About “SPIRITUAL IQ” and the Evolution Level of Soul *New Definition* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Today, just as I was on my way back home from the City, Michael kept giggling around and whispering ideas into my ear. *Update Note: 22nd October 2016 Started Article*

He then said, very clearly an idea:

Let’s make a new word, a term to make things clear. They got “IQ” and “EQ” as in emotional Intelligence Quote, and now we bring them “SQ”, meaning “Spiritual IQ” – © Quote Michael Jackson in Spirit 22nd October 2016 to Susan Elsa-

Then, Michael went ahead and explained to me how to approach this, like, “you can do this best, you got lots of SQ”, giving me some keywords to explain which points in human perception and all these detailed spiritual skills are in question here when you want to talk about people’s “SQ”.

This is an Article for our ongoing Spiritual-Science Articles, and efforts to create a scientific Twin Soul Theory and Research Methods to prove the truth of the existence of Twin Flame Souls.



Before we begin to define the SQ (Spiritual IQ), we need to clarify first the main differences between the commonly known “logical” IQ, as in left brain hemisphere mainly, or EQ, the Emotional IQ. And then we can build the SQ for general understanding, as a solid new Definition.

The IQ, is usually mainly defined by mental and physical brain intelligence level, involving math, geometrical shapes thinking, language to some degree too, and the logical thinking, analytical thinking and so forth.

The EQ is the Emotional Intelligence level here, so therefore a bit only spiritual, but also physical, related to the right brain hemisphere skills such as emotions, artistic expression, creativity, compassion, language as well.

The SQ is the Spiritual Intelligence level, or also the soul’s evolution stage so to speak. A deeper, inner, non physical, psychic Intelligence. (©)

Now let us look deeper into what that actually means, in all details.



I guarantee you, that Michael Jackson had a very high IQ, a topic rarely talked about somehow out there.

When it comes to IQ, as defined by common testing methods and definitions, it is mainly about one part of your intelligence – the logical thinking and left brain skills, and “learned memorised knowledge”.

It is about the from emotions detached logical thinking, analytical thinking and the more to Men associated types of things.

It is an Intelligence aspect in us all, which is the most promoted in modern society and most focused on. It is mainly about “by studies acquired knowledge and information and understanding of these matters”, such as University studies, but not “natural ability”.

This is why I also said, in the previous personal Article about my Sister Dalia, which had Down Syndrome, that she had a very high EQ and could sense, read and connect to others emotions and thoughts. She also understood a very core wisdom about relationships between Men and Women, psychologically. I was impressed by that, just, because I am older and she was giving me Advice, in 2008.

It is very limited thinking, to only prioritise the IQ, it is in fact typical modern society and Sciences to a big degree too, focusing only on “your skill in how good you understand their information” and that is it.

Someone can have a very high IQ therefore, and almost no EQ or SQ or even completely not in use the last two Intelligence aspects of a Human Being. But these People would be called “Genius”, “extraordinary” and “very intelligent” in a generalised expression, while people who seemingly, according to this “System” who are defined as having a “low IQ” are called things generalised “dumb” and “disabled”.

There is a wise saying here from ancient Egypt, I would like to cite:

“Thou shall learn from the Educated and the Uneducated, to gain the full Spectrum of Wisdom” – Ancient Egyptian Proverb-

If you think limited, and look at things in a limited way, from a limited perspective, you will miss out on the rest and never see the full Picture.

Susan Elsa New Picture and Videos 2015- Update on Biological Appearance Merging with Michael Jackson © TwinFlame Soul Official Infomation
Susan Elsa New Picture and Videos 2015- Update on Biological Appearance Merging with Michael Jackson © TwinFlame Soul Official Infomation


The very first I discussed this term and heard it, EQ, was when I was conversing with my old Friend, the Guy that resembled Elvis. He once admitted to me, in one of the rare moments he would do such humble honesty moves:

“Have you ever heard about the term EQ? Meaning, Emotional Intelligence. I ordered a Book on it, to learn, for you. I admit honestly, I think I have a very low EQ, but you have a very strong EQ.”

I was surprised, he said that so openly about himself, because we were constantly talking and talking, also staying until late at night on the phone too, talking about the tons of differences between us, or simply, him “analysing me and my mystery”. I have always been open and honest to him, we were in very close, daily contact for about 5 years.

So, he knew me well, and the whole spiritual-psychic side I always had. I would far-distance read his Emotions and Thoughts, and he would freak out totally spooked out by my skills. Back then, I was not doing it on purpose, it would just happen sporadically, like, my inner yet sleeping spiritual skills are coming up, natural and spontaneous such as while sleeping and getting up for a glass of water, or, at some appointment for physical therapy.

He first would always try to find “logical, non psychic explanations”, as he was believing in any of this stuff, and not even in God or the Church or any of that with which he grew up, his Roman Catholic Religion.

So, the things I was naturally doing, not on purpose or anything, were a repeating theme between us he never could handle. I was also very naive and innocently honest, saying to people always things like:”I am a Witch, a good one, but I admit openly I AM a real Witch”. (Original German Quote: Ich bin eine Hexe, eine gute, aber ich gebe offen zu und stehe dazu, dass ich eine echte Hexe bin.)

People would probably find it at first “cute” and think its some “special funny attitude” and not meant serious. Then they would see my spiritual skills, if I show them in any way, or do a reading, and get this “speechless facial expression” and some would be fascinated, but most would then get spooked out and even afraid of me, saying things like:”Oh man, one should not make you angry!”

Well, where they were right, they were right. 😉

I want to also speak of a very important matter related to EQ also – understanding Animals.

Animal “language” is based on “expressing emotions and reading other’s facial expression, body language, the vocal expression emotion and vibe, and mind through eye contact”.

I want to show you here a funny, light Video on this, a Tribute to Salem Saberhagen.

I have always had a very special spiritual connection to Cats. But now, something more scientific I will add into the Article, as Michael chose it, but I will have to watch it after finishing typing this Article. He said, it’s a good link.

As you see, in the Documentary Video they show confirmation on what I said. Animals communicate with the exact type of skills that Human Beings forgot mostly and do not use and train anymore, like “Intuition”, physical and beyond that. This alone is a very important skill we all have by Nature, and it guides our Lives and can show us dangers and good opportunities in the right time, using our Intuitive Skills to “sense the energy” of things, People or situations.

But most people do not rely on it, see it as “something mysterious” and do not even take it serious often. Intuitive hunches are also often input coming from Angels and Spiritual Guides, such as your Twin Flame, to give you Guidance.

People are so out of touch with their Soul, they even doubt it exists, like in Western Society especially. There aren’t even any laws to protect the Soul, and once someone passes, they think “you can say whatever you want and defame” and violate someone’s rights therefore, that is deceased and cannot defend himself/herself, and that alone shows that the Soul is COMPLETELY disregarded, in the common law “all human rights ceasing to exist” once someone passed.

That is not okay, and it is not an acceptable situation. People, like for example in my personal Situation, Michael Jackson, should be protected, have a special protection in fact after passing, so criminals and abusers cannot just go freely and do whatever they want with the Name and Legacy of the Person in question.

It makes no sense to TAKE AWAY all human rights, which existed during the course of life, and if someone is a public Person and has a big, global Legacy, one should not just be able to talk, fabricate and twist someone’s INHERITANCE FOR THE WORLD after a WHOLE LIFE’S WORK AND EFFORTS.

That is like, you tell someone, a Victim, alive, like “Hey, you have rights, we will stop this defamation” but then after the same Person passes, the same Criminals can REMAKE THE SAME DEFAMATION and it passes and “oh sorry the dead person has no rights anymore”?

Then tell People the truth…that’s like “Hey, you can sue now, and get your rights and Name and Legacy you working on protected, but if you die, this Liar or Thief or Troll or whatever, can just FINISH THE UNLAWFUL ATTEMPT they are trying now!

Imagine that.

So, now lets continue on the topic of this Article and explain a bit more EQ, Emotional Intelligence and how it shows if someone has a lot of EQ, a high EQ, or a low EQ.

I remember how difficult it was for me growing up, being psychic since Birth just naturally, and then noticing in Primary School that other Kids “were not like me” when it comes to the other type of skills, the spiritual abilities I had.

Having been bullied since Childhood, with racist remarks often as well, I made the big mistake back then, with my Intellect, to think it is THAT what I have which they seemingly don’t that “makes them hate and dislike me”. I kept analysing why they bullied me and tried to find a LOGICAL explanation.

Today I know, there was no real reason other than simple dumb envy and jealousy, and their own issues they vented at me.

But the experience taught me a lot. Most people who bully others, have a very low EQ and cannot see or sense or feel what they are doing to the other, like no EMPATHY.

Empathy is something that should be part of the IQ measuring as well, because it is partially based on a particular spot in the human brain, which is linked to language and communication.

Empathy, is, via non-verbal signs and gestures, facial expressions and so forth, to READ the others emotion and see “oh this person is hurt by my words” or “this person seems not to care”, or “this person seems sad, something must have happened” and the fine degrees of expression. It is something I have lived with, as a Psychic Empath, for a long time and watched how people have a lot of Empathy skills, or a lack of.

Empathy skills are deeply connected to EQ, because the more Emotional Intelligence and Understanding you have, the more you know how to handle YOUR OWN AND OTHERS EMOTIONS.

We will return to this point guiding into the next Section of the Article, the Spiritual IQ.

Examples for Relationships and Friendships

How many times have we heard, from Friends, or in the News, and seen messed up Relationships between Men and Women?

How many times have we heard about and seen Friends turn on Friends, and even Family members waging personal wars at each other?

Where does that stem from? The root of such issues in relationships?

How many Women have complained, that their Man “does not want to talk about their feelings, and does not understand their emotions”? This is of course based on Boys simply learning from Childhood on that “being a real Man means no emotions, never show emotions” and it is repressed therefore in many situations. That is like if you want to run fast and well, but every time you have a running track in front of you feet, you walk away and never run once, never try, or do your “training”.

Of course, not all Men are like that, it is just a general view on how society today is and the so-called society “rules for how Men should behave and how Women should behave”.

On the other hand, to be fair, Women tend to let the whole in the IQ based things just hang and drag, and leave those things up to “Boys and Men” as they are taught the opposite, to be “emotional”, to even “use emotional pressure and cry to pressure another person” and such things. When a Girl falls while playing, all Adults come running and give super attention, but when a Boy falls, often especially Fathers try to not “spoil them and make them unmanly” is how they think. Some even tell Boys, if they cry, “hey, Boys don’t cry, be a Man!”.

This sentence, how many times have we heard that one? “Be a Man!”, and how is that defined?

To be a Man, for example, you have to be underdeveloped emotionally and spiritually, or what?

And Women have “no logical thinking” and should do “emotional, household and creative stuff”?

This is where the whole Twin Flame Truth is very good and full of lessons for society, because Men and Women are equal, and in fact, complete only together, working together, not against each other and creating a big space of misunderstandings between them.

There are situations, where a Friend is going through something and seeks emotional support. Now, EMOTIONAL SUPPORT is obviously something that can only be given well if the giver has a well functioning, high level EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and EMPATHY.


Now, let us go back to the whole Empathy Topic.

Empathy, as explained above, is a function steered partially by a certain spot in the human brain, and therefore a physical skill, a graspable skill as well, to some degree only.

Animals use a lot of Empathic Skills when communicating, and not verbal Words like we do, and Grammar and such things, for example.

But, if physical type Empathy is to read superficial common gestures and body signs, facial expression, and therefore interpret the other’s emotion or condition internally, the mood and that, then you have also ANOTHER PART of Empathy…

That would be the Psychic Empathy or Spiritual Empathy, and that means, without seeing directly physically the other Person, the facial expression, body gestures and all that, even between two Continents, far distance, “picking up another’s emotions and thoughts empathically-spiritually” in NON-PHYSICAL ways.


Now, this will take some time to write and explain. I am right now, live, opening my “spiritual radar” similar to how I do when doing any readings for people, friends and family – and at the same tuning into remembering all fine details of my own spiritual perceptions experienced from all my life.

Let me switch back to my Childhood and Primary school for right now. My personal experiences have taught me the following, and that you can take to count for MOST Children nowadays, as they learn from their Parents, and what the Parents don’t know, the Children often don’t know or “train”.

I always knew, everyone naturally has the same basic skills, but the individual use, and training of certain skills makes a Master overtime.

When you communicate with others, you can use verbal language, gestures, things visible to the physical eye, and as I described above, some part of the whole communication skill of the brain is linked to a physical function in the brain steering so-called “empathy skill”, which is also a visual language like signs, if someone pulls up their eye brows, it means they wonder, are in disbelief, or do not agree. Or if someone makes a frowning facial expression, you can “read to some degree their emotions”.

But, there is more to human communication…

The spiritual communication, happening between human beings. That is a “reading others” type skill, that is NON-PHYSICAL, meaning, that in the case explained above, the example, that:

You would be able to read/FEEL the emotions of the others, in your “internal perception”, like a “fine tuned spiritual radar” that perceives fine vibrations of energy, emotion that is emanating also like energy from a person, and far distance even, without any physical expression, facial, gestures or verbal words, tuning into the thoughts process of someone else, or “picking up spiritual their emotional state and feelings”.

If you look at someone, let’s say, confronting you right face to face, you not only hear their verbal words, which might not be what they think and feel INSIDE at this moment, but you see INTO THE HEAD of the person in front of you.

Let’s say, if someone bullies you, and says “strong words” to you, with Spiritual IQ levels evolved high, you can look and with one look into their eyes see their thoughts as in “I am afraid she might do something surprising, not sure about her she is weird, I have to pretend I am stronger now and get loud”.

And with your mind you can also “get into the others” mind and basically, reply, WITHOUT ANY VERBAL WORDS OR MOVEMENT OR GESTURE PHYSICALLY, back on a spiritual, and thoughts level. This alone, from my own experience, scares the Devil out of People.

I used this “technique” to scare people away from getting physical and hitting me or so, back in school, when bullies would rare but a few times stand in front of me and confront me violently and threatening with words and in groups as I was alone.

I had mainly issues with Girls, for no reason, sometimes trying to pick a physical fight so jealous and envious they were, and I would “mind block them” with my eyes, and they would never, not once, really dare to begin any fist attacks or so at me or my face.

On another example, I was in Business School, back then at age 17/18, and at one final Exam day where we had to do the verbal exam part for the Semester, some blonde Bully Girl went to the Dean and took my morning appointment, and I was pushed to the afternoon. She wanted a free afternoon. I was not even asked.

I had plans too, this was my long ago arranged appointment, I was lucky.

I got super angry, because she exactly had bullied me before with two other Girls about singing, trying to compete with me and singing really loud, forcing me to “show her my vocal skills” in some empty room once. Like, in a pushy way, and the plan was to bully me. Later on she would come and ask me for vocal singing advice, when hearing that I sing with Gospel Groups from America on their Tours here.

I went to the Dean, and asked to speak to him and my Eyes emanated this “inner spiritual fire of anger” I would feel in such moments. I was really angry, and back then, this was a rare thing. I was calm and shy most of the time. He came out, had someone in there and said he will be speaking to me in 10 Minutes or so, and I didn’t mean it, but he saw my Eyes Expression.

After, he took me into his Office and was first like, seemingly out of context, nervous and shocked, and said to me something like: Hey, calm down, it’s all gonna be fine, I mean, your Eyes, your stare, I mean I was afraid you know.

I didn’t do anything but emanate my angry spiritual energy, and he never saw this before. I for once stood up for my rights back then, and got my appointment back and the Girl too, the Dean MADE apologise to me for just taking my appointment without asking. I thought that was weird and funny, like, he felt my big spiritual power in this moment somehow. I just wanted my appointment, as originally made, that’s all.

In the above Teaser of Michael Jackson’s DANGEROUS Album, you see a very at first sight simple appearing clip. This Teaser was directed by no other than legendary Hollywood “Mystery Genre” Director David Lynch.

So, my question to you is, what do you see in it?

Do you get Michael’s Thought, what he is trying to tell you, telepathically?

Look at it again, and look close at the end sequence, when the Camera zooms into Michael’s Eyes.

Did you get the Message?

A person having a highly evolved SQ, also can communicate easily with animals, and children that do not speak yet, toddlers and babies, on a purely emotional-telepathical level, without verbal words and all that.


See, when you look at things from your Soul’s Eyes, things look different. People are no longer “different colours”, but all the same and “souls”. And you begin to see the finer energies surrounding every person, and within the person, and realise, that outer looks and skin colour have absolutely no meaning and make no difference when it comes to the soul.

Any soul, while residing here on Earth incarnated into a human body, can chose to live being in tune with the universal heart’s truth, or not. Everyone can be, and decide to, bad or good, compassionate or cold, helping or bullying, lying or honest.

And all this, can only be ALWAYS clearly seen, with only your SQ. You cannot know if a person lies or is honest, in all matters and at all times, if you do not use other methods than the verbal words communication methods and visible body gestures and expressions, both linked to IQ and EQ in this case.

It is the yet unknown SQ, which we define as the Spiritual IQ of a person, which can determine the level of skill in non-verbal and purely spiritual skill of communication and “reading” and “seeing” other things most people who have a low SQ would call “impossible”.

If you look at the following, for example, with your physical eye, with an under-developed SQ, you might see “skin colours and male and female and races and differences” as in also, “famous/unknown” and “rich/poor”.

About "SPIRITUAL IQ" and the Evolution Level of Soul *New Definition* © Susan Elsa - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About “SPIRITUAL IQ” and the Evolution Level of Soul *New Definition* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Starlight & The Thriller Series *Special Twin Flame Magic Teachings Articles*: Wolf Moon and Planets Lining Up © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Starlight & The Thriller Series *Special Twin Flame Magic Teachings Articles*: Wolf Moon and Planets Lining Up © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

But if you have a very high Spiritual IQ, you see more than the physical eye does and more than just superficial seeming differences, which by the way, human beings defined. Human Beings defined “different races” and such things.

To me, HUMANITY is a race, other than a Lion or an Elephant. Human Beings are NOT any “different races”, just one and the same.

Because I look and always have looked through the eyes of my Soul at these things. When looking at Michael, since my Childhood, I never “thought” anything about his skin colour or make up. I liked “his soul”, I would even verbally say this to people.

I saw him FIRST IMPRESSION with his looks in Moonwalker, his Movie from the late 80s. Later, as me and my sister became Fans and started watching all his stuff and looking for his Music and asking our Parents to get it for us and so forth, I discovered and saw as a SECOND IMPRESSION his Thriller Video and such and was a bit confused at first, thinking: This is Michael Jackson, like, the SAME Guy?

But then, I totally forgot about it and it became from then on totally NATURAL for me, Black or White, or all the Shades in between, does not matter, Michael is Michael for me. That is how it has always been. He was never “black or white” to me really, he is just Michael. It’s funny, he changed his style, adjusting to my looks, back then, so that at age 5 when I see him I would recognise the “Mirror Energy” between our Soul.

I admit honestly, that the more he merged with me, I liked his looks more. Meaning, when he did the authentic Male Version Appearance of my natural Look, after my Birth in 1982, feeling our connection, I loved it. I loved Michael’s Look and his Face, always did. No matter how others would put him down or mock his Face or so, I could NOT see what they mean and would counter their arguments saying: Ah, I don’t care about looks, Michael is beautiful, because of his Soul, it’s his Soul I like the most about him.

People would disregard my comment often and “not get it”, as I spoke seeing things they cannot perceive with a low evolved Spiritual IQ, never acknowledged, never trained, it is no wonder really.

I am not blaming those types of folks, I am explaining that we SHOULD raise awareness on this and therefore, make the Future different and better and educate and train Human Beings from Childhood on, to evolve in all ways and evolve and develop a high IQ, EQ and SQ.

If someone you know and love, is in danger, if you have a good evolved and trained SQ, you sense it even if not present at the location they are at, and can go there on time or make a life rescuing call at times, of course, most of the time with additional support and intervention from Angels.

SQ, gives you also the opportunity to communicate with Angels, your passed loved Ones, and your Twin Flame in Spirit.

I guess this is why it was so easy, so easy, seamless, for me and Michael to transit into being me in Physical Human Form and him now in Spirit. Our communication is just as clear as before when we spoke face to face.

I always sense his feelings, even if he tries to hide some “bad news and defamation being printed about him” from me, so I don’t get hurt and angry. But no matter how he tries overplaying things and smile, I see the sadness in his eyes and feel in MY HEART his HEART, like “emotions and thoughts in the heart” and know, something happened and keep asking him.

Often he refuses to tell me any bad news, and wants to protect me, and says superficial stuff so I know I sense right but should focus on happy thoughts and energy.

That, is OBVIOUSLY ALL NON-PHYSICAL communication skills now, as Mike is in Spirit, completely.

I think it is obvious, or should be to you, dear Readers, that Michael Jackson had as a Human Being also already a very exceptional, extraordinary evolved Spiritual IQ. He proved it, publicly and globally, in his work, and his appearance and his every detailed move.

I will explain more, from scientific angles, soon about the Spiritual IQ, a new Definition we are raising.

The Maestra & The Maestro

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael) ©

Susan Elsa- The One and Only True Authentic TwinFlame Soul of Michael Jackson and Female Counterpart Brand Artistry © ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
Susan Elsa- The One and Only True Authentic TwinFlame Soul of Michael Jackson and Female Counterpart Brand Artistry © ARCHANGELMICHAEL777

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