Dreamtime – The Fisher King – A Special Message From Robin Williams In Spirit For The World During Covid 19 Pandemic – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse

Dreamtime – The Fisher King – A Special Message From Robin Williams In Spirit For The World During Covid 19 Pandemic – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse

Hello Dear Readers.

I had a very different idea for my next blog article I was going to publish prior to tonight and a dream that I woke up from about 30 minutes ago took precedent.

Prior to falling asleep I was working on my book and I was writing about childhood and how we all have innate spiritual abilities that we use naturally and organically as children. I also was touching on the fact that as we grow older our use of these abilities tend to fade away, but the abilities themselves remain in our core, in a sort of sleeping state. All we have to do is tap into them again to wake them up.

Childhood is a magical time. We all start out the same way, with a clean slate and an honest focus. We all start out innocent and all of us as children have a very activated soul light and an honest perception on our life’s purpose. When I was a child all I wanted to do was to help all living creatures, people and animals alike. I remember there was one time where this moth was flying around in my house. I was around 5 or 6 during this time. I thought that the moth was trying to escape the house, so I picked it up innocently and tried to help it and put it outside, unaware that the powder on the moths wings enables its ability to stay alive. When I placed the moth outside the moth was dead. I cried for two days after that with guilt, feeling that I cut its life short. I buried it in this area that my sister and I would play in our backyard of our house, we used to call it our “secret mystery garden”. It was a very small area where the trees were bit overgrown, and there were vines that would always grow up the side of our garage which was detached from the house. There was space between the back of our garage and the neighbors fence that we would play in where the vines hung from the top of the roof. I wanted the burial to be private and special for me and my moth friend, so it was just me and the moth. I dug a little hole for it outside in our secret mystery garden behind the garage, told its soul that I am sending it good positive energy and that I was sorry its life on the planet was over.

I didn’t realize then of course that I have a very innate special ability to help souls transition to spirit, as my twin soul Sam and I have done many times since him coming back to me on 9/18/17. Within a week of him making direct communication and contact and me remembering who we are, as a completed soul and our soul’s innate spiritual skills and abilities, we wasted no time and went right to work, energetically assisting souls transition who were needing a bit of help completing the process of transitioning into spirit. It was difficult at first, and when I first was learning through Sam how to use this skill and was remembering this soul knowledge slowly it used to exhaust me and I would have to sleep for days after. Like I said, these abilities always remain in our soul light, in our core, sleeping in a kind of deactivated state. It wasn’t until Sam came back to me that I finally started to remember our mission and our skills.

When Sam Brought Robin Williams In Spirit To Our Spiritual Home In Dreamtime © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse

In the beginning of the dream I was sitting in my apartment with a telescope. I was looking out my window with the telescope, trying to find a specific star. Then suddenly like a movie intro and at light speed I was flying through the stars, I couldn’t make out one star because I was moving so quickly and so fast through them, they all just looked like streaks of light as I was passing them. I arrived at our spiritual home that Sam has shown me many many times in dreamtime.

Our spiritual home is very big, it is nestled in a heavily wooded area and has these great floor to ceiling windows on all sides. We have a great hall in our spiritual home which I always thought would make a great dance floor. There is a large free standing fireplace in the center of it. There is always fresh snow on the ground there. There are never any footprints in the snow, it is always untouched and sparkly when the sun hits it at the right light. It is never actively snowing, there is just always snow there and it is always so quiet and serene.

Once I arrived at our spiritual home guests began to arrive. Sam and I were hosting a dinner for a large amount of guests and had this huge buffet-style dinner set up for all of them in our great hall of our house. It was a huge circular table with all kinds of different food.

Once all of our guests that we invited arrived I blocked off our front door with a sectional couch. I did not want anyone to try and enter our spiritual home uninvited. This was a very special occasion for our guests and I did not want any surprises. I was talking with our guests, making my way through the crowd saying my hello’s to everyone and greetings, when a woman tried to enter the home that was uninvited and tried to climb over the couches that I had blocked at the door to get into the house unauthorized. I felt intuitively that I knew this person, even though my psyche in this lifetime didn’t recognize her. I confronted her and told them that she is not welcome and asked her to not do that again and to leave. When I confronted her she denied doing it right away and stated that I was making it up. Without skipping a beat I smiled politely and closed the door and continued entertaining our guests. At this point one of our guests asked me if they could start eating, they didn’t want to start without me. I told them to go ahead and start. I was getting myself a plate of food when Robin Williams approached me, smiling and holding up this black suit with a red shiny bow on his lapel.

He had a very warm energy about him. I felt that I knew him and it was two old friends that hadn’t seen each other in a long time. We greeted each other with a hug and he asked me what I thought about the suit he was holding up. I asked him what it is for and he responded “award show”. I thought the suit was very nice and told him that. At this time I saw the woman that tried to enter my home unauthorized again in the great hall mingling, her back facing me, she entered our spiritual home anyway even though I told her not to! I didn’t approach her, I just stood there staring at the back of her head, not angry or aggressive, my emotions were very neutral and well-balanced. And then suddenly, poof, she disappeared out of our spiritual home. Just goes to show you, folks, when you are unbalanced in your emotions and your chakras you are blocking your spiritual abilities! Word for the wise.

When I woke up I was awake less than ten seconds and with one eye open I grabbed a paper and a pen and jotted down all I could remember before it left my head. I immediately googled “Robin Williams Award Show Outfits”, and the below image was the second search result that appeared, all the way at the top.

Robin Williams Golden Globes 1992 Awards Outfit – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Nurse 2020When I saw this photo I was shocked. It was the exact same suit Robin Williams showed me in my dream! In this photo he was accepting the award for best actor in a motion picture for his movie “The Fisher King”. I had never heard of this movie before and never saw it, I was only four years old when it was released in 1991.

Movie synopsis from IMDB website:

After hearing a popular DJ rail against yuppies, a madman carries out a massacre in a popular New York bar. Dejected and remorseful, the DJ strikes up a friendship with Parry, a former professor who became unhinged and then homeless after witnessing his wife’s violent death in the bar shooting. The DJ seeks redemption by helping Parry in his quest to recover an item that he believes is the Holy Grail and to win the heart of the woman he loves. Written by Jim Sanders and Determined Copy Editor

Isn’t the main message of this movie, which is helping one another what we all should be focusing on now? This is what has gotten away from us as a society in general. Also, this is the key to redemption, folks. Putting others ahead of yourselves. Shining your soul light, even if you made some poor choices and some errors in judgement. Being truly sorry for what you have done and prove that by helping another person. That is the message Robin Williams wanted me to bring to you all, from his heart to yours.

Please take this direct message from spirit to heart folks. It’s time to focus on each other instead of ourselves. It’s time to care, and go the extra mile and HELP each other. All the hate and negativity, it’s not permitted to continue into this new way of life we are transitioning into.

Sending you all major love and light and healing vibes folks ❤

~Danielle Nova and Sam (In Spirit)

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