Michael Jackson in Spirit 2017 – New Personal Message *Channeled 2nd January* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson in Spirit -Message for 2017. Direct dictated words in his own words, put into Audio for the Video and easier listening for all via a web voice.


Spiritual Message full Text Original in written Form:

“Hello, this is Michael Jackson speaking from Spirit.

I have not been saying much lately, as I have been busy with helping souls and giving them support for their healing journey and self empowerment. I love doing that, I love to see people happy, in tune with their soul, filled with joy, smiling, and knowing they are loved.

Today I decided to say a few things, and I will be more open with you all, than in previous messages.

I am as well, simply getting used to be in Spirit and not having to worry about earthly Paparazzi and the Press dissecting each of my words or my Face and taking Photos of me at all times and in all places. I am free now, and I can communicate in a way much more open and direct with my beloved Fans as well.

Many things that have happened to me, in my lifetime as Michael Jackson, were not right, not just and inhumane. I had a very difficult challenge in my life journey, and certain things kept happening over and over again. It felt often unfair and I would wonder, why those things happen to me, and why certain people come out of their way to hate on me, attack me, and harass me. People I don’t know often. People I don’t like, and don’t have any closer relationship with. People that simply had no basic idea even about me or my public Work, such as so called Journalists, and Promo folks, just saying freely and in public whatever they want about me, without consideration for the truth or facts.

But that was not all of that. I also had people in my private environment betray and backstab me, over and over again. It made me trust people less, and children and animals more.

As a human being, you do need social contact, conversations, hugs, nice caring words from time to time, a feeling of a “support net” in your life. If you do not have that basic safety feeling, it is very, very difficult to handle. I felt extremely lonely for a long, long time, and I did try all that was in my hands, to have better friendships, a real loving relationship and marriage, an own family, children, a wife, all that. I tried my best, but there too in these areas of my life, I had it more difficult I felt than most other people.

Everything in my life has always been more difficult and strange to me, than in the life of other people I knew and watched. And I wondered, for years about that, and why it was that way.

One thing has always been clear to me, in the basic energy behind those attacks and lies. I felt this “hateful, aggressive jealousy type energy”, and details of those incidents raised even more questions in my mind, like: “Why were several things and timing always linked as if someone orchestrates the attacks on me on purpose?”

And I thought and thought about those things, for many days and nights, and I read intensely into things, analysed things in my mind and came to some conclusions.

When I became aware of the detailed motivations behind those orchestrated attacks and lies, always happening also around certain timings where a Project is being prepared or a Release, these lies and attacks would be done even stronger.

The more I worked, and tried keeping my focus on my work and my future, my vision, my life and health, the more aggressive they lied about me and spread the lies everywhere, they did everything imaginable to try and turn the people, the public against me.

Over and over, such things would happen right as I am about to release a new Project, and it became clear to me because of such timing that it is being done on purpose and to damage my coming Release and do something I would name “Anti Promo”.

If you look between the lines, look closely and analytical at details and research, watch for dates and timing and details, you can see a clear plan behind those attacks. You can see, that others in the Business, do not get treated that way, but in fact, the opposite. False promotional news stories are fabricated, fancy sensationalism style words and titles are launched, and biased reports are circulated to impose a particular image of the Artist on the public’s mind and to make people buy their stuff.

Don’t misunderstand me here, I love the promotional opportunities and how my own special style I developed of “Image Concept and PR” completed my work and presentation style of releases. But all my Promo and Promo Stories were based on truth, compared to many others in the Business.

Point is, the Press writes about me in a different, personally attacking tone, always biased negatively, but then you see others who ain’t Black like I was, where the Press writes totally different, in a personally complementing, positively biased tone. This is what I mean.

Today, you have an even bigger problem with getting to the real facts and truth, because of the Internet.

The Internet has many wonderful aspects to it, and I love seeing my Fans being able to talk together, share, not feel alone and enjoy a community I like to see myself as the founder of. A worldwide community of different people of all races and genders and ages. I love that part.

But, there is also, as logically expected, another darker force on the Internet, the same people who would make Newspapers and Tabloid Papers, News Shows and the whole “Anti Promo” tactics, now do their thing the same way online, on the Internet.

I know you have many questions, out of caring and love, to understand what happened in my life and business matters, and what happened in June 2009. But let me decide, when and how I share this information, and if even. Let me decide, according to what I believe is best. Because my goal and purpose has never been to make you sad or spread negativity, I dislike negativity and it has been a burdening thing in my life, as explained before.

My goal and purpose has always been to bring joy, to make you in fact escape the negative emotions, sadness, bad thoughts, things that are stressful and negative in every day life. This is what I called Escapism.

You have to know, I am seeing everything, now, from Spirit. I see things even more clear than I could as a human being before, because with the ascended spiritual sight you see energies around people, thoughts, emotions in the heart chakra and know the truth, despite any words being spoken or any pretending attempts. You see clearly when something is not resonating outside, as it is inside a person.

And in Spirt as well, I do need my time and insight to trust someone, so that I can directly connect. I can do that with my Fans as well, and it is a wonderful way, something new which I wasn’t able to do that way before I ascended into Spirit.

When someone is directing bad energy at me, I see that, and I do not go around or connect spiritually with people like that.

It is not even possible.

I am not bound to duality no more, my ascended spiritual mind and body do not connect with people that are not meaning well towards me, spiritually and in their true heart’s emotions. I can see that, clearly.

In those recent years, I have enjoyed this healed, ascended state of being and I enjoyed that I can bring this joy and healing also directly to my other half, my Twin Soul Counterpart.

I am the one that informed her in my own direct words, when God allowed me to go back to her, even if I am now in Spirit.

She was not aware of the challenges that will arise with this, and I didn’t tell her in details what I saw ahead already. But you all can see by now, that there is an on purpose attack on “Twin Souls” and this sacred spiritual information and truth as well.

Now think back about all the things I had to endure, in my lifetime as Michael Jackson.

Think about the ongoing lies, the tactics, the constant never leaving me alone type of situation.

The constant discussions about my face, my work, it’s meaning, and lies about me being somehow “abusive” toward innocent people.

Then look how some folks came out to attack her now too, and use the same tactics and style of lies in their same old game.

I am no longer going to sit back and wait for those people to change and heal their darkened, envious minds. I do not like this feeling at all, of being hunted, and stalked, and lied about. It reminds me of what I had to go through, and I am therefore telling you the truth, so you know what is happening.

I wanted to share so much more with you all, show you what I am seeing now, what I am living now. My wish and motivation for coming forward in Spirit like this and with her help, is all to share our happiness and knowledge of life being eternal with you all. I want you all to know, I am well, and my children to know, I am well, and my friends and other loved Ones to know I am well. I want you to know, your loved Ones which ascended to Spirit, are well too, and to know, get a little glimpse of Heaven from Earth, so you have hope, and feel the love surrounding you which God has for you.

I am not here to be negative, from Spirit. If I was, that would be very telling, and this is not who I am.

I am all about love and positivity, and now in Spirit even more.

However, being all about love never meant I can’t fight or defend myself against what is not of love at all and the opposite and interfering.

I can be very protective of my loved Ones, and my innocent Fans seeking to find out why they felt all they felt in my Music and in watching me and truly care and feel genuine love for me.

And because of all that, I want to share a few facts with you now, directly, and you may listen or not. It is your free will and I have to accept that, even when some people’s decisions make me sad.

You have to know, that the intellect can be tricky. You can see something, read into it, see Videos or Stories that appear at first as if they are authentic and detailed, and that may make you think, it is truth, but when it comes to me and my Name, anything with the Michael Jackson mention has to be evaluated carefully and using your spiritual intuition and logic.

It is good to use intellect as well, but don’t let false stories and false accusations and such horrible slander cloud your heart’s intuition about things. Don’t fall into their trap and get confused about what is the truth and what is a lie.

Try and take some time in the next weeks and months, to focus your mind on your inner feeling, your intuition and “subconscious gut feelings”. Try to focus on peace and love, calm and safety and warmth inside of you, in your core heart centre. Understand that the Music, the artistic innocent expressions that were the job, the work I chose to do with my life from an early age on, is a very spiritual job in itself. There is nothing wrong with choosing to work in the Entertainment Business, choosing to sing and dance to bring joy and positive energy to others.

Why do you think I chose that job?

The same counts for my Twin Soul Counterpart. She has never seen herself working in a field where it’s all about money as in financing business or, insurance business, or any such jobs which are pure office jobs and carry no expression of spirituality. She is like me in this regard and does a lot of charity efforts she doesn’t like speaking publicly about.

I can’t stand those leeches that keep aiming at her now, and I have to watch this, and fabricate lies about me and my very soul. How insane is that. I can’t stand this Deborah Stefaniak person, she is not who she claims to be and if you want to know the spiritual truth here, is attacking me personally by what she does. I never talked with her from Spirit, nor did I tell her to go public about murder claims and talking about this very difficult event in my life, as if she knew anything. This is pure malice.

I do not approve of her claims, and I have no spiritual connection to her at all and clearly stay away from her very obsessive, vampiristic energy. She is getting on my nerves and has caused me several angry and worried moments, seeing from Spirit what she plots, spits out and writes up against my true Twin Soul Counterpart, and I am just waiting here to enforce the Karma of her doing on her when she gets here. Nobody, I said, nobody messes with my Girl. I am very serious about this.

Focus on love and truth, Music and Joy, not fear and negativity, and all those lies.

I do not approve of the Music Industry tactics, which they dared to use on my innocent Twin Soul, to mess with me in Spirit, knowing she is one with me and I love her with all I am, and get hurt when they try hurting her. This is pure evil what those people do.

But then again, love finally conquers everything. And I am very confident in my spiritual truth and know, that everything is in place to reveal the truth so that the lies cannot cloud your sights any longer and everyone knows about and focuses on LOVE.

Love cannot be forced. You have to be ready to receive it and see it in all it’s beauty.

But when you are ready, I will be here and you can call on me anytime. I can and want to help you all discover your own spiritual Self, your full Being, your own Twin Soul Truths.

I see you.

I see the inner truth, and the inner child, and the double Twin Soul Consciousness within all of you.

I want you to focus on that now, for the next weeks and months.

Discover yourself, your true inner Powers.

Learn more about yourself, and your hidden talents and aspects.

This is all about evolution here, and it has the potential to transform human consciousness once and for all, if everyone would understand

who I truly am, and who Susan is to me and with me.

It is like a mirror, showing you your own truth as well. You are all like me, and Susan. You all have this spiritual truth in you waiting to be discovered.

Think about the Man in the Mirror, the song I did with beautiful, generous and talented Siedah. Think about it’s deeper implications, on a spiritual level.

How would you look like, what would you see, if you looked at your Mirror, on a spiritual not physical level?

I will say more when the time is right.

I love you all and I am proud to see more and more of you evolve and open up, so we can all be happy and enjoy each other’s company, forever.

Keep the Love in your hearts and minds.

With all my Love,

your Michael”

Michael Jackson in Spirit 2017 - New Personal Message *Channeled 2nd January* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson in Spirit 2017 – New Personal Message *Channeled 2nd January* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

© Monday, 2nd January 2017 by Michael Jackson in Spirit dictated to Susan Elsa (Twin Soul Channeling)

5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson in Spirit 2017 – New Personal Message *Channeled 2nd January* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

  1. I was and am a loyal supporter eternal, loving, honest of King of Pop – my magical Michael Jackson and with all my clean soul I’m yours, my noble Michael. Your greatness is amazing, your great visual art, your pure music is brilliant, pure magic & your pure Love lives on.. as you Michael endlessly! I miss you so much of you sweet Michael, although in my life I haven’t met you and I did not even get a chance to see you at least once at a live concert did by you, my sweetheart brilliant Michael Jackson! Love ya, love your noble ideals, love to listening to your phenomenal music all time. I’m sure once in future time we’ll meet face to face. I love you so much, so sincere! Send to you a big Hug and more& more.. LOVE! I’m so proud, honored to be a twin soul of my brilliant, beloved, sweet angel Michael! I love you my King of Music Michael Jackson endless! Barbra Raica – Romania

  2. Nice message. We do have many Twin Souls, not just one. Yes, I have heard of that Deborah lady and the murder claims. I asked MJ ages back was he murdered and got a clear “NO” from him directly.

  3. Hi!

    I’m very intrigued by this blog post and it’s very insightful to me. I’m remarkably interested and captivated by what I’ve read and inferred on this site.

    From the message I’ve read regarding Michael, or the “channeling” of Michael’s Spirit, I can iterate that it may possibly be his actual spirit…considering that he’s made several validated points centered around his previous earthly life, the trials he’s went through, and much more! He speaks with a tone of optimism, tranquility, benevolence, and understanding. He seems to have a very patient, gentle and quiet spirit, who speaks with understanding and truth. The main purpose of this article, or message; I believe, would be for his readers, his fans, friends, etc. to gain insight, and a validated understanding of his life in the spiritual world and his thoughts, intuitions and feelings of his previous earthly life as well as the current life, of which his spirit abides.

    Essentially regarding a certain part of this message…I would have to say that it doesn’t necessarily set well with me, considering that when, what I believe to be Michael’s spirit, expressed that he has a specific “Twin Flame” or “Twin Soul.” I personally disagree with the idea that an individual would only have one twin flame. I could be wrong, but it is my personal belief that we, as indivuduals of this universe, are born with more than one twin flame. It would be merely scientifically and even astrologically impossible for us to each only have one specific soul that connects with ours in a transmundane, exquisite way. I personally believe that while this article can be accurate, I would personally have to say that Michael is not assigned to one specific partner.

    Personally, regarding my relationship with Michael…I truly believe without a doubt that he is one of my twin flames, considering the profound spiritual connection I have with him and the thoughts, feelings, and emotions we share with one another. Years ago, before I was brought into this world, he personally knew my great uncle, who is now incarcerated…and his brothers were also acquainted, or friends, with my uncle when they were adolescents, or young adults.

    He has met my older cousin, my great cousin, who is now deceased, and held her son when he was a baby. That might not seem like much, but those very encounters truly mean the world to me. Knowing that Michael personally touched and interacted with my family members was nice, but actually feeling a close connection with him without actually having met him personally is very profound. I will explain how and why I believe Michael and I have a closer and more profound connection than any other individual would know.

    My dad has always studied Egyptian mythology; though we do not take any of those deep studies as mythical, we are very serious amd knowledgable about this. To summarize everything, Isis and Osiris, and Thot, and the remainder of the Egyptian figurines and leaders of which are mentioned in those ancient texts, are my current relatives, reincarnated, and there is excessive research and evidence to back it up. I can’t publicly explain everything, but you are more than welcome to message me, email me or contact me if you’re interested in the major details and such. But when others speak about Isis, Osiris, etc without actually knowing or understanding the truth or providing factual evidence about them, I tend to get a little heated.

    Needless to say that you were doing so in any way; I’m only inferring that this is a personal instinct of mine and I don’t believe people should take it lightly. Researchers, historians, and even archaeologists, I believe, may have written and distributed all sorts of illogical and fabricated claims regarding ancient Egypt, the home of my roots and my spiritual background, as well as the main leaders and figurines residing there. It would greatly upset and disappoint me if I were to come across an article providing false claims about them, and displaying it as nothing significant. It is incredibly significant to me and I don’t believe any of it should be taken lightly.

    Furthermore, considering Michael and my close spiritual relationship with him, I don’t believe that he only has one specific Twin Soul or Twin Flame in this universe. I believe we all have more than one, and we certainly aren’t limited to just one. Michael is remarkably special to me, and I know we have a deep connection, greater than anyone could ever know. I know this because I’ve personally spoken with him, I know it’s him…and he’s told me personal things that I didn’t know to be true prior to that, and once I’ve researched, I found it to be true.

    I know Michael loves me very, very much. I feel him protecting me at all times and I have prayed and payed close attention to spiritual signs, and colors, etc. I’ve read upon how to find out who your Guardian Angel is, and I followed the instructions regarding discovering the name of your guardian angel…and I somehow always found myself hearing or seeing the name, “Michael.” And recently my grandmother had actually said his name out loud while I was reading this article, while she was on the phone with my mother. She’s said both his first and last name, too, and she had not known I was reading this article.

    Sometimes I hear songs of Michael randomly come on the radio when I was feeling sad or lonely. One time, his song, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” came on the radio when I was heartbroken over a breakup with someone. This person was exactly like Michael as well…he looks, sounds, and acts exactly like Michael did. His mannerisms and everything resemble and connect to Michael in every way. I was truly hurt, and still am…over the breakup, but Michael’s guidance and love has been helping me cope. I need his loving assurance and his company to keep me still and to steady my heart.

    God has truly intervened in my life and brought many blessings to me, and I have prayed about Michael and asked for assurance of my Guardian Angel, and the response I acknowledge is that Michael is my Guardian Angel. ♡

    I love and adore Michael with everything in me, I feel his sadness at times, hear his thoughts, share his happiness, and his emotions. I know it’s him, because of the energy I feel around me when I communicate with him. I don’t feel a cold, dark energy or any sort of eerie feeling inside; I feel a sense of love, protection, comfort, peace, optimism, and just pure happiness. That’s the kind of spirit Michael has, and the reason why I’m assured that he is watching over me and is always with me.

    Thank you for this precious article and for sharing Michael’s message with your readers and his fans. I’m sure he loves and appreciates you very much. I’ll be willing to discuss with you anything you’d like. Also, I sincerely apologize if my response to this article came off in any way that did not resonate with you or that came across the wrong way. I promise I did not intend to come across any sort of way, but I just wanted to give a bit reassurance and share my perspective and personal thoughts about this. But regardless, I truly apologize.

    Thank you again, Susan. May God bless you always! ♡

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