Ancient Egyptian Set’s Twin: Breakthrough Spiritual Article by Danielle Nova © The Spiritual Nurse on ArchangelMichael777

Hello Dear Readers.

I hope you all are doing well in the troubling times we are in, things are on the upswing energetically and believe me when I tell you that things will improve very soon. In the meantime, I must enlighten you all on some very, very serious stuff that Susan and I in the recent days have uncovered in regards to the real roots of a variety of things.

Think back to my previous article, when I told you all about the dream that I had when I heard Susan’s voice say repeatedly “It is better to go back to the real root than to an artificial source.” Keep this in mind when reading the rest of the article, folks. Get ready to have your mind blown. I myself thought that I knew what this dream message meant, but it didn’t become clear until the recent days.

Archangel Metatron Making His Active Alliance To Us Clear – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

In the past week or so, every time Susan and I have been on the telephone things have become clearer and clearer and things have happened spiritually in REAL TIME while we were talking. About a week ago while we were on the phone I noticed that I kept seeing a quick flash out of the corner of my eye in my periphery, someone standing in front of my closet door. Whenever I would look where I saw it I didn’t see it anymore. Even before Susan and I sat down for our conversation, I was seeing it repeatedly that whole day. It happened three or four times while Susan and I were on the phone and finally I mentioned it to her and she was seeing the same thing! It was clear that this was a being that wanted to catch BOTH of our attention the same time.

Susan and I focused together, trying to figure out who this being could be and why they wanted both of our attention at the same time. I kept seeing the letter “T” over and over, and I told Susan I felt that whoever it was, his name began with T.

Susan intuitively looked up quick, names of different entities and famous figures from Ancient Egypt because we both felt an Ancient Egypt vibe from whoever this person was. We also felt that this being was letting us know, by the both of us seeing the same thing at the same time, that they wanted to help us with this situation we are currently in. Susan has a spiritual assignment, I’ve got my own spiritual assignment, but we also have a collective assignment that Susan and I and Michael and My twin soul Samuel are collectively working on together along with many many other beings and souls that are currently incarnated.

Archangel Metatron, before he was known as Archangel Metatron, was actually Thoth from Ancient Egypt. Same being, different name.

The being we were seeing was either Thoth, AKA Archangel Metatron, or someone VERY closely related to him as in a spiritual son or so, that was coming through so clear to us both at the same time. This is a VERY positive sign guys, trust me.

The Female Half Of Set From Ancient Egypt – My Past Life Memory Of Her When She Was Incarnated As An Italian – Recurring Nightmare Memory © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

I have had many past incarnations as different nationalities, one very clear one was when Samuel and I were incarnated as Native Americans together at the same time, which was why he appeared to me in this way when he first came back to me in 2017. This was the most important incarnation for our soul evolution when we were both Native Americans and together in the physical. However, there are also many many incarnations that were important. Samuel has slowly been showing me different things, in our own pace for things to resurface from past life memories. About five or six months ago Sam showed me a heinous aspect of a past life incarnation of mine and it had me in a weird funk and negative mood for four or five days after he showed me. Just like in this lifetime, I had also in a past life been a victim of sexual violence in childhood. This is why it happened again in this lifetime because in my previous lifetime when it happened, I did not heal from it back then and it took me years and years being in spirit and healing with Sam before I was ready to come back and continue our soul mission. It had a different effect on me in this lifetime, and even though many times I was on the brink of it destroying me, I have somehow in this lifetime transmuted it to fortify my soul’s strength and evolution.

This is one of the many reasons why it wasn’t until the recent days that Sam has allowed this other past life memory to come up.

When I was much younger, in high school I started having a recurring nightmare. Each time I had it, I woke up so scared, and felt this dark cloud of energy all around me. Each time I had this dream I had to meditate and shield myself for at least thirty minutes before the feeling of danger went away fully. This nightmare started when I was about 15 years old, and I have had this dream over and over again since then throughout the years, the most recent time about three months ago. I’ve had it about six times since it first started.

In the dream I was in this huge house, it was so big you could almost call it a mansion. It was clearly very old and was dusty all over, didn’t look lived in at all, and looked abandoned to be honest. When I entered this house, I saw a little boy and a little girl standing at the top of this grand staircase that you see when first enter the house, both children were both the same height and body build. The little girl walked away and the little boy was telling me to “not go to her part of the house, she will get angry.” I wanted to explore that part of the house anyway, and when she found me in the part of the house the little boy told me not to go into, the rest of the dream she was stalking me and trying to kill me for exploring and seeing what she had hidden in that part of the house.

I am Italian American in this lifetime. Susan and I have discussed MANY different topics privately and since the very beginning of our friendship I felt almost instantly like she was an old friend. This is not very common for me to have these feelings especially about FEMALE friends, I always got along better with males versus females. Women are catty and women are competitive and jealous or that is at least what I have seen in my experiences with my friendships with other women. I never one time in the three years we have been friends gotten that energy or that vibe from Susan. So, of course, naturally in our discussions we have talked about a plethora of different topics because I feel I can be totally myself when I am talking with her, not worried or bothered that if I am truthful and myself that it would cause an argument or a spew of jealousy or competition from her.

So one night we were discussing Italy and the way it was prior to the Roman Empire. Italy had a positive harmonious way about it back then and there was a mutual respect and friendship between Italy and Egypt. Ancient Italy learned a lot from Ancient Egyptian traditions and teachings. And yes a lot was implemented into their daily lives but it was never in anyway twisted, manipulated and pirated and stolen the way it became from the Roman Empire. It was legitimately RESPECTED and cared for and Italian people back then had a true and genuine understanding of the spiritual truth of things that the Egyptians showed them. The Roman Empire stole so much knowledge from Ancient Egypt, removed so much of it and manipulated it to remove the twin soul knowledge, which let’s be honest here, is the legitimate bread and butter of so many of the Ancient Egyptian teachings. You take the twin soul aspect out of it and all of the teachings and stories lose their point. It’s a shame really, when I think about how much potential Italy had back then with the road they were on. Their path could have been very very different. So, it begs the question then. When did the Roman system thinking begin, and how did it come out of such an environment of Italy before the Roman Empire, which was full of love and peace and tranquility and RESPECT for Egyptian Knowledge?

As Susan and I were discussing this in that phone conversation, we were trying to zero in energetically and intuitively on the answer to this question, and then we got it together at the same time. Set himself was bound by Isis’s curse back then, but NOT his twin soul. When you think of the mirroring aspects of twin soul dynamics, what Set did in Ancient Egypt with Isis and Osiris of course would mirror on to his twin soul. And not only that, even when all of that went on with Set, Isis and Osiris back then, Set’s twin soul was not doing what she should’ve been doing back then and trying to direct him in a different direction.

Set’s twin soul had an incarnation as an Italian back then. She got into the consciousness and the minds of the leaders with the most influence and directed their thoughts to turn against their friends and allies, the Egyptians who taught them so much sacred knowledge.

As we were discussing this literally my entire BODY started to react to it. I haven’t had this happen in a very long time, the last time was years ago when I started to let myself talk about the abuse I went through as a child. Then I had one of the biggest “a ha” moments of the year. The recurring nightmare I have been having since years, was a past life memory of Set’s twin soul that I had from back when I had an incarnation as an Italian when she was incarnated at the same time, manipulating people. She was very cunning and convincing and it was almost a game to her to see how easily manipulated people could be. My entire body was shaking from head to toe and it took literally two hours for my body to calm down. Back then, I saw through her. I saw the truth and tried to show people and she knew that I saw the truth of her (like in the recurring nightmare I was “exploring” her side of that house and then she began hunting me).

Samuel has been letting these memories come in a little bit at a time, and I do not remember all the details yet, all that he has shown me so far is everything I typed out above.

What The “Real Root” Really Means – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

The feminine power is a VERY important one, obviously. Women are the passageway of the spirit world to come into the physical world. The mother role in people’s lives is one of the most important and lays the foundation for most of their relationships for the rest of their lives, whether they are men or women. So if someone’s mother is under the influence of an evil manipulating demon who is purposely trying to mess them up in their informative years and truly change the course of their lives for the worse, of course it would effect the course of their lives. For men this will determine the way they treat other women when they are older and for women this will determine their own relationship with the feminine which will cause issues internally within them, which in turn would of course effect their twin soul connections. Set’s twin soul has caused so many people’s lives to be potentially destroyed, and at the very least effected negatively, because of women who are open to their manipulation.

STAY AWARE GUYS. There are good men and women out there but the same goes for the evil ones. Recognize the games and the tactics and the signs of which side the people you are dealing with are on.

I am going to leave you all with this.

MAJOR love and light to you all ❤

~Danielle Nova and Samuel (In Spirit)

Danielle Nova - The Spiritual Nurse (Original Title) © Danielle Nova - MGP Publishing March 2020
Danielle Nova – The Spiritual Nurse (Original Title) © Danielle Nova – MGP Publishing March 2020

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