“Backstory Behind ‘Spiritual Nurse’ Name – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

“Backstory Behind ‘Spiritual Nurse’ Name – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

"Backstory Behind 'Spiritual Nurse' Name – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020
“Backstory Behind ‘Spiritual Nurse’ Name – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020

Hello Dear Readers.

I realize that you all know a very small amount of information about me, other than what I have shared with you all on here. I wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know who I am and where I come from, and a bit about my past so you can understand fully why I do what I do.

I was a nurse since 2014, I live in New York and I have been guided by Sam my twin soul in spirit since about a year to walk away from nursing, long before the coronavirus hit the scene. I even made a video series on my YouTube channel, titled “the ten things I wish I knew before I became a nurse”, with all of those prospective nurses and new grads in mind, to inform them of all the things that I cannot unknow since being in the field. Let me preface this first by saying that there are many innocent pure souls who are in healthcare, and just because they are still a part of healthcare does not mean that they are a part of the problem or even are aware of what is going on, on a big picture level as a whole. Those of my colleagues that are still in the field and are on the frontlines, I am sending energy of love and healing and strength to you all daily, and please just know that I am always with you in spirit and you are friggin ROCKSTARS!!! You all are what will bring America back into healing and we all thank you so so much.

How Sam Guided Me In The Beginning To Go To Nursing School – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse

Back in 2012 I was a waitress at a casino in Louisiana. I was very comfortable with my routine and my place in the world back then. I was comfortable, mainly because where I was in my life required zero internal growth within myself. Back then I never even believed that I was smart enough to get into nursing school, never mind complete a nursing program and graduate. And not only complete it and graduate, but then go out there into the field and practice nursing! The thought of it shook me to my core and genuinely didn’t register that it was even in the cards for me. Back then I truly felt it was outside my capabilities to accomplish.

This mentality I had back then was a side effect of not only who I was with at the time but also a prize of my childhood. It took me most of my life to be comfortable in my own skin and believe that I was smart enough and skilled enough to not only hold the title of “nurse”, but to accomplish anything really.

So, this is why it was so shocking to me, when I was on my way home from work one night when suddenly there was a very loud persistent voice in my head that I continued to hear for a week or so later, “You must go to nursing school”, over and over and over again, so much so that I could NOT ignore it anymore. I looked into it, looked into what was required of me to even be accepted. I sat down my boyfriend that I was with at the time, who I lived with, and told him what I was planning to do. I wanted to include him because this was going to affect both of our lives very drastically.

He was very supportive and on board with it in the beginning while I was in my pre-requisites to get accepted into the program. It wasn’t until I was in the program that he began to try and do anything he could to make me fail. The faith that the guidance that I kept hearing in the beginning had in me was stronger than anything my ex could dream up to throw at me. And eventually, I started to believe in myself as I moved through the program. I knew, it didn’t matter what he said or did to stop me. I had to do this and I WOULD do this. That was all I knew. The rest of it at the time, to be completely honest with you, was nothing but white noise.

Fast forward to August 2014, and I held a charge nurse position on an Alzheimer’s unit before I even passed my boards. Me! I couldn’t believe it. I passed my boards within my first month.

How Having My Nursing License Saved My Life In 2017 – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and in my adult life I am a survivor of mental abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, gas lighting, verbal abuse, intimidation, harassment and stalking. I am no stranger to someone attempting to fragment your soul to the core of you.

My parents were separated when I was three and my mother, my sister and I moved in with my grandparents shortly after. When I was 9 years old until 11 years old I was abused by my step father at the time. My grandfather was very sick back then, he passed away from cancer. My grandfather was the sun of my life. My dad wasn’t really around, and even when he was I always felt a strange distance between him and me. My grandfather stepped into that father role for me and the bond him and I have has never ever gone away. The abuse began shortly after my grandfather transitioned to spirit.

So, fast forward to the beginning of 2017. I finally allowed myself to start to heal from what I went through as a child, but my ex who is a textbook narcissist had an issue with me healing the root of why he had the control over me he had to begin with. It drove him crazy that he couldn’t stop me from achieving graduating nursing school and becoming a nurse despite his numerous attempts to sabotage me. He drew the line at me healing because he knew it was over. To be honest, it was over way before then. And to a narcissist, when they see they are losing control that is when they become the most dangerous.

He screamed at me one night until I gave him the green light to have sex, essentially against my will, because it took 20 minutes of him yelling at me and me going into the bathroom and crying for ten minutes before it happened… I knew it didn’t matter what I said, he demanded sex and that was that…. and that was when I knew, he is dangerous and I cannot stay in the same state with him never mind the same apartment. Things got really bad really quick. I had to leave to come back to New York without him knowing, he wouldn’t even allow us to be broken up before then. He would continue to come to the apartment unannounced, even when we were broken up officially, I even woke up one day with him laying on top of me.

So, February 2017 I made the venture back to New York to come back to my hometown, where I grew up, to start my life over.

If I didn’t have my nursing license, where I could get to work right away, me moving away from the danger I was in would have been a HUGE issue financially, and I doubt logistically if I didn’t have my license that it would’ve been possible to make the move.

My nursing education and nursing license, if not for any other purpose, served its purpose in that respect alone. I will always be thankful for that.

Sam Has Been Guiding Me Away From Nursing Since Years – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse

Regardless of what I would do in my nursing career, what I would give of myself to my patients and my job, no matter how much I would give and give and give, at the end of the day nobody ever saw this as something that mattered. All they would care about and pay attention to was their own egos, the politics of medicine, and who looks and sounds the most correct. The medical field is intended to be a collaborative effort of all medical staff. Nurses, doctors, HHAs, CNAs, RDs, respiratory therapists, nutritionist, etc, we are ALL meant to work together for the greater good of the PATIENT. So, why is the patient never the main focus of attention?

In the picture below is my refrigerator. On the refrigerator is every piece of art I have ever received from my patients. I have a GENUINE and honest connection with them. This goes way beyond the typical nurse-patient relationship of medication administration or wound care. This is a heart connection between me and them that will always remain regardless of the fact that I will never step foot into scrubs again in my life.

Danielle Nova Refrigerator Patient Artwork – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse

I am showing this to show you that me walking away from nursing has nothing to do with me not caring about my patients. It is quite the opposite, I care very much. But the truth of the situation is me being present in the field or not anymore will not make a difference. The only thing it will do is expose me to not only the coronavirus but see my patients suffering and feeling helpless. My talents are not for the sake of the American healthcare systems wallet.

When I see these things, when I look at my refrigerator and see all of these pictures from all of my patients through out the years, and all the memories that flood back to me as I look at them my heart is filled. But regardless of that, the AMERICAN medical field has a ton of evolution ahead of it, no matter what I am giving of myself into the field.

I will support my patients from afar, energetically and at a distance. It is a necessity for me to help them, but it is also a necessity for me to stay out of the medical field.

Months ago, Sam my twin soul guided me to initiate a video series on my YouTube, “The Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Nurse”. Like I said above, the target audience for this content was nursing students or new grads who wanted to see an honest opinion of the nursing world. BTW, right after launching this video series, suddenly my email was being spammed by New York Board Of Nursing asking me to participate in surveys etc. I did not acknowledge them and declined, I know that they spammed me suddenly because they saw my content and therefore knew my opinion already on their practices.

Please see below some of my videos from that series:

Check out the upload date on all of these videos, folks. All of them were uploaded long before the coronavirus hit the scene.

My main focus along with Sam that we focused on together was the medical field being exposed for what it really was, taking out all the fakeness that America puts out there to the public to give the facade that the priorities of the system are where they need to be.

And look at what’s been happening now. Healthcare workers have hardly had the proper PPE, exposing themselves and their loved ones to who knows what each day… the Governor of New York Michael Cuomo asked nurses and doctors to come out of retirement because the nursing shortage was so extreme and many of them who came out of retirement contracted the virus and have already passed away.

The verbiage they are using talking about the virus too is something to pay attention to. That they are “declaring war on coronavirus”. Taken technically and at face value that assumes that to be in the healthcare field you are also accepting the chance of dying at the frontlines. We did NOT sign up for war.

Sam and I are everyday sending you all positive energy and love and we fully support you all especially during this special time.

Stay tuned for more articles to come.

Love and Light and Blessed Be my friends.

~Danielle Nova and Sam (In Spirit)

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