Michael Jackson: About Twin Souls (Human Soul) and God’s Perfect Arrangement behind Earthly Matrix *Special Note* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson: About Twin Souls (Human Soul) and God's Perfect Arrangement behind Earthly Matrix *Special Note* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson: About Twin Souls (Human Soul) and God’s Perfect Arrangement behind Earthly Matrix *Special Note* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This is a special Note for further explanation and understanding, and it is not the first such note but seemingly necessary.

There is still so much disinformation going around online and based on it, still a lot of misunderstandings. The topics we talk about on this Blog are different and several, from Entertainment and Creativity, to spiritual and historical Facts and Science Research on the Paranormal and Twin Souls.

In the Twin Soul Information alone, we have brought earthly Facts, and then also spiritual facts, reflections, Dreams, analysis of Songs which Michael Jackson released, and Videos, Symbolism and Fashion Details and Appearance and more. The list is as endless as a Person really is, eternal and alive in evolution.

There are People who don’t understand, that for example, the whole Library of Details we show here, analyse for you from multiple aspects and view points and link to historical and personal facts, are not something “any human being could fabricate”.

Michael Jackson did not “fabricate” his Persona and Life!

I have explained before, regarding for example Rod Temperton, how ultimately to make such a “precise full life expression aligned with twin soul truth”, the whole team around Michael would be tuned in by God, mentally, emotionally, telepathically and spiritually, aware or not aware does not matter here. Remember here also the song “Man in the Mirror”, Michael truly believed personally in what this Song expresses, but officially he isn’t the Songwriter. Michael didn’t mind helping others giving them full credit, as he didn’t feel good about taking credit anyways, because he knew God is involved and helping, and deserves ultimate Credit here. Michael told Siedah Garrett about his “thoughts and visions, reflections on the self” and such things about how he feels when seeing people sad and the motivation for all his charity, and she wrote it into an arranged lyrical Song.

Michael worked like this. He didn’t and couldn’t sing something he “didn’t feel inside”, so think further and open your mind if you want to learn about Creativity and Team Work here, spiritually as well.

When God makes things happened and manifest for a certain bigger picture and higher cause and purpose, which Twin Flames have, then it becomes exactly therefore clear: All those details, the Appearance Changes, the Songs, the chosen People in Production Teams for Songs and Albums, Videos and Short Films, the Fashion, the symbolism even on Belts and private Art Collections of Art obviously made by others but expressing something for Michael he felt a deep resonance to, ALL THAT big picture can only be arranged to become visible in such life long details by God.


Private Details of our Twin Soul Parallels in Life also, for example, like the whole pre-experiences we had both, Michael with Elvis’ Daughter Lisa Marie Presley, and then me with a random private Guy, a Business Man, that authentically looked like Elvis and behaved in our detailed private relationship course “like Lisa Marie Presley towards Michael Jackson”, both cutting contact over the Phone in 2005, for then to have the space and readiness for me and Michael to meet and get together and share such precise parallels and laugh about it afterwards, that is NOT something “a human being can plan or fabricate”, it is God’s work for Twin Souls, visible in the whole course of life in both cases intertwined.

To leave God out of this equation about Twin Souls, is very anti-spiritual and reveals that people who think that way have not yet understood anything in its basics about Twin Souls and the very connecting Element between both Counterparts.

It is God, which created Twin Souls as one Soul, and it is God which created the Bond/Connection between the “always in one energy field” Twin Soul Counterparts and “holds the two Parts together through eternity”. It is God’s Light which is the Light between Twin Soul Counterparts finally.

In the case of Archangel Michael, in Spirit, we are talking about an Angel that people literally describe as in named “He Who is Like God?”.

The main part is “like”, as in “similar”, or emanating something important and reflecting it, about God.

God is not masculine, nor feminine, God is everything.

God is the Light in any Darkness, literal or symbolic/spiritually.

God cannot be seen personified or “met face to face”, this I know since God showed me this truth years ago, around 2002.


Who do you think made Michael Jackson, his talent, his unique effect on the people, possible?

Who do you think gave Michael the energy to make the things happen he made in his earthly works and Songs and Dance?

Who do you think arranged parallels like, I was born, then same day 29 Minutes later, Michael Jackson begins recording Thriller, starting with “The Girl is Mine”?

Who do you think made, in an authentic, documented natural course “mirroring cheek moles” appear and remain on my right, and Michael’s left cheek?

Who do you think caused Michael Jackson’s skin disorder challenge, vitiligo, from which due to Michael’s strength and “aligned mind connected deeply to God” came all this Appearance for you to see that we look alike and are alike and share one Soul?

We have not met in person until 2007, so how would Michael precisely “merge with my Appearance and personal Energy and Feminine Aura” and all that, years before we actually met in physical terms? Who would help to arrange such details beyond Life?

The answer you know:


I don’t understand how some folks can keep living in this delusional state of mind, angry, bitter and whatever else and refuse to see all these details that “cannot be talked away”.

You can write me messages and insult, and you can also just look in your Mirror and check there first. These things are shaking up reality thinking and what you have been knowing up to now, but this is natural and if you keep an open mind you might see more than ahead of your nose tip and actually remember things about yourself and your own soul.

You might want to reflect also on your relationship with God, not in any dogmatic religious way, but in a natural, real, honest core spiritual way.

Listen into yourselves, your hearts deeply, and see what you feel and think of God in there. Maybe this is the issue many people have, who lash out against Michael, or Twin Souls in general, and even try to interfere in general information on how God created those things, spread misinformation online and try to censor the “Twin Flame Truth rising”.

You got a problem with God, spiritually.

Me and Michael are NOT responsible for your personal problems and decisions. You are.

And I am actually not trying to diss anyone when speaking such truth so openly and with direct words, I just speak that way. I always did. This is me. I say things with a childlike, direct honesty and do not “filter my words” because it would be less honest if I would do so. I have always been FULLY honest and very open about all those Details on this Blog and also my feelings about things on Earth and People, Hollywood, the Music Business and so forth.

Without truthful talk and confrontation, we don’t get no where, we don’t solve problems by ignoring them. I might be very “slapping” with my open honest communication about such rare matters, but this is how I am and always have been. And Michael loves especially my “childlike, unfiltered truth talk”, he LOVES this part of my Personality. Nobody can shut me up when I see lies or injustice!

In fact, most of the time Michael giggles about it, and it is because he knows me better than anyone else and knows, I won’t be able to keep my mouth shut if I see anyone lying about him, or me, or any innocent folks and even God’s spiritual creation truth regarding Twin Souls. He sometimes motivates me like “Go get them Baby, you are so funny”, or “you couldn’t hold yourself back huh, I love how you confront them without hesitation with truth” and “thank you, I am so proud of you” and all of that. He finds it funny and he can predict I would react like this, because he knows me.

This is his perspective, and it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, agree or disagree, because it is HIS perspective and opinion. It doesn’t matter what anyone out there “lies and plasters together”, this is Michael’s true perspective on all of this situation, now, from Spirit.

He is the one that encouraged me to begin with, to come forward about this Twin Soul Truth. It was probably one of the most difficult things I ever had to do, to come out in public like this, as open as I am, about my very Soul Details. But it is the same thing that enables me now to keep going: I won’t allow no further lies and injustice to be thrown at our Soul, and you made me jump up and scream, as in “Hey, enough now, he is my Twin Soul Counterpart and you are doing wrong and lying!”.

I am here to not only demand Justice after the fact, for Michael Jackson, but I am also here to bring justice and judgement karma onto souls of People who keep doing wrong. Take that!

Maybe this is why such people tend to be so obsessive and stalker like never stop harassing and stalking, because they can’t get over feeling “unbalanced in their relationship with God” inside of them and it makes them lash out at me and Michael and try everything to “lie together some distorted old reality refusing to acknowledge the Twin Soul Truth and what is beyond it”.

For such people it all seems about “Ego” and “earthly Thinking”, despite the obvious spiritual truth beyond earthly matters in this Story. They also must be thinking of Michael in such ways I guess, like “oh he is famous and rich”, in a very illogical way disregarding it seems also that Michael is no longer in human form and doesn’t care at all about “earthly riches, or fame”. Michael never cared about his fame for most of his life, he sought privacy and REAL LIFE situations/experiences.

This is not about “Black or White”, or such things they try making it about like nasty Politics and the whole tense chicken fighting around here with “Michael Jackson is American and his Twin Soul Story must be sold as American”, no it isn’t, get to think SPIRITUAL, not earthly. It’s getting boring and obvious to everyone.

No matter where you look, and who it is, and what such interference forces try aligned with darkness rather than light, God’s light is always stronger.

None of those will be able, over a whole life time even, to “talk and lie away” all those details of life that nobody can fabricate or fake for “any Story”.

They can lie, and try to manipulate your minds like the old lame tabloids and such tactics which were used against Michael Jackson for a very long time, but still, the truth shines bright in the middle of the lies and nobody can talk it away.

***Here are a few Links to previous Articles documenting some of those “fakeproof” as in “waterproof” Twin Flame Signs and Facts, Parallels and more.***



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The more they interfere, the more the truth becomes visible, not the lie. This is what Michael said a long time ago, and he was right. Despite all attacks and interferences, the truth has only become more visible by now.

The more you try to “hit the light aura of Twin Souls” or this good energy generally, the more this light “explodes” and brightens everything around you “blinding your shadow energy out of you”.

Michael Jackson and Twin Soul Sexuality *Personal Notes and Reflections* 3rd December 2016 © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson and Twin Soul Sexuality *Personal Notes and Reflections* 3rd December 2016 © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

This is what we are here to do. Michael Jackson was very famous, very known and under a constant “magnifying glass” by the public and people that didn’t even know him at all or understand him at all. The things happening now, through me, his Twin Soul Counterpart, are not a coincidence or “an idea” or anything  that can be “fabricated or thought up” by human beings. It is the unfolding of a whole life of truth details adding up to the big picture, and this fact, this truth will therefore prevail as it will be everywhere around you, with an endless flow of confirming information and facts, in front of you, for your eyes to see, for your ears to hear, for your hearts to feel.

The Truth will prevail, because God always prevails.

I have told you from 2013 on, openly as usual, that Michael plans some extraordinary stuff with Science to prove the existence of Twin Souls, and his spiritual Presence with me.

We are moving actively and intensively into this Project now.

You might want to take some time and reflect on all this and your personal emotions towards me and him, both together, or separate as you like, both the same thing. You might want to ask yourself, what you will do with your inner guilt when you come to realise that I am a Part of Michael, and that you have done wrong in the past to me.

You will come to a very uncomfortable place if you have had bad thoughts and said bad things or done them even, to Michael, or to me, in the past. This is like, Archangel Michael holding a divine Mirror into your Faces and it shows your full Truth.

Ask yourselves now, for once in your lives, why.

Beyond the personal and human level story, we bring here a true miracle proof about God, and point at God with our Twin Soul Story and “the Key to Heaven”.

We’re sending out a Major Twin Soul Truth Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

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