Susan Elsa – Kundalini Singing Meditation © (Live TV Show Insight with English Subtitles) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777

Susan Elsa - Kundalini Singing Meditation © (Live TV Show Insight with English Subtitles) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
Susan Elsa - Kundalini Singing Meditation © (Live TV Show Insight with English Subtitles) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
Susan Elsa Kundalini Singing Meditation – TONE & SOUND TV SPECIAL Insight – 23rd May 2019 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Good Morning, my dear World

I hope you all had a good night sleep, like I did.

This article is again, an addition-article to my TV Show Insights, for educational, documentary purposes. It is an active element, like I said, not just reading we do now, but we want you to start really working on yourselves, actively.

It is important to not only understand theoretically spiritual knowledge and information, but at this point in time on Earth especially, to also APPLY the knowledge.

Note for Credit (also said in one part of the TV Show, but not in the part of the Insights here as one TV Show is 2 hours!): Indian Hand Mudras were shown and taught to me a while back already and for the TV Show specifically by my friend and spirtiual soul sister Nivi Ranjani, who also plays a guest role in our ancient Egyptian past life memory cartoon piece from 2014.

We have talked before in many articles about the Twin Soul Merging, the Aura, the Attacks and Interferences and what all this does energetically and spiritually in details, including sketches I made to make it super clear.

I do sketch also in my TV Shows.

Now, I have introduced many meditations, ancient Egyptian secret knowledge, full honest, live, unfiltered, on Swiss Television. 😎

And people love and enjoy my TV Shows, and I love and enjoy how wonderfully awake, educated, intelligent and spiritual the Swiss people are.

So, in this 23rd May 2019 Live Aired Show (we are on different channels), I introduced something very dear to me and personal, as a singer. And if you try it, at home, together with me or alone as you like, adding the Zen-Music to your exericse you like, you will FEEL & SEE for yourself.

This is an ancient Egyptian specific and personal IsIs technique from my memories, which I have used all my life. It helps more than just a mind focus, to free up, shake off negativity, open up the Chakra line, all Chakras at once, and raises the Kundalini Frequency, and helps keep the CROWN CHAKRA protected. The Crown Chakra is your bridge to heaven, and higher spiritual communication, including with any Twin Souls in Spirit or loved Ones in Spirit, Angels, and even God.

Susan Elsa – Kundalini Singing Meditation © (Live TV Show Insight with English Subtitles) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777

All rights reserved by Shiva Spirit TV 2019 and myself, owning my Content on the Show in Cooperation. No re-use of any material or teaching content is allowed, without prior written consent from me and my company, and singing a spiritual requirements contract to not twist or change any wording in my original teachings and personal information.

Please feel free to let me know feedback. I am working on a very ancient Egyptian spiritual Meditation type Music Album, for my TV Show Fans and Clients, as announced officially last year. The release date is secret, and the content too, because I am worldwide leading in reviving the ancient Egyptian spiritual music techniques since 2010, and in fact, the only one who can because I am also the one who did that in ancient Egypt as well.

Tipps & Tricks

When you have trouble, with the tone, pushing it back inside to sound inside your body like a room/sound hall, it does need little bit of singing technique. Or, you could say, singing is a part of breathing, energy and the soul powers too. Education on these things help, and I will make videos with little breathing and vocal exercises for spiritual purposes soon, for all of you who need little technique and want to become really good in sounding their body energy and vibrate more intense.

You may also begin by placing a lit candle in front of you, and make sure to find THE tone I describe, without pressure, without air in your tone coming out of the mouth. Try to keep the flame of the candle calm and on, that is a good known singer’s exercise for achieving this. And I love the idea of looking at a candle’s flame doing this exercise, it is a perfect combination.

Much Love & Light,

Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Miracle News: Susan Elsa receives direct Mind-Connection with GOD (ALLAH – JEHOVA-1000000X NAMES © ArchangelMichael777

"OUR MOTHER ISIS" -Original Female Archangel- Return from Ancient Egypt © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear World

A miracle just happened tonight, and now I believe in miracles. (reversed sentence order from Michael Jackson’s BLACK OR WHITE Song Lyrics)

I have been on the phone with Danielle Nova, sometime in the very early morning 2 days ago. And, I was so angry. I woke up, with a flash of anger over the ongoing abuse of my soul, my label publications and all this on purpose malice interference.

I was sweating and about to have a heart attack from the level of anger, over that Ciccone devil and others recent abuse, the disrespect level, at my soul directly, was unbearable.

I am always honest, raw, unfiltered, on this obviously truth-charged ArchangelMichael777 Blog.

I said a lot, things, that to be honest, I did not know at times, where it will lead exactly, and mainly listening to Michael. At times, a lightning type of energy would shoot through me, but it was always so attacked, held back, kept small, before.

I am connected to the Planet.

I felt the pollution and all that, weighing on my lungs.

I have had insight into so much, it is impossible to put inot a Blog, quick enough, by human hands, and, into one Book alone.

This is my life’s work, my unique spiritual role I always knew I will play someday, as a Child. I remember now that recurring dream…the one I never told anyone, not even Michael, in LA.

Now, I am myself bit puzzled by what is happening, but it makes sense. And, God moved me to type this now, today, right now, raw, real quick.

So, 2 Days ago talking with Danielle, she felt before I called literally a “worry about me”, then I called, totally losing it over what they do, venting, hitting stuff around me, physically.

Suddenly, I was like:”What is this, what is this?” in a very, curious way. I was suddenly stopped in my anger, and I felt a vibration in my 3rd eye, stronger than ever before. It was even outside of my body -in front of my face too, and it kept expanding to my nose and forehead up the crown too I think.

Suddenly, as I looked, wondering who is doing this, I felt my mind connect directly to God. And it was gentle, powerful, but gentle, soothing, subtle at first then total sudden divine mind insights. Directly. Seeing Gods thoughts, feelings, direct telepathic communication. And I was told, this is my new gift.

That was it.

I told Danielle, wow, all this time, the thing I worried about most is MY MIND, my magic tool, in the middle of a healing spell for the planet, look, look what they create with their evil energies! So, I knew suddenly, for all time now, and for the rest of my life, God literally directly protects my Mind now, from THE INSIDE.

I am the skeptical, spiritually logical, spiritually intellectual type personality, always have been, even in ancient Egypt exactly already.

My knowledge surge began by PAYING ATTENTION. Simple. Listening, to God.

Now, I myself would think, no that is not possible, she is “crazy” probably.

Ok, let us prove it, more and more, gentle but powerful and clear like the SUN, from now on from today.

"OUR MOTHER ISIS" -Original Female Archangel- Return from Ancient Egypt © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa – Archangel IsIs Reincarnated © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul – ArchangelMichael777-God


Well, if you think about:

  • Archangel Michael being literally the Archangel enforcing God’s Will /Mind Decisions
  • And, me Isis remaining after Osiris was killed by piece of shit evil Set, it is an insult what you did removing the feminine from everything, when I was the one who kicked Set’s ass and am cited to know “God’s secret name” in historic writings you found.
  • This is about HEALING, for all of us. This is exactly why this sacred knowldge and work, can only be done BY THE ONES GOD CHOSES, NOT HUMANS

It should make absolute sense, like it did to me just before, that I am now literally paired in my will and God’s will in agreement, and ready for the most powerful magic. I am ready to enforce God’s will, with my Magic, globally, by pure mind power, not even going out the house necessary or a single word out loud.

Before, it was so merged, I felt my energy in third eye, but also from God, like I am just honored and allowed to watch, and then, at a timing that I felt slightly before, focusing my third eye, blue lightnig suddenly precisely after, bam. I did it again, after a bit of nothing going on, and bam, it hit again. It was amazing, and weird, to see how God steers that with his/her mind. Everything.

I am shocked, positively.

Can we please heal the World now, bring balance back and fairness so EVERYONE can live and evolve, the original purpose of God’s will for this Earth?

Think about it. For God only wants you to come to God, if you want it by free will and get it, understand it. Before that, you would not be ready anyways, so finally I do understand very deeply the genius of the free will concept God created.

Thank you, from my Soul.

Much Love & Light to the World

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit

© ArchangelMichael777


The Susan Elsa Predictions: TV Future Predictions Reading for Donald Trump – 20th Dec 2019 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Susan Elsa Predictions - Donald Trump Live TV Future Reading 20 December 2019 © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official - ArchangelMichael777

Dear World

This is another special article on my 2019 TV Shows (I am still on, will be back on air soon with something special).

In that TV show, on 20th December 2019, I was kind of freestyle although I prepare the topics and Tele-Seminar-Style Shows that are my personal Style and Brand known by now in Switzerland. This here, the title says:

“Grosse Liebeslegung” which means in German, the big love reading. Meaning, it was a reading focused show and not much teaching. I work hard to prepare the best TV Shows and people know by now, tune in to Elsa on TV and you will learn things nobody else teaches on TV so open, especially about Twin Souls. I am the first TV TwinFlame Expert and I am happy the truth is prevailing, for all Twin Souls.

As you can see, Michael just suddenly convinced me to do a reading for Donald Trump, elegant, yes a love reading my way, but I see so much more. I do not reply to questions by a word, I reply with a book, looking into your souls. A WHOLE BOOK of information, because it is my spiritual precision work style since I can remember.

It is how my mind works. I can be physically exhausted and not have eaten long or slept, and my mind still goes clear and crisp. This is a scientific facts, I have a unique brain, it was looked at in 2004. Guess why, my TWIN SOUL BRAIN is unique.


There are certain TV Rules, as in Media laws, that ban psychic TV Shows from making personal, like if someone calls in and asks if they will die, I am not allowed to reply to that, or the TV Show can get fined and myself. Also, lets say, someone calls or texts and wants to know, if they have cancer in their body, I am also not allowed to reply to that (which is logical to me anyways) – because it would be a medical diagnosis and obviously, not allowed too by Media Law.

Health Questions are forbidden.

So, when you watch, you can see in this edit of the reading from that show that I do have moments of sudden silence. Me. You see, I am a faucet of information on the flow, people noticed my huge library of knowledge freestlye in my head, no notes, no thinking, no pausing, just talking pure teachings, for 4 hours a day live on TV. One TV Show lasts 2 hours!

Here, in an embarassing way, I have to admit I had zero information on Donald Trump, I know some private stuff as in joking around with Michael, never “having had one problem with Donald” Michael said, and that Donald is a good man and was a good friend, he enjoyed talking with, also about women. That is all I knew, no birthdates, no mother first names of his and Melania’s, obviously, I did not even know actually that his daughter is married! (Yes, I do never look at the news or study/chase people’s information)

So, I had no idea what was going to happen and just told what I see. What I can tell. The one thing I left out there was:” 2 times clear vision of lot of death/mourning coming”. I wondered why, and also, it was not told to me that this is it, there are always opportunities through FREE WILL to HEAL AND IMPROVE and rescue therefore.

But I definitely saw, like 31st January 2020 in that MichelAngelo Italian Restaurant where we were for the TV late Christmas dinner, that “a lot of death is coming”, and I wondered why. It was so bad end January, that vision in the Italian restaurant, that I felt crushed for days after and missed and canceled the TV Show following this Weekend.

So, it is specifically about the CORONA PANDEMIC SITUATION IN AMERICA, the end part that I kinda showed too openly still in my body language style but verbally quiet.

Not about Donald personally, Donald Trump is fine.

I will be blogging intensively this and next month about this situation, and give you real worldwide exclusive insight into the keys to solve this health, and even more so, economic and overall global human society situation and well being, for the future.

Oh, and did I tell you yet, that I suddenly have a deepening connection to the memories from Nostradamus mind, directly? Oh yeah. I told you, he was also an incarnation of my Twin Soul, Michael was Osiris in ancient Egypt AND Nostradamus in the late 1400s – early 1500s.

And, as usual, I am PROVING it to all of you, step by step, deep, irrevocable, logical, scientific, magical, historical and real modern too.

The Susan Elsa Predictions - Donald Trump Live TV Future Reading 20 December 2019 © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official - ArchangelMichael777
The Susan Elsa Predictions – Donald Trump Live TV Future Reading 20 December 2019 © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official – ArchangelMichael777

More Coming Soon, there are more Predictions in this TV Show, but for later than the time now yet to come, so I will on the go have it translated and upload special insights for educational and documentary purpose, plus with it these additional update Blog Articles.

Much Love, Light & Healing to the American People

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit

© Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog 2011-2020


Blessing the Soul of Stanley Chera, for he was a good man, by Archangel Michael © May 2020