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This is a very special Article today, and for us here, also like a bit of a celebration/party. The story behind this magical, channeling Concept for Music & Sound is very unique and interesting.

The first “baby steps” with this new Creation/Birth we took on my own Birthday, April 14th 2010, based on a private background Story between me and Michael Jackson. He had told me, that “April 14th 2010 was a beautiful, magical Day he remembers” and that he began officially recording his legendary Album THRILLER – the very Day I was being born into this World. He then channeled to me this Song as a Birthday Gift to me from him. And I released it in raw Demo Form, as it is, from the channeled session. It took around 10 Minutes to be channeled/written and composed.

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WHY DECEASED LOVED ONES VISIT (Good Authentic Medium Information)

WHY DECEASED LOVED ONES VISIT (Good Authentic Medium Information)


Dear Readers

As described in my own Book Releases, here is another great Article that popped up coincidently. I took a quick look and knew immediately, this is a real Medium. This is what it is all about. The summary is simply written for all to begin understanding such things on a deeper level and correct overall. I say “begin”, because Mediumship was never and still is not a MAINSTREAM thing. It is a rare gift and only few chosen Souls perform this JOB for God to help People connect and communicate.

Many People talk disrespectful, false Information about Ghost Contacts, especially when it comes to famous People and their Souls. I am Michael Jackson’s Personal Medium, that helped his Soul ascend to Heaven after he passed in 2009.

A little about Medium work for Michael in 2009:

I will never forget how angry he was, when he noticed that he is outside of his Body and cannot go back in. When he realised that he died. He became to angry, I could not even sleep for most time, I would see him even in dreams screaming throughout the Universe, trying to get heard by People, wanting Justice…I am not really confident in many things but in this I am so happy and proud, that I managed with all challenges, to help my Michael’s Soul feel better and despite all his anger and worry for his Kids etc., he made it the EASIEST for me when I told him to step into “the tunnel light”. He immediately followed my words and I helped him in a light stream upwards ascend into Heaven. I was surprised, when he returned in March 2010 and told me in clear words a term I never heard before. He said:

“You are THE ONE. You will never be alone again. I love you. You are the one I looked for all my life. You ARE my Heaven. You are my TWIN SOUL.”

(Obviously, both of us never realised before at any point that we are twin souls. I myself did not know the term and never heard him speak it physical before. He got shown the truth AFTER he ascended and came back to tell me clearly, who we are for each other. He also said it in a way that made clear, as in LOOKED FOR, that his search is over with certainty. Meaning, since he met me in 2007, in his soul he had stopped looking toward any other woman.)

He returned to me in March 2010 then, healed, rejuvenated, and wanted to help me. He is above average STRONG in the skills of communicating with the Living in this Dimension. He even managed to touch my friend’s head once and regularly has physical interactions with me. That is exceptional, for I never witnessed in all my life as a Medium, ANY OTHER GHOST THAT WAS THAT STRONG LIKE MICHAEL!

(Ghosts Film with Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze (R.I.Paradise))


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Susan Elsa: Psychic Film Director
Susan Elsa: Psychic Film Director

All my Love to the good Souls out there,

Susan Elsa

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL- Secrets of Heaven 777 (Original Pop CD 2010) ©

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL- Secrets of Heaven 777 (Original Pop CD 2010)  ©

July 13th 2010:

Susan Elsa channels LIVE Archangel Michael!  ©

Coming into her Dreams 7 Years ago and then fully into her life, Susan Elsa created this Special Edition with the guidance and support of Archangel Michael and dedicates this Special Audio Story to God and all of his Archangels in Heaven.

Unique New Pop Concept by a real Egyptian Witch, that channels Songs with Archangels & Ghosts. The Original Story.


Website: http://www.mystery-garden.com

13th July  2010: Archangel Michael- Secrets of Heaven 777  by Susan Elsa Original Concept & Story
13th July 2010: Archangel Michael- Secrets of Heaven 777 by Susan Elsa Original Concept & Story