ABOUT MY PSYCHIC GRANDMOTHER BEDUR (Unknown – 2009…) © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

As we are in the middle of the just recently full on started THRILLER-HALLOWEEN Series, today I would like to tell you a bit more about my special and very unique Grandmother, which I would always call “Teta”.

My Grandmother was a very unique Personality. Everyone loved her, in all Cultures People could still, without speaking the same Language, befriend her and talk via hand gestures and facial expression. My Grandmother really had skills in smiling and shaking her head, hugging people and kissing them always.

She was very passionate, in the good emotions and ways.

When she got angry at someone, or felt hurt by someone, she pulled back and ignored them. In every case, these people would be plagued by guilt and beg her to talk to them again and forgive and she didn’t have to do anything but SILENCE.

I always wished I could do that, that things would work that way in my relationships as well. And often I did that, very often, when I was younger, my Grandmother was one of my biggest influences ever in my life. She taught me the patient, silent and calm side of being.

Her Inner Child was alive and young and fresh, up until very old Age. She hung out once with me and my Teenager Friends, and we went with her to play Pool Billard and have Dinner, and my Friends were totally fascinated by her and smiling all happy and telling me constantly:”Your Grandmother is soo cool, you should bring her out with us more!”

She always had her Egyptian Eyeliner on, day and night, she never took it off. And she could fix the Eyeliner at anytime without Mirror and nothing, just taking out her Pencil and freshening up her Eyeliner.


Of course I also have another Grandmother and Grandfather from my Fathers side, but here I am talking about my Grandmother from my Mothers side and her Husband.

My Grandfather died when my Mother was just a few months old. She is the youngest of all her siblings. I never met him and only heard many stories about him.

When my Grandmother was just in her early to mid 30s, her Husband died. It changed everything. His family was from a rich, royal Turkish-Egyptian Family, but due to my Aunt Hekmat, the oldest Sibling of my Mother, the contact with his family got cut after his death and my Grandmother and her Kids didn’t speak to her Husbands family and siblings anymore.

My Grandmother made it all alone, with 6 kids. She had another child once, which passed as a baby, so she gave birth to 7 children. I guess you have enough time for that when marrying at age 14/15.

My Grandfather was much older. I always admired how my Grandmother handled her difficult life and remained so peaceful and in total harmony, always. I never seen anyone like her.

In many ways, Elizabeth Taylor reminds me of my Grandmother. Some things my Grandmother also had in common with Michaels Mom, from what he told me. They have this calm, peaceful, motherly facial Expression always. And they are really classy, despite all life circumstances, always remaining a true Dame.

I guess times were very different also back then. I always felt like I wished to have lived in her Generation. We were like best friends, and she always gave me so much love in her words, hugs and kisses and she would always yell at me when leaving to go outside to the City or so:”Take care of yourself!” up until I was inside the Elevator and it closed. She was funny.

When something would come up as we talk that worries her or any bad news, sometimes she would hit her leg or softly put her hands on her cheeks as if she is about to slap herself and would say”Oh my God”, she had a very strong body language in funny ways.

When you weren’t fully honest with her, hiding something, she would know it and look at you in such a piercing serious way, you knew she knew and had to say it then.

She loved things like Coca Cola, purple seeing glasses in a spacey style in old age, and she loved Chips and Chocolate when chilling and/or watching TV. Sometimes she would give me little Gifts, and it would have a tiny bit of Chocolate on it from her Fingers.

She was the total sweet tooth, and the Chocolates had to be thick, not thin. She loved Chocolate!


Often, my Grandmother would stay up in her Room and watch TV until 1 or 2 am. She LOVED Boxing and Fighting Scenes and Movies, Police Movies and Crime Detective type stuff like Columbo. She would not understand the Language on the TV here, but she would watch it and read their acting gestures and just invent the rest details herself like a Director, on the go. She would sometimes tell me the next Day, into fine details what she watched, they said, did, thought, wanted, all things you don’t see on a Screen. It was so funny.

She would get up during movies like Rocky, in the final Boxing scene, and hit the air with her fists in front of the TV and yell at Sylvester Stallone:”Yes, come on Boy! Give it to him, hit him, hit him! Why you standing there, hit, hit him!” and she would totally get into it in a funny way. She loved Entertainment.

She often watched the Michael Jackson stuff with me, and once we seen together some German Concert, Live on TV aired, from the Dangerous and HIStory Tour, and I remember my Grandmother in her typical funny way, saying the following when Michael would constantly grab his crotch in some dance routine:”Hey, Boy, what you doing, oh again, you not done yet” and then she looked at me totally serious and said:” The Man needs a Woman, he needs a Wife obviously”, and then she giggled and I giggled because I never saw anyone talk that way about Michaels Dance. She had a funny honesty about her, what she thought she said, like a Child in many ways.

The funny thing here was also she could not pronounce his Name well, Michael, she would say it “Maiko”, and then she did a Native American type, ancient thing and named Michael “The Boy who dances”. She always called him that, always “the Boy who dances”. She never called him “Man” or “Guy”, she always called him “Boy”.

There was a phase in my life where I struggled to come to terms with my own psychic abilities and experiences that, no matter how I tried repressing them since childhood, kept coming up and happening.

I wasn’t born with one skill, we are talking about a few here, spiritual psychic skills.

In that time, my Grandmother still remained secretive in many aspects, like the whole Mediumship and talking to Souls of Deceased to assist and help thing, THAT we only talked about the first time openly in 2007 on the phone as I was in Santa Monica, LA.

But in that time before I mean, around 2001 to 2004, my Grandmother started teaching me how to read past, present and future with just random common bridge cards. I didn’t get it first, how she does that.

She saw everything.

We got into it like it became our thing, our secret. And late at night, when my parents were sleeping, we would just do card readings, long and detailed.

We did this regularly for about two and a half years (2.5 years), and asking about the same Person, the SAME CONSTELLATIONS AND ANSWERS would appear, over and over, like pure Magic. I would throw the cards together, separate them, mix them in my hand, on the blanket wildly, and still, the SAME THING would come out when asking the same questions a second or third time.

Its funny, back then I was into my Ex, this Guy that looks like Elvis Presleys Twin Brother, and I asked often about him. And he would sometimes even call me as me and my Grandmother are doing the card readings, and me and her would afterwards giggle about his totally unique and funny comments. The Guy could say things nobody else thinks of saying, just random weird stuff.

My Grandmother couldn’t pronounce his Name right, so she would call him in Egyptian “The Nut”, as in the crazy guy. He had two personalities it seemed, one time his mood would pull him left then right. He was not making my life easy, and often I was angry or hurt from things he said or did. So, this is why she called him that Way.

She could be very much like a Teeny. She married so young, it was like she somehow remained a little Girl inside, always. She would often also reminisce about her youth and say totally confident:”Oh, when I was younger I was so beautiful, and had a good body”. She often also said things like:”The Fatness is bad”. Often she also said to me:” Hey where is the lipstick, where is the make up? You not wearing any!” And I would explain how I put on eye shadow and eyeliner thin and lipstick, but she thought often “no more generous”. I guess she loved strong, arabic style make up. She also disliked a lot when I plucked my eye brows thinner, she was like, where are your eye brows! And said, nice eye brows have to be thick and such.


You know, since hundreds and thousands of years, people have struggled in various languages to find the best describing terms for individuals, mostly of Cultures NON-European, which could do certain mysterious and spiritual things, or even “Magic”.

That too, Magic, Spiritual, Ghost, Soul, all that are terms originating from European languages and are mere attempts to grasp in human language what this all means.

My Grandmother was natural and secretive about her soul skills. She would apply them to read for someone, or even make a little spell, but very secretively and only for chosen people. Once, my Aunt told some neighbour that my Grandmother can do such things, and she got angry about it. She did not want people to know around her neighbourhood, and I too never spoke of details to anyone until after she safely had ascended to Heaven.

She told me, later on when I was older, about certain detailed spells she did, because her husband was the total “womaniser” and would go to other cities with his bad friend and stay away for days. Her mother, my Great Grandmother, was also a super-psychic, and had a friend that did the real type Witchcraft, with Spirits involved. She had this little friend in Spirit, a Girl, and would ask her to help in spells and give answers and solutions.

I do not want to tell here more on this specific private information. I would simply call what they did then an “anti-cheating spell”, and I got the details from my Grandmother. It was fascinating.

But my Grandmother and my Grandfather were afterwards totally happy and he never stayed away again and behaved properly.

Much of what she had to go through was because he was way older than her, something in his mid 30s, when he married her and she was 14/15. So, obviously he passed when she was still very young, and she mastered her life very well.

Their age difference was close to the age difference between me and Michael Jackson, my Twin Flame.

After my Grandfather had passed, she never re-married and stayed a Widow, caring only and FULLY for her Children with all she got and all her heart and soul. She was a great Mother, and like a Mother to me as well, not only a “Grand” Mother.

She was involved in raising so many Kids in our Family, its extraordinary how she is everywhere in our Family minds.

And all Kids she raised, were spiritually stimulated by her Aura somehow, and her Being, because my Cousin, my Aunts and her Daughters only Son, the one that always reminded me of Michael back in his Thriller Days, he is VERY spiritual too and me and him had good times talking about Ghosts and Demons and everything, like two siblings competing in “spiritual muscle and who is less afraid”.

She taught him how to read the cards as well! He shared this with me in late 2008, as we both were visiting the Family in Egypt in Autumn. My Grandmother did readings for me, and him, together, like a nice spiritual circle. My sister was present as well, my little sister Dalia. She was a very joyful nature and always smiled and made people smile. She loved acting and all kinds of art, especially acting and movies, but also singing and Music. She had an exceptional memory regarding details of actors dialogues and lyrics and a very special emotional, spiritual intelligence.

I will never forget the discussion I had with Dalia that Day as well, where she showed me intellectual and emotionally smart wisdom in her head I was impressed by. She passed in early 2009 with my Grandmother…

She was only 19 years old.

We all were shocked and deeply affected by them both passing together, on the 22nd February 2009.

Miraculously, in this very difficult experience, I came to know my own spiritual strength and my Grandmothers and my sisters as well, and I know now that God is always there for us in these times. God can make anything possible and make sure you KNOW your loved ones are well and safe, happy and in what most people call “Heaven”.

I am thankful and I am happy to have had and always will have my beloved Grandmother and beloved sister Dalia, for all time we are one family.

Susan Elsa´s Grandmother Bedur (Photo 1940s) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official©
Susan Elsa´s Grandmother Bedur (Photo 1940s) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson´s Ghosts Movie: The Hidden Painting Message © Witch with White Cat-Symbols of Original Ancient Egyptian Witch Susan Elsa Magic Love Angel IsIs Twin Soul Ray Flame Mate Tree
Michael Jackson´s Ghosts Movie: The Hidden Painting Message © Witch with White Cat-Symbols of Original Ancient Egyptian Witch Susan Elsa Magic Love Angel IsIs Twin Soul Ray Flame Mate Tree

My Grandmother often told me about her Cat, a Siamese type Cat she said. And when she talked about her Cat she once had, she spoke of her like a child, or a close friend she had, not a pet. I always thought that was a very classical “witchy detail” as well about my Grandmother.

Maybe it is because of her and her Cat she used to remember regularly, that I grew up loving Cats and I always had a special spiritual connection to Cats as well.

There is a reason why we have the people in our lives that we do, and my Grandmother was a very important initial spiritual Guide to me, knowing what I know now and realised by now about my Twin Flame Situation with Michael Jackson, and my ancient Egyptian past life, I see now why I HAD TO HAVE A GRANDMOTHER THAT KNEW THE SPIRITUAL VERY WELL AND NATURAL AND PRECISE.

She was like the old wise soul and at the same time the soul of a pure innocent child, emanating perfectly balanced pure vibes. She was very evolved spiritually, way ahead of her time and even our time now.

She was real. Like the myths you hear about, but actually real and in the flesh. I am proud to have such a Grandmother and that I was her best friend and student in the spiritual teachings. We trusted each other, we talked about everything openly, she was cool and surprising in many situations and an impressive personality unfolding like an invisible field of love energy around all people that encountered her.

And now that I focus on my healing from all that happened to me, and Michael, my Grandmother is a wonderful support since 2009, from Spirit, and a mighty, mighty Soul.

She saw clearly something in the reading she did late 2008 for me, about “a dark guy as in black/brown and me having some really challenging situation and him leaving and it causing me extreme pain and sadness and tears, and then him coming back and all coming out well” and she looked at me very serious when saying that I will suffer a lot when “he left traveling”. Traveling here seems to have been obviously traveling to Spirit, when Michael passed, and I suffered, and then he came back and healed my Heart.

I remember her showing me clearly, very early on, that she saw Michael coming into the spiritual Dimension and then worried immediately about me. She definitely helped and protected me and Michael in our initial reunion between Physical and Spiritual.

I always wanted to be like her. I admired her balanced being and classy, calm ways. I have a lot from her, in private with people I am close to. But I also have my own temper, and personality, and just like Michael, I have to handle big emotions over injustice and anger attacks and I feel now is the time to focus again back on what my Grandmother taught me: Simply don’t take it on. Ignore it. Be calm. Be yourself. Confident and enjoy Life.

She told me clearly, right after passing, from Spirit, that she wants me to enjoy my life and we will meet again after I lived a long, happy life. She also said that this life form is only a “preparation for what is to come”.

I feel ready to channel my Grandmothers wisdom for the benefit of all.

Sending you all much Love & Light

The Maestra & The Maestro

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael) ©

Michael Jackson special dictated spiritual Message about Hollywood and Racism © ArchangelMichael777- A modern & heavenly Blog since 11-11-11

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