The Osiriean Sistas Podcast *Concept & Podcast by Deja & Dee* Episode 2: Special Spiritual MJ Talk with Big Ace from the Funky Bunch & Susan Elsa © Deja Ray & Dee July 2020

Dear World

This article today is for my soul sisters.

A few weeks ago, Deja Ray and Dee just started this wonderful Podcast idea, overnight as I was sleeping. I woke up and saw it and was very much liking it. I could have thought of it myself, but I did not, they did. So, I just want to give credit and share that it is also this experience and their creativity that got me to make my Podcast for this Blog then too, the ArchangelMichael777 Podcast.

All those Podcasts are available to listen into freely on Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and more, officially.

So, based on the ancient Egyptian studies I am giving my soul family, the Daughters of Osiris & IsIs, the Podcast is called creatively @Osiriean Sistas.

The Title or naming “Daughters of Osiris & IsIs” is literally the term that was used meaningwise back in ancient Egypt, for especially my female Students and Soul Family members, as certain powers cannot be learned on Earth and must come naturally from within the Soul and be given prior by God. Those things cannot be faked. The male students were named Sons of Osiris often, so the Title is authentic ancient Egyptian combined with modern Language.

In the above interview type talk with Big Ace from the Funky Bunch, you can hear him share his experience about Michael’s impact on him and his career and dance evolution, and learn deeper insights into how the whole Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg) & the Funky Bunch, New Kids on the Block and especially, New Edition came to light, influenced heavily by Michael Jackson’s performance style and energy.

I am on it to introduce Ace, as he will be joining us for further Podcasts again especially a Video Podcast soon, where you can see him and we do a DIGITAL DANCE TRAINING WITH BIG ACE, getting into the Osiris Dance Energy spiritually all together, for Fun and good Energy.

And as you can see, not everyone that works in Hollywood is the same, these people are good people, I visited London as they were filming this Movie I totally need to watch, called the “Infinites”, literally about past life memory in action. It was a pure business trip and friendship, and I am not sharing of course anything on these things, but you will see great things we are working on right now. Ace is a wonderful artist and Enterpreneur und I am happy to see him get into the ancient Egyptian full spiritual focus now. No doubt he too did have a past life in ancient Egypt, for sure.

Dear readers, if you want to help find the Pharaoh that looks like Ace, you are welcome to comment with links or photos you find and help this search to locate his earthly data about the past life. This will be fun.

More soon.

We’re sending out a Love & Light Major Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit


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