Copyrighted Book Excerpt from “Archangel Michael´s Wedding” © MGP Publishing

Spiritual Pop Art 777 © by Susan Elsa Channeled Drawing
Spiritual Pop Art 777 ©
by Susan Elsa
Channeled Drawing



“An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.” Ancient Chinese Proverb of the “Red String of Fate”

This is probably the most important message I have, for all the people in the World who “miss something” but have no clue what it is. This knowledge has been hidden for a purpose by evil people.

I myself have never heard this term, before Michael came back to me sent by God, in a way only I can see him. He said literally, “I will only manifest for you in this way.”

It is the very core message Michael Jackson symbolized as well in all his life and his work. Simply love. But what is the deeper message?

If you believe that you have your “own single soul,” I have to tell you unfortunately: You are wrong, you have been told wrong.

Your soul is half of an “over-soul.” You have another half, literally. This is the so-called Twin Soul. Your twin is like a twin, which means, you mirror each other. You share one soul. You share one fate. You share one mission and life plan, completing each other.

The constellations vary. Some are born, both, at the same time or in different birth years having a bigger or smaller age difference. Most of the time, one is born/incarnated into a physical vessel, while the other stays in the spiritual realms guiding the “born one.” If you meet your twin soul it is a sign that you are highly evolved spiritually and ready to “return to heaven.” It is always a sign of a final and last incarnation, because then God leads the two together to merge and connect deeply and complete each other, hand in hand, and then you continue on the ladder of evolution of the soul and go to the next life form together.

The emotions can be very extreme and challenging. The magnet anchored inside each of the halves attracting the other half is so strong, that if both or one is not ready to get together, it can have devastating results on both. That is the main reason why God leads a twin soul only back together, when both are ready. Then, you are in Heaven, no matter where you are or what you do and experience. They key to heaven is the twin soul and the true, deep love between them. When both are ready, it has the opposite effect: Healing on all levels, a feeling of never being alone and knowing you have one being which goes through all good and bad with you. A feeling of knowing the other at first sight and meeting is sometimes tough for stubborn people. The love between twin souls is at first meeting already there, it does not have to build or “happen” or adjust. It does not have to grow. It is already there and both feel it and recognize the other, seeing oneself in the eyes of the other somehow.

Often, twin souls share the same body marks, especially if they had previous incarnations where both especially were related. In my case, for example, Michael has been Osiris and I was IsIs in ancient Egypt, which means that we were siblings. We were brother and sister. Therefore, we look a lot like back then, except that Michael was always black as Osiris. He only “turned white” because his body was reacting to me incarnating into the same World. During his childhood, he got a little mole on his left cheek, a light round one. During my childhood, I got a light and round mole, a copy of his, on my right cheek. Literally, God put a visible evidence bodily on our faces, symbolizing how we are each the “half of the other” so when I reveal this now in 2012, people can see it with their own eyes and make up their opinion freely.

Besides that, Michael morphed into a feminine look, showing you clearly with his changing looks, who he had in mind. God’s planning is beyond any human intelligence and brain. I am walking evidence, a walking message of “Twin Souls.” It must be that way to fight the strong lies.

So, if you learn from my story and research other’s stories about their Twin Soul meeting, it will help you to remember your true love and magic. God gave you such a wonderful present with your Twin Soul; it is all that matters finally. Your company through eternity. Even the death process and birth process, both experience with each other, feeling the other from afar. When one is happy, even if both are strangers to each other in the physical world, the other half feels suddenly happy on the other side of the world. You are your Twin Soul and your Twin Soul is you in the same time, still being slightly different. Even though both are one or share one

and the same soul, you still stay individual and are slightly different completing each other. I truly believe this is who “Adam and Eve” really are. The story of Adam and Eve is about Twin Souls!

For a final and full realization for both Twin Souls to recognize each other, they have either to merge physically or spiritually. Physically means, making love physically, even though some people might still refuse to see the truth of the connection blinded by society, when physically uniting. Spiritually can be as friends platonically as father and daughter, mother and sonor from afar or even, in constellations like Jean Cline and George Reeves, while one is spiritual, the other physical. That is the wonderful part, death does not exist and one can still make love to the twin soul after one of both goes. Michael Jackson never really died, only half of him went to “Heaven” and this dimension is closer than most of humanity thinks. Besides, Archangels simply don’t die. Simple as that.

Copyrighted Book Excerpt from “Archangel Michael´s Wedding” © MGP Publishing

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  1. I have something to share I like this person he’s famous just like Michael, at first I wasn’t drawn to him but after seeing him in their music video it’s as if he’s somehow talking to me. I try to say to myself “it’s all in my head” then on 11/29/2014 I heard his name on a female tennis match the amp hire called his name then I had my first dream about him on 1/11/2015 it was really vivid then I remember his band mate saying “can do anything for you”, my second dream is on his birthday 1/25/2015 then my third dream on 2/17/2015 this I felt the most we were kissing and it feels soo real it’s like my lips are really moving when I wake up my mind was completely blank 3/7/2015 he was talking to my mom idk what their chatting about then I ran he was chasing me…every dream was vivid. I try to forget but his bday appears to me everytime prices, exp.date, jackpot prize and everytime I turn the channel his music video always shows up…. I don’t know our past lives. But all I want to know is can my twin flame like come me in my dream and transform himself on what I want to see??? I try astrology and numerology but in my opinion I think twin flames are beyond that if you want to know here is my bday 4/7/1995 and his 1/25/1996. I really need help.

    1. Dear Patricia. Your experience sounds definitely like an authentic Twin Flame Dream connection! How interesting. I would like to reply to you more in private, via email. So let me do that now, as I always like to respect people´s spiritual privacy and we are more free talking in private. So, check your Email for more 🙂 Big Hug to you full of Light! 777

      1. Thanks!! What’s a twin flame dream connection exactly? Is he in spirit form or is he my twin flame he doesn’t talk to me in dreams just like to cuddle

      2. And my first dream about him was his old hairstyle but on my 2nd dream it’s his new look and the dream was clear it’s as if I’m on that scene! And I was staring at him from a distance my 3rd dream is his old hairstyle same as the 4th dream when I was kissing him his hair style is the old one, also, during my 2nd dream it’s as if he’s being interviewed with his band in a private room where me and my friends were there, I remember my friend smirking at me in some way. And my 1st dream my old schoolmate was there she said “Your so lucky” and if I remember her bday is on 1/11 same as my first dream…..are this coincidences? I don’t want to expect too much..

    2. No, this is not coincidence. Trust in your experiences and trust in the spiritual realms! The cuddling part is good, his soul seeks your closeness. The Twin Flame Dream Connection is simply the “Out-of-Body” eternal Connection, where when human beings go sleep, their body might be sleeping and inactive, but the soul inside wakes up and becomes active. Twin Flames often meet in “Dream Time”, you can meet on linear and non-linear time, you can see him in a past look, moment, you can see him in the now and in even same clothing he really is wearing in physical, and all those things are possible, including even to see the future. This is why he has different hair cuts I think, as this connection is beyond space and time. Thank you so much for sharing, what a beautiful vibe your dream carries. Trust it, let God guide you, God is obviously showing you things and guiding you. Trust in it, you are on the right track! 🙂

      1. The fun part is everytime I dream of school his always there seating in the back or a road trip with me in it. Don’t we need to be asleep at the same time to dream together? And do this signs mean that union is very soon to come??? Sorry for asking so many questions I feel so very comfortable sharing with you my experience it’s as if were bestfriends😊😊

      2. And lately I dreamed of me watching him and myself like doing a reenactment of 50 shades of grey, even if I was the one watching I definitely feel the kiss, by the way from what I know he has a girlfriend right now and I googled her bday and it’s 1/11 same as my schoolmate and dream.. I wonder if our union is just right around the corner

      3. And since you and archangel Michael are close can you like uhh how do I say this pray for us? Like for us to be positive on what’s ahead on our union

    3. Well, I understand that you have many questions and it is natural to be totally curious about the twin flame reunion, as soon as one starts remembering the longing in the soul becomes more loud and clear. Try to view the dreams as a sign pointing the right path, guiding. Follow your dreams, note them down, reflect on them, without projecting anything on this specific guy now I mean, but put the focus in yourself and your own inner soul core, and note down thoughts and feelings, and visions. All this is already Archangel Michael, your personal Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, and many other Angels available for more support at anytime. And yes, we can most definitely focus prayers (light) for you.

      I just want you to know, that you are always welcome to share and ask anything you want to ask, and please know, for sure and with certainty, that all is well and whole already. You are already connected with your twin flame, and there lies the key. Be happy, appreciate, discover, enjoy, let it surprise you, and guide you, and see where your soul leads you to on this journey. Stay open minded, and trust in your Guardian Angels. There are specific Angels accompanying Souls throughout Life here, knowing of the detailed life plan and goals, and they support you to fulfill what you came here to do and experience. You may also ask them directly, as this empowers them to act, because they respect free will and by asking, you declare directly your own free will that you “accept angelic help in this”.

      Enjoy the Start of Spring 2015! 🙂

    4. Whenever you think anything with a lower, negative vibrations, try to not continue into it and cut it off, calling on Archangel Michael , and Archangel Metatron, the Archangel of Thought, to shield your Mind and help you focus on a Positive Mind. This will give your dreams wings sooner than later, and make them come true and pull your Twin Flame automatically closer.

      Vibrate and mirror out love, joy, happiness, good thoughts, and it will reflect back from your true Twin.

      Take Time, sit down, play nice soothing Music, or sit out in Nature. Breathe in Mother Nature´s Energies, and feel connected to all that is, Earth, Heaven, and “tune in to the heart connection to your twin flame”. Then just “listen in” and really try to just listen and note down what comes through.

      Let yourself and your mind relax, and trust the Angels. They can open your insights and energy centers in body and soul, and many other very supportive healings and energy works.

      That´s an advice Michael said to give you right now, to work on for this beautiful Spring Start 2015! Let me know, how it went.

      1. I will surely tell you the experience, if our souls our in sync in the astral dream, will meeting for the first time be a recognition or will he ignore me?

      2. I’m going to thank archangel Michael for his advice tonight, I googled a twin flame victory prayer. And it’s been a week since I started that prayer

      3. By the way are there potential twin flames? They say you will always have a potential twin flame, so this person is not exactly your true twin?

    5. Dear Patricia

      Did you by any chance receive my email I sent you? If not, please feel free to email me directly,with subject “For Susan Elsa” and it will not be read and I will reply from my personal email, since I cannot publish that here for privacy reasons:


      Lets talk more private there, I like to be open and honest and like to also know your privacy is respected here. We can also talk, like on Skype as an example. Let me know.

      But for now, please know, and I really mean KNOW, that Archangel Michael is maybe not so talkative generally (as he likes action more than words actually, its his personality)- but he is always around and you do not have to worry. What you heard, sounds like a beginning angelic voice you perceived, on a psychic level. I guess it can be irriating at first, as society on Earth and everyone keeps pretending daily, as if such things “are impossible” and “a mystery, who knows if angels really exist or not”- those mainstream ideas on Earth are very limiting and wrong more often than not.

      Rely on your trust toward yourself. Try to always stay calm and in trust toward God also and the light. You will need to evolve your faith, because once the spiritual perception opens up, you see all things, good and bad, and have to stay calm. It´s like, superman eyes, in a spiritual sense. This will also be a part of your twin flame reunion, anyways, and therefore is a good sign and good experience what you are experiencing and reflecting on. I am here to help and guide with Michael.

      Oh, and about that some people you said write online about some “POTENTIAL TWIN FLAME” – (I had to giggle here with Michael) they are liars. Try in such moments to call on the Angels Protection for your Heart, Mind, Soul and all your Aura and keep it off, cleanse it off your mind.

      I will explain why:

      the saying “potential” twin flame, the words, what they mean, and what is being expressed by these false teachers online is absolutely evil and filled with the mind-set of evil and jealousy.

      What they are really saying here (forget the nice words they use probably to decorate the lie)- is that someone can be a POTENTIAL twin flame meaning, someone has a chance to BECOME someone else´s twin flame = twin flame interference into the original created true twin flame.

      There is no “potential twin flame”, the combination of the words is a joke. Either it is the TRUE TWIN FLAME, – OR IT IS NOT.

      You can have, as everything is connected with spiritual energy, have in family, friend circles, partners over your lifetime, your own children, your animals at home – pets, all you can have special spiritual experiences with! Why put that down, all of the beautiful creation around that you and your true twin flame can enjoy, here, and in many many worlds beyond this one?

      That is GENERAL spiritual truth. When a psychic reads someone else´s mind, or past secrets, or future events, then they happen straight out, how you think for example, it would happen, and be done really? Like this!

      Spiritual evolution is the keyword here. Like some people have more evolved skill in some dance, or some cooking form, or some engineering, others have more evolved skills in other areas and this is life and individuality of the soul.

      And, when you meet your true Twin Flame, trust me, you will know, and you won´t even think of asking anyone about if it is the true one or not, because that is exactly and precisely the DIFFERENCE between the one and only true twin flame, and all other souls you encounter.

      It is overwhelming. It feels physically, when you touch, like his body is like your body, like it merges energetically into one.

      Big Hug, email me! 🙂


  2. Hi! I did what archangel Michael told me and here are the results. My
    inner core is enjoying the music (Christmas bossa nova) I feel light
    and somehow calm at the same time chirpy. I stopped projecting the guy
    for 2 days now, and dreams don’t come to me. Is it possible that he
    could be a potential twin? And not my true twin?. I’m worried. I’ve read an article before that they’re are what you call potential twin flames, I wish I could just connect with him.

    1. Please watch for your language on the comments section, as we try to keep this accessible to all also to younger Readers. I also do not like to see your personal information so intimately posted for public to read and see. Please email me, you have my email and I have no idea why you deleted your Facebook account again, to comment in public Blog section again.

      Wishing you a nice Weekend and waiting for your Email.

      Love & Light,

    1. I have a few doubts …can u help me out if m on the right path ???
      can u leave ur mail id so I can get back to u in private

  3. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you I had this dream well not exactly a dream, a female voice whispered to me “twenty one, twenty one, twenty one” It was calm and soothing. I thought I was having a nightmare. But I woke up just fine.

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