MICHAEL JACKSON SOUL POWER: Special Article on the BRACE YOURSELF Teaser Message “Fist of Light” / “Blue Ray Power” © ArchangelMichael777 – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

As openly announced a few weeks back on Twitter, the “Thriller Halloween” Magic Focus and Karma Judgement Spiritually has begun again, for Halloween 2016.

This time, very early, before June 25th, Michael knew and he said to me privately, “looks like Halloween is coming earlier this year Baby…”- and I said to partners in private conversations, but did not publish right away what he said and watched.

Suddenly, they throw big time dirt at his Name in tabloids again, in a similar intensity and several “monsters coming out to lie and make books” at the same time, just like when Michael was here in the flesh, before 2009.

I published then, like he wanted, a quote on Twitter, even though I was taking a break since April, focusing only privately on this Spiritual Power Magic and writing, for healing purposes, between and Michael in private as well. Writing offline I mean, maybe for a New Book sometime.

Suddenly they literally disrupted my break and crossed the limit, on his Death Anniversary.

Everyone that knows me in Person and in Private, and by now many in the public space too via this honest Blog here, KNOW, it is NOT A GOOD IDEA to touch this Date at all, and try to aim for my Soul and Heart that nasty way.

When I say, me and I, I mean, WE, as Michael is my Twin Soul Counterpart and therefore you aiming at him, means you attacking me at the same breath and my Soul too.

I had several anger attacks lately, and focused a lot of our special “Karma Magic” onto particular liars and situations arising, to “dis-power the lies and liars and manifest exposure of their dirty truth and returning the bullying focus back on them”- and YOU KNOW AND SEE how it is happening, but this time, we just don´t blog daily letting ya know what when how.

I said watch, and now keep watching what happens when Twin Flames unite with God´s Power for Protection of Truth and BATTLE ON THE INJUSTICE ENERGY AND THE LIAR´S SOULS.


I am not here to “plead and beg crying for respect for Michael”, I am here to DEMAND that Respect now, once and for all. I am here to enforce the spiritual complete truth, and defend and shield his and MY SOUL.

I am here to kick the lying Guys in their balls, hard, until they can only see me turn from a Woman, Susan, into Michael himself in Spirit.

Conrad Murray, for example, is a despicable piece of shit, a bastard of a Devil, a literal rapist minded lying piece of shit Demon and soulless, unprofessional, disgusting Man far, far, far away and banned from Heaven now.

He has no right, and I don´t care what anyone says here about “oh the existing laws and loop holes in America”- I SAID, he HAS NO RIGHT to speak of Michael and make up nasty manipulative lies for Money and Profit, to “complain that way and take revenge” about his bad Karma he facing in life. He never had that right, and these are the universal, spiritual rules God put in place, this is what I am talking about.

This Book he wrote, is cursed and anyone that lays their eyes and mind on his lying words in his Book will be affected by the immense karma involved. So, boycott and do ignore and do not read this cursed Book.

Please review our previous Articles on the topic to see more dated evidence of “reactionary hatred” happened to our detailed moves and releases:


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Let me be clear, what we are talking about here, is not a legal approach, but a sensationalism and tabloid press used to plant false allegations against a dead Person that cannot go to Court.

This is literally like forging History after the fact. Forging Legacies after the fact, and twisting a whole Life Achievement’s Message, after the fact.

And that fact is, Michael Jackson went to Court and faced the FALSE, made up accusations in 2005, and walked out of the Court of law as an innocent Man.

What is happening now has especially shown to be false because recently, again, after the fact and as other people are voicing DEFENCE for Michael’s innocence, like me, his Twin Soul, my personal Data gets used to “fabricate countering false allegations about a little Girl” suddenly, added and fabricated to the Robson case.

Check the following VERY personal, SPIRITUAL Information from my Science Case, which I put out to explain things about TWIN SOULS, and to confirm MICHAEL’S INNOCENCE, as the major motivation in releasing all this super private info. Check the Dates…these are only the recent reactions, in a long series of impersonation of information by Music competition in Hollywood, Copyright and Film Rights Infringements, Personal Information abuse by others without my Permission, and Imitations and Impersonations.

I speak up and move ahead, and expose the full spiritual Twin Soul Truth, and expose Hollywood’s Game, and they throw “as a reply a clear dated reaction dirt at Michael’s Name”. They have been doing so since 2013, we documenting everything they do or take from my Info and abuse and twist.

I said, Michael is INNOCENT! And no attempt to falsify my Story, which proves his Innocence, will work or go unpunished through God and Spirit.

***Please review the important Article to the above Video with further Notes and Details:

The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story – A New Perspective (PART 2- CHILDHOOD DREAMS) *Video Notes & Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official



This is so unlawful, I might file legal reports on those people if they try to move ahead with such fabricated claims to Court. Besides that, nobody should be able to move to Court now anyways, it’s over, Michael was in Court, and the official Verdict and Investigation of 1993 and 2003 claims all cleared must be respected, or else, it is unlawful to accuse after the fact, AGAIN, a by an official Verdict innocent Man, after his Death, and to allow such thing into Court now.

If that happens, it not only would encourage anyone out there to go “vulture” on the inheritance of famous or rich people with false claims after their Death, but violate deeply Human Rights, the Law, and the Laws protecting the Deceased from Defamation.

MICHAEL JACKSON SOUL POWER: Special Article on the BRACE YOURSELF Teaser Message "Fist of Light" / "Blue Ray Power" © ArchangelMichael777 - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
MICHAEL JACKSON SOUL POWER: Special Article on the BRACE YOURSELF Teaser Message “Fist of Light” / “Blue Ray Power” © ArchangelMichael777 – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


If you think about, well, divine Justice, how do you think it comes in a case where injustice is aimed at an ascended Soul like this?

The answer is simple, but more difficult to explain regarding details. It is God and the Angels, it is from Spirit and via God’s Magic/Miracles in how Justice is served in a case where a special, and very innocent pure Soul keeps getting attacked by evil motivated People.

The point is, it hurts loved Ones still here and by law, having active Human Rights.

In this case, I am here, his Twin Soul, which means, if you make NEW and FALSE accusations NOW against Michael Jackson, you are aiming this bad energy at my Soul and Life at the same breath, and violating my living Human Rights and Women’s Rights specifically.

And I, luckily very strong in psychic knowledge and skill, will reply, together with Michael, in the strongest ways you cannot even imagine, non physical, non graspable, but devastating like “Archangel Michael’s Volcano of Anger” type Spiritual energy.

Can you imagine, Archangel Michael, getting so angry you could call it “A Volcano Outbreak of Anger”?

What do you think happens then, in a spiritual battle situation, to the attackers?

What do you think happens, if God says “stop” and decided the limit of Injustice is reached, to the People trying to do this evil Injustice and prolong it still now?

I don’t know why, I always thought of people who “risk their soul in spiritual matters” very, limited and not so smart. Why would anyone provoke Fate that way and risk kicking blindly into Spirit and then get a reply, a final one, from God?

Leave my Soul in Peace, or YOUR FINAL JUDGEMENT on your Soul will come from God, someday, when your time has come.

See, people can chose, good or bad, compassion or detachment, causing injustice or supporting other’s in times of need.

You can chose to become the best you can be, or you can let yourself go, or you can do everything bad one could do in life and provoke your Fate, not knowing what is coming after you pass.

If you are any smart, spiritually, as in having a good evolved Spiritual IQ, you would obviously NEVER risk your soul, no matter what happens in life. If you have to go through challenges in life, it doesn’t mean you have to sell your soul, like if you are poor and have financial challenges, you do not have to sell out to “make money”, if things are against your convictions and beliefs and morals.

Your Soul is all that matters finally, there is nothing after you damage your soul too much.

And people like Wade Robson, his demonic Lawyers, and this fake agent “Jane Doe” added to the case, are all RIGHT NOW ALREADY LOSING THEIR SOUL FOREVER. And after that, nothing will remain of them, for what they did to Michael, and especially and even more now so to ME.

This to me personally very harassing Liar “Jane Doe”, and Robson and Safechuck, and anyone who planned this, thought of it, orchestrated it, and supports it, are doomed and cannot reverse the damage THEY caused to their own Souls anymore.

Me and Michael will let out all the frustration, the anger over the injustice, the evil hatred toward our innocent Soul and the interference in our life and health, with all our soul power, together, when we give them in Spirit the final Kick into their Souls, throwing them into the Abyss where Set/Seth also goes.

This is already underway, even if you cannot see it on Earth yet manifested, in Spirit, the “horns have sounded loud and clear” already, introducing those people’s divine Judgement on their Souls.

“The word is out, You’re doing wrong, gonna lock you up before too long, who’s bad?”– Lyrics BAD by Michael Jackson-

“Word out, shocking all alone, Hell all up in Hollywood, tell them what somebody told!” – Lyrics Ghosts by Michael Jackson-

“Half of me, you’ll never be, so you should feel threatened by me” – Lyrics Threatened by Michael Jackson-

I want to know now, where the real Pedos are in HOLLYWOOD and in the Vatican and Churches around the World, like a historic Network of evil. Show me that!

God, show us all that, and expose them all in broad day light so the whole World can see the real evil Ones!

Archangel Michael Jackson The Commander- Maestro and Archeia Faith Susan Elsa The Commandress- Maestra © KARMA TRUTH MAGIC BY ARCHANGEL MICHAEL AND HIS COUNTERPART ON EARTH
Archangel Michael Jackson The Commander- Maestro and Archeia Faith Susan Elsa The Commandress- Maestra © KARMA TRUTH MAGIC BY ARCHANGEL MICHAEL AND HIS COUNTERPART ON EARTH

We’re sending out a Major Karma Ray,

The Maestra & The Maestro

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©


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