He had values. And he cared about HONESTY. He had bigger plans. Besides that, Elvis Presley was a real artist, more than even most of his fans can grasp, and he had a voice that could shake mountains. He could SING, dance and had real SOUL! And Elvis definitely has his own identity, his own style. He came from very poor circumstances, and became a Legend with pure methods.

Now, after August 16th 1977, some new singer came onto the scene, trying to make it, which is her right of course. It is alright to have dreams, be creative and all that. But it is not alright to lie about another human being’s very SOUL and eat off of it energetically. Someone, who passed and had to endure a lot. He told me that Madonna claimed publicly to have his soul inside her body and that it upset him, because it was a lie disturbing him in his afterlife, when his peace should be respected. There are universal laws God made, and another human being’s soul is not a playground for self-decoration or an investment to make money, or worse, a tool to edit the truth. You can’t use other people like a buffet for self service and take whatever you need from them, name, ideas, clothes, energy, link your aura and so forth. The Legacy. Elvis Presley wants to say clearly, that he has nothing to do with Madonna, no matter what she herself claimed back then and how she keeps linking HERSELF to him. His Soul never went into her body after he passed like she dared to claim publicly, nor is he in any way related to her, nor does he have any spiritual, physical or emotional connection to her. More will be explained about his real “soul-mate in Heaven” in Chapter 7  ”  –

The Spiritual Side of Rock & Roll- Elvis Message from Heaven (2012 Book) by Susan Elsa -Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson: Madonna was the Inspiration for Dangerous Song Girl Message - Oscars Date BAD-Dangerous Years Era
Michael Jackson: Madonna was the Inspiration for Dangerous Song Girl Message – Oscars Date BAD-Dangerous Years Era


  1. I have never liked much of Madonna’s music, and to see her lying about Elvis Presley is just sickening. I hope she finds salvation, because she’s on a very dark path right now. Sometimes you can just tell when The Evil One is using a person, and that’s how I’ve felt about Madonna.
    Keep up your good work, Susan. Even if Madonna tries to steal from you, she can’t beat the original!
    I love your sense of style, Susan. Keep going with your unique vision and message!

    1. Thank you so much for your support and beautiful spiritual mind! Yes, it is becoming obvious because in a way, it is funny, as we aim this legendary Archangel Michael Sword at them, they jump out and expose themselves, dumber and clearer than ever before. Which shows you that it is really happening, for all of us, innocents, twin flames, the World is finally being freed from the Evil One. And did you read the Article from Danielle about Set’s Twin and my writing on it too here recently? This is exactly what I missed and am here for! To catch the one I let get away from an emotional, angry moment in which Set only was karmically bound/arrested in a pentagram curse/spell. Or as they said later “kicked out of Heaven by Archangel Michael”- but his feminine counterpart got away. It is her, that female demon, that these people fully aware let her use them, as a vessel, and they all behave the same then, like her, try to IMPERSONATE ME, like her, try to stalk and obsess with Osiris sexual energy and want to interfere, exatly like Set but female, the other side of the Devil. They all also wear blonde wigs and dress in the “same persona”.

      We, the good ones, are about to party soon though. Everything is healing, it is too late for them by now anyways, the work is already done, we just watching it MANIFEST MUCH SLOWER for our human eyes yet 🙂 Much Love & Light to you and a big hug, Susan & Michael in Spirit

      1. Yes, I read the article on Set’s twin. And you know, I was always drawn to the Ancient Egyptian story of Osiris and Isis. I used to read it a lot when I was a child. I felt there were some powerful symbols in there. Now I see it really is the original twin flame story.
        I know what you mean about obsessive stalkers, and how they try to interfere. It’s sad, but Jimi Hendrix faced the same stalking kind of interference in his life. There was a blonde lady named Monika who ended up turning against him on the night he passed away. For years, she lied about how he died, and the truth is still hard to find.
        Jimi has told me many things in spirit, and one day I will write them down on my blog, so the world will know the truth.
        Thank you for being so kind, and keep spreading the healing vibes! 🙂

      2. very interesting, I didnt know the story with the blonde woman trying to mess with Jimi’s legacy, but it is somehow typical. If you ever need to talk a bit, we can talk on the phone anytime 🙂 Thank you and keep up the bright mind! Love & Light ☯🎶🌹⚜🔮💖💖

      3. Oh, thanks a lot! I don’t own a personal phone, though. Is it okay if we communicate through email? I would love to write to you. 🙂

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