The Human Mass Soul Consciousness: WE ARE THE WORLD
The Human Mass Soul Consciousness: WE ARE THE WORLD

 Michael Jackson about the Soul Family and the Human Mass Consciousness:

“Everyone is connected to me- I AM Archangel Michael”

I remember that on the day when Michael had just passed, I felt literally as if every human being on the Planet is thinking about him. I walked out for a walk after crying and screaming around for a while and totally breaking down, and this little Boy came walking toward me with his Dad.

As they walked by me I could hear the little boy, maximum age 3, say with his tiny voice to his Dad: “Michael Jackson died!”

I was like, that is so strange, Kids at that age don´t get the idea of “death” or think of it.

As I walked outside, I could literally feel empathically, how the birds flew and “talked” different to each other, as if telling each other about Michael´s passing (Ascension) too.


Michael Jackson: Humanitarian & Archangel loved by People
Michael Jackson: Humanitarian & Archangel loved by People

I also felt the horrible, pressuring and pressing energies of many, many MJ Fans, crying and grieving over Michael. I felt it. It was hard. I felt it because Michael felt it, he explained, and I always share his journey and mind and soul and experiences as his Twin Soul.

At this point I didn´t understand it, was dealing with my own poisoning (I was poisoned in LA and it began right after bumping into Michael in Santa Monica and starting to hang out)

and trying to survive this “pull” that was physically affecting me with Michael. In the same time, hacking attacks started by his enemies in Hollywood in my Label and what I say, do, talk Skype, it was horrible phase and I HAD TO SHIELD MYSELF TO SURVIVE.

I didn´t understand it was felt tortured and didn´t know who can help me or clarify what is happening.

After I had helped Michael let go of this Life and ascend, he ascended and disappeared. I felt so lonely suddenly like never before. Like, I am “alone on the Planet now”.

I had totally let him go and only wanted him to be happy and free, I didn´t care or think about myself at this time.

Then, I was like, totally broken and burned out. I couldn´t sing anymore, couldn´t really sleep at all still, couldn´t eat and could not stop crying, every day. Every day. It felt like my soul is “calling for Michael”. It was really bad. I had given up “living” and life itself then.

Then, Michael returned in March 2010, and told me this whole “You are my Twin Soul, you ARE my Heaven”- thing. He was different than as a Ghost before his Ascension. Now, he was healed, rejuvenated, filled with light, standing there in this light body with this huge Aura.

In that time, when the Spiritual Heaven Journey began, after this Transition, I went through a lot on all levels.


I felt literally, how Michael re-connected as he ascended to the Mass Consciousness. How all we did, focused on, suddenly would mirror right at his Fans. I was contacted by many wonderful Fans, who have felt his soul´s pain, ascension, received messages from him in Dreams and all that. And it was like, they were sharing my grief, to help me overcome it and heal and not die. This is how it felt. The IsIs soul trauma was very strong, very strong. I did not overcome it back then, when Osiris died. Horus wasn´t enough, Osiris was not allowed to stay with me like this. Today, Michael, which as evolved a lot in the meantime, IS able to stay.

Then also, many spiritually tuned in MJ Fans wrote me, got in touch with me coincidently as if led by Michael, and all those things happening in 2010 and 2011 intensely, and they would report to me how he visited them and helped with health issues, layed next to them and expanded his aura light, then physically things in them would heal, health issues, disease, would heal.

The same things he would do with me, daily. Healing me. Making me feel safe. Explaining things to me. Holding me each night so I can fall asleep and get out of those “twin soul mirrored sleep problems”. “Please stop crying, I am here! I am here, I am well, I am happy to be with you”, he would say, over and over when I would start crying in any moment, remembering LA.

And then, he surprised me with this Spiritual Sex. That was, miraculous.

All these things, I felt mirroring onto the Mass Consciousness. I perceived at times, cuz he sees and hears all that from Spirit now, how also many female Fans are totally, I mean, totally into him sexually. Thinking about him in such ways. It felt very personal to me and was hard, because this usually you don´t hear and see like, in “Bruce Almighty”, the Movie, kind of. It felt like a pull on his soul, like they are pulling on our soul. I know it is not meant in any bad way and it is natural and okay. It is a sweet compliment for Michael and I would never want to take that away from him. I am happy many Fans like him that way and think he is handsome, you know.

But for me, I am a shy, private and sensitive soul, going through a serious merging that has it´s challenges.

There is a limit, and Michael was stalked by People often in his life and he bitterly complained to me about it. I was stalked as well, and as a woman, to be stalked dangerously by men, is not a good, comfortable experience. I never had anything to do with “MJ Fans” or Clubs or events of Fans, nor was I ever traveling after him and I sadly never even visited a concert, because I could not stand the thought of being pressed in between masses of people and maybe not able to breathe. That too, was a reflection from Mike´s soul onto mine, because he had panic attacks from crowds.

Michael always loved his Fans and, in fact, Michael always loved all Human Beings. He always believed in the good core of any even the worst person, and I was that way too all my life. At some point, it doesn´t work out, physically, health wise, energywise, if you only give and never get anything back. This was a big issue Michael went through, he exhausted himself trying to give, give and help and he did. So, I am very happy that many People out there care still about him and want Justice, and Respect and simply Love for Michael. I want you to know, that Michael loves you, he really does. You rescued him when they were attacking him with false Allegations and you stood by him. I am not sure, how he would´ve handled this without your support. Elizabeth Taylor also, I will always love her for how she stood by Michael, when I wasn´t around yet and couldn´t do anything.

Many Fans feel, not just now since around his Passing, but since many, many Years a strong spiritual Connection to Michael. To his soul. His work. His aura. His Persona.

Michael cares to explain this more now, because he doesn´t want anyone to play with his Fan´s feelings or tell them wrong things (as the False Twin Flame Claims by certain People trying to confuse everyone only for Profit and Cash, it´s horrible for Michael).


Love & Compassion: MJ Fans flock with Flowers to Parents House in Encino
Love & Compassion: MJ Fans flock with Flowers to Parents House in Encino


It is simple and I understand it is hard to grasp, but it is simple. I had my time to grasp it, digest, and only “got it” after he passed and showed me the true Self as in my Premonition Dream from 2003:

Michael Jackson is Archangel Michael, and as he ascended, he reconnected more strong with all Souls incarnated on the Planet, which is part of the Work we do to heal, especially heal Souls and the Planet.

Michael Jackson: The Ascension of Archangel Michael © Spiritual Promotion (Incarnation Purpose) - Photo Educational Purpose
Michael Jackson: The Ascension of Archangel Michael © Spiritual Promotion (Incarnation Purpose) – Photo Educational Purpose
MJ Hardcore Fan Love: Feeling the Archangel Aura and remembering him in their Souls
MJ Hardcore Fan Love: Feeling the Archangel Aura and remembering him in their Souls

Michael Jackson was incarnated quite a few times. He did have so called earthly “Soul Mates” in many of these Incarnations, and I did have my “Soul Mates” Experiences as well with other Souls. It´s the very purpose why Twin Souls separate for a temporary Journey of Learning. To evolve. Souls with agreements to meet on Earth, that are not Twins, help each other evolve, get in touch with a DIFFERENT mind and energy, learn, see the difference, experience things. Finally all this is about the Twin Soul though and always leads back to Uniting with the true other half.

In the same time, there are other types of “Soul Mates” or “Soul Family Members”, which can come in form of a sibling, parent, friend and not necessarily romantic. Lisa- Marie Presley, for example, was one of Michael´s Soulmates. She and Elvis´Souls are part of our Over-Soul Family. You can literally imagine this like being a “Family made out of Souls, in higher Dimensions”. Some of our relatives on Earth, are also Soul Family at the same time, and some are not. It is a whole Science by itself, the Spiritual Dimensions.

Another thing Michael explained to me, was that as WE merge and make love also and such, OTHERS feel the effect of it. They pick up the energies, which is the purpose. So, this is like, embracing the Planet in this Twin Soul Love Vibes, in this True Love Embrace. Like a healing love energy net across the Globe, before 2009, and since then, expanding on Earth AND Heaven, connecting the Planet more to higher Vibrations and healing it. We and others do this work, other Twin Souls like us, but rarely are both incarnated. Look at Michaels and my Life situations when we met, and then you will maybe understand, that it´s simply not possible really yet, for Twins to peacefully get together without being attacked heavily. This is all healing right now.

All of you can help. And we are setting up, producing, developing wonderful Projects for Michael and his Legacy and ways also for YOU to join in and do something good for Mike. Also, all of my work I do, I do mainly to give hope to the People who care and grieved with me so much. I want you to know he is well now. I want you to share this information with me, so you KNOW he is OKAY. This is what his intention was with all we published back then.

You can decide to:

– Give Michael and me LIGHT and supporting spiritual focus and well meant wishes in harmony for the highest well being of ALL

– Give negative focus such as jealousy and competitive thinking and interference- which is obviously against Michael mainly and the work we do for the highest well being of ALL.

It is a free will choice in THIS dimension of duality. Chose wisely and think before you act or believe anyone out there talking crap. I don´t care what the story is or how complex THIS here might appear, the truth is the truth. Michael can show you directly, did you know? You don´t need to listen to anyone online or in tabloids. Michael is HERE. He can literally, if he wants and whenever he wants, connect to People and show them things, give them intuitive “pushes” when something is right or wrong, protect shield, all of that. And MANY Fans have experienced it that are in private contact with me. These Fans that we are directly in touch with now, have an increased connection to Michael through me, like I can lay a bridge. He sees someone understands, and is nice to me, he feels how it is nice TO HIM and he blesses, does energy work, feels encouraged to show himself to those in dreams and much more. It is beautiful. Don´t miss out.

Be wise.

Some Points to be clarified:

I have certainly no problem with MJ Fans loving Michael, also not in a sexual attraction type of way. Everyone is entitled to their own free feelings, and in fact, tuning in can help people find their twin souls, if they stay aware he is a “Gate Opener Twin-Archangel Michael leading Twins together”. Michael is a great role model, for women, to know what a good and what a bad guy is. Michael is a Man, many men should actually take as an example. Sadly, much untrue lies are being said about him and so many people do not look beyond this facade of “fame and tabloids”.

What I do have a problem therefore with, is what Michael has a problem with. Simple as that. When someone writes me insults, tries to hurt me with his death and such, he gets really upset and immediately disconnects from this Individual. (Meaning, Archangel Michael Presence is gone from around those)

I wasn´t ready to even connect directly to anyone out there much yet, because that is how I am. I am very professional regarding my PSYCHIC SPACE and protect it well, because I know everything about energy and how it transmits from envious people and all of that too. I was born that way. It´s nothing new in my life.

When someone, deliberately attacks my Work, while we are in battle with his Enemies as they spy and hack since years, spreads lies about Michael or his very soul, then as a Twin Soul and Medium, even if I wasn´t the twin theoretically, I would HAVE TO speak up for truth, as it is my duty toward God and all Souls who deserve Respect and Truth, just honesty man, after they pass. This World has duality and lies. After someone passes, they are NOT in this dimension of duality and you are not allowed to apply “duality rules” on them, such as taking the freedom to publicly write out untrue things about that Soul.

Michael is very precise about this point, because he did all he did, he came here and me too, only to teach and show this all. It is important, that truth be spoken, for things to work out right for others who seek truth. Lies manipulate the soul and mind of people, truth opens it up.

He never felt understood as a Human Being or respected much overall. He was mocked in fact for things he went through BASED on our twin soul dynamics, such as the feminine Looks when he channeled me. It´s a natural thing and people just don´t know it yet, but we will show it all step by step. I am asking you to please think twice, before you fall into the Devil´s trap and treat me the same wrong way. This here, is a whole other thing than any “Soul Family/Soul Mates” connections. There is nothing more challenging and intense. I am trying to keep my balance in life more than Mike did, and he is helping me with that in really sweet, loyal ways.

I always defended Lisa-Marie Presley, wrote a full Book with Elvis Presley in Spirit in 2010, to help his wish as a Medium. For his soul I did that, because he came and asked me, brought by Michael. I understand much of what he went through as well, and Lisa, and I am happy that Michael had Lisa and that Experience, just like I had my Experience with my prior “Love of my Life”, which happens to look like Elvis Presley. I never seen or met anyone else on the Planet that looks and dresses and behaves and smiles that much like Elvis´twin brother. When I saw Lisa-Marie around Michael´s passing, right after, I literally cried. I felt like, she suffered and regretted things a lot, when he passed and I felt a lot of compassion, seeing her having gained weight and looking sad and all. I am happy she is better now!

WE ARE SOUL FAMILY. And Lisa and Elvis and his Twin Soul, are NOT our only Soul Family.

Our Soul Family is huge.

It is the Soul Family of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

Maybe, if you are part of our Family, you can start to remember now and tune in, reading this.

Other Souls from other Soul Families related to the other Archangels and Angels are ALSO connected to us, for the Work.

Please understand also, that I need my Privacy space and time for all the work we do, I cannot be chatting or talking with Fans all over the place. It´s too exhausting, time wise. And Michael also likes Privacy and enjoys it a lot now, so I have to leave him that protected space because he is connected to me and he doesn’t want ANY distractions from the focus on the work he wants me to complete now.

I am not famous nor a public person really, not before his passing at least. It is new and I only go through this, as a shy Woman, because it´s Michael´s wish and he pushes me to do so. He guides me in this all, nothing I publish or write or say or think even, of all this, except for when HE SAYS it and insists “Susan, don´t be shy now, publish this, do it, do it now” and he giggles and has fun a lot with that. I trust him and just do it.



Much Love & Light to all of you,

Susan Elsa


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  1. Thanks for publishing this article Susan… You are such a kind soul who help us lot. It’s very clear that our planet is healing and its time for all the souls to think and make a good decision. Much Love and Light 777 🙂

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