About the Native Indian Americans and Spiritual – Physical Rights on Earth & the Universe © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About the Native Indian Americans and Spiritual - Physical Rights on Earth & the Universe © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Native Indian Americans and Spiritual – Physical Rights on Earth & the Universe © Blog Article ArchangelMichael777

Photo: Chief Joseph by Edward Curtis

Dear World

This is a special Article from my heart, written on the 18th January 2018. (©)

Many of you already know, since years, that I have driven “accidentally” in early 2007 while travelling through Arizona, through Indian Reserve Land. I have written about it in my 2012 Book, and on this Blog, over and over. I cannot describe well enough verbally, how intense the anger, frustration, sadness and again, anger over the injustice and evil I have felt when I saw the trailer mobile home park lifestyle in the reserves, dust wind, darkish it was that day, the trash piled up next to this trailer home, a horse, a donkey and some chickens. I felt the energy, I was so angry I almost cried, and my friend with me in the Car that day tried calming me down. I never forgot this sight. Seeing for myself, what they have done in the meantime to the native Peoples…how everything beautiful they once had and were seemed gone in this sad dusty desert wind.

NOBODY talks enough about it or calls it what it really is, but talks about meaningless tools and sell outs “Celebrities and what they like cooking and wearing”, or what some white old racist Woman in France thinks about other Women who were sexually abused and more, defending “the right to harass” publicly, that gets “media attention and time”, they give such people for bullshit a Megaphone, while in the meantime the problems for Natives continuing in subtle ways via racism, sabotage, discrimination job wise, financially, in “American” society, and so it keeps going, like the remaining sacred Natives are “invisible”. Where is the public, and Celebrity voice for also Natives? If you think there ain’t talent, you are very wrong!

Besides my memories and spiritual connectedness to ancient Egypt, a very important incarnation I had back then, I always slightly only remembered bits and pieces since my youth, about having lived once BEFORE INVASION, as a native “American” and I was a Shaman Woman and had a strong connection, naturally, to the Eagle and Falcons due to who I am in Spirit.

I sadly, in the years living in Los Angeles, never directly got involved with native Americans, I wanted to go “look for them” at some waterfall in Arizona, but we couldn’t find our way with the map we had and the car tire broke on the way too, in some mountains in the middle of heat and dust.

Also, as my dear Followers who have read my Book, I earlier in Winter 2003 had a spiritual attack going on and battle with a very dark Spirit, called “Set” (check ancient Egyptian History) and did a banning ritual, intuitively driving with a friend of my sister from Nebraska to Iowa to do the banning ritual at the Humboldt Park, because I had heard the following:

  • It is the second most haunted place in America
  • There are native American burial grounds and Spirits there

I knew, “my people” the natives, in Spirit, I could connect with there, can help me fight the good fight and ban evil Set. The first time, as it got dark, we could not finish the banning ritual, I called the native Spirits and they really came! Me and my sister’s friend, a super tall wide guy, stood there in dark silence up a hill in front of some cliff, and suddenly heard increasing in volume and closeness native drums sounding from all 4 directions, north, south, west and east. We kept going. Then a being that looked like it is made of light, spiritual, floated up the cliff and we immediately ran to the Car and drove home, to continue the next day during day time.

I never expected this, and the next Day it worked, and I felt the native spiritual support and how they helped me against Set.

We felt so “light like a feather”, like “sunshine and bright light fills our hearts” and kept singing all happy in the sunshine the Evanescence song “Tourniquet” in the car drive home to Nebraska.

If you didn’t know, Michael Jackson was partially native American, from his Father’s side. Michael did NOT feature anything of modern “America with white people” in his BLACK OR WHITE Video, he featured native Indian Americans.

Check his work here:


For the MJ Fans reading this, you KNOW what Michael fought for and stood for. You know his works, the details, the repeated messages by him personally in public. Remember that and think further, also how Michael himself was sabotaged and discriminated against FOR SPEAKING TRUTH in such a big mainstream way.

What happened to Michael, was not just about money, it’s a tool, a small part, money. It’s mainly about truth and power, about indigenous cultures and people’s situation and what has really all happened in history to get us in this situation. On the same Album, Michael features his famous World healing Message Song “Heal the World”, and “Remember the Time” about ancient Egypt, African Black History Truth.

Michael was a hobby Historian, he loved analysing everything and deeply understanding the root of everything. It is also typical Virgo by the way, but Michael just had a special brain. A special soul. A never ending hunger for knowledge and truth. He had the mind of a super detective, when closely studying word events and history, and he went out there to check things out for himself, around the World, in many places. He saw the World, and he studied and analysed it perfectly.

I always wanted, like I said, to get in touch with real native Americans personal and private, talking, learning, hearing their stories and truth of the situation nowadays. I never tried reaching out myself, to be honest, I had a lot of respect and didn’t know how to approach it and where to find them, I grew up in Switzerland far away.

Since over a year I am in touch now with the first native American in this lifetime I ever talked to personally, and we immediately formed a friendship. One of the first things he asked me was if I am myself “native”, as I look that way. I like that. I look indigenous, this is how the World’s indigenous Women and Men look like! I told him, yes, I am native Egyptian. I had my own struggle with stress and the things I was left with, after what happened to Michael and all this anger over injustices, on the verge of a burn- out and break down, and he felt it somehow and helped me somehow, I can’t explain it. That proved to me, again, the true spiritual knowledge and sacred spirit of the native Peoples. I will always be thankful for that and remember it. It is obvious that Spirit, and Michael, guided him to me.

I also am in touch since a short while with a great Shaman from Canada originally, doing a lot to carry the knowledge further to all who are open and get the message heard and remembered. People learn a lot from his Pages and he is a true Peace Bringer and Healer too. Someday, I will visit a real Ceremony, I always wanted to do that, and he invited me to visit anytime I am there, in America again. I am very happy to have overcome my fears and trauma and made my peace with traveling to America last October, and I feel free again and have hope to help heal the World.

Just yesterday, I discovered a unique Rapper, who is also native, and does the most unique stuff with his fashion presentation together with his Hip Hop, and it makes me happy to see all this love and art and effort by all those wonderful people trying to bring positive change and healing to this World.

I am still learning and hope to be able to help heal the native American people and get their voices heard, in Music and Movies too. And as for America, the whole World is seeing how troubled this country is by now, beaten up by Karma literally, and still like a train wreck driving into some dark abyss as if driven by sheer stupidity and absence of thought.

I said few times and will say it again: It is important to attune Earth and Spiritual Realms, it must resonate. We must all respect Mother Nature and live in tune with Nature, not against it. People are living, breathing soul beings on Earth also connected to her. Without giving back respect and actually involving and cooperating with native Indian American people, the country cannot heal.

There is no such thing as avoiding such big karma, it is like a cloud of the past until now hanging above this country. Besides many other additional injustices who caused karma, like what was done to Black People, shipped from Africa to other people’s lands. We talked a lot about Africa on this Blog.

The humane in humanity has to win. The compassion and love, has to win over hate and darkness. It is the only way, to really FIX what has been done to the natives, give them opportunities, improve the reserve life at least, give them power back in official positions too, ask their opinions and wisdoms too about important matters for the country.

They will be the ones who find the solutions and keys to HEAL America. That’s how God wants it, and that is how it makes the most sense. Stop before it’s too late, don’t do the same you did to ancient Egyptian Culture and People, to other people over and over, until all original indigenous people and knowledge is forgotten and gone!

That ain’t how to make the World better.

We all matter the same, and we all have rights that shouldn’t be touched and if, the Universal Laws aren’t a game to mess with. What you do onto another, you really spiritually do to yourself!

The spiritual wisdom and focus is, if you ask me, exactly what this World needs to make a big Chance beginning in the Consciousness of people and a real healing to begin. Think about and from your soul, before you do anything to another. And look honestly in the mirror, not just personal, but facing humanity’s truth, whoever you are, black or white, be honest to yourself and make the first step LOOKING at the problems.

Don’t look away, because it “aint your problem”. This is how we ruined this World so far. We are all naturally connected, and every action has a spiritual repercussion – so we should view things as a big human family, trying to solve things for all of us. It is all our problem, and every American should especially think about this and rediscover their humane side.

Take the time and try to imagine, what if you were born as a native American? How would your life be, or different? Where and how would you live, what would you work, what would be your HOPE FOR THE FUTURE exactly, in a situation like this?

We need to give back hope to the Children of the World, the Future, our all’s Future. And that includes especially native American Children and Youth as well! You cannot imagine, dear Readers, if you saw what Archangel Michael’s eyes see, what the native Indian Children were put through since hundreds of years, and native Women…that needs to stop. Archangel Michael protects spiritually and backs up now the native Americans. The Angels heard the call.

That would be a good start. Talk with them, acknowledge them, support their work, if they are a Model or a Musician, Artist or Author. Show support and love, compassion, let’s begin with that.

Respect their culture and learn from them, instead of trying to change them and “force assimilate” them to something less knowledgeable and false. I don’t get it, we can all learn so much from them and their true wisdom and actual EAR for Mother Nature’s subtle voice.

If you remember, how it is to have a “good relationship with Mother Nature”, the feeling of magic, life, fresh air to breathe, clean waters to drink, wonderful flower essences to smell, then you know what I mean.

We’re sending out a Major Love & Light Ray to all native American Tribes,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael)

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