Archangel Michael’s Marriage – Mystery Book by Susan Elsa *NEW* © Susan Elsa – MGP Publishing 2020

Archangel Michael's Marriage - Mystery Book by Susan Elsa *NEW* © Susan Elsa - MGP Publishing 2020
Archangel Michaels Marriage – Second Book by Susan Elsa – Mystery Release Date 2020 © MGP Publishing

Dear World

I am very excited to announce, for the 10 year anniversary of my Twin Soul Pop, which I started on my personal Birth Date in 2010. That anniversary is tomorrow, 14th April 2020.

A long time we fought, battling in our thoughts, and now the light has reached our hearts. Its lyrics from one of my Songs called “Twin Birds”, which was channeled and recorded in a music studio in Bermuda, at the “Triangle”.

This is a good point to begin with.

So much has happened in the meantime. I am not much out there, have had a long break from blogging, taking care of my Company and helping people with causes, books, and Music Publishing, to bring more fairness to the Arts World.

I want to see everything like a heavenly Garden on Earth, and people all happy and understanding that we are all one, including the animals and mother nature is the home we are together living in.

You might have guessed, that there was going to be a “Mystery Surprise” again for 2020. We had spoken in many releases, projects and movements about the 2020 Quantum Leap. Remember?

I am very excited, very healed, very happy and the new book will be definitely surprising in many ways. It is not to be compared with the first Book, that I wrote while still recovering from everything that happened, as a form of healing via truth energy also.

Now, its all about you. All of you.

And Michael has a surprise, big surprise (as I am typing this, my wild birds who came and moved into my balcony are literally watching through the window glass from outside my computer screen and made a noise when I typed that).

A Spiritual Hug from Michael - Special Psychic Spiritual TwinFlame Soul Book for the MJ Fans Michael Jackson Fanmily - FREE FOR EVERYONE - © Susan Elsa - MGP Publishing
A Spiritual Hug from Michael – Special Psychic Spiritual TwinFlame Soul Book for the MJ Fans Michael Jackson Fanmily – FREE FOR EVERYONE – © Susan Elsa – MGP Publishing

Besides my Book that I am announcing, a very special Mystery Book, I am also writing with Michael in Spirit a little but unique Book, ancient Egyptian style, for all the Fans. It will be beyond magic, and very real in its spiritual energy. Michael is already helping so many people, and I am constantly getting wonderful stories told by MJ Fans /Fanmily as I prefer to call you all.

So, anyone who has a spiritual Fan Story of Michael to share, which you want to have featured in my Book, please don’t feel shy to reach out and I will put it in, so others can learn as well, how Michael interacts now with his Fans, in Spiritual Form.

He is very strong. He is Michael, simply.

Now it is all about YOU

Twin Flames do not come here, and especially not someone like Michael or me, to just be, hang out or do things of superficial nature. It goes deep and is highly spiritually steered from above, always. Thats the socalled Twin Flame Mission, the plan that both follow, to do something bigger, to help, to heal.

This is exactly what is happening. I am so thankful for all your love and support, I am positively surprised and I have to say, I would not be so strong and healed, if it wasn’t for all of you showing me, that there is hope and still good souls, compassion and innocence in this World.

The way you stuck to Michael and keep defending his innocence, and keep seeing it clearly no matter how much they lie and bend and spit and shit, is beautiful and a sign of strong, strong souls, loyal to God and the Angels and all the Innocent.

Thank you so much, from my Soul.

You are the new Generation Michael saw coming, aware, strong, spiritually empowered, to heal this World.


Obviously, many people, MJ Fans and non MJ Fans, have noticed that Michael Jackson’s music, energy and example are needed, once again, in these difficult times.

He was right, and peope are waking up to it.

He sang once:”Make a little space, make a better place, heal the World, make it a better place, for you and for me, and the entire human World”, but coppled with the EARTH SONG, another big song from Michael, you know with everything he represented that animals and Mother nature must be included in this equation.

Now think about this:

We create dis-ease and dis-order. Animals live, like us, like certain plants and trees and flowers, in certain climates. Adjusted, instinctive, natural, intuitive, being who they are, such as Bats.

Now, Bats eat lots of insencts mostly such as MOSQUITOS and spiders. Mosquitos have brought a lot of disease and killed many, many people in history. So, you see, Bats are made in their own way, to fulfill their role in Nature, and cleanse the air in fact of things. They do not hang out with us, they do not bother us and we should leave them alone, in their natural space, to do what they are supposed to.

I know, I know, you would love to be like them, have a super-immun system and all that, but then, I am asking scientists out of curiousity here: Are you then also willing to become Bats yourself to be that way? Are you going to start eating mosquitos and like for example, vampire bats, drink different blood, and try and hope to strengthen your immun system that way over thousands of years?

I do not want to be a Bat, as much as I love Bat man and Bat woman and all these movies and comics, as a fantasy.

To be or not to be, this is the Question, Shakespeare said once. It goes for this as well.

Bats over a long, long time, in their natural role they are, were exposed naturally to all kinds of viruses or natural material in nature, that strengthened their immun system that way. Because they are, like “hardened” by their natural diet and life form, habits and so forth.

We ARE something else.

We are not made to be exposed to diseases and dangers, constantly, just to “get a super immun system” to be able to live in a “dirty world”. You understand what I mean?

We pollute the environment, the air. The grounds, the rivers and waters. The earth, the fruits, the insects going around such as mosquitos, stinging animals, stinging humans with viruses and so forth, and then, Bats eat it.

So, in their bodies, which are here like a nature’s lab, diseases manifested we indirectly created, polluting their food in unnatural ways.

Think about it.

Lets change how we treat nature, then animals, and also each other. Thats the key to heal the World.

Much Love & Light to all of you and HAPPY EASTER from my Heart 💕☯⚜🌹✨🔮✨🎵🎶💌

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit

© 13th April 2020  – MJ TwinFlame Soul Official Blog on ArchangelMichael777

2 thoughts on “Archangel Michael’s Marriage – Mystery Book by Susan Elsa *NEW* © Susan Elsa – MGP Publishing 2020

  1. What a beautiful post! This really resonated with my heart. God Bless You and Michael.

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