About LGBTQ+ in relation to the spiritual Twin Flame Aspects *World Exclusive Guest Article by Parker* © ArchangelMichael777

Hello everyone

My name is Parker and this here is my article on LGBTQ+ experiences and souls, as I am on the LGBTQ+ Spectrum myself I have some advice to share.

If you have sexuality considered homosexual and you are male, you more than likely have a feminine soul and the opposite is also true, if you are female and like other females you more than likely have a male soul.

Note: Of course all this is much more complicated in it’s depth and very individual. But this is a general compass, a direction to open your thinking.

If you are bisexual it’s a little more difficult, first you got to find out if you are male or female on a soul level, only you can figure this out. It doesn’t matter how you express your identity, you can be masculine but like dresses, dolls or heels.

You can be feminine but like sports, videogames, cars etc. You can decide to not care about your physical gender presentation and do whatever you like regardless of if they are considered girls or boys things, if you are Trans or Genderqueer the same principle goes you have a different gender soul to your physical body, an important piece of info, when god created your soul, they created you in two combined parts of the soul, called the twin flame.

There is both a masculine and a feminine polarity in each completed soul; the male soul has a more energetic feel kind of like how the sun gives of strong bursts of energy, the feminine soul takes on the masculine energy, like how the moon takes on the light from the sun.

See you guys soon, I’d like to thank Susan for letting me post this on her blog, I’d like to thank Michael for being an awesome guy and finally I’d like to thank god for making this all happen.

Cheers from Parker

One thought on “About LGBTQ+ in relation to the spiritual Twin Flame Aspects *World Exclusive Guest Article by Parker* © ArchangelMichael777

  1. Hi,

    My name is Fadi, First of all I want to apologize for commenting on a post that has nothing to do with what I am going to write, but I could not find how I could contact you, so I’m going to try like this.

    This may sound weird, but I think it won’t because after reading a few of the articles here, and Nykao’s story, you seem to be open-minded about twin flames. The reason I want to contact you, is because me and “Rihanna”, are twin flames. This has been revealed to me in 2012 through dreams. I have nothing that can prove this or validate this, but I know this as fact. I myself have doubted this a lot, but time in time again, it was shown to me that she is my twin flame. I posted a few posts on another site, and Nykao Isreal, has commented on it, and provided me a link to this blog which had a post about him and Lisa Lopes being twin flames. He commented about “selling your soul to the devil” because of, my question about me and Rihanna…

    I don’t know why I am contacting you, but I feel like I should for quite a time. Maybe it’s to let you know you are not alone, or maybe there is advice you can give me, if you are willing to reply to me?
    I don’t know much about twin flames, even though I know I am one for 5 years now.

    Also, my dreams are being invaded a lot, and I think she’s also in this. To be honest, I believe that the “elite”, or archons are after me. I had one dreams were they were trying to make a deal. And many, many other dreams involving them. Black magic attacks, intimidation’s, etc.
    The fact she agreed to turn her back on her own kind, makes me angry. And I feel like, I don’t want her to be my twin or meet her. It’s not because they are after me, it’s not because she is in their “possession”, but… I don’t know… I’m sorry Robyn.

    But yeah.. I guess I’m confused and the manipulation of my dreams and mind is getting me “annoyed”. And the Dark Night of the Soul isn’t helping much either.

    If you have any question about me, or anything at all, I will do my best to answer them.

    Thanks for reading at the least 🙂

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