Michael Jackson: Completely Heterosexual and INNOCENT of the False “Child Molestation” Accusations *Rare Insider Truth Article- PART 1* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson: Completely Heterosexual and INNOCENT of the False "Child Molestation" Accusations *Rare Insider Truth Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson: Completely Heterosexual and INNOCENT of the False “Child Molestation” Accusations *Rare Insider Truth Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

As I am getting much stronger and healing from the whole challenges in LA and after, the attacks on my Label and Brand, and this whole Twin Soul Interferences attacks situation as well, I am seeing very interesting things happening and am now ABLE TO REMAIN CALM AND STRONG and speak of those difficult topics.

Obviously, if you know anything about me, or my Music, or this Blog and my Releases, you know I am a very relentless and outspoken defender of Michael Jackson, and it is personal for me.

But still, nobody can really imagine fully how this all feels to me, I used to get super anger attacks over the top and sadness attacks crying heavily over this injustice they did to Michael. You cannot imagine the anger…

This is to me the most difficult topic to talk about, because it is the worst experience that Michael Jackson ever had in his whole life and I cried and worried about him for years watching this witch hunt, knowing he is innocent through our soul connection long before we met already.

If you look at my passion and anger when it comes to speaking up for Michael and the very beautiful, spiritual truth that is the reality of who he was, and debunking lies and misinformation, you might understand without any further comment why a Woman would be doing that, for years, without pause.

Many things also I am doing in my efforts are not public, and I do not write much about it here on the Blog.

I don’t read magazines or online news or tabloids, I get my information directly from Michael and am checking things up close in personal direct matters, not indirect.

I talked with some people that knew Michael too, and I keep those things mainly private, but have recently had to speak up on particular people, because they do wrong and take other people’s information and copyrighted information as well from work and Music, and fabricate lies and fake stories to get attention and “parasite on Michael Jackson’s name”.

The situation, up close, is much worse than people in the public and also the Fans imagine.

There is a constant pattern of “no humane compassion at all” in what is being done to Michael’s Name, or how he was treated before he passed. There is this very harassing and constant “abusive and malicious intent” energy in those attacks, like a thread throughout the whole picture.

So now, I want to share a little thing with you, connecting dots, because it seems many people are not aware of the big picture and motivations of people behind those false accusations and this false “witch hunt” launched on Michael.


I really don’t like even writing out these person’s names, but it is out there and they have launched those really illegal, human rights and soul rights violating false accusations moves at Michael since 2013.

Who tries to sue and defame a deceased Man?

So, Michael meant well back then, and he was in a situation where he felt, again, like many years had passed since his last big interviews, which he didn’t like giving at all, and he thought about “opening up to the public”.

It was a very honest, well meant idea from Michael’s side, also for the Fans.

But one of the main thoughts also was to generally speak to the public, and show “his truth” and CLARIFY the false imagery out there twisted by tabloids and tactical and constant libel and slander.

Michael trusted Lady Diana deeply, they were close friends. She had many similar experiences with the tabloids herself and so they could always vent and talk about those things. She had done an Interview with Martin Bashir prior to Michael, and naturally, she was treated differently.

After all, she was a Princess of the British Kingdom and a white Woman.

Michael Jackson came from a poor family background, worked himself up with his talent, and was an African-American Man.

He was tricked, he thought, Bashir did a good interview with Diana, so he will do a good one with him as well and “help him document and show his truth”. Michael has never been open towards the public before, and the first time he really opened up was in 1993, with the Oprah Winfrey Interview. Also, Bashir is not white and Michael thought good of him at first, and was then heavily disappointed.

Interesting how in the same year, later in 1993, he was attacked with false child molestation allegations, via non legal methods as in “fabricating the lie and planting it into tabloids and news without evidence or investigation”. He didn’t expect that.

Then, again, after TEN YEARS, Michael sits down in 2003 with Bashir, and compared to Oprah here, Bashir was even worse and again, same year, later in 2003 more aggressive false accusations and a trial were launched at Mike.

That is called “tactics” and shows a clear pattern!


Check here a link out confirming this:

TV documentary may have led to child molestation accusations



Me and Michael were discussing things and then he said to look up, as I had forgotten, a link on who aired the Bashir Interview, and paid Bashir as an employee…to place in this article for you.

In the first 1993 big Interview, Michael did good for himself, because simply, when Michael spoke, people would listen and see how he is different than the “public image portrayed by the media and tabloids” and it had this “image improving, promoting effect”.

More people liked Michael Jackson after his 1993 Interview.

So, the false allegations were in that regards also a form of attacking his image and “pulling it down again” so he loses support and Fans and his Brand gets stuck and damaged.

In 2003, they had “learned this idea from Chandler” and re-tried a new false accusation, this time with a trial, same people involved, same lawyers, same guy, Sneddon, same tactics and the “surprise attack factor”, no evidence, no truth to these nasty false accusations, and complete bias in investigating it, and still, NO EVIDENCE ever found.

The whole thing was a big show trial, a witch hunt.

And if you think Bashir was just some “bad meaning interviewer” and yes, edited later the Interview footage in ways so he can “throw in suspicions” in separate footage he filmed alone behind Michael’s back and such, but that was not it only!

This guy, Bashir, was once even caught clearly searching through Michael’s personal luggage, think about this shit!

Like a literal Spy in Disguise!

This Guy was already told to “look for something they can use against Michael” on purpose and planned ahead of these false accusations and trial.

Do you understand that?

They had the plan to go after Michael and plotted this witch hunt already prior to airing this Interview!

This is why this is so bad, and mean.

To me, and I hope many others that knew Michael in private too, like his family, few close friends, and many Fans even as well, it is clear that Michael was innocent and you all see through these tactics, the envy and jealousy in those liars and see his truth shining and that he was innocent.


For me personally I don’t just believe that Michael is innocent, but I KNOW IT.

I hope you understand that difference.


Michael was talked into doing an Interview in general, every time, he hated talking in Interview formats, because it was a dishonest media, and not interested in him or his truth or work inspirations, but only scandals and sensationalism and “weirdness”.

Also, other Celebrities would use Interviews to seek attention and they would talk about things like when they had sex first, with who sometimes even, how it was and such things that I and Michael obviously feel should NOT BE DISCUSSED TO THIS DETAIL IN PUBLIC. It’s cheap.

It’s not classy to be doing this “Interview Porn” type thing and how society lusts for such super personal details about a Person, just for being famous through THEIR WORK.

So, now, as in many bad decisions that increased over the years then around this time, there were people close to Michael working for him, managers and business associates and partners, and also family members certain ones, talking him into things he refused to do at first.

I personally love Michael’s interviews of course, but I think it would have been better if he gave even less interviews, and simply did a DIRECT PERSONAL SHORT FILM KIND REPORTING THING, letting in direct questions from Fans let’s say via Post Mail, Email and such, and then PRODUCED IT ALL HIMSELF, and edited a “Private Home Movie” type thing. Why go the way all others go anyways, why talk with some “Interviewers” that you don’t know and letting them into your House in this situation with the tabloid war since after Thriller…

Michael was naive and very innocent here, like a Child, just sharing naturally things with those strangers, those Interviewers, while his image was attacked regularly by “their colleagues in the news and TV business”, and he thought they will understand him and change their mind on him when meeting him and talking with him, seeing that he is not like this false tabloid image put out there.

Now, what is interesting here about this is to look at the things in the corner of the attackers and manipulators here.


I have shown few public cases and links in recent years about Hollywood, but now this is another detail that should make you think and see more truth and the bigger picture.

Now, you might have heard about the stories on Jimmy Savile and others working at the BBC.

Think also here about public claims made in recent years and even over decades, about Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, and the whole claims and stories of Child Actors like Corey Feldman and the Corey Haim story as well, speaking of a whole ring in Hollywood and many not public figures involved like producers and directors.

Now, you can look up those details yourself, especially about the horror of the stories on Jimmy Savile and others from the BBC, where supposedly this Guy was molesting little Kids, Boys and Girls, and even doing necrophilia, which is abusing dead corpses as well!

It cannot get more sick and devilish in my view. That is serious dangerous mental illness right there.

And that Guy was not taken down, not reported about, and in front of you for years on TV, fooling you. The BBC supposedly knew of claims and cases over decades and didn’t do anything about it, in fact, his job there gave him access to many people he then abused.

Check out what they say themselves on their platform now, as Karma kicked in and truth is being exposed:


Savile and Hall: BBC ‘missed chances to stop attacks’



BBC star Jimmy Savile ‘committed sex acts on dead bodies’ while volunteering at hospital



A small sentence in there, but super important and revealing here also, look at this:

“Savile was knighted by Queen Elizabeth and honoured by the Pope for his voluntary work at hospitals, which he exploited to gain unprecedented access to patients.”


If you ever needed an example of “crossing all boundaries of the humane”, this is a good example right there. It cannot get sicker than this.

Where is the reporting and going viral of those news, and regularly, why are these extreme and proven cases being talked down, and people responsible for presenting a “space and protection” for those over decades making excuses and “image pr moves” for their channels and such, but still, focus these completely made up lies on Michael Jackson?

Obviously as you know, Michael Jackson was never knighted by Queen Elizabeth nor did he get official recognition by the Pope.

No need to mention here too, that in 2010 there was a huge Pedophilia scandal around the Vatican and worldwide Churches, meaning the literal definition then of a “global Pedo Ring”.

There is a lot you have to think about deeper to get to the full picture.

Michael Jackson had nothing to do with those people, was protecting his private human space and trying to live a bit normal with his extreme fame and all that, and was completely different than those People in Show Business we mentioned here.

Also, all the Hollywood folks, the Music Business folks, the groupie culture, the sleeping around and partying type thing, Michael never lived that way and was a pure, INNOCENT LIGHT in between those shadowy-minded fuckers.


Publicly, to compare here, on the other hand over there in Hollywood, there was constantly claims and stories of children, and also women, having been sexually abused. The whole “red couch” thing about Hollywood…

The Roman Polanski rape case was brought to public attention over decades a few times, and then whole Hollywood stood up to defend Polanski and make the sickest, public excuses for him!

Nobody even said Polanski was innocent, they defended his rape in many ways, made excuses saying he “deserves to be respected because of his talent”, and “oh he was a war victim and in some Nazi camp as a Child and his Mother died there”.

I don’t give a shit about what your story is or what you went through, rape is a despicable thing to do, especially to a 13 year old Girl at Jack Nicholson’s House!

Now Racism in Rape and Sexual Abuse claims too and bias by the Press? Seriously?

Polanski is the same disgusting rapist as every other rapist, simple as that. And he makes on top of that movies about the Devil, as in Rosemary’s baby (featuring a rape scene, looks like it was a fantasy in his mind as the director), or the later film called “the 9th Gate”, also about the Devil, in serious well researched ways.

But they say constantly this same repeating thing like “oh no, this is JUST ART”.

Listen, if you express in your “art”, which is an inner reflection thing, emotions, expression of fantasies and thoughts etc, and you express in your “art” things like rape, devilish trickery, make Movies about pedophilia promoting it such as, for example the movie “Lolita”, this is a sign of DEEP SICKNESS IN YOU, and in MY VIEW NOT ART!

And by the way, have you noticed, when they say these types of things, they contradict themselves at the same time saying basically with this that “they lie in their art and it has zero connection to their mind and they never thought anything when making it”. Yeah, right…sounds very “logical”…


Then, you look at Michael Jackson’s honest Art and see his truth. Michael’s Music and Movies are filled with pure love, compassion, joy, innocence and a POSITIVE MESSAGE.

His Music carried positive energy, and the Fans know about this fact.

And a particular, recurring Message of “his Woman, his Counterpart” is all over his Music, in spiritually genius details! (Twin Soul Truth)

Yes, Michael was honest and he did make songs where he spoke honestly Messages about racism, things that need to be healed, troubled relationships in society, history and those things. But that is here simply good art, making a change and not just some “random Music without Message”, like especially the current Wannabe Artists.

If you can sing, or dance a bit, that doesn’t make you automatically “an Artist”, nor does it make you a “great thinker”.

But Michael was different, and this is why they all try to parasite on his Legacy now and bend and twist trying to “imitate” his Magic…

But REAL MAGIC is never “imitated” and is “faking proof”.

You might say with words only that you “got magic”, but people then will wait to see it proven. You can’t lie about those things, Hollywood!


There is a lot out there that you can look up yourself and videos of people telling their stories you can watch, ranging from Corey Feldman to this whole BBC scandal details, or Polanski and Woody Allen and more which we haven’t named here.

This should really make you think.

The title of this article, part 1, says also “completely heterosexual” and that information is going to be in part 2, which I will finish up and publish today, right after this one too.

If you look at the subtle information out there also, and connect dots with your smart brains, you can see the bigger picture and know that these types of things are a big problem overall in society and many institutions, and all over Show Business.

And the media is not an honest thing, we all know that. There is a lot of corruption and a controlled news network and such things, and one doesn’t get simple honest reporting on things more often than not.

It is not smart to eat up everything the press and news claim.

And you should ask yourself the big question here regarding this situation and the false aiming at Michael Jackson, while at the same time, covering up on those other cases all together. It is something I and also Michael himself over a long time, have wondered about, knowing he never did anything even close to wrong to any child that way.

WHY did they fabricate these specific lies about him?

Because they seem to have such horrible things going on, all over the place, and Michael was doing extensive humanitarian work and fighting for the protection of Children and Minorities and so forth!

There is something super wrong about this false accusation and aiming, and censoring by putting such a focus on his Name, while IGNORING the full huge picture and truth about the real cases and such child abuse happening in Show Business by other people and whole institutions and castings, and model photoshoots and all that.

So, I wonder, are you going to keep staring passively at all this circus they spin, or are you going to stay aware of what really is happening in this World and help make a real change and protect Children?

Are you going to focus on Michael’s message and thought, of the inner child, a spiritual healing focus, and the whole innocence message about the soul and pure friendships and relationships, good Music, joy and God and divine things, or…

are you going to let those folks brainwash you into focusing on their lies and this negative energy they try spreading with it to distract from Michael’s work and spiritual Message and purpose in his Life?

What do you spend YOUR TIME with, thinking about most of the time, reflecting on, evolving on?

Positivity or negativity?

Truth or lies?

Love or hate and jealousy?

That is not just personal here, what happened to Michael. It is a story many people can learn from, about this world, and about self growth and how jealousy is a problem we need to heal completely, as well as racism, and any “sick evil thinking of wanting to harm others”, and this whole violence in the media and movies.

There is no balance in news reporting, and there is not much of the positive, happy type spiritual Energy which Michael spread with his work, compared to other releases and works of people and movies and shows and all that, only fueling more of that in real life.

Most Media releases around us, daily, are NEGATIVE.

They didn’t even have any idea how to “categorise Michael or describe him”, because he was that Light they couldn’t comprehend with their dark minds.

Art, Music, Movies, Books, Visuals, Sound, Words, Ideas like that spread through Media all around us daily, can affect your mind, psyche, health and spiritual aura and energy focus, and tilt it to “negative mind focus” like this, instead of positive, which weakens you and gives them power over YOUR MIND.

Free your Mind.

Let the truth in.

It will set you free.

Michael’s Truth is in a whole other direction that what they tried making up. And deep in his soul he knew, God will provide the perfect solution and revelation of his Truth and Innocence.

Stay tuned for the next very personal Article.

We’re sending out a Major Truth Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

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