Michael Jackson: Legal Definition of our Twin Soul Story

Dear Readers

This is a very unique and more legal Article, as an educational Information on our True Twin Soul Story, our Science Case Evidence, and the biological, physical Metamorphosis, which is our personal Records and protected by law from fraud and abuse by others. Trying to “take over someone else´s identity” is criminal.

This legal defining and reports have to be set up and arranged now internationally, in order to protect Michael Jackson´s Soul and Legacy. There is so much certain people have tried to cover up in public and on purpose and maliciously mislead about, that it simply goes too far in the meantime.

This is NOT about any “Copyright Infringements” only or “Ideas and Books and Blogs”.

THIS is not “an idea” or “words and claims”. This is my Identity. People have no idea about Twin Souls, its very clear by now. Continue reading