SET/SETH (Ancient Egyptian) – THE ILLUMINATI – Osiris (Michael Jackson) VS Set (Devil/Satan) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul OFFICIAL

SET/SETH (Ancient Egyptian): Important Information on the Devil © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul

Dear Readers

This is one of the most serious Articles I have ever written for the public Audience, besides the Information in my Book, Archangel Michael´s Wedding.

Many People today think, that either there is a Devil, or Satan, which is RED when depicted in modern depictions, and has a tail, and a fork. Or then they think there exists no such thing like “a Devil”. It is mainly these two paths regarding spiritual inner basic beliefs in people I have seen over several different continents.

I got some news: This so-called “Devil” is not a fantasy, and most people today do not know him in detail to see through his trickery and evil games. This is one of the biggest advantages he had in the past that made it easier to DECEIVE people, for him. Continue reading