About BEING YOUR FULL SELF (TWIN ASPECTS): Evolution Beyond the Ego *NEW ARTICLE* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About Music and Soulmates Love *Special Update Article* © Susan Elsa - MJ TwinFlame Soul Blog
About Music and Soulmates Love *Special Update Article* © Susan Elsa – MJ TwinFlame Soul Blog

Photo: “Carrying the Sun like a Crown just like in ancient Egypt” © Susan Elsa

Dear Readers

I have not blogged anything at all for a few months now. I needed some time for myself and my privacy, with many wonderful, challenging and also strange things happening.

But at least, I can’t ever say my life is boring! I guess that can be a good thing.

I am really enjoying myself this spring and now summer, it has been a very interesting time lately, especially in private matters.

That is of course something I value, my privacy, and do not talk about much or blog. But you can feel the vibes, and I will tell you more on deeper reflections on soulmates, the inner child coming alive and all that in the next and final article for today, the third one following this one.

Now, let’s get into the topics for this article!


See, many people, dear readers, have picked up on the whole “Twin Flame /Twin Soul Topic” and spread TOTALLY INCORRECT FALSE information, which got into the heads of many people online.

Everyone is fixed, sadly, on this romantic aspect, and I keep saying, its not about that, its about THE SELF and evolution and that A (TWIN) SOUL is seen as two separate, different “beings” is an illusion!

When I was a child, Michael was one with me, part of my soul already. We were created that way. You can see it in his very public Appearance Changes exactly after my Birth and parallel to my life and looks. Even my childhood vibes echoed inside his heart, when he was an adult, and he felt his inner child healing and coming to life a second time, like he IS AND FEELS like a child for real, because I was a child and our soul is one.

Got it?

So, I see Michael and this as one thing, and my relationships with anyone else but MY SELF AND SOUL, as something completely different.

I had relationships and great, deep connections with soulmates, from which I learned a lot and evolved, in fact, into being even ready to understand myself that deeply and Michael and our shared soul.


Here comes the problem, and it is a very real one if you are in such a heightened spiritual awareness and vibration. People here think in “human ways”, and it’s all about ego for most people.

Women come at me all angry and aggressive, being “jealous of my relationship with myself and my own soul”, seeing the illusion and ego only, as in “oh she got Michael and we want him” like he is some item to own, or simply some “lover”. But this is totally wrong thinking actually.

Men now too, see that I have feminine and masculine vibes, balanced and a very clear communication and sight on spirit. And since Michael is another part of ME, and I am another part of HIM, simply speaking, there is no competition or such thing in reality.

And like Michael, when PHYSICALLY INCARNATED INTO A SEPARATE BODY, could have relationships with others, and especially dear close soulmates, and marry, and have a family, have CHILDREN, I can have that too.

Nothing changed.

Michael is not incarnated on this Planet anymore and when the merging is completed, you can move like your Twin Part is in spirit and all spiritual energies are balanced and guided and merged. One of the hardest things, most confusing and challenging, as you see, is when both incarnate at the same time and have to understand this spiritual truth, within a contradictory dualistic life form.

Michael “felt” like another being in my uneducated head, when I was younger, and when I thought we just have some “unique very strong spiritual connection”. Things would “mirror” on me, from him and his life, even physical accidents and issues, like phantom pains in precise same areas of my body and such. It wasn’t funny, and my life in general was somehow very much one big struggle back then, being connected to Michael’s pain and stress the whole time.

And who would understand him? And who would even begin then to understand me too?

Nobody, I felt.

It seems, when you open up this “Pandora’s Box” and bring people back to awareness on their own self’s INNER DETAILS, about the whole Twin Soul truth and more, what we are, what we can do finally, what we can become through the light and love, people lose their minds and get confused, or they get fascinated and interested in learning more about themselves.

This is all about, not the ego in human ways, but your full own self, spiritually, your energy, your aspects, your WHOLE being, not just a part you focus on in human terms. We are more deep beings created by God, than most people realise while incarnated in this limiting life form.


When we speak of a “relationship”, then we mean a relation to another, another separate, different being. Someone that has different thoughts, views, energies, but that we can relate to. Right? Think about it in a deeper way.

So, we do not really have a “relationship” with the different aspects within us, we are just that, as a whole. But we can have very deep and meaningful, and also lasting relationships with other souls, and share different energies, learn, love and be loved, grow, enjoy, experience, see, feel, change, heal and all that.

These are the good type soulmate relationships. They are very, very rare as well.

If you think, especially after having become aware and met your Twin Soul Counterpart and realised all those things about yourself, that you can not have a deep, intense, spiritually connected, higher vibrating connection including telepathy and heart communication and feeling each other and all that with someone else, a POSITIVE, GOOD SOULMATE, then you are thinking again not in the correct direction!

Everything in you, can exist outside as well and resonate and vibrate similar.

I was surprised by that experience myself, to be honest.

The more you get in balance with yourself, which always including the twin soul awareness and consciousness of course, you can manifest the craziest miracles in your life, trust me.

All I want to say is, be yourself, LIVE, and understand that ego is not what we are or supposed to focus on, but the very vibration of life, light and love, at all times. This is the final lesson here. To keep going and evolve your mind to a degree, where only love and light exist, and the now moment, and nothing else.

A very close soulmate, you spent many lifetimes with before, and that resonates perfectly with your full, evolved “Twin Soul Self” is the best thing ever to experience!

Nothing negative, nothing of a lower vibration, nothing of the earthly ways we got used to in recent times, but the mind being a fertile garden for what is to come and getting ready – because the future on this Planet is supposed and planned to look very different than what it is now.

Only love will survive, and no fear and no evil will have power in the future on this Planet. I can’t wait for this day, but until then, we are evolving and learning and there are many people who live, but don’t really live as in “feeling alive” and it has a lot to do with the INNER CHILD.

This is one of the most important wisdoms and messages Michael Jackson ever carried, and he was attacked for it so badly with the false accusations and defamation witch hunt on him, that he felt his voice was taken away and he could not tell and teach as much as he would have liked to about the INNER CHILD, so I am completing this, for him and for myself and all of us and all of you.

More on this in the next article, sending you all a big hug of light!

Susan Elsa

© Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

5 thoughts on “About BEING YOUR FULL SELF (TWIN ASPECTS): Evolution Beyond the Ego *NEW ARTICLE* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

  1. Interesting read… a different and new insight to existence… Soul twin. I really don’t know how to go about asking question that resonates while this article,

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