Mystery Garden’s Egyptian Magic™ by Susan Elsa -DEVELOPMENT & LAUNCH 2017-2020

Posted on August 4, 2020 by Susan Elsa’s Music-Movies & Fashion Style Blog

Susan Elsa's

Mystery Garden's Egyptian Magic by Susan Elsa -DEVELOPMENT & LAUNCH 2017-2020 Mystery Garden’s Egyptian Magic by Susan Elsa -DEVELOPMENT & LAUNCH 2017-2020

Dear World

This is another Blog, I began in 2017, together with my New Beauty and Fashion Brand Development accompanied by Insights on Facebook, Instagram, my Blogs as well as

my official YouTube Channel for that. Now, we are ready, a bit later than announced last Year on my TV Show in Switzerland, but I am a perfectionist.

This is a small teaser, giving insight into the evolution of my Beauty and Fashion Brand to be shown on secret Release dates, bit by bit.

t is a childhood dream and vision I have been evolving and working on, natural and real

on myself, all my life. My Brand is as usual, paired with my Persona and Soul.

This is why the first very long prepared and researched Product, the ancient Egyptian Eyeliner named “Wings of IsIs” will be

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