The June Garden – SUNBOAT SPECIAL – Osiris & IsIs and the Heavenly Boat Ascension Story – Articles Series PART 2 – © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear World

This is the second special article for today, May 23rd 2020, with material held back and waited with for the right timing in 2020. I have traveled, once again, through Egypt’s lands in Winter 2018/2019, and then again for a special Ritual at the Pyramids for my TV Show Clients and their invidual Magical Amulets, in June 2019.

Now is the right spiritual time to begin showing you insights from these travels, temple walls and clear history truth, twin flame original ancient knowledge and more.

We are washing the History and very Soul of ancient Egypt clean again. We are taking our energy back! And, we are opening up very modern and easy to understand, the original secret knowledge up to the World today, because it landed in the wrong hands and was plagiarized, abused and to now heal the Planet, People and the energetic consciousness fields right here, it becomes necessary to cleanse all your consciousness and thoughts, your minds, from the “Roman Setian Soul Virus”.

Let’s begin!

The June Garden - SUNBOAT SPECIAL - Osiris & IsIs and the Heavenly Boat Ascension Story - Articles Series PART 2 © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The June Garden – SUNBOAT SPECIAL – Osiris & IsIs and the Heavenly Boat Ascension Story – Articles Series PART 2 © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The above image is from Cairo, from the Sun Boat Museum, a hall structure located right next to the Pyramids, literally next to where it was dug out. It was buried next to the Pyramid on the side, by itself, with care and effort, taken apart into pieces, and stored and hidden under big stones as seen in the little video I made for you all to see for yourself.

The Sun Boat is not just a depiction on some wall reliefs, it is a literal, physical, huge arch like boat that the ancient Egyptians made and had also, in general, for travel and trade by the way.

In this case, as on Earth so it is mirrored in the Celestial/Sky. There was also a so-called moon boat, but more about that below. First, I want you to look at the following video footage from Egypt, and think for yourself about why this is not commonly known or talked about really, while everyone knows the Pyramids.

What is the Original Use of the Pyramids and Meaning of the Pyramid Shape Spiritually? © Susan Elsa 

The Pyramid shape meant something particular in ancient times, and it all has to do with connecting to heaven, and, ascending to heaven. It is like a vessel, pushing upwards – POINTING INTO THE SKY.

So, it is a form of navigation element, for the overall big precise spiritual science we did and understood back then. Then, next to it was the Sun Boat, also, a vessel for ascension for the body (soul body).

Everything about ancient Egypt was sacred when it comes to especially the funerary buildings, tombs and rites. It was certainly not even possible to just join such an act, as a foreigner or other people,as it was a “religious” act and the very auric fields involved mattered, as this was the core knowledge of how to even begin doing such things. Impure or untrained spirits, that did not even believe in the same faith, were not allowed to WORK on it.

The Pyramids are much older than the later, forged, Roman “New History” claims.

And, the Sphinx is even older and stood there long before the Pyramids. The Pyramids are an evolved structure similar to Obelisks in the earlier Phases of the Ancient Egyptian Era. It is all about ascension, INTO THE SKY, upwards energy.

If you go there, you may sit on them, visit, it is very good energy in fact and can help you connect more upwards with your Crown Chakra. But I recommend not going inside, if you are not one of us, because there are spiritual protection spells on it, very strongly, and it is not allowed to enter the shaft of the ascension “elevator line” in the core of the Pyramids, if you are of lower frequency and do not believe in the same things.


Again, my role as the Woman in the Twin Soul Situation, not just some Woman, but the intitiated soul of the female side of Archangel Michael, just a very early earthy incarnation, connected to things that actually happened in Spirit, in the dimension right above this one, before the VEIL WAS PUT THERE.

The Veil is a Curtain Energy between here, and above, so nobody can even see the Secrets of Heaven from here, originally.

Things are changing.

The Sword Power is totally coming back to me, and it is very special to be in human form still and experience this and see all this insight.

I see the memory clearly, of guiding like, through my mind/energy/vessel somehow Osiris/Michael to Heaven, the Ascension Magic, I did that again intuitively back in 2009, in a way I will not give more information on here, of course.

I see those ramps of dimensions, and this boat sail type feeling, seated on something (boat made of my energy somehow), flowing no hindrances, with the absolute respect no interferences, until it arrives in Heaven.

This is exactly why, everyone even some Setians, called on ME, IsIs, and of course Osiris, to be “like Osiris”, and ask for my Wings of Protection, to safely and for sure get to Heaven.

It is like a protected, fixated, solid but floating fluent flight energy.

Everything the later ancient Egyptians took so serious for thousands of years, is based on our story and the knowledge humanity achieved from it, here on Earth.

Ancient Egypt Ramesses II Big Temple Statue © Ancient Egyptian Mystery Truth on ArchangelMichael777 Blog
Ancient Egypt Ramesses II Big Temple Statue © Ancient Egyptian Mystery Truth on ArchangelMichael777 Blog


It is very disappointing to note, that Ramses II (featured for a particular reason in Michael Jackson’s REMEMBER THE TIME Short Film) – was from a Setian Dynasty.

Meaning, the family of Ramses, including Seti I especially (Name Meaning: Man of Set) introduced in all seriousness the forbidden stuff – making a Temple Complex in the DESERT on the right side of Egypt on the Map, out there into the desert, because Set was “ruler of the desert and chaos”.

Point is, Set is all about jealousy, war, cruelness, killing without hesitation or guilt and all these devilish qualities, for which Ramses II loved him, and later the Romans and many others, till this day, glorifying EXACTLY AND PRECISELY ONLY THE SET WORSHIPPERS FROM ANCIENT EGYPT, making tons of respectful documentaries about them, BUT NOBODY ELSE.

That was the pre-model, the template for the Romans and in fact other regional groups and little tribes, who sought greedily power and started worshipping Set, before Romans invaded. You can look it up.

Stay aware, that it makes sense if Set is an ancient Egyptian devil, that humans are humans and some, make mistakes and are stupid, for greed and power, and some people fell for that trap and thought, Set can help them, conquer, invade, steal lands from everyone. Like Seti I and Ramses II and basically the whole Ramses Family Dynasties.

Those fuckers dared to build a Temple for Set, which is forbidden, highly forbidden and invites a heavenly divine Curse /Karma to the Region and bad energy, plunging it into a lower dimension in energy.

In that temple complex in the desert back then at Sepermeru, they also stole Nephtys, because she is a helper of me, IsIs and Osiris, and Anubis as well, these both were insulted and defamed later by Set worshippers.

Nephtys is not who she is made out to be in many stories or made up information, just like he wants what I own, Set also wants her powers too and to take revenge for helping me and Osiris.

We will be revealing the actual and detailed truth, in the time to come, soon, not lacking all important parts. The memory of this is important, healing and empowering for the mass consciousness and not just personal.

Nephtys was the spiritual Nurse that aided me with the Healing and Ascension of Osiris Unnefer, meaning, also, myself, as in Twin Souls always being One. Anubis also helped me, obviously, and no, he is NOT anyhow related to Set and is from my side, always has been close to me, not Set.

I am myself, not anyone else claiming attributes of my history for themselves! I take it personal, it is Set’s ways and anyone you see, dear Readers, that takes sacred core parts of original information, then reuses it, removes and changes names and outer appearances, then removes the original history slowly and tries to “take it over by deceit” is OF SET LITERALLY AND A “SETI”.

On the other hand, there is a literal, detailed, very ancient and very scientifc in depth teaching from Osiris & IsIs, and Horus and Amun Ra and more, that on the GOOD SPIRITUAL SIDE of HEAVEN you can connect to and be of and in resonance with.

And this is all it is about, finally. Free Will.

Will you decide to walk left, or take the right path?


The original ascended Masters /Angels and Archangels still exist. It is merely a wording issue, and translation, time and mainly plagiarism and forging of originals, in twisted new ways and versions, that has clouded the clear sight.

But this is exactly why Twin Flames return to Earth, especially the Original ones, the teachers, the one who experienced certain things themselves and are a witness of God, for history and truth.

Recently, I am totally getting into my ancient magical shape, and Danielle Nova is with me every step and her Twin Soul. We talk regularly and are looking spiritual x-ray style into all history now, further and further back.

I know the truth, my story especially, and by memory and higher knowledge would literally live, since weeks, say things to Danielle, then bit further we read it or on another page and get historic spiritual confirmation, all the time.

It is time to bring back the Original truth, and not just that, but to make sure the vampirsim /theft of our soul-light and mind-light stops. And it stops with me, Archangel Michael/Osiris Unnefer.

Plagiarism is not okay, especially not, if it is about personal information, and, sacred spiritual power-knowledge that is forbidden to even access unallowed, and then, to abuse. It is not okay to try and use secret knowledge you found, or knew once a bit of, to TRAP OTHER INNOCENT SOULS FOR THE DEVIL, on purpose.

Then the whole time since weeks this Ciccone is going nuts, with her inner jealousy and possession by Set’s evil female twin spirit, and she keeps lashing out completely working for this Roman racist crap and being a spiritual vessel for evil. Simply spiritually dumb…a nobody in spiritual heavenly Hierarchy.

You can make a pakt, with Set, which then is your personal problem by free will, but to take the whole World into the game, is a huge spiritual crime and not allowed.

THE MOON BOAT © Susan Elsa Spiritual Original Teachings & Property

Let me tell you a little insight into the harmless seeming ancient symbolism and language, which is a very serious thing though behind the MOON BOAT, in comparison to the SUN Boat (meaning as we said, going into the LIGHT).

The Moon Boat ain’t going into the Light, and is a special Curse Boat, Spiritual Judgement Boat bringing you somewhere else, so, enjoy, watch out. There is literally nothing you can do to avoid this one…

It’s time for a serious talk on the Planet about these things.

The Osiris & IsIs TwinFlame Soul Teachings

Beginning shortly, we will be having special Booklets of more active Teachings, Exercises, private space type teaching booklets from our TWIN EYE Mystery Schools which you can download easy from ETSY.

Stay tuned for the first one will be ready soon!

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa © ArchangelMichael777

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