About DREAMS and Colours Meaning and Twin Flame Symbolism *Short Note* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

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© 22nd December 2016

About DREAMS and Colours Meaning and Twin Flame Symbolism *Short Note* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About DREAMS and Colours Meaning and Twin Flame Symbolism *Short Note* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This is just a little live note, as I just discovered some detail I have never noticed before.

Michael told me about 30 Minutes ago, to work a bit on Photo Comparisons together, for this big amount of data we have to put together and gather for the Documentary Film Project and Science Research.

As I started this, right after getting up from a nap, shortly before still a bit sleepy, he said:” Check the LA Gear Sneakers Photos”. So I did.

As I am doing this, still half in this relaxed dream feel, like I can still feel the “dream consciousness”, but am awake, drinking some energy drink, Michael points at the Car.

He just says, look at the background. I look, and see licence plates and numbers and  wheels and car mechanical tools.

And then I notice it, right there in the middle of the Photos, this AC Cobra Race Car, in red.

And suddenly everything clicks.

When I was living in LA, the AC Cobra was a big private topic and I had seen quite a few places, drove with friends to Arizona, out into the desert, because someone there was selling such an original AC Cobra Car.

That is another such car thing, because in LA I had this custom greenish-gold shimmering 1976 El Camino, but not with original Motor, with a Street Race Engine built in, named “Demon Race Engine”. As in “Speed Demon”, one of Michael’s Songs from this time where he did the BAD Album as well.

So, this is new, and then, as I am still so connected to my “dream awareness”, which has been getting more crystal clear like never before recently anyways, I remember something profound.

I had a few important Dreams before moving to LA, where I ended up meeting Michael in private.

Before moving, I had this very close bond to this Guy, that authentically looks like Elvis Presley. We had ups and downs, a lot. I always thought, back then, that this is the One I am supposed to be with and such, it felt like this classical “soul mate” connection, we would think things at the same time. Even though looking back, the connection with this Guy was NOTHING compared to what happened between me and Michael.

So in this time, preparing to move from country to country, so far away, alone, when never having lived alone before and had own place, I was having this dream.

In that dream I wore my red Ferrari Jacket, something I had once won in a competition where I was in the last round of 10 and almost won this race training with Michael Schumacher back then, but I was glad I got the jacket, because I had lied in the form I filled and did not own a driver’s licence!

I never won anything in such completion forms you fill out, but this time I had gotten this jacket. And it popped up inside my Dream in that time.

I then “drove away” to a place that looked like some beach promenade in LA, even though I had never been there yet and didn’t know how it will look like.

There was this red racing car, looking like the AC Cobra on Michael’s Photo, and there, I saw this Man standing as if watching the sun rise, it seemed like it is dusk or dawn.

It felt like “finally we are free to be together”.

What is funny is, honestly the Guy in that Dream I thought was who was in my mind and life back then currently during the time I dreamed this, which was the Elvis Double.

But what was strange was, when we LEANED ON THIS RED CAR at the beach promenade and hugged, suddenly it wasn’t him, and I kept wondering “who is this supposed to be”? When I woke up I wondered. I felt like, this Elvis Double Guy was only an imagery of what I knew from daily life back then, but the Dream showed me obviously the Future.

I looked up now some information for you Guys about what Red symbolises in a Dream, as I had prior to this those sequence of 3 Dreams where I had seen that Michael will pass and worried extremely and panicked about that Dream, and in the second I saw this GREEN Go-Cart Car on Michael’s Neverland Ranch, long before we met in real.

So, let’s jump back quick first to the meaning of green Cars, as the Car symbolised in that Dream like “Our Physical Vessel/Bodies/Body” and Michael wanted me to “drive and I had to”, and then I realised that “he can’t drive because he is a Ghost”. So, I had to “take over the steering wheel”, which is very literal about our Twin Soul and now us both sharing this Body right here.

So, what could that have meant in a more in depth dream interpretation?


Green: Color meanings of green in dreams often point us in the direction of growth, healing, love, giving, and inspiration. Green corresponds with the heart chakra, which governs passion, love and healing. The Anahata is associated with the element of air, and so we see a different kind of love than what we experience in the primal red hues. Green is symbolic of communicating care on a subtle, energetic level. When we dream of green, we are imbued with a magical ability to transfer knowledge by unorthodox means. Green facilitates growth, love and healing by mental stimulation. Greeks believed intelligence came from the heart. This combined with the green of the heart chakra talks to us about emotional intelligence and communicating with an open heart. I realize I’m being vague here, this kind of ethereal communication isn’t easily identified. However, we can look to mother nature for help in explanation. She speaks in viridian tongue – communicating a sea of burgeoning growth – all expressed by the color green. When we dream of green we’re experiencing levels of healing and growth that are subtle. It’s time to concentrate on the areas of our lives that need to flourish. Once we hone in, and begin to express our identification on an emotional (heart) level, our growth will be exponential and immense. . Questions prompted from color meanings of green in dreams:

  • If your life were a lawn, what would it look like?
  • How could you improve you lawn’s health, appearance, longevity?
  • How am I communicating my love to others effectively?
  • Am I aware of my own needs and meeting them?
  • What other methods of communication can I develop?
  • What if wellness was programmed in my DNA? How can I tap into that inherent health?

Okay, and then RED CAR Meaning:

Red: Dreaming of red is about activation, physicality, passion and intensity. In the chakras red is the root, it’s a primitive energy that expresses itself in terms of survival and prime instinct. Consider the deep blood red that runs through our veins. Life-affirming, flowing, and activating our energy on a very base, physical level. Red is the root that runs through our psyche. It speaks to us of dormant power. Consider fire. It requires an igniting action. The capability of fire is all around us, but it takes a spark to release the power. I particularly love the symbolism of volcanoes when contemplating color meanings in dreams. The red hot energy is always there, just under the surface. What provokes its resurfacing is key. If you see red in your dreams:

  • What needs activating in your life?
  • What physical (body, material) conditions need your attention?
  • Are your basic, primary needs being met?
  • Is stagnation disallowing reproduction?
  • Is it time to reconnect with nature?
  • Are you in an environment that allows you to ignite your passions?

Original Source Link: http://www.whats-your-sign.com/color-meanings-in-dreams.html

So, I see it now. The Green Car symbolised me having to “heal Michael from what happened after he passes, when in Spirit” initially, and the other Dream with the Red Car and the Elvis Guy I knew in real life, turning inside the Dream into “some unknown Man I could not identify clearly like I am still to meet him”, leaning on this Red Car and kissing passionately and such, was about “igniting the Twin Flame Fire” in us, something that happens when real Twin Soul Counterparts meet in real Life.

Later then in LA, I met Michael Jackson totally unexpected and private, out of pure coincidence, in a Sandwich Restaurant not too far from the Santa Monica Coast Promenade. Michael wore this red band on his wrist that Day.

We started talking intensely the second time we met then, about DREAMS. And he said, that he kept seeing this “Mystery Girl” in his Dreams all his life, sometimes not so clear seeing her face, but the feeling being absolutely clear, and that he tried to find her and thought once “it might be Lisa Marie Presley”, but she didn’t fully “fit the inner feeling he had about those Dreams”, and now, that he SEES ME HE THINKS IT IS ME.

This is how he said it.

He also then giggled and pointed at my Mole on my right Cheek, standing in front of me, I was shocked I didn’t notice this detail before, but suddenly I saw it. He too had the exact same Cheek Mole on his other, the left Cheek, and in this Moment, I felt like I am an Adult and a Child again, remembering this moment when I was 5 and saw him on TV the first time thinking “who is this Man? He is somehow exactly like me, like a Mirror of my Future”, thats the feeling I had, this “mirror energy” between us, at age 5. And then I was 25 and Michael standing in front of me and this Cheek Mole seriously making those feeling become reality, like he is my Mirror. Literally, like our Cheek Mole giving us this Mirror Feeling, that was weird and magical.

And then I told him about my Dreams I had about him, and despite never having told anybody that, Michael was the first person ever I told this Childhood Dreams also to, about how we would somehow “meet always in this same place, where he is in this white Bed and his upper body naked and me confused about it”, and he kept giggling but I could see in his Eyes he took that as a confirmation of his own perceptions, and our Heart’s connected.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, and remember, Green and Red! 🙂

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

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