Michael Jackson: The Truth Beyond the Appearance Changes and Twin Soul Metamorphosis © Official Biological Twin Flame Merging Information Series

Michael Jackson Secrets of Heaven 777 Metamorphosis Appearance Changes Series- TwinFlame Soul Official

MICHAEL JACKSON:  Secrets of Heaven 777 © Official TwinFlame Soul Metamorphosis Information- PART 1 – Introduction Article for Series and More Coming Soon

Dear Readers

Yesterday, I thought Michael wants to talk about the Oscars and the Spiritual Truths beyond the Hollywood Brand and Shiny Show. And then, as I always let him decide and guide what I write, he said, no he did not mean a full Article, just a few things we will say, as a Side-Note because simply, Hollywood needs to be rather “talked about within a Film Project”- Michael thinks. Not words. So, our Main Message and all around and in it, will be done through letting the Work speak for itself, Entertainment Production Work we are on right now. Continue reading

Michael Jackson’s MOONWALKER: Robot Transformation Scene – Archangel Michael Depictions © Special Article

Dear Readers

Today is the 11th of November 2014, and marks our exact 3 year anniversary for this Special Blog.

Yesterday we have explained the Archangel Michael Mirror Shield Protection Method, and here we have for today a special Video and Analysis from his earthly work to show you visuals that help you tune in and visualize the spiritual methods easier, and with more fun.

This video contains many photos, for educational purpose on twin flames, and also for our special 11-11 Analysis of Michael Jackson´s MOONWALKER Movie Scene, where he transforms into an Archangelic Warrior Robot- in a modernized entertaining Transformers type of way. Michael, by the way, loved the Comic Figure “Morph”. Continue reading