Twin Souls and Astrology: About Merging Zodiac Energies © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Magic of Being ONE and the Personal Universe © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I realised something very curious and new recently, and spoke with few friends about it like Cormael ( or Andrea Mai (

They both know I felt, more than me about astrological calculations, the mathematical aspects I never really got into. I am not an expert on such calculations, I prefer others do it.

But I am good at directly tuning in, and I have Michael. We can share a very multidimensional perspective now, and through his ascended clear perspective from Spirit on things, I can tap with him into a very clear thinking and seeing “universal and even zodiac energies connect”.

It is a direct process, and communication, and psychic type “reading of energies” and thinking back on people one encountered on this Planet and their Zodiac Signs and astrological Energies and Behaviour influenced by those constellations.

As our Twin Soul Consciousness Merging keeps going deeper and deeper, I am realising how all my Life, before even being aware like today, I would always feel any resonance, vibe, understanding, have good conversation or friendships and romantic feelings also, for people always from the same certain “zodiac signs group”, like Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

I do not recall meeting other Aries much, scanning back through all my personal circle of people, I never had other Aries in it.

One of the Zodiac Signs I NEVER got along with and did not have also folks from in my closer circles, I thought, was Virgo.

Michael Jackson was a Virgo.

I am Aries.

This is me, thinking back and noticing those things, because I am seeing a completely changed energy in these matters.

I myself, am “more in Virgo now than before 2009”, but I notice I always had Virgo qualities and influences in me, and Michael had Aries energy and qualities.

Check out the following Video we picked as example. In the behind the stage footage, you see Michael more in the “Virgo” modus, and when he goes on the Stage he turns on this “inner fire and energy”, that is the Aries-Virgo merged Energy.

And Michael clearly brought this “new aggressive, going through walls with his head type” energy after my Birth, in 1982, being born in the Aries Zodiac Sign.

Now check out the changed, more aggressive, raw energy after 1982…including the whole provocative dance moves such as the crotch grabbing thing, which was only an expression of this inner energy Michael felt. Artistic expression of body consciousness and energy in Dance.

 You see clearly, how Michael’s physical expression and energy changed, and “something additional” got activated in him and expressed.

So, Michael was not just “Virgo”, he was also “Aries”, and I am not just Aries but also Virgo. These things also merge, when a Twin Soul merges, and due to the universal natural RULE OF BEING ONE AND THE SAME, this is an aspect and truth that seems to be yet missing in modern Astrology Sciences.

I see the clear astrological mirroring of the Twin Soul Merging we are going through, as I said, Michael was clear about that we merge on ALL LEVELS you can imagine.


So, what I would like to put out there to all the wonderful and skilled Astrologers is the following Twin Flame Zodiac Theory, a spiritual Science Theory based on ancient Egyptian Knowledge I am trying to bring back into modern Consciousness.

Twin Souls are two and one at the same, two bodies, male and female, sharing one Soul, called “a Twin Soul”. So, if this is the case, then that counts for Astrological Aspects as well, and both carry TWO ZODIAC SIGNS AND BIRTH DATES ENERGIES.

As I took my time, reflecting on this and other funny and magical things happening, I noticed that Michael was already showing typical Aries qualities and behaviour when he was a Child.

For example, when he would be the only one and most of all, rebelling against his father Joseph, as in “a battle of wills”, which is typical Aries and not typical Virgo. But funny is, I was not born yet back then, when Mike was a child, and so I realised that even before both Twin Soul Counterparts are born, the “Energies are already arranged”.

I would even go as far as to say, it is a theory, that maybe in spiritual polar energies of male and female within our soul, Michael is more the Aries, and I am more the Virgo really, but we incarnated in the other’s energy and zodiac vibes more, as we channel each other and it is a big purpose in our personal and individual Message and Soul Mission.

It is how we show you and demonstrate also all this Twin Soul Truth.

I also thought back, and in my youth I had this extreme Virgo side in me already showing, with the whole analytical thinking and dissecting things in my mind and reading into Psychology Books and Medical Books, and such, “studying” things, being shy and introverted and very work focused and THINKING TOO MUCH AND NOT ACTING OFTEN.

But then I would also switch and be in Aries again, and do things without thinking first, and rebels and “push against walls with my head”.

Michael Jackson said publicly often, and showed in his work, that he “goes against the norm, and if someone told him to NOT do something or wear some fashion idea, he would do it even more willed”. This is TYPICAL ARIES, not Virgo.

Michael even explains now, that the Aries Zodiac Energy helped him achieve what he achieved in his Career, giving him “the fire, stubbornness and iron will to fight”.

And for me same thing, I can only give that back to Michael and say, the Virgo Zodiac Energy helped ME to become so analytical and scientific thinking, detail oriented and able to grasp mentally and conceptually now all these things I need to do to complete our work on Earth.

It is what helped me to be so aware and understand in precise details, from complex different angles what is happening in my life.

I love being an Aries and Spiritually a Virgo.

What is also funny, leading to the next Article for this Weekend, a follow up, is that the environmental Zodiac resonance also changed and is merging. Meaning, our personal circles of people who resonate with us, that changed as well.

I have suddenly tons of Virgos in my life, when before it was the opposite.

And I get along perfectly with Virgos, when before it wasn’t that way and I do not get along like I used to with other Signs which I used to get along with earlier in my life.

Let me explain that in depth in the next Article, and please, feel free to take this Theory on and put in numbers if you are an Astrologer. Please don’t forget to mention that this is channeled by me and Michael Jackson in Spirit, thank you.

I will write more on this when reflections, ideas and information comes up.

We’re sending out a Major Zodiac Merging Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

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