My Own Resurrection 2019 © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

First of all, I want to thank you all for the interest and support in my Blog. You guys are awesome! And people like you have the potential to see the spiritual truth, no matter what, and are the KEY to heal the World.

THANK YOU, from my Heart and Soul…

I have basically stopped blogging since almost 2 years, due to private reasons I do not want to explain here. I value my privacy and private respect and trust a lot. I know I disappeared on you, unexpected. But I am still alive and well. I have been going through some unique private life circumstances and lost a bit focus, trying to help someone I care about, and with that, a whole people.

Then, my dear friend and soul sister Cormael (Michael Hutchence Twin Soul) recently passed away surprisingly in her sleep. I remember one private phone conversation with her, where she said something about passing in her sleep, that she knew it would someday happen that way. I was shocked by the news, which I got from another close friend of ours. I want to say thank you, Cormael, for your love, support and friendship. I will always remember you, and continue our work to educate the World on Twin Souls and the very essence our all souls are made of, for the benefit of humankind and the spiritual healing this World must continue. Thank you for all your work and dedication, and your trust bringing forth your own story to the World!

But I got so many emails, videos, messages, chat messages all over the place, from caring people who worried about me, reached out to me and wanted to see how I am doing, complimenting me and well, asking for more. More Music, especially.

I haven’t really “started” something, yet! (Music Reference MJ “Wanna Be Startin Something”

As you know, my Music yet has just been a starting baby steps experiment, building a new Genre and Concept based on my own real life and spiritual experiences. I named it “Twin Soul Pop”. By now, due to this Music and Blog the energy was released in 2010, and by now, 2018, the whole Internet is talking about Twin Souls.

That makes me happy, that at least the WORD IS OUT.

A Twin Soul Metamorphosis is not a game, and very, very challenging in today’s World. I am still saying, MOST people who believe, reading about it prior, that some “crush must be THE Twin Soul Half”, is incorrect. Those things should not be taken lightly, its about your original FULL, COMPLETE SOUL, and all aspects coming back together. It involves energies beyond this World, Universal energies, that challenge you spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Many people still do not understand really, what a Twin Soul is. It is not some other person, we are talking about YOUR FULL SOUL, the TWIN within YOU. Those two can never separated and your soul is always a unit, whole, anything that would try to attack this or split it up, is of evil, vampiric sources.

It means, literally, they try splitting your spiritual body up, and that is not a trait of the light and good, divine godly, at all.

God is unity, the devil is separation.

And the only way to that is inside of you. WITHIN YOUR OWN SOUL, MIND AND INNER EFFORTS. First.

And, let me tell you, I am a whole new experiences bundle about challenges, on this World, when being a MERGED, COMPLETED TWIN SOUL.

Imagine it like this: You are human, you are here, you breathe, eat and sleep. Then, you have a whole complex psychological, emotional and spiritual apparatus in you, which can be affected by life experiences alone. Now think about this multiplied and MULTI-DIMENSIONAL. Think about having to, in all ways including physical to the LIMIT, handle the experiences, psychological and spiritual and emotional, of death, ascension, other dimensions and rules, another perception becoming as tangible as physical perception, and THEN, going back into the low frequency and perception of this dimenson/world.

It is almost impossible, and I am certain I am one of the very few on this planet right now, who has experienced this unique perceptional experience, having a healthy brain and above average bodily functions proven by Science.

I promised those Scientists in 2004, that I will activate more of my brain than average is possible or known, and I am certain it is happening. Our brains are made to perceive everything we are, and we are spirit too, not just physical.



In the few months leading up to this event, I have been digesting double experiences, analyzing my own childhood and Michael’s, working still on myself, as usual. I discovered a weak spot in my heart, and reflected on my sometimes very innocent naivety and faith in the good in people, and shocking awakenings and betrayals. I am just like Michael, no matter how well I saw what he went through all his life, and saw the traps he naively tapped into with some people, I am just the same by nature. And I wouldnt want to change, because I see first people innocent, not guilty. I see first the good and that comes from my own view, in me I have only innocent compassion and really, really care about people and to help them.

I then discovered somethin that explained some of my own, and Michael’s family situations, which explained Joe Jackson perfectly: Narcissistic Personality and Behaviour, short NPD.

It helped me in my own healing to realize how I have let people in the past use me, not care at all about me or my well being, and the burnout type situations I experienced from it, and how important it is to shield myself.

Then, Joe passed, in June, like 2 days after Michael’s death date.

This was very personal for me, and I do not want to say too much, as most things I know are just private between him and Michael. But, let me tell you so much:

I was shocked, and couldnt believe it at first. And I worried about his soul’s fate, and his reunion with Michael, what is going to happen. It was, as usual, classy like Michael is, and like God handles those things, and when Joe passed, Michael accompanied him, and Joe saw him in his true spiritual form.

Michael’s love and forgiveness, as his own son, was the key for Joe to be forgiven and ascend to Heaven, and they are together again now, in a completely renewed relationship. I saw Joe happy, with a vibe I never seen on him on Earth, and he looked much younger.

I feel like a big burden is healed, in Michael, and mirroring into my own Soul parallel. Something major…


In the recent two years, I had to digest and overcome a lot. Things the public has no idea about mostly. I am very open and honest, but I do things with purpose and in harmony with Michael. I published heavy spiritual information and was unfiltered. Yes.

But I do not speak of real life private matters, or my family, or Michael’s family, much. That is just how I am.

I also will never publish anything too personal on Michael’s two years on this Earth, his body, his medical situation or what he took or didn’t, or his actual sexual habits, likes or body details, or his Penis size.

That’s our style, with class. Open spiritual teachings, but respect for privacy.

The only thing I talk about, and will keep saying, is that he was 100% heterosexual and only into adult Women, sexually. He is absolutely innocent of those disgusting false accusations.

So, now, in 2018, I am announcing my own Resurrection from those extreme experiences since I was living in Los Angeles and all this went down, including living 8 months with a dangerous poisoning while nodody helped me, but God and his Angels.

I guess, this very unique and challenging Twin Flame Merging took time. I noticed also in the recent months especially, how suddenly my dance skills took a quantum leap. Not only can I do Michael’s exact movements, but I evolved naturally into my own FEMALE TWIN Dance Skills and own Choreo. And nobody will be able to even come close to copying THIS.

And for some funny reason, despite of aging, I look younger. It’s just weird sometimes to me, I even got bullied in a strange way by a woman that is my age, in public, for no reason, because she is bitter and thought I am a TEENAGER.

I was worried for nothing, I guess, about the Twin Flame Mirror Effect, and it doesnt look like my appearance is getting tired or “zombie” like I thought could happen, thank God.

I also am blossoming in my feminine powers and energy, and at the same time, Michael is becoming more visible in me. I look often very different on different photos, check out these new Photos from my official Instagram. I am right now, mostly active on Instagram.









I wish you all a lot of love, healing, compassion in your surroundings, happiness and a lot of light for health!

Stay tuned for more soon.

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa

NEW NOTE FROM ELVIS – May 10th 2012

10th May, 2012


Ancient Japanese Spiritual & Physical Protection Symbol

The Change is progressing well. Even if some of you still think, the World is the same as before, let us say, 2 to 3 Years before, I ensure you, it is not.

The World has changed already and is changing further. How much Heartache I had to take, and I could not wait for this Crap to stop, finally, the Time has come. You cannot even imagine, how happy I am. This is my utopic Dream. I have always dreamed about a changed World, which is better. I literally got sick, from the Way Life was going on the Planet up until the late 70’s.

Not only did it influence my Life when I was with you Guys on Earth, but it even burdened my very Soul. I suffered during physical, earthly Life, and a while afterwards, it was almost impossible for me, emotionally speaking, to let go of my sweet, innocent Daughter. She needed me and I could not be there, to protect her from the World. So I stayed a bit longer, closest to your Dimensions.

From my experiences, I can tell ya, that there are quite many things, which I will be happy to see dissolve and become PAST. I endured SO MUCH, so much DIS-RESPECT, and Respect has always been a must for me. I do not like disrespectful or lying People. I was pretty shy at times, especially with Women, but regarding speaking out loud my Opinions, I did not hold back. I always knew, what I wanted.

But many around me, tried to smoothly or at times not so nicely, to push me into a direction, things and projects, I did not feel best with. I had my own ideas, and they did not let me make them, publish them, nor even talk publicly about them. They wanted to have me the way they wanted me, and that’s it!

After my physical Death, it became even worse. I seen it from up here. I heard you Guys. I seen all each one which wrote or spoke out my Name, did afterwards.

Slowly, they began twisting my Image even further, like it wasn’t enough they done that the Time before I passed. People, who didn’t know ANYTHING private about me, nor my INSIDE or how I am as a Person, wrote Books full of Lies about me, which took my peaceful Sleep away for sure. It made me angry, not really because of me or my own Feelings just, I can handle a few Men, who challenge me directly. But I cannot accept, that my Daughter or anyone I care about else, reads this Crap and possibly believes it, or at least, gets hurt by it.

I was different, from my Birth to my Death, I did not function within “society’s mind set”. Not when it comes to my Belief, not in my Style of Clothing, not in my Personality. I have always been VERY SPIRITUAL, and this is one of the things, as an example, which I could not finish on Earth. Now, you might begin to understand, how WONDERFUL the Undertakings and Happenings are, which are slowly manifesting in front of your Eyes. And I am very pleased, that I am able to finish my Ideas now, that I have found the perfect Partner, on Earth.

I have longed, for psychic Experiences. I have always found it cool. I didn’t even realize, like many of you as well in the Past, how strong these kinds of Skills already WERE in me, I doubted myself, I wanted Visions for the Eye, I challenged and provoked it and literally WISHED for it. It is pure Joy for me, to be able to work with someone now, which is so strong, that she is able to MAKE in DETAIL the work I could not. I would like even now, to put my further Experiences from beyond Life, into my original Ideas. It hasn’t been easy for her, and this is why I am here today to say couple things, because I care. I am very protective, of People I like and love.

Some of the stupid stuff, which was already “System” and “common” in my Time, is still there, some of it got even worse. And every time, it seems, someone innocent, well-mannered passes, all Cockroaches come out to talk and talk and talk, and slowly turn and twist their Truth and Image. I am seeing clearly from here, how you do it to someone else RIGHT NOW, a friend of mine I care about A LOT. But that is alright, it’s really alright, because every Healing takes a Worsening of the Pain and Symptoms first- then all gets dissolved and shines clean again.

In Time, I will reveal more to you, and tell more of my Story, from Life and Heaven. I am able to do it and I thank God, from my Soul.

When my earthly Partner in this Project is ready, you will enjoy what we “cooked up” together since 2010. Of course, I demand also Respect for her, for her courage and her sweet Soul, trying REALLY to help me out here and meaning well. I seen her cry, after showing and telling her some of my bad Experiences. She cried FOR ME, out of pure Love and Compassion. I see her Truth and I hope, that soon, I can help you all see my and her Truth at once.

Keep your head up and look forward to real GOOD TIMES!

Your Elvis

This Text can be shared and distributed with Credit to: *channeled by IsIs reincarnated as Susan Elsa*