Hello World

11/11/11 is a bright Day of Celebration!  11/11/11

On Friday the 11th of November 2011, the Archangel Michael 777 Blog has officially been initiated and opened “the Doors”!

What did you do on 11/11/11? If you have interesting stories you desperately wanna share, here is the Place for you to do so! Of course if you have any story you would like to share for our book projects, especially about the Archangel Michael, feel free to let us know here or through our main label website    @       http://www.mystery-garden.com

IsIs Power 11/11/11

Much Love & Light to everyone!

Susan Elsa

IsIs & Osiris- The Resurrection of the SOUL 777


4 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Hello dear Elsa,

    I have been looking at your videos, and trying to reach your email adress ever since 🙂 i have had an angelic intervention myself at just about a month ago, after a severe and life threatening black magic interference in my life. ever since, i have started getting informations about the very things you talk about, only in my case of course Michael was not a part of the story, however archangel Michael was for sure 🙂 i would be interested in getting in touch with you, of course i know you are very busy and i would understand not getting a reply from you for sure, but in that case take this as a greeting and as a support message, perhaps not from me but from my angels 🙂 love and peace!

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