Michael Jackson’s Childhood Impressions and Evolution as a Gentleman *Rare Insider Truth Article- PART 2* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson's Childhood Impressions and Evolution as a Gentleman *Very important Information* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson’s Childhood Impressions and Evolution as a Gentleman *Very important Information* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Yesterday, I did not sleep much as I felt a bit dehydrated and kept drinking my vitamin water, which probably gave me too much energy, or it’s Michael’s energy that was very intense yesterday. But when I did fall asleep, Michael woke me up again after 2 hours, because he was stroking my leg and such. Michael is funny sometimes, like a little Boy insisting on Candy LOL.

I am saying that, because Michael insist, and I noticed something clearly and aware yesterday evening. I did my dance training as Michael said, and then got into it and did my own typical hip moves, and Michael was totally going nuts, like, the way his Fans feel when seeing him do his hip moves and special, energetic dance.

I started giggling, because his facial expression was priceless. Like, I move, and have this funny sexual control over him with it, he can’t stay cool. He did his best though, he tried to contain himself for about 2 hours, and let me sleep, but then woke me up.

That was funny to me, to see Michael Jackson act like he is my Fan. I have always had this special, unique me hip type moves, but you haven’t seen any of it yet really! I will show you soon what I mean…in very unique artistic ways.

Anyways, we have been talking A LOT these days.

And yesterday, after he woke me up and such, we talked before I went back to sleep. And I almost got out of feeling sleepy, because first of all, its a lot of energy to handle when we, you know.

Second, he told me about these other things he wants me to clarify in this Article right here. I wanted to start typing, but it was super late and he insisted I sleep first.

This is personal, and so what I will be saying in this Article is to be taken very serious, as in, people need to be careful to not cross legal boundaries, I got my rights as a Woman, and Michael had his rights and still does, as a Man too.

It might seem contradictory to you, thinking in human terms and such, that I speak to some SPIRITUAL DEGREE openly about our sexual connection and such, but I never mentioned physical details from our time in LA, not once, and keep that private.

You might have seen and understood, that Michael Jackson under no circumstances liked anyone talking publicly about his sexuality. He even made people sign this, that they can never speak to the public, news sources, or other people about his sexual habits or that private space and what he does, likes, wears, looks like and so forth.

Here comes the ONLY EXCEPTION, and that all had a reason and purpose. Michael Jackson is a Twin Soul with me, and he protected our SPIRITUAL TRUTH like this in the past.

You also see, how even today still, others keep spitting out lies about him and his private character, and especially sexuality, taking it even to court and making false, horrible claims.

This is why he wanted me to write this Article here today. And as we are one soul, anything you do, say or claim about him you say about me too at the same breath, and I am not speaking just about him, but about myself here. I am still here, and all the lies you fabricated about HIM, you attacked ME AND MY SOUL WITH TOO.

This is Michael Jackson in his Childhood - Photo for Educational, Documentary and Science Research Purpose -
This is Michael Jackson in his Childhood – Photo for Educational, Documentary and Science Research Purpose –


Up to here I wrote the above text part 2 days ago, today I am continuing and it is Friday the 30th December 2016.

Now, let’s get into it!

I rarely say anything about personal matters, regarding Michael’s Family. But recently some things took place, that, no matter if they want to get along or not, I am forced to speak up about now, because Michael ain’t approving of certain people promoting “a slutty and nasty image” now on him, after all he already went through.

Let me start by sharing the things Michael told me personally and private, or a few things of those very intimate things, and then mend it into how those things shaped his thinking as a Man later on and made him “become different”, than the examples he witnessed doing their thing when he was a Child yet.

Much of it is public anyways, I am not saying anything super new or shocking here. Everyone knows, how Joe and Michael’s Brothers were behaving back in the day, when they reached “fame” initially.

One of the funniest things Michael would make jokes about, in a serious way, but also mocking, would be about Jermaine for example, saying:”Jermaine has no idea how many Children he really got, he got so many officially documented, and those are just the official ones.”

It made sense, and I asked Michael a few things about details like in “did they never use protection or what, that’s dangerous and nasty!”, and he would feel ashamed of his Brothers in that moment.

Think about it, how reckless is that, okay, they started all this before HIV and such, but think about how dangerous this is in reality, if they randomly sleep around like that.

And I think many of you saw the Interviews and his own words, about those times, and how his Brothers sometimes would bring in Fans/Groupies into the same Hotel room and have sex with them right next to Michael pretending to be asleep, but of course not able to sleep and trying to plug his ears in some way.

The way I grew up, I am shocked at the idea alone, that they CAN do it while the little Brother is there, or a few Brothers in the same room. What a Hoe do you have to be, to be able to even get into it, in front of your family members?

That’s sick.

Look, you might think it’s not sick, but everyone has a personal way of thinking and feeling about those personal matters, and there are tons of folks who do stuff, which I am not judging, as in partner switching, this swinger stuff and all that, or two friends sleeping with Girls at the same time in the same place next to each other and such stories, but not everyone is like that and some people like it private.

That too should obviously not be judged or mocked.

But the truth is, Michael’s Brothers and Father were constantly mocking him for “not being a Hoe like them”. And I say it the way it is and the way Michael worded it.

There is also people who have those so-called “open relationships” as in, married even or so, but sleeping with others from time to time and its an open agreement in the couple’s relationship. Fine, do whatever you like, but let others also be how they are.

It makes a big, psychologically negative impression on you, when your own Father and Brothers treat Women that way, and you watch it from before you even are in puberty. You watch it unbiased and neutral.

As if that wasn’t enough, and Michael was developing his own ideas about Women, relationships, trust, friendship, intimacy’s value and privacy, they, and I won’t say names here, would even arrange to let in Groupies into Michael’s Hotel Room and such, even lock the Door and laugh around, thinking “let’s try convince and force him to be like us”.

Can you imagine, if you walked into our room not suspecting anything, and then found some naked Man or Woman you don’t know, just waiting to get right at it, if you like it or not?

That’s even illegal….there is no consent from Michael, he never invited those particular people himself into the room.

This is a wide spread problem in society, this whole “abusing Women as a sex object” and that this is supposed to be somehow “real man’s behaviour to never say no to sex and do everything to get it and then leave”.

Women ain’t a tool, some fast good, or property.

Here is one of the rarest honest expressions about this in Michael’s Music, “Superfly Sister”.

Then think about the things he said himself in his Autobiography too, about those “holes in the restroom walls” from which Guys would spy voyeur style on Women. Michael said also here honestly that he looked through that too, as a Child, and how “him and his brothers were fighting to get a glimpse”. LOL.

I can’t believe he said that. But also, I think I would have a harder time doing such sexual Songs like the one above, saying or singing such words out loud, or certain things he did in the “In the Closet” Song vocally. It’s okay he did that, as a Man, but I am more shy. I can’t believe he could do such vocal things in the Studio, and now based on this closeness between us I can’t really listen to these Songs without giggling around.

He is honest, as you see, and that had a distance to it, he didn’t physically touch or get touched here by anyone, it was just looking type thing and curiosity. Tons of Teenage Guys do such things, in Wardrobe walls and all kinds of places. This type thing has been featured in many Movies also.

Michael has ALWAYS and without exception been honest to me in private as well, in details that sometimes would shock me, as in like “Michael, too much information, how can you say this out loud?” and such, but this is private and it is one of the things in Michael’s Personality which I love. He can be very blunt, but in sophisticated classy ways.

That is the main stuff he remained with, just watching or reading up on things to “learn theoretically”. Michael did not have sex with tons of people in his life, he was super lonely and seeking the FULL PACKAGE in a WOMAN.

This is also how he then used this whole energy rather in his Music and Dance Energy, than doing things.

It gave a unique energy to his Music, because he put all his energy, all his focus, and also sexual energy a lot into his work, and he liked fantasy and innocent romantic Dreams.

Michael Jackson's Childhood Impressions and Evolution as a Gentleman *Rare Insider Truth Article* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson’s Childhood Impressions and Evolution as a Gentleman *Rare Insider Truth Article* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


So, with all this going on already in Michael’s childhood around him, he had time and reason to think deeper about things, and the whole truth about Men and Women’s relationships.

Michael was definitely more a Mommy’s Boy, and he cared a lot about his Mother and reflected on her feelings and experience with how Joe was behaving, and he saw tons of Fans and Women cry and lose their minds over his Brothers “using them sexually and then throwing them away”. The typical total asshole move all Women HATE.

Michael had a deep, profound interest in being “the best Guy for Women they ever knew” his whole life. He would make presents to his female Teachers as a little Boy already, loving to make them smile, simple as that. Michael LOVED being nice to Women, and giving them a “unique and good feeling”. He didn’t want Women to think bad of him, nor did he actively do anything or lacked in care about this.

This is why he is Michael, the way I know him.

Stop thinking about Show Business only now, this is a problem of human relationships in every culture and around the World!

How many female Friends do you have that have gone through such experiences or even sexual abuse or worse also?

How many naked Women do you see regularly in the Media, Music Videos and Movies? How many naked Men do you see compared, in Advertising and such?

Why is it okay to show everywhere female Breasts, but not male Genitals in any way?

I have seen in my life even things like some buttermilk drink commercials on TV, showing a female Model completely naked and her Breasts showing, and some animation around the belly area as in saying “this drink is healthy for digestion and such”. Why is the Woman naked, when it’s about a DRINK?

If I’m not mistaken, I think you can also find commercials showing regularly for Shower Gel Women completely naked, but Men only facial close ups, hair and chest, but no behind, no legs, none of that how they do it with Women’s imagery.

Why is that?

Why are Men, that sleep around, applauded for it?

But Women, who don’t even sleep around, but have a healthy sexuality or strong libido, are totally harassed and insulted and judged for natural physical feelings?

You have to be “sexually blocked” as Woman, but play the sex object tool for Men, without own will or needs?

You aren’t to expect anything much from the Man in this regard, but only give and please?

We are not “hand bag or attachment” for Men!

Women and Men are supposed to be equal and complete each other, and Women’s spiritual and mental strength potential is very underestimated, and Women can back up their Man in challenges as well. It’s not all only and always about sex, what is it with people about that?

This is kind of animalistic behaviour. Not human evolved thinking, and Michael thought a lot about those things and understood things on a deeper level, also through our spiritual Connection.

It explains itself, that I would have never bonded with Michael that way, if he was a male Hoe like his Brothers and Father, and many other People in that regard too in Show Business…

I think the same here, equal, about Men and Women, both should not sleep around randomly and it’s something that is a big turn off. It also, besides that, pollutes our aura and spiritual energy/chakras, because besides the physical intercourse, you get the aura energies mixed up and exchange energy as well.

Don’t you want to know the person first and well, before moving into the most intimate thing?

Then, Michael says here, there is a very important point he studied later on. Back in the Days of horrible Slavery, did you know, they would “breed humans” as in throwing some Black Man with few Women into a Cage basically and forcing them to “breed” while watching them and such?

Think about those implications and how wrong this is, degrading the sacred private space between Women and Men.

The Truth about Twin Flame Soul Mates and the Twin Mirror Image of Counterparts in Male and Female Versions of Each Other © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Truth about Twin Flame Soul Mates and the Twin Mirror Image of Counterparts in Male and Female Versions of Each Other © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


My whole perception has completely changed upon meeting Michael and our Twin Soul Reunion taking place, about self perception as a Woman also.

How I especially often felt like I am being stared at as an object, Guys blinded by looks and not caring about my mind or way of thinking or emotions much, as like about my looks. I always hated this superficial thinking and behaviour, so common in society, and rejected it all.

Michael was different, completely.

He cared in precise details, with a unique understanding also, about the things I had to say, about my childhood, or parents and family matters, or my wishes and secrets and thoughts.

I just recently also explained in an Article bit more on the Dreams conversations, and how our both Dreams perceptions fit and were connected.

Honestly, I can only say Michael is a real Gentleman and very, very exceptionally intelligent as a Man about understanding Women’s needs, and I have no doubt that this is why he emanates this gentle energy also in his Aura to the public and tons of Women love Michael,even without knowing him in person.

He portrayed an important message for the World, about Men and Women, and it was under-heard because of the tabloid lies effect and slander war constantly going to distract from this Message.

I, especially being his Twin Soul Counterpart and all things so parallel and connected in our Lives, I had tons of situation of sexual harassment, and Guys even while working in Studios on Music or such, trying to make a move on me, and me having to block it off and feeling “disturbed in my professional respect”.

I am very happy to see how also that has changed a lot and keeps healing and changing, and even people from the past come up and apologise to me and have LEARNED something good from me and me staying classy and strong-minded always.

Men actually respect that.

And if a Woman can “understand a Man’s thinking and perspective” even more, as in being equal mentally and in the mind. Being strong in personality.

I even had Men tell me that “I got more balls than them”. I know it sounds funny, but its meant symbolic, and it shows you, if I as the FEMALE PART of my and Michael’s Twin Soul am so strong, imagine how strong Michael’s Mind is as the Man.

This truth some people saw already in me and the way I think and understand things, as in telepathic clarity, prove the connection of my Mind with Michael’s the whole time and they sensed “the male side in me”, which is Michael, literally.

Same goes for Michael, especially in public, he had this thing going with channeling me, and his “feminine gentle side”, and people often confused it for being “feminine”.

But I am not a Man, and Michael is not a Woman.

We are just internally intertwined, with a deeply connected double-consciousness, as it is with Twin Souls!

This is also the spiritual reason behind male MJ Fans feeling super strong emotions for the Guy, but not being gay at all.

It’s proven by now, that the male MJ Fans or the male Friends and People who met Michael, are in some weird funny way attracted to me. Like, Michael is their Man, their buddy, their role model and respected other Alpha Male, and seeing the feminine Version of Michael gives them a whole new, and confusing perspective. It’s funny to me. Maybe it’s also a motherly type feel, as in, I am “bringing out and healing their inner child”.

Through this inner spiritual connection, Michael had a whole other inspiration in his mind for ideas about how he views Women or sexual situations. He focused a lot on his heart chakra and his emotions, and Women’s emotions, and he thought very intellectual and spiritual about personal connecting.

He would do meditation, rehearse and work hard day and nights, he didn’t even have the time or the focus to waste his time and life and career with such superficial short term relationships. That was not what his mind was on. His mind was constantly on his Music and work, and “evolving his mind” in private, reading for hours, reflecting, growing his knowledge and mind.

He was analytical in this to a degree, he wanted to FIND OUT THE BASIC TRUTH AND SECRET of real lasting relationships, BECAUSE of his Parent’s example relationship and marriage, and Michael wanted to do it better than them.

He was not interested in superficial sex adventures, it didn’t give him anything at all, it would have just made him feel bad, not good.

That wasn’t the type of Man Michael Jackson was.

And they say, as Father so is Son, but in that case it could not be more different.

But other Brothers he has became like their Father…

And if you think, those things are of the past and they don’t live this lifestyle anymore, then check out the weird stuff about fights with their wives and being BITTEN by the wife and drama, drama, drama and joining shows like “Wife Swap”.

Or, taking Viagra at age almost 90 and almost dying on top of some super young Woman in Brazil…you know who I mean.

NO CHANGE, same old game.

And now, you think you can just publicly throw shit at Michael’s Image and how he was as a Man, compared to you?

And insult me publicly in this process too?

Let me say here also something very specific, because in recent years after Michael had passed, there were over and over people trying to make claims of being “his Son” and such, like this Brandon Howard.

Look man, I don’t know what this Guy’s personal issues are and if his father by registration is his real father biologically or not, but if it ain’t, Michael certainly ain’t the father.

His mother knew Michael only superficially, and why…because she was once managed by JOE.

So, who’s the father again?

Tell me.

You better not try selling this stuff you do under Michael’s Name. He ain’t the one with tons of Kids everywhere nobody knows about!

And by the way, if you look at it, you have to notice that besides the whole obvious “pretentious faking and imitations”, this Brandon Howard looks more like Jermaine than like Michael.

If you want to try and fool me, you have to get up much earlier in the morning to keep up with my sharp mind and pace.

I am here and ready to demand respect for Michael and for myself in this situation as well.

Don’t try to throw your nasty fake stories at me and Michael, we are pure and have a whole other thing going on between us than your cheap shit you do with Women.


An important point here also, because I seen so much nonsense being talked about it and it being then used for some weird adding to the false accusations as well.

Michael was not “used to sleeping with others in the Bed” due to his Childhood and growing up sleeping often in the same Rooms as his Brothers and on Tours and in Hotels and such.

It is not the reason why little Boys would later napping or sleeping in his Bedroom. Michael NEVER ONCE INVITED ANY CHILD TO HIS BEDROOM, they wanted and insisted, like Kids are, clingy and innocent.

Michael would let them sleep there, not able to break their hearts and say “no” and appear “mean and anti social”. He had a strong fatherly side and heart and would usually go sleep on the floor or couch, and leave the Kids his Bed. It was all totally innocent, why is that so hard for people to understand.

When it came to having FEMALE VISITORS, Michael did not like any eyes on them or him and Kids were also in those situations NOT ALLOWED to be in his Bedroom obviously.

The two things are separate, completely. And if you think back about those stories from the crowded Hotel Rooms when he was on the road with the Jackson 5 and later called “The Jacksons”, and think for a second with your brain, you know he didn’t see anything sexual about “friends hanging out like a gang in one room”.

In fact, because those Kids were little, like Michael was back then, they were pure and innocent and Michael could feel this family and safe vibe in his mind, because there was NOTHING sexual about it at all. It was peaceful and relaxing to not worry about such things and just be a human being and friend, eat popcorn, play video games and enjoy the INNOCENT ATMOSPHERE.

This is my personal View and Experience with Michael, and you may take it or leave it.

You can learn something, for yourself and your own evolution and happiness, or stay backwards thinking the way his Brothers and Father stayed in the old pattern all their lives and never learned anything about “relationship skills”.

It explains itself, that the type of rare Women also, in the opposite example, I guess like me, Michael says, who are like Michael had the whole package for Women, the same for Men, such cheap Guys NEVER GET. So, if you are a Guy and reading this, and you want a real loyal and good Woman, that has inner and outer beauty and a real mind and personality, you better work on yourself as a Man first to offer something, in human and spiritual terms.

We are here to reveal the deeper secret, the truth and SACREDNESS about sex and love, and relationships between Men and Women. People don’t yet understand what it means, what a Twin Soul is, let alone how a detailed personal experience in such way looks like or feels like.

Michael was very evolved, as a soul already at Birth. In his Soul, there has always been the “compass” pulling him towards me, his Twin Flame Soul Counterpart, the other half of him.

That is as good as it gets for you, there is no scandalous sexual behaviour or nasty sick sexual thinking in Michael Jackson. Not the least bit, he was and is the most healthy-minded Guy about Sex, ever. And I hope it is needless to say, that Michael was a Master at everything he did in life, including that area, way beyond anything his Brother’s are capable of.

This is it for now, more in the next Blog Post.

We’re sending out a Major Loyalty Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

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