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Susan Elsa celebrating Birthday (April 14th 2012) © Private Photo no Re-Use
Susan Elsa celebrating Birthday (April 14th 2012) © Private Photo no Re-Use


Chapter 1:

One day, I went to school as usual. I was at that time about 7/8 years old. There was this one girl, the biggest bully in my class, who always mobbed me and insulted me in front of all other kids at school. She loved to make a Show out of my mobbing. I would look around and see all these kids laughing at me, as she tells me: “Go home to your Country, you Egyptian fart!”

I was pretty sad about this and hurt. It was not one time, but over and over she would do that, or even attack me physically trying to scratch my arms all aggressive having lots of hate in her eyes. I fought back when she

grabbed my arm, by doing Michael’s move in the end scene of BAD, his short film. Then I held her arms, as she held mine, and I put all my strength into it, and my nails; she gave up and left me alone.

My female teacher back then was a racist and always watched how these other native kids were mobbing and pushing me in a big show on the main campus in front of the school entrance. She never helped me and even got rude and nasty to my mother on the phone, when my mother asked her to help me against bullying from other children at school. This is her responsibility, but she is a nasty, evil person who should’ve never been a teacher for kids. It was so unfair; she seemed even amused when standing there watching me get physically attacked and insulted in racist ways! She watched it silently and would sometimes eat a sandwich all relaxed, checking my suffering out like she is watching TV.


Susan Elsa Childhood © 1982-1993
Susan Elsa Childhood © 1982-1993

One day, another girl tried to do the same to me, having learned from her. She seriously thought it will make her “cool and loved” at school to attack me! Suddenly, it seemed popular to attack me. This time though, this girl added false accusations against me. I had like 4 basketballs at home; my parents always bought me all I wished for, compared to other kids. And she hid her own basketball, which she had put at the wardrobe she claimed, while I was in class and not outside. And when I came out, empty-handed of course, she just accused me in front of everyone, that I stole her cheap basketball! Then, she started to copy that big bully behavior of the other girl, and laugh at me in front everyone. This moment, I got so angry, inside, that I felt this “fire” in my heart and stomach. As she was insulting me in my face, and kids around laughing about me and enjoying my suffering even though I was completely innocent, I started to silently stare at her while she was insulting me. I thought: “You evil person. I hope you get hit by a car on your way home…”

I never said anything out loud; I only thought this exact sentence in my head, being harassed, in my anger. We had like one more hour or two classes and then lunch break. All kids went home, mostly walking home. I lived very close so I only had to walk couple steps upwards on the same street, not having to cross any street luckily.

This girl did not show up in the afternoon. And shortly after, the next day if I remember right, the teacher told us that she won’t be coming to school so soon, because she got hit by a car and broke her leg and is now in the hospital!

That experience was one of the most traumatic for me as a child. I asked myself, if I am to blame for this, or if it was karma, coincidence or whatever. I started from then on, to repress my psychic skills, because I started, based on other kid’s mean behavior over years, to blame my spirituality for experiencing hate from others. I noticed in primary school, in those years, that something was different about me. I thought this is seemingly what is different in me than others around me, so it must be this point that causes the hate. Of course, that was a human and natural reaction, but I was wrong to let anyone make me think badly about myself back then. I was just so scared of my own “power”; I didn’t understand it. It has never been a good idea to threaten me or make me angry, that is for sure.

Generally I have to admit, that I had similar issues with females in general all my life. Not just female teachers while I grew up, but also girls at school.

One later example, I would like to mention as well. Of course, if a child gets treated like this, including from teachers in abusive and wrong ways, one loses more and more interest in school or focusing on it. Today I realize the effect on my soul, but back then I didn’t of course and thought seriously based on their mobbing “I am less than white people.” I became very shy in general and started to hate my ethnic background, look, and wished to have blonde hair and blue eyes. How stupid a thought, I think today.


Susan Elsa ©
Susan Elsa ©

Here, things were worse with girls hating on me, bad. This crazy competition atmosphere, I don’t understand it and never did. It was mostly the girls who had these types of feelings towards me. I even began to distance myself from my own feminine behavior to make sure I will never be like them. I behaved and walked like a dude. My family in Egypt would criticize my “walk” and one of my uncles was pretty shocked around that

time in vacation there: “My God, you are so beautiful and girly, but you walk exactly like a man! Why you walk like this!”

It was during that phase of my life, when one common day I went to bed very tired. Still, I could not sleep, took out pencil and paper and made a quick drawing of Michael Jackson with focus on his face, not his whole body. I was literally half asleep, sitting on my bed when I had done it and afterwards was surprised: It seemed as if Michael’s soul is drawn pretty well in it, like it contains his energy or something like that. I used no colors, only pencil.

Anyways, let us get to another shocking situation I had to go through. There was this one girl, Turkish, and she seemed at first like my best friend, similar culture and looks—she seemed to like me and I liked her. I was happy when she moved to our school, because as mentioned, I didn’t have many friends before and most kids were harassing me. But shortly after we became friends, I started to see how many personal problems she had. She was a pathological liar and it was so embarrassing, because everyone knew. I think she had serious problems at home. I tried, out of my compassion, to stay friends with her, but then she started to cause so much trouble, and to anyone actually she befriended not just me. And then spreading lies about me as well, that was to me, no friendship and no trust was possible like this. I told her, after five times forgiving her, as naive as I was, that it’s over now. I didn’t want to be her friend anymore. She then came in sports class, as it was going on, and tried to talk to me. I told her to back off of me and accept my free will, not wanting to be friends with someone that fabricates nasty lies about me out of jealousy, and focus on telling boys I like so they “don’t like me anymore.” If there was one thing I was allergic to, it was lies and injustice in general. Besides that, she stole right from under our nose, my little sister’s jacket; we had bought one for her and one for me, during our London vacation. Inside on the tag were my sister’s initials, and this so-called friend had no respect for my property as well.

She got super angry and waited after sports class outside, to threaten me. She tried to “force a friendship” and that was simply not possible after all she had done. When she was pretty far away physically, she started to insult me, screaming in the street, and threaten me that “I will see what she will do to me.”

The next day at school, as we are about to finish, this girl from another school comes to me and asks me if I know where that girl is. I told her, she is in this classroom and should be done in an hour. Then I left and went to my own class.

As we finished school that day, I walked out of class going in my direction heading home from the left door of the building. By that time, I was also in intense karate training, by the way. Still, as I came toward the door, on the right side where there was another main door of the school, I saw her suddenly wearing my sister’s stolen jacket and having gathered all teenagers from all school. She was yelling and screaming, like she is a monster, waiting for me, telling everyone: “I will show her, I will show her how strong I am, this bitch, I will beat her.”

I decided, because I am not afraid of nobody, to walk out the opposite door on the right side, where she and that group of girls from the other school were standing, around them were all kinds of other girls and boys from my school building. I walked out there ice cold and confident, waiting to see what she wants and says about me, knowing I was innocent here and she had no right to threaten me if I don’t want to be friends. It’s my choice.

As I am about to pass by them, she and the four other girls she called to come help her attack me didn’t even dare to speak to me. The other girl she had called, the leader of this gang it seemed, is the only one who initially spoke to me, not even knowing me or me her. And she said suddenly, “Hey you. I heard you are spreading rumors about me, that I am a ‘whore.’”

I turned to her and said confused: “Who are you?!”
This moment, my ex friend came in yelling and seemed encouraged to start attacking me. She stood in front of

me, with my sister’s stolen jacket on her body, making aggressive poses as she screamed so much her face turned red and her veins showed on her throat. I only stood there and started to smile ice cold. She kept repeating, “What, what! You want some! I show you who I am.” Empty words and she didn’t dare to touch me. I simply stood there staring dangerously at them, not saying one word. I started after a while of this nonsense to walk home, and they kept following me, including even a couple of other amused kids from school who wanted to “watch the show.”

All she wanted with this crazy behavior was that I forgive her and am friends with her again. During that walk, she kept talking and talking, until I was tired and said it’s okay, she should not worry; I “forgive her.” I did that for the sake of peace; I would never abuse my karate or physical strength toward anyone, at least not girls. Only self defense. I have till this day never abused my karate knowledge toward anyone nor even had a physical fight, luckily, with anyone in a serious way.

Suddenly, after the emotions calmed down, this other girl from that gang I also never saw before, really big and fat, stood in my path and hit me hard with a slap on my face. I remember, how my face was turned to the left side after this brutal slap, and I got angry like never before in my life. The moment seemed forever.

Should I hit back or not? Should I risk injuring someone or get injured? No, “they would not make me like them,” I said to myself and kept my emotions under control with all my will. I turned my face again, and stared at her ice cold. I stayed silent. As the gang of girls entered the bus shortly after, the leader girl threatened me saying: “We know where you live. We will come and beat you up so bad you won’t have that pretty face anymore!”

Two days later, the two or three other girls from this girl gang contacted me to apologize, scared and in desperation somehow, showing suddenly extreme respect toward me. I felt like “something had visited” them. But that one girl, who had threatened me, saying that she would “ruin my face” did not apologize. Why do people have to be so evil at times? I never did anything to them. I didn’t even know them! Well, shortly after this incident, this girl was on vacation in her home country in Eastern Europe, and she died there in a car accident, I heard, and never came back to ruin my face. Was it a crazy coincidence?


Chapter 3:

I parallel-developed skin problems, a temporary three-year sun allergy and all the pretty brown skin I had as a child went away and I became more and more “light.” One time I ran in panic to a skin specialist doctor, because I had white blotches on my body and thought I was about to start developing vitiligo myself.

Coming back to my life; the main problem was, still, the female gender. Girls started to hate on me in serious and increasing ways. If a guy liked me and they him, they would now not only threaten me physically in primitive ways, but simply spread disgusting lies about me to these boys and other people/classmates to “make me look bad in the eyes of the desired guy.”

I A.M. MICHAEL (Spiritual Pop Art 777) © 2013
I A.M. MICHAEL (Spiritual Pop Art 777) © 2013

I A.M. MICHAEL (Spiritual Pop Art 777) © 2013

I believe there were many powerful, rich, mostly white men in and around Show business, which were dying of jealousy regarding Michael and his attraction of the female gender, including white girls. They fabricated these horrible lies to make him look bad and less attractive, out of jealousy. Men have competitive thinking as well, sadly.

Back then various people would also communicate to me suddenly that I appear so “unapproachable” to them, as if I am a “virgin.” They would make fun of me not sleeping around as they do, like I am abnormal in some way, because I wasn’t interested in superficial sex and “still a virgin.” They would say things like, “Everyone needs experience. It is normal to have had experience with few men for a girl your age!”

I was 20 at that point. Sometimes, it felt like a deer hunt. Men would bet and go very far, sending me roses, following me, writing love letters and all they could to “get me into bed.” Some were not so normal doing normal approaches, but literally stalked me. I think that, as well, is connected to my and Mike’s energy, since he had several very serious stalkers, male and female. Some women would try to break into his home, claiming to be “his wife.” Once he even got a death threat from a crazy obsessed stalker and had to decide to risk it and go out singing for his innocent fans or hide. He decided to risk getting shot on stage and went out there to perform for his fans, which he loved to bring happiness to.

Jealousy, lies and racism are never anything coming from God or Michael; always remember that. Michael had more bodyguards than any other celebrity on this planet for a good reason. Michael’s “fans” are not one person, but many. Some of them are battling psychological issues; some of them are wonderful and compassionate people and mentally stable. Not every human being is the same. Michael is a very forgiving heart, but he was definitely disgusted by death threats towards Lisa-Marie Presley back then, from his own fans. Can you imagine? This isn’t what Michael stands for or teaches in his work. If you love someone, you want to see this person happy. When I was younger and hadn’t met Michael yet, I wished him and Lisa-Marie all the best from my heart and soul, unconditionally and completely in innocent ways with a pure heart.


One unexpected day, I had a very frightening dream and again, very vivid like all non-psychological but spiritual dreams/premonitions.

Michael was wearing his stage uniform, and then he ducked and went into his knees holding his arms up over his head as if he wants to protect himself. As he was doing this, a dark mass approached him like a circle getting tighter and tighter and then Michael disappeared in the middle.

I woke up this moment, knowing he will die. I was so scared and already crying as if it happened and mourning, that I called up my friend, the Elvis look-a-like, and told him about it all shaking from head to toe. He kept trying to calm me down and told me to tell him the dream in detail. So I did. Then he said, “It is just a dream; don’t worry. Michael isn’t going to die; maybe he will escape from below that circle and get away?”

I liked having hope. But my heart knew this was a direct message and preparation for me, a premonition. I lived with these abilities all my life and know how to interpret them, for myself and even for strangers when I do tarot card readings. I’ve never been wrong. I might be shy and not always confident in many things in life, but this field is my specialty. I was born with seemingly rare spiritual abilities.

Exactly four days after this dream and my phone conversation with my friend, the news reported all over the world that the police went into Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch and performed a “Razzia.” I was shocked to the bones. “Michael is innocent!” I wanted to scream, but who would listen anyways?

Within the same week, I had another following dream completing the story.

SusanMichaelTwinSoul POP ART
SusanMichaelTwinSoul POP ART © 2011-2013

SusanMichaelTwinSoul POP ART ©

God made it super clear.

I went to bed and suddenly found myself vividly at Neverland ranch. Michael was standing there like a tear drop, all hanging shoulders and head with a sad and very exhausted expression on his face. I saw children playing there and enjoying themselves, and Michael just stood there, absent and all sad.

Living in a German speaking country in my awakened state and thinking in German usually, I talked suddenly clear English with Michael inside this dream:

”Michael, what happened to you? You used to enjoy watching these children play and were so happy!”

Before I could get an answer, I and Michael suddenly stood in front of a green Go-Cart car inside Neverland ranch. It had a white, round sticker on the side doors with a race number on it. I don’t remember the exact number.

Michael walked to the passenger seat side and I stood at the car door for the driver’s side and my awakened state consciousness was present with logic and clearness. Michael suddenly said, “You have to drive.”

I got confused and said to him, “Michael, I can’t drive, I don’t have a driver’s license!”

This moment his tired expression was gone for a moment and he looked at me very serious and said, “Susan, you have to.” I listened and got into the car and started driving naturally. Michael sat sunken in his seat next to me and looked straight ahead, absent and depressed. I was driving and kept looking at him, checking on him and he kept looking so washed out and tired.

Out of the blue with absolute certainty I realized suddenly inside the vivid dream still: ”Michael is a Ghost! That is why he cannot drive!”

Oh man, was I scared. This eerie dream, the previous one and the current new false accusations against Michael made me certain, he is in danger. I lost for a while my passion for singing and Music, because of these false accusations. It hurt me deep, and the whole time it felt like it is being done to me. I felt his pain, his fear and his anger over this injustice. I tried to e-mail him, but naturally, the e-mail seemed as if it is not used anymore. We had never met face-to-face at this point in real life. I wanted to help, because my dreams made me panic for Michael, but at the same time, I knew I am a stranger to him, how could he know he can trust me now. This is how it felt. If I was famous and had people back stabbing me like this, I would not go in that phase and trust strangers around the World, naturally.

I kept asking myself, back then, why God showed me this. Was it so I can rescue Michael somehow? Could I? Why me being so far away from him and never having met him yet? Definitely I wanted to try to help Michael. I desperately wanted to do something to save him somehow. I was convinced this is why I would receive such premonitions. In the same time I was noticing, that I perceive the things and feelings as well, from Michael himself. If he knew a few days before, that these people who he helped and gave money to had a fight with him or any argument and he had seen their malicious thoughts and greed in their eyes, I would perceive it as well and know that someone is attacking him from afar. Michael sensed people’s feelings and thoughts, he looked away often, being so nice and forgiving, but he always knew when someone had bad plans toward him or was becoming jealous and greedy. Eyes don’t lie.

He loves children in innocent ways, just like animals, because he could just live and breathe and enjoy his life around them without being planned against or abused. It makes me cry to think about how sweet and innocent and wonderful he was to all people he met and how he was thanked for it by society.

Then a final dream followed more vivid than ever, reaching into my awakened life. I have kept this dream, details of it, secret until now, because it is so historic. This dream took place in 2003, exactly seven years prior to our merging after he passed later.

It was a usual summer day and I went to bed. After I fell asleep, I found myself inside my dream in a hospital kind of bed. It could also be something else, but not at home. I felt so exhausted and burned out, like after

some kind of “marathon fighting.” I could not move really, like I am an old lady or something like that.

Then, in the corner of the room, I saw suddenly Michael appear as if floating toward me. He was wearing blue clothing that was so wide, that it floated as well not showing his body shape. He looked the same as he looked at that time in real life; his face was very serious this time. He seemed as if he does not stand on any ground I saw, but his energy reached far down and far up. Michael was surrounded by a blue fire aura, wearing something that looked like the universe around his belly and glittering in white in the same time all over the place.

As soon as I saw him, I recognized him as Archangel Michael and reached out my hand and said gently and exhausted, “Michael!” My arm felt tired and I still could reach for him. This moment I woke up, I did not see the rest of the story.

The first moment after awakening, I was confused and found it funny. Why am I dreaming about Archangel Michael suddenly? I don’t know anything about him nor ever was interested so much in Angels or read about them. And why in the World did he have Michael Jackson’s face? It was so random. That is what puzzled me. I ignored the dream, thinking it was pure fantasy and went on with my day.

In the afternoon after work, I went to the gym. It was owned by a Mister Elsener, who was a former police officer. He knew nothing about me; I knew nothing about him. But this day was different. As I sat on the one machine that works out the shoulder muscles in a wing type of movement, Mister Elsener suddenly came up to me telling the straight out like he is certain:

“Archangel Michael wants to help you! But you are so stubborn; you have to allow him to help. He can’t do it against your will. Angels must respect free will. Ask him! Let him help you!”



I was shocked and stopped working out in this moment, replying, “Oh my God, how can you know what I was dreaming about last night?” Bam. It was so freaky and clear. But still, back then I didn’t get it and I and Mister Elsener got into a very spiritual and fun conversation afterwards. I asked him, “But why did Archangel Michael have Michael Jackson’s face in my dream?” I was like a little, confused and amazed child.

He explained to me, that he had no clue why he had Michael Jackson’s face. Today, I think back and find it funny, but I just didn’t get it before Michael passed out of his limited human form.

In that same phase of my life until I moved to Los Angeles, by the way, I slipped into paranormal scientific experiments with Dr. Peter Brugger. I have to say he is a very special scientist and I like him a lot; he is genius! Thank you, Peter, for teaching me more about my self, my brain functions and generally about the paranormal from science perspective.

My old childhood friend, who I had no contact with all these years, then also had a very vivid, clear dream one day before Michael passed. It follows below.

We did not have any contact for years, after we both have been attacked heavily by the devil. He tried in the 2002 to take her and scare me with it into thinking I must agree to give myself up to him, like he is super powerful, but I could see straight through his lies from the start somehow and knew he was lying and works with lies, fear and illusion and got no power. It was as if God protected my clear sight onto truth, like a “firewall protection against lies.”

I refused solidly and then I went through two years of extreme fears and spiritual attacks. He tried all in his power to attack me all angry because I refused his cheap tricks and games. I felt at first, like he is “like a brother to me which I haven’t seen in a long, long time.” Today, I realize that the so-called devil or Satan is the ancient Egyptian Set or Seth, this is his real identity and he is really nobody important or powerful. He just plays cheap tricks and lies. You are all more powerful than him, he is like the Wizard of Oz, which performs a fake show, but has no real power. You cannot have any real power if you turn away from love and God and all

good creations. Set is eaten up by jealousy and anger; it’s sad. I know the dark energy attacking Michael in my first dream showing me his nearing death; this dark mass was Set/Satan. He can use people who are willing to work for the dark side and have dark hearts. All these people finally, who mistreated Michael during his earthly life were souls who didn’t refuse evil and let the devil instead of God into their hearts, acting in his ways of jealousy and hate. It is the very reason why Michael was attacked more than anyone else with jealousy, lies, racism, hate, prejudice and negativity.


This following dream from my friend Saba is the original she posted in July 2009 online and I only translated it from German to English. The original German version written directly by her will be in the German book version.

Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (CD 2010)
Archangel Michael-Secrets of Heaven 777 (CD 2010) ©

The Archangel
By Saba, Published online on Friday 3rd July 2009 at 9:07 p.m. (Saba’s Dream from June 24th 2009)

The green land was furious.

The sky was smothered in a blood red, decorated by demanding black clouds. Without any consideration thunder and lightning hit, even though from time to time it forced it’s light onto the blood red but dark sky.

Nobody was there.
Only up there, between the black clouds and the lightning they floated.

Two beings in confrontation, fixating each other with an iron stare in their eyes. The angel’s skin was light- white like snow and his eyes reflected a gentle blue, but his stare was iron-like. The fanning of his equally white wings could be heard, as he spread them in the skies still floating.

And there was thunder.

He carried with both his hands in a determined way his silver sword at its handle. Two fiery red eyes, oval of form were staring back at him. Fiery red and dangerous like tiger’s eyes.

His long, white face reminded of a snake. His smile was full of malice, but his eyes were filled with hate and pride. They stared at each other.

They stared at each other. And there was thunder.

The rain ran down their skins and the demon-like being now also spread its black wings. He as well held a black sword toward the angel.

It was raining.
They stared at each other silently.
Then, only the sound of their swords could be heard. Gasps, sound and an angry scream.

The blood red sky got filled with a cold laugh. Cold and defined by insanity and chaos. This is how it sounded, the demon’s voice. He had sunk his head into between his shoulders and a triumphant laugh still echoed through the storm and rain. And through the thunder.

Then he let his head fall and slowly closed his mouth after he had stopped his laugh. His red eyes now again stared at the angel, which was now holding his bleeding chest and bending.

And the angel’s wings became weak.

The white corner of the demon’s mouth formed itself once more into a mocking smile. His eyes twinkled dangerously at the angel, which stared back at him. As he held gasping his breast and stared back with light blue diamond-like eyes, through his pitch black hair.

And the voice of the demon rose silky and dark, “In Lucifer. In i-ka-EL” (I am Lucifer. I am like God.)

Again the cold and amused laugh of the demon rose as he sunk his head back in between his shoulders, barking.

As soon as he had done this, he felt the silver blade of the angel penetrating his chest. The demon’s enemy had pulled his arms forward to push his blade into his cold heart. The demon which still had his head pulled into his neck and was looking up toward the thunder light, widened his eyes.

And the angel’s voice rose.
Gentle and smooth. Generous but still determined.

Mi-ka-EL? (Who is like God?)




All of this information is available with the exact above given dates in the Internet and “digital evidence” is jumping in any researcher’s face. Saba wanted to disguise the dream in a “poem form,” so she didn’t have to say openly that she experienced a heavy spiritual dream, she told me in 2012 when we found each other again and our old friendship got revived.

I did not make this up, it came from God to me, and parallel to many other people on this planet, completely separate from me. God obviously is showing clearly, that who you called on Earth Michael Jackson is in his spiritual higher Self the famous Archangel Michael himself. He was here. And if you did wrong, you failed the test. If you are clean spiritually and have love and light in your heart and soul, you succeeded and treated,

talked and thought of Michael Jackson in compassionate and honest and fair ways. No human being has the right to judge a stranger. Wake up. Analyze the truth behind any negative feelings you might have, grow further, develop yourself and make better of yourself!

777 Michael Jackson IsIs Susan Elsa Spiritual Twin Soul Flame
Around the same PHYSICAL AGE: Michael Jackson around 30 late 80´s, Susan Elsa around 30 in the year 2013. © Twin Souls Merging Phenomenon

CHAPTER 4.1 From the Unjust “Razzia” to Court: Michael under Attack

From 2003 to 2005, I got into a depression, as if I am feeling Michael’s depression from far away. I had already had the premonition, that scary dream showing me his death and let myself totally go. I even started for the first time ever in my life to gain weight. I worried, knowing this is a big conspiracy, that they would just put him in jail even though he is innocent.

When the Internet was still new and not many people had it at home like we do today around the world, I had found the original FBI files online about the first false case against Mike. What a pity I don’t have it anymore. I lost many things while I was in Los Angeles as well, dizzy and half unconscious while people stole things from me or simply broke and damaged property out of stupidity and disrespect toward me. In there it became clear for any reader that this whole accusation was made up and fake. The dentist, unhappy with his life, found out that his son got into contact with Michael Jackson and wanted to profit off of Mike. He used his son as a tool, not even caring for his own son’s future, friendship with Michael or his public image. They boy lied, having been manipulated by money and fame by his greedy father, who wanted to sell movie scripts to Hollywood and make it big with Michael’s help. The boy also described Michael’s body and genitals completely wrong, because he never saw anything like this of course. It makes me angry every single time to think about this and how it felt for poor, innocent Michael. One really wonders why this evil false accuser was never investigated or legally punished, even after 2005.

For Michael, the worst part though was when they embarrassed him by photographing his genitals and going into his home. It was like a rape for Michael, because he never done anything wrong. In fact, he fought only for peace and love and healing of this World and society, nothing else! You can’t punish a human being for being talented! Society should rather reward talent and ambition and therefore inspire humanity to grow and become better! You cannot molest a famous Musician all his life and abuse him and then try to accuse him of being the one who does this to others! This idea came directly from the pedophile devil’s mind and personal thinking of jealousy and sickness. It was a mental fight between Michael and the devil.

Let us be clear: Before the second false accusations and new attack, Michael traveled a lot around the world, meeting even with presidents and prime ministers of problematic areas to bring them the idea of peace closer. I remember clearly what his idea was to bring closer to these politicians of problematic areas: “We need to stop teaching the children to hate the other, each side does it. Instead we have to teach them to love the other and peace will be possible.” He was never interested in dirty politics himself, he only tried to talk with them as a human being, from heart to heart, to help. Clearly there are some very mafia-style and criminal weapons dealers on this planet who do not like to see anyone standing up for peace. They make their profit from dividing people and equipping then both fighting parties with their weapons and sell double. It is sickening. And when an innocent, peaceful artist like Michael or Elvis or even John Lennon use their stardom to spread good messages of peace, love, union and ant-racism, they attack them by first trying to ruin their reputation

and if that doesn’t work, assassinate them in sneaky ways, covering up everything via press tools and mass media. If you tell something often enough, people start believing it.

When I would visit Egypt with my family, suddenly all kinds of people would tell me, “Doesn’t Michael Jackson hate Arabs? Why do you like him?” It would upset me so much, because it’s all lies. Then I noticed that parallel, the worldwide press in a planned, global orchestration would report that Michael was anti Semitic. In the same breath they fabricated lies all over the press parallel that Michael didn’t want to have black skin and discriminates against his own people and wants to be “white.” What an insult this was to Mike. Can you see the strategy to purposely make his multicultural and worldwide fans dislike him by ruining his reputation with such lies? It was a way of trying to weaken his popularity amongst the people! I will open up about all the mainstream press strategies in this book and tell all I know, for I myself am being completely censored now while another is abusing my ideas absolutely illegally; they do and claim whatever they want! These people commit slander in a grand scale and belong in jail. Nobody has the right to lie globally and bribe and abuse money and power to attack an innocent, popular artist with fake lies trying to make his fans turn away from him! It’s not a legal behavior! And when you use the lie as a weapon, I will use the truth to fight you as long as I live. You should’ve never touched my label’s computers or my Michael, poisoning him. I will show you how deep twin soul bonds go, there is no death for me and I personally will be standing at the gate of heaven blocking you from entering and throwing your soul into the abyss if you don’t shut up and correct the lies, now. I am IsIs, the strongest most enduring fighter for love.

There are clearly some dirty political fingers involved in the attacks on Mike. I have a right to tell the truth. If you don’t like it, don’t read my book. In fact, if you don’t like to hear someone speaking up now for innocent Michael, you should’ve thought about it before harming him.

Shortly before they launched the second false accusations of child molestation against Michael, he was battling with Sony internally, being discriminated against behind all our backs. Mostly in the United States his new album “Invincible” was being blocked promotion-wise and covered up a bit so people would not notice he has a new album even out. Parallel, they started mocking him in the press, claiming his new album is a flop. All this stinking behavior was coming from Tommy Mottola and a few others in the business like Rupert Murdoch, which is one of the most suspicious media moguls owning many tabloids. He also was the one who printed first of all of them in his dirty tabloid, Michael’s deathbed. Tell me, where did you get that picture from when a legend’s death was still being investigated and evidence secured there? Very suspicious.

Because of all the lies, Michael decided then to give a new Interview. He invited Martin Bashir to come to his house and be on the road with him for about nine months. Let’s be clear: What we are talking about here is a global system of corruption in the press, the music business and generally the entertainment business. Bashir would have either gotten assassinated or fired if he did not do what they asked him to do, these hidden evil people who control weapons, oil, politics and the press. He did not disrespect Lady Diana the way he disrespected Michael and twisted his truth, editing the filmed material afterwards and adding in his own accusations. Michael trusted him only because Lady Diana was a very close friend of Mike and he thought Bashir is a good interview partner. But if you want the full truth, even Lady Diana was attacked and insulted over and over in the press, spied on, mocked and embarrassed. She was though a Princess and therefore more protected; they didn’t dare to play dirty games with her to the level they did with black Michael.

Lady Diana went courageously to mine war zones even and fought for peace and healing of the planet, just like Michael. Michael loved her. They talked hours and hours on the phone and all these phone conversations were spied on. There is a reason why in Michael’s Black or White Music Short Film he makes this demonstration dance at the end and screams Archangel Michael-style, behind him visible and clear something called ” Royal Arms” which during the scream explodes and falls down. The masturbation kind of dancing was his way of insulting them back and showing them that he cannot be bought or turned away from God and what is righteous. You know how men like to “compare,” this is a very male subliminal language, a hidden message to these white racists who kept attacking Michael’s peace in life. If you analyze for yourself freely, which

countries are on top economically and press wise, you will see clearly who is in this “club” of the Royal Arms and Weapons. Again, remember their strategy: Divide and Conquer!

If you look at the music charts even, how do you think they are made? Who decides who is Number 1 on the charts with any song or album? We, the people? The audience? I wish it was that way and that it was that way for a long time. Since Michael made it so far as a black, poor boy they are afraid of a “new Michael” and control everything even more, including the Internet as much as it’s possible for them without consideration for any laws. Radio stations get bribed by the few major labels, mostly American music labels, to only and solely play their artists over and over and ignore other artists even native artists from each country. So, Swiss artists are being discriminated against in Swiss radio, German artists are being discriminated against in German radio, Egyptian artists are being discriminated against in Egyptian media in favor of American “stars” they want to push into stardom. They decide to put out someone “big” and then play their system as they like; even reporters report what they are told to and in the exact keywords they are given by the few major labels, no free and honest reporting about any new American pop artist they want to push now. Sure, if you have more money you can buy more advertising, but what is the core reason that everywhere American music is always jumping in people’s eyes? How come only musicians from particular countries like England and America are being “allowed” to be on TV and have “media presence” all over the world, while other countries never reach such visibility? For example, how about India or Egypt? It is a very insulting idea to even think that it is because these other cultures and ethnic groups have less talent than white people. Sorry to be so frank, but Music and rhythm was invented in Africa, Latin America and exactly these other countries who’s artists get censored. Instead, their good ideas are stolen by the business bullies and re-used for themselves, claiming in all world press that they are “so talented and innovative.” This is what Michael meant when he said that they are killing real artistry! They think they can decide who becomes famous and who not, no matter who actually invented which idea like in my case after Mike’s passing. And when someone speaks up, what do they do? Push the button to their global fake system and bully publicly the person in the following styles:

Michael Jackson cannot handle that his new album flopped, look at him.
You are just jealous of our success!
Wacko Jacko
Justin Timberlake is the New Michael Jackson! (While Mike was alive and successful!) You didn’t sell as much as me.

You never had a number one hit song. You are a commercial flop.
Inventing Sexual Assault Charges Inventing Drug Rumors

And, and, and

That is how they arrogantly reply in public mobbing to anyone that dares to speak up truth, independent artists who sue these big fakers for stealing their work and so forth. They use the fake illusion they created to mock the victims with it. Michael never was “wacko” nor did his work flop. Look at them now; they all try to decorate themselves with a “piece of legendary Michael.” Why? You think seriously because his work ever flopped? No! Till this day he sells more than all of these new wannabe’s together! Michael also didn’t have money problems; they blocked his bank accounts and credit cards to bully and intimidate him! That is how powerful they work together like a network. And if you look closer at the new wannabe Michael Jackson’s they promote from, of course, America, you will see many of them promoting guns in their clips and poses on posters and covers. Gun, gun, gun. Violence. They present in the media always the same image: sexual provocations and naked women. As if we women only exist to be “used” by these dirty power-greedy and delusional people. These criminals used the public platform in front of all of your open sight to attack and fight Michael, Elvis, Bruce Lee and many others. They fabricated false sexual assault, rape and molestation charges against Michael and Elvis! They fabricated wrong drug abuse accusations against Michael, Elvis and physically super clean and fit Bruce Lee even! Same old strategy, open your eyes! And in the same time, they all stood up panicking and defending Roman Polanski, who actually did give drugs to a 13 years old girl and

raped her in all physical ways possible, while she was having an asthma attack. All the media defending the rapist Polanski, and attacked false on the other hand the innocent ones! Would it make more sense to you if I told you that Roman Polanski’s first American Movie was about the devil raping a married woman and impregnating her, with an emotional happy ending where she then accepts finally that she is the mother of the devil’s baby? How sick is this dark art?


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