The Susan Elsa Predictions: TV Future Predictions Reading for Donald Trump – 20th Dec 2019 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear World

This is another special article on my 2019 TV Shows (I am still on, will be back on air soon with something special).

In that TV show, on 20th December 2019, I was kind of freestyle although I prepare the topics and Tele-Seminar-Style Shows that are my personal Style and Brand known by now in Switzerland. This here, the title says:

“Grosse Liebeslegung” which means in German, the big love reading. Meaning, it was a reading focused show and not much teaching. I work hard to prepare the best TV Shows and people know by now, tune in to Elsa on TV and you will learn things nobody else teaches on TV so open, especially about Twin Souls. I am the first TV TwinFlame Expert and I am happy the truth is prevailing, for all Twin Souls.

As you can see, Michael just suddenly convinced me to do a reading for Donald Trump, elegant, yes a love reading my way, but I see so much more. I do not reply to questions by a word, I reply with a book, looking into your souls. A WHOLE BOOK of information, because it is my spiritual precision work style since I can remember.

It is how my mind works. I can be physically exhausted and not have eaten long or slept, and my mind still goes clear and crisp. This is a scientific facts, I have a unique brain, it was looked at in 2004. Guess why, my TWIN SOUL BRAIN is unique.


There are certain TV Rules, as in Media laws, that ban psychic TV Shows from making personal, like if someone calls in and asks if they will die, I am not allowed to reply to that, or the TV Show can get fined and myself. Also, lets say, someone calls or texts and wants to know, if they have cancer in their body, I am also not allowed to reply to that (which is logical to me anyways) – because it would be a medical diagnosis and obviously, not allowed too by Media Law.

Health Questions are forbidden.

So, when you watch, you can see in this edit of the reading from that show that I do have moments of sudden silence. Me. You see, I am a faucet of information on the flow, people noticed my huge library of knowledge freestlye in my head, no notes, no thinking, no pausing, just talking pure teachings, for 4 hours a day live on TV. One TV Show lasts 2 hours!

Here, in an embarassing way, I have to admit I had zero information on Donald Trump, I know some private stuff as in joking around with Michael, never “having had one problem with Donald” Michael said, and that Donald is a good man and was a good friend, he enjoyed talking with, also about women. That is all I knew, no birthdates, no mother first names of his and Melania’s, obviously, I did not even know actually that his daughter is married! (Yes, I do never look at the news or study/chase people’s information)

So, I had no idea what was going to happen and just told what I see. What I can tell. The one thing I left out there was:” 2 times clear vision of lot of death/mourning coming”. I wondered why, and also, it was not told to me that this is it, there are always opportunities through FREE WILL to HEAL AND IMPROVE and rescue therefore.

But I definitely saw, like 31st January 2020 in that MichelAngelo Italian Restaurant where we were for the TV late Christmas dinner, that “a lot of death is coming”, and I wondered why. It was so bad end January, that vision in the Italian restaurant, that I felt crushed for days after and missed and canceled the TV Show following this Weekend.

So, it is specifically about the CORONA PANDEMIC SITUATION IN AMERICA, the end part that I kinda showed too openly still in my body language style but verbally quiet.

Not about Donald personally, Donald Trump is fine.

I will be blogging intensively this and next month about this situation, and give you real worldwide exclusive insight into the keys to solve this health, and even more so, economic and overall global human society situation and well being, for the future.

Oh, and did I tell you yet, that I suddenly have a deepening connection to the memories from Nostradamus mind, directly? Oh yeah. I told you, he was also an incarnation of my Twin Soul, Michael was Osiris in ancient Egypt AND Nostradamus in the late 1400s – early 1500s.

And, as usual, I am PROVING it to all of you, step by step, deep, irrevocable, logical, scientific, magical, historical and real modern too.

The Susan Elsa Predictions - Donald Trump Live TV Future Reading 20 December 2019 © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official - ArchangelMichael777
The Susan Elsa Predictions – Donald Trump Live TV Future Reading 20 December 2019 © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official – ArchangelMichael777

More Coming Soon, there are more Predictions in this TV Show, but for later than the time now yet to come, so I will on the go have it translated and upload special insights for educational and documentary purpose, plus with it these additional update Blog Articles.

Much Love, Light & Healing to the American People

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit

© Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog 2011-2020


Blessing the Soul of Stanley Chera, for he was a good man, by Archangel Michael © May 2020

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