonna and then he said for him, that is not real art, it is
“RUB ME IN THE HOT TUB” Porn Music. 🙂 He had some really funny, descriptive words for it.
Think about it.
And please, do not listen to People who LIE AROUND NOW FOR FAME, ATTENTION AND MONEY and such. AEG, Robson, Mottola and many more Names I do not plan to mention right now yet, are just jealous of the man.
And I know why.
Love & Light,
Susie  777

What is the Difference between Twin Flames and Twin Souls?

Susan Eyes/Soul Up Close

The human language can be very limiting when it comes to describing details of God’s creations. In books as well as the internet, many people now are becoming aware of the existence of a twin soul/twin flame. Sadly, it has been long forgotten and actually, censored and so, society forgot the real Adam & Eve.

So, let us give  simple description for a better understanding of the matter. This, we hope, can be helpful for people who are new to this topic as well as well/read readers out there in the spiritual realms.

What is a Twin Soul?

A twin soul, as the word says already, is the SOUL, which is today a very summarized description. The human being has several bodies or body layers, most of them spiritual and not visible to the naked eye. IN that there is our flesh body, our auric body, our double or shadow, our earthly memory of all earthly experiences and emotions even. The Soul is the part of our universal being, which we “send down to” Earth to direct the human body.

A twin SOUL, is therefore our other half in feminine or masculine counterparts mirroring each other.

More is understood, when we look at the difference between twin souls and twin flames.

Is there a difference?


What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is the same thing, our other half, but here we talk about the higher self or selves of the two. The OVER-soul, made out of a fully conscious white fire body, therefore “flame”. Also in a feminine and masculine flame, mirroring each other even stronger. If we integrate our higher self into our earthly self consciousness, we can make miracles manifest. The twin flame higher self can help any twin soul couple in need of advice or guidance.

Simple and clear, Hope we could help you or inspire you to find out more about your twin soul/twin flame!


Susan Elsa August 2011: Her shadow looks like Michael Jackson’s,

since the twin souls/twin flames are one being really.

Photo from the MAKING OF “Women of the World” Project 2011

Published: 29th August 2011