Susan Elsa (IsIs) channels Anubis (Message)

Original Post Feb 20th 2012:

Very important spiritual message from Anubis/Archangel Azraeel, channeled by his spiritual colleague IsIs for a deeper understanding of birth, death and beyond.

This Message may be distributed and shared freely with citing Susan Elsa (IsIs) as the Channeler.

For Educational Purposes:

IsIs is often depicted assisting the dead together with Anubis. Most people don’t remember the wisdom of ancient Egypt and what all this meant symbolically. Anubis was a personified Identity the Egyptians gave to the Archangel of Death and Transition as well as Birth. Regarding IsIs, there are 2 versions; The human IsIs and the “winged IsIs”.

The winged IsIs represents no other than Archeia Faith, Archangel Michael’s wife in the higher self in spirit. IsIs was only an earthly Identity, and still with revealing this info in 2012/2013 openly, most people do not know anything about the real spiritual Identity of IsIs from ancient Egypt nor who she is in spiritual truth.

To summarize for the modern reader:

IsIs  = Susan Elsa  = Archeia Faith

Osiris  = Michael Jackson   = Archangel Michael

Michael Jackson (Osiris)& Susan Elsa(IsIs): Twin Soul Couple
Michael Jackson (Osiris)& Susan Elsa(IsIs): Twin Soul Couple

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Susan channels complete song out of her lips in 5 Minutes

Channeled live in anger due to hacking in 2010, then they took away when I uploaded this, my youtube channel, just passwords changed overnight. So we made a new channel next day and uploaded all videos again. 🙂

Btw, I could not freestyle in English at all before Michael started doing this with me in some mysterious way…

It’s weird to hear this after few years again. I remember having read some stupid news and was angry at how they keep talking crap about Michael and then I did some private music session like a ritual, to relax, and this came through me without my own thinking, look at the words….so weird…

Like a message through me and in the same breath for me and all of Michael’s Fans…