About Michael Jackson: A Message to Corey Feldman from Michael’s Twin Soul © Susan Elsa – ArchangelMichael777

Dear Corey

How are you, how have you been? I hope you will read this and that you are doing okay over there in LA.

I am sorry for not addressing this misunderstanding and not reaching out to you, in the recent years.

I needed time and was very isolated for a long time from EVERYTHING.

I do not know really how to bring this Message to you, so I will put it on this Blog and hope you will get it.

Right now, it is all about Healing, and the Ascension in the Consciousness of Humanity. It is important, for Michael’s soul, to clear this misunderstanding with you, and it is very sweet how you honour his work with your Fashion Style and all that now. It makes me happy.

By the way, because of what I also do, my spiritual work, I see that you have found a very cool Style with the “Corey’s Angels”, and the “Angelic 2 the Core” Projects. Check out this Blog title, the Angelic Theme is all over the place.

So, here is how Michael felt and thought about this, as he told me. It wasn’t like he did not care about you or anything like that, he was just in his own battle.

After these false accusations, which began in 1993, Michael was very deeply affected. In fact, it might be what finally cost him his life, because, as you also know, he was totally innocent.

For him, to be called that, and to be accused of that by People he naively thought mean well and “he can trust”, would show a sudden different face and backstab him. And this, was traumatic for Michael. He got depression and insomnia, which kept increasing and he did not know what to do, who to trust, who would be there for him and support him.

By the time I met him, he had changed a lot. He was very much heart-broken, and developed a deep panic and worry and MISTRUST toward all who “could be approached, paid, agree to backstab him”.

It was never personal, Corey.

I know you see it in your way, that he basically as you say, did hear rumours that you are writing a Book against him, and he simply didn’t know if you would do such a thing or not, he lost his trust.

Michael saw things from his perspective, and you from your own. You thought, he is wrong doubting your loyalty. He thought, you behave strange because you do not understand him and his worries, which only pushed him more into the mistrust.

From Michael’s perspective, he felt like you do not understand him in his situation and why he has worries, you know how many people backstabbed him, also in other Friendships and Business matters. So, Michael was stubborn and thought that you are unfair to him because you “do not have enough understanding for how he feels and what he is going through” and why it is so devastating alone to HEAR one rumour of you “planning a defamatory slander book against him”.

Anyone in a situation like this, can become mistrusting and depressed and distance himself from Friends and Family.

It was not your fault. But, it was also not Michael’s fault at all. It was a sad general situation, a witch hunt against Michael that affected everything, his health, his happiness, his work, his friendships and all that too.

He never reached out to you, because in 2005 was that trial, after your clash in the friendship. It damaged his heart and trust toward people even more, it really killed him.

He never knew, for 100% sure, until 2009, if you could any Day, anytime, join these other folks and try to profit off of a false accusation or anything like this. He had no fair way of knowing, these types of things are only based on TRUST between Friends. Only time can clear such a thing and help two Friends regain trust.

This is why false accusations are unlawful, because they harm an innocent Person irreversibly and deeply.

He missed the friendship, the good times you had, this is why he said those things to me much later. In some way, there were moments where he wanted to reach out to you, and felt “maybe I CAN trust him”, and then it would switch back to:” No, better not, this and that person x and y also were totally seemingly trustworthy and capable of turning completely against me”.

I myself, Corey, have had similar situations, where you need help and it is very serious, and so-called “friends” not just let you down and alone and aren’t there, but kick you on the ground, so to speak, emotionally speaking and all, not physically.

It is very traumatising, such things in life.

I hope, and know, that you understand this. You know, how difficult it must have been for Michael to know, what to do and who to trust any longer in his difficult battle, this injustice.

Only now, after he passed/ascended, it is very clear that you will always be a good Friend and loyal and trustworthy. You have always defended him and never sold out. This means so much to me, you cannot imagine Corey…Thank you.

I wanted to reach out to you and would be happy to receive a Message or Email or so from you, so we can talk in private and stay in touch, if you like.

You can email me to the Label, with Subject Line: To Susan Elsa

The Email is:


Looking forward to chat about things and also Projects, I have some idea for you I would like to explain, I am a creative waterfall you know. 🙂 If you hear those ideas, you will LOVE them, I am sure.

I would like to also mention here, that as a child I LOVED the “Suburbs” Movie and found your Role in it very cool. It was my first impression of your Acting! I am really happy to see you having overcome all your personal challenges with Hollywood as well, and spreading positive energy. That takes a very strong Soul.

I would like to bring this healing energy to you and your Friendship with Michael, for Michael.

Sending you much Love & Light and a big Hug,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit

The Starlight and the Thriller- Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson in Spirit-Archangel Michael-Osiris © TwinFlame Official Blog
The Starlight and the Thriller- Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson in Spirit-Archangel Michael-Osiris © TwinFlame Official Blog

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