About Twin Flame Evolution and Soul Mate Journeys for Spiritual Learning *Special Evolution Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I AM the only CONSTANT in your Universe - Quote MJ Spirit to his Twin Soul Susan Elsa January 17th 2017 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
I AM the only CONSTANT in your Universe – Quote MJ Spirit to his Twin Soul Susan Elsa January 17th 2017 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

A few days ago, I was in this private limited group chat exchanging personal experiences with few other Twin Flames, few others only not many, but real ones and great friends, and then I noticed something that isn’t talked about enough. I said to them, quote:

“I think people kinda, not appreciate or value soul mates much, in the whole discussions around twin flames…others help us learning more relationship skills, the twin helps us learn THE SELF relationship, both are important experiences for our evolution.”

So, as Michael kept saying few different things we should write on the Blog about, I thought this is a good start as it is CENTRAL of a topic for all who seek to know more and better about their Twin Soul Situations, and since MOST Twin Flame counterparts are in spirit, and only one part incarnates at current times, many people will hopefully find this article very helpful.

I have given some insight before, about previous relationship and friendship with the Guy who looked like Elvis.

But not only do the “soul mates from the soul family group” mirror and reflect our parallel “environment and relationships”, but also parts of each other.

Meaning, this Elvis Twin Guy from my past, was not just mirroring Lisa Marie Presley’s relationship with Michael, in my life, being Michael’s Twin Soul.

But, Lisa Marie too mirrored at the same time aspects of me, to Michael, and the Elvis Double mirrored aspects of Michael to me, creating a very identical parallel pre-experience, for me and Michael, before we as a Twin Soul reunited.

We had an instant understanding for each other, and attraction, and TRUST especially, BECAUSE of all these parallels. The more he shared things, the more I saw how we don’t just “feel” like we are alike, but it is factual throughout all our lives, and even relationships with others. And the contrast proved the difference, as there is a big, big difference between Soul Mate Relationships, and the one and only True Twin Soul Counterpart, the other half of YOU.

The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Merging with his Twin Soul Counterpart *Real Magic Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Merging with his Twin Soul Counterpart *Real Magic Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Obviously, Life is eternal, in spiritual Form, and spiritual Body. We ain’t some weird floating around “presence without body”, we have an eternal, everlasting, immortal BODY OF LIGHT, when we get into Spirit again.

So, technically speaking, for Michael and from his view NOW, his incarnation as Michael Jackson from 1958 to 2009 is already by now a “past life”, a passed “earthly life”, because obviously, we keep the main spiritual Life over all those incarnations, in between, and above in other Dimensions.

When I encounter people now, that knew Michael in person too, it feels “familiar”, right away. Like we already met before, because they met Michael. Some still have now a spiritual connection to Michael, and resonance, some don’t and were just factually in physical terms in contact with Michael. Usually with these, Michael also did not talk about his spirituality or Dreams, which makes sense.

Other’s Michael did talk about Musical and Spiritual things with, and they do have a clear understanding of what is going on and resonate and understanding Michael now, in Spirit, and his connection with me.

It is funny to note also, that male Friends Michael had, react in funny ways towards me being his FEMALE Counterpart, and see a “whole other Dimension of MJ Vibes in Female”, and they find it fascinating.

Obviously for female Figures in Michael’s life it seems different to encounter me now. But mainly those which never had any contact with Michael, or were swirling around trying to get to Michael but him rejecting their advances, or, mistreated Michael himself anyways and so they behave same ways towards me.

Same here also for Boys and Men who mistreated Michael, betrayed, backstabbed, lied and did wrong to him, they don’t treat me well either, so it all mirrors and is parallel now as we progress further in our Twin Soul Merging.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley 1994 - Twin Flame Research Appearance and Age © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley 1994 – Twin Flame Research Appearance and Age © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


In the types of relationships and friendships were one could learn things, evolve, see different opinions and angles that help you grow, heal, expand yourself, there too is a Twin Soul Mirror Effect.

I had explained that before, regarding how Michael’s Relationship with Lisa Marie Presley, for example, mirrored precisely on my life “manifesting” a Guy in my Life when I was younger, that resembled Elvis Presley. The relationship challenges, issues, details, were totally parallel and identical, and me and Michael were stunned at the tons of parallels in our past experiences when we discussed this initially.

It was major in the very beginning, bringing us close, and showing me, as well as him, that we can TRUST each other and that it is DIFFERENT between us than with others in previous relationships and social experiences.

The identical understanding, was clear, and the contrast was so visible because of the previous, preparing experiences.

Everything makes sense, and I would not want to never have known this Elvis resembling guy, or that Michael wasn’t with Lisa Marie Presley and had a good time in his life with her back then too, and learned things in this experience that benefitted our relationship.

See how I mean?

And this is a very important point, because I see all those people discuss in heated and obsessive ways the “Twin Flame” Topic, going out of reality often it seems, not seeing the wonderful, many connected Souls right in front of them.

If the Twin Soul Counterpart is in Spirit, and was never incarnated during the other’s Lifetime of Incarnation here, what do you want do to? Never have any relationships, physical love, children, family?

You evolve with the help of experiencing OTHER SOULS, reflecting different parts of your Twin Soul’s Personality and past life issues and all that, and it brings you closer to reunion with your true other Half.

God made things this way for a reason.

Because beyond the unique personal Twin Soul Relationship, we are all connected in the Universal Consciousness Field.

Just like we have friends, relatives, family on Earth in physical terms, we do have such relationships also with other souls in Spiritual Dimensions, and we even have “soul children”, procreation in spiritual Dimensions!

I have done some in previous years spiritual work for friends, in private, and I saw things regarding how they can channel their Twin Soul Counterpart into existing relationships, or attract a Soul mate which IS right now incarnated and in a fitting age, to “reflect a resonating vibration with the Twin Soul Nature” and Counterpart’s energy, spiritually.

I had the unique opportunity to see clearly how in my life, with Michael and in his life, between us, and between him and others, and me and others, how it all reflects always going back to the ONE TRUTH CENTRE OF ME AND MICHAE BEING ONE AND THE SAME.

The perfect and only eternal relationship.

This is how he explained it to me, about the Quote shown in the Cover Title of this Article.

He is “my only Constant in our personal subjective Universe”, and all else we see manifest and experience on Earth, in this Dimension, tends to reflects aspects of our ongoing, eternal, always connected Relationship.

The Twin Soul is the only COMPLETE Connection one can ever have.

This is why Michael had issues with “finding” this complete connection with other Women before, and I had the same issues with Guys in my Life before meeting Michael.

Michael wanted me to put this Song here, as it is one of those expressing his Vision, before we met, of his “female Version” and “perfect Counterpart”.

It also expressed a lot about the taste and style of individual people’s perspective, here, Michael’s perspective on how “his Twin Soul Counterpart makes him feel”.

About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Nothing can top the Twin Soul Connection, because as explained, it is the Centre of Being, it fits on soul level, physical, mental, emotional and is the embodied “perfect Partner” created by God.

It is different in nature and in experience, than with other Souls.

The Twin Soul is the same Soul, from two different perspectives.

Other Souls are OTHER Souls, and that too is very fascinating, the whole Science of Soul Mates and Soul Family. I have gotten to know many wonderful people, that I feel connected to spiritually, as in soul family vibes. I guess, this is also why so many MJ Fans feel such a deep spiritual connection with Michael, because in reality, in spiritual reality, we are all connected through God’s Magic.

If you are in any relationship, a marriage, a partnership, and you have certain issues, disagreements, problems in the bedroom also, you can only profit if you try to learn a bit about Twin Souls and get to know yourself and tune in to your Twin Soul Counterpart and activate this connection, because it can reflect serious healing and magic on your current relationships, also friendships and family relations for example.

It is a very complex higher thought, detached from duality really, because it is all about realisations of a higher perspective from the Universe and the own Soul in its complete truth and multidimensional perspectives.

But I and Michael are in the Centre, and all else is a manifestation of our personal Journey and Experience, and as in this earthly duality, like an illusion kind of, we seemed separate, we were one and together in this connection spiritually the whole time already.

It is like “chapters of our minds” merging and layers of understanding details opening up, step by step, and even the whole time and space seem to not matter here because I can by now just tap into Michael’s personal memories as if its my own memories, naturally, without even noticing or trying.

If you want to say it in factual cold words, you could say “the Twin Soul Relationship is the only remaining and real bond”, while all other relationships are of “another kind”, they can come and go, change, help, support, damage and cause karmic issues to be forgiven and resolved, and all that. It is like, the Twin Soul is the calm Centre, the eternal inner Bond and Peace, while around us different seasons and experiences shine, storm, rain and swirl, and we can learn from all that as it is finally a big picture, a reflection of our own Truth in Experiences on Earth, reflecting Spiritual Truth.

I am Michael’s “World” and he is my “World”. But in this World, this big wide space, are many Friends and Soul Mates and it makes up the Beauty of THIS EARTHLY WORLD Aspects.

Regarding romantic type relationships, it needs a whole separate focused article, which I will publish this weekend.

I will let you in on a secret, a type of knowledge we knew well in ancient Egypt in society, but today it seems like some forgotten knowledge.

We’re sending out a Major ONE LOVE Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

One thought on “About Twin Flame Evolution and Soul Mate Journeys for Spiritual Learning *Special Evolution Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

  1. The thing is we all are the same soul. ONE Soul. We are all one DIVINE. Every single person is an aspect of Source. Most of humanity doesn’t understand it though. Terminologies of Twin Souls is just another label. We are all mirrors to each other. In spirit we have no gender, no form so what need would we have for Twin Souls. What you would call a Twin Soul is a person that naturally vibrates on the same frequency, dimension so they are drawn to each other like magnets. Some we have had past lives with and arrange to incarnate etc but in the end we are all one.

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