Michael Jackson’s Masculinity: Special LIVE Channeled Message © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official – ArchangelMichael777 Blog

Dear Readers

Just now, fresh, one Minute ago, Michael began just randomly dancing with me after giggling and joking for half an hour.

Again, I felt this “intense energetic flow” of masculine, raw energy of Michael, his personal typical inner “personality” type energy. I do not know how to describe it any better, with just written words.

This is what we call “spiritual channeling”, and it is how I do ALL my work, may it be Music, or information to be put into a Blog Article, since 2010. I do all my work with Michael and under his precise Guidance.

I have wondered, why so long we paused, the Music Videos. I only did one, in 2011, for his Birthday, 29th August, just live testing out and training for the first time on Camera how “I dance when he guides my Body” (Channeling Dance).

I am smiling right now, so thankful, and seeing after all the challenges and struggles in the past years, that now everything Michael told me “he will make happen” in 2010, is really happening NOW.

A few Days ago, I was working out with Michael, like a “regular Channeling Dance Rehearsal”. You don’t get it maybe, how plastic this is in reality, in my personal private experience with Michael. He not only “goes into me” with his mind somehow and “shows me the dance move ideas and steps” from inside, my Body just DOING IT, and me just going with his mind flow.

He also steps out, and stands in front of me, besides me or behind me, and shows me more fine tuned details and tells me things, touching my hip, or knee, or foot, or hand and fingers to “position them in the exact pose he wants”.

I then stood in front of this big, full body Mirror, as he said. And did the routine of the several steps and moves he has taught me like this, in Spirit. I was shocked, I totally looked like him, and each move was like “an energetic slap”, this expression.

I sat down, with my heart racing and breathing heavy from the very challenging physical moves and this focus also from the channeling, each finger, each facial expression must sit perfectly, and I was wondering…

“Where did THAT suddenly come from?”

I reflected on this moment, with the Mirror, and Michael’s precise Choreography instructions, and I was just shocked and knew this moment, he was right and serious about all he said we will do.

We will do something, visual, where you will literally see us merging on Camera and maybe even for some moments, at first, not know if you are seeing me, or Michael, or both.

I am super charged energetically, and can barely sleep since days. I can’t wait to show you on Camera all me and Michael prepared together. He is without doubt an excellent Choreographer, and has this Eye for each Detail like a Film Director as well.

Michael is just very, very sweet and he is perfect in knowing my deepest Dreams. He got that skill, like only your Twin Soul can know you…

He explained to me just now, reminding me of my first Childhood moment seeing him sing and dance in his Movie MOONWALKER, at age 5, that he is “making my wish reality now and doing that for me with all his power”.

Back then, my first time seeing him, I was only 5, I thought:

“Wow, who is this Man? He feels exactly like me, like my Mirror of the Future somehow. I want to do what he does when Im an adult!”

This is what he means…and when he looked at me saying this, I felt like crying happy tears.

It feels very encouraging, because I have always been shy about really being outgoing. I am not used to it, like Michael, but let’s see how the results look like, soon, on a mystery date, a mystery project, a visual one, I announce here now.


Now, Michael wants me to say something more.

He says, you doubted his “Masculinity” profoundly, being fooled by looks and tabloid lies, he was just in tune with me and my Femininity. Now, when you see what you will see soon, if I bring you, myself, a masculine physical MJ dance power which you never seen any Girl do this way, you will begin to finally understood him, and me, and your own souls.

Let me pick right now with Michael, as he just said, a Video of one of his Performances, so you can remember and ask yourself one more time: Do you think Michael Jackson’s famous Dance Style is “feminine” in any way, his personal Masculine Body Language?

I don’t think so! LOL

Stay tuned, Michael says, and “WATCH THIS”.

The Maestra & The Maestro

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael) ©

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