Michael Jackson’s Big THRILLER-HALLOWEEN Article: About “Joe the Big Hoe” © ArchangelMichael777/Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson's Big THRILLER-HALLOWEEN Article: About "Joe the Big Hoe" © ArchangelMichael777/Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson’s Big THRILLER-HALLOWEEN Article: About “Joe the Big Hoe” © ArchangelMichael777/Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Tonight, is the “river-crossing” Thriller-Halloween Night, as we re-defined it, Archangel Michael’s Soul Judgement Night.

The Title is from a personal comment, Michael keeps making lately. The MJ Fans reading this will know what I am talking about, and where “Joe the Big Hoe” crossed the limits, and got into Michael’s personal and sexual stuff he knows NOTHING about.

Michael says, Quote:

“Joe the Big Hoe, and this is how I am going to call him from now on, had no right to put out there any lies about how I am as a Man, or support fraudulent Stories and Claims on my costs. After years, a whole lifetime of abusive words and a behaviour that can only be called “emotionally dumb”, and lots of cheating I had to witness as a Child already, this Man dares to go out there and backstab me, portraying me in this latest wrong move like HE IS.

He is the one that is a “drunk, cheater” and he is the one who is after superficial sexual relations, I have never been this way. I saw from a young age on that I never want to be like him.

Joe the Big Hoe, is the one after the Moe.

Joe and his little Manga-Moe…

I had enough of your disrespect. And now, this is between me and you, between Human and Spirit. I will teach your Respect, from Spirit. Watch…”

© Text dictated by Michael Jackson in Spirit in his own words

Michael further explains, that “Joe the Big Hoe” has always decided over his head and done what he thinks is right, but what was not always the right thing to do. He never asked Michael for his feelings, or permission, or what Michael wants, being out there singing and dancing his Childhood away.

Finally, there is a lot to relationships between Fathers and Sons, and at some point, the Son rebels and demands respect for his own Person and Achievements.

That was never the case, even after all his extraordinary achievements, Thriller, BAD, HIStory, and the catapulting of the “Jackson Legacy” to what it is now, or at least was when Michael still lived on this Planet in human form.

It was a repeating problem, ongoing, and never really solved. The constant disrespect and bullying like :”I made you, you would be nothing without me!”

Michael says here: “Yeah, yeah, the constant ‘ I made you’ (impersonates Joe the Big Hoe’s voice), I had enough of him and his doings and decisions harming me and my private matters. He caused me so much emotional pain, and years of painful sleepless nights, trying to understand why he is like that to me.”

Michael Jackson obviously achieved the BIGGEST success in his solo career, and he was the master mind behind it, not Joe the Big Hoe.

Can you imagine, how it is, to be burned out inside emotionally by a never changing family situation, where one of your parents never respects you, your boundaries, abuses you like “slapping your soul left and right” without any consideration for your limit?

Always wanting the last word. Always demanding respect, but not giving you any respect, not even the least bit.

Can you imagine what this does to a Person, to a Boy, growing up?

There is so much to say, as in very bad and disappointing and sad stuff about “Joe the Big Hoe”, that Michael prefers to not talk to much as most of it is super private, personal family stuff also and I would never publish details of ALL this.

But the public, and the dear Fans, the MJ Soul Family, they know very well what “Joe the Big Hoe” and others that have surrounded Michael in his lifetime that also aren’t classy and do things the public does not see which is shameful.

Michael was often embarrassed, and conscious, and was from the beginning different and more evolved. Michael was never some “animal just looking for superficial sex” and looking at Women in such a cheap, superficial way only. This is why Michael is so popular, he displayed a wonderful example of a true Man with Character, and Intellectual Creativity.

Maybe in some ways Michael was, what some would call “a Geek”, but you can be a Geek and sexy. And what is more sexy than a smart Man, that is intuitive and can tune into a Woman’s emotions?

On the other hand, Joe the Big Hoe and other examples in Michael’s life, Men, Brothers and Friends, were as the title of this Article already reveals, “hoeing around”, as Michael says.


Article Writing continued on 12th November 2016 ©

I said recently, that the Karma Magic will come “full cycle” this 14th November 2016, so, the Thriller is not over yet.

The Thriller: Original Susan Elsa Twitter announcement of Michael Jackson doing Spiritual Judgement Work until 14th November not 31st October 2016 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official / ArchangelMichael777
The Thriller: Original Susan Elsa Twitter announcement of Michael Jackson doing Spiritual Judgement Work until 14th November not 31st October 2016 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official / ArchangelMichael777

Sometimes, Michael extends it, or starts it earlier, as in spiritual activity speaking.

I laughed my …off today, you can’t imagine  how Michael sometimes talks if someone stepped on his foot so to speak and really done wrong to him. He has sometimes this “Slang Creative Language” going on, as in, being creative about insulting and dissing People as well.

He does this in private and I usually never say publicly what in details he says about certain People, but sometimes he asks me to make it public, if especially the wrong doing is occurring also in public and public discussion.

I was telling a friend of mine about the whole “Joe the Big Hoe” statements Michael keeps making since around End August, early September. We were laughing really hard, then I remembered the other word Michael said about 3 weeks ago or so which I never knew of, “Moe”.

He was on some day recently like, extending his diss “terminology” and said in a mocking way things like “Joe the Big Hoe with his little Moe, Moe, doing a big show, Joe the Big Hoe never says No”, and other things dissing also other People which I won’t name in this article.

He would always make me laugh with his facial expressions, this typical Michael style when he is doing this Macho thing and like, almost like a Rapper or so, like a Poetic Diss it sounded when Michael would say those things, making me laugh out loud and ask, if those words exist or if he made them up, like “Moe”.

He was not okay with this disgusting Shana Manga-Tale Book, and Joe the Big Hoe taking money to promote it, without reading it.

Now check out what I found today after the initial googling of this Term a few weeks ago:



also written as moé.

Japanese slang term (ironically, first employed by otaku) used to refer to the fetish for or sexual attraction to idealized people, usually a fictional perfect young girl.

Since then, moé has come to be used as a general term for a hobbymania or fetish (non-sexual or otherwise). This is contrasted with otaku, which would be taking the specific hobbymania or fetish to harmful levels.

Chiise is so moé, even while slaughtering entire armies…
Money Over Everything
M.O.E. he ain’t part of the program
A term used to define an associate, person, homeboy/girl originally used in the DMV(Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area as an alternative to the “N” word.
“What’s up wit ya Moe?”
“Pass the j Moe
“Aye Moe where da rollas at?”
Short for “Ministry of Education.” A government department in many countries, whose role is to raise the literacy and numeracy rates of the citizens. Also stands for “Ministry of Errors.”
Corrupt MOE ministers and officials in many developing countries end up pocketing most of the money donated by rich nations, which is meant to helping raise the schoolchildren’s proficiency in reading and arithmetic.
Original Link Source: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=moe
So, that’s it, Michael wants me to leave it at that. He wants me to complete the Song about it he gave me a while ago, when my Computer was crushed by some weird sudden technical Problems right after the Demo Draft.
The rest, he says, is between him and Joe the Big Hoe.
We’re sending out a Major Truth Ray,
Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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